The Group Play Ends Here!

F00king hell. It’s been a rollercoaster of a few seasons and not in the good way. We’ve had our highs and lows, like we’ve done in the past and the thought that gnaws at me is that the worse is yet to come. But, in the past we’ve all come through our lows united. Not necessarily all in agreement but as fans. And fans who respect other fans.

But nowdays we can’t even seem to stand united in our hate for Spurs or Ashley Cole. We’re spending all our time fighting within ourselves and not only is it sad, it’s pathetic.

If I have to here “Wenger Out” or “Wenger Knows” again, I will stab something. Both are irrational. It reminds me of my kindergarten days. Boys and Girls would not get anywhere near each other and whatever the opposition said was immediately dismissed as the talking of a mad man/woman. That’s very similar to what’s happening with our fan base right now.

No more doubting other fans. If you can’t see the arguments of each other then you’re all fucking thick. I know it’s just a minority but there are fans who are threatening to support other clubs if we don’t meet their demands. A little message to those oh so delusioned few: Fuck off. Go on, support whoever you want, none of us give two shits. If you threaten to support another club, you are the lowest of the low and not worthy of any respect.

It’s sad the state the fanbase is in. We’ve been split in two, no in between options and the people who argue for the opposition are a bunch of cunts.

The “have faith” chants are getting a bit sickening and mechanical. We’ve had faith for 4 years and what’s happened? Wenger has not learned from his mistakes. After letting a midfield general in Vieira go he then let Flamini go too easily and again, did not replace him properly. Last season, there were times when we were dependent on the inspiration of Cesc and Adebayor. The inspiration was not always present, but the solidity of Mathieu Flamini always was.

It’s now obvious we need 2-3 new players. But this isn’t Football Manager. You can’t just do it like that. You can’t go ahead and buy three new players and slot them into a team and you can’t sell three first teamers to make room for those players. They have to be eased in.

You can’t let your manager go as that will also lead to a transition period.  We’ve been backed to a wall and it’s damage limitation. I’m not blaming Wenger here, he did try to bring in a new defensive midfielders but now we are in a transition again and people just need to accept it. Fans need to be rational and focus on what the club needs to do to improve.

But the “Wenger out” calls are getting just as annoying, pathetic and whingey. The board will not sack Wenger, no matter how hard you petition. As fans you have a right to be dissatisfied with this but would it not just be so much easier to accept it, get together and try and work it out?

No one can see any fucking reason and believe that their single minded, no room for change mindset would lead the club to victory. It won’t.

I’m as pissed as any of you but the whole lot of you have gone fucking mad. The fact that are now two teams of Arsenal fans with no in between option is pathetic and childish. Either way will fuck up the club we love so can we please have rational ideas to try and get out of the position we are in.

People spouting crap about how you want your decisions respected but are not giving out any yourself. People are going around claiming that some people are not true fans. For fuck sake, some people have had to start a whole new blog (such as Le Grove) just to try and get a point across. How pathetic is that?

Can’t we all just go back to laughing at the scum down the lane?

How hard is it to look at thing rationally and try and improve our position working with what we’ve got.

I’m sorry to dissapoint some people but Wenger does not know all but neither will he be sacked and with good reason.  So get that into your heads.

Obviously, after a performance like tonight, you just can’t expect rationality from some  people and that’s fair enough.

I probably sound a bit cheesy but it’s annoying and sad as hell to see Arsenal fans arguing over two such futile things. If I’ve made a shred of difference to the way some people think, I’m happy for now.
The Fabster

16 Responses to The Group Play Ends Here!

  1. Yousif says:

    It’s really frustrating, what’s going on…

    Arsenal is Kind of Unipolar at the moment, so it frequently and increasingly seems bizarre some of the things happening.. some of the team selections, some of the performances, some of the tactics, on and off the pitch..

    This may not be a popular comment but we badly need some new influence at the very top, we need USmanov or KRoenke or someone else to come in and change the economic landscape of the club so that Wenger can spend and change his strategy, without feeling he’s damaging the Club’s longer term interests.

    Sadly, i fear any change that we, as fans and supporters, seek would be considered ‘cosmetic’ or ‘aesthetic’ by the club’s major shareholders, because they are getting the bang they want for THEIR buck; it’s the fans who aren’t..

    Our club needs new blood at every level. I tseems to me that those genuinely concerned with the benefit & best interests of Arsenal are being dragged down by those who are apparently not similarly inclined.

    We need to get with the goddamn programme.

  2. Chrissie Greeno says:

    Just think yourself lucky that you are not a biscuit weevil

  3. Chrissie Greeno says:

    Many of us older Gooners remember a time in the 80s when Arsenal were not the force they are today. Luckily nthrough George band Arsene we had good and great times. These periods of success were and are not guaranteed. Yes, this is a low point but given time it will turm around again. Calling for Arsene’s head is a joke. For what the man has done for our club he deserves more respect. Be patient, the additions will come and we will smile again.

  4. Danish Gooner says:

    1st and a Gooner till death and beyond.

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    bloody hell !!! only second.Just one off those days.

  6. rexes says:

    Excellent post!

  7. harryo says:

    bollox wenger should go because he made a fuck up pre season by not replacing flamini , diarra and gilberto . a big strong centre half that even stevie wonder could see we needed. imagine letting 4 midfielders go {hleb] and replacing them with nobody . u couldnt make it up . topping it all up with a clown for a keeper and a crocket man utd reject who probably would have retired if wenger hadnt bought him. unbelievable discisions that have put the club back 5 years and have lost him respect from the supporters . the players have lost confidence and respect for him as well. we are watchin the dying days of a team and manager

  8. stonroy says:

    Mate that’s a bit over the top.

  9. Doublegooner says:

    I’m in the Le grove thought, but today at the game i did lose it with some fucking morons who were spouting general shite then chanting his name as we’re getting done by a sub standard team. I said we’re in this mess because of Wenger’s 3 year nonsense & he must sort it out by the summer or his time should be up ( I know the board would never do that as it’s Wenger who probably runs the fucking club ! ), it then all got really heated.

    We need answers from our pathetic board. NOW. Their PR stinks & they treat the real fans like extras in their ‘theatre’, earning the club fortunes ready for them to cash in.

    Our club has become rudderless from the boardroom to the dressingroom.

    Wenger & the board are to blame. They have to sort it out starting january otherwise we’re fall like a stone.

    I understand ceratin people find it impossible to criticise Wenger after everything, but he’s not beyond that, we’re entering a worry state.

  10. BBGooner says:

    I’m neither in the wenger out or wenger knows camp.

    But am all for giving wenger a slap and saying buy some ****ing players before we end up 10th.

    The annoying thing is we all know that wenger wont buy anyone in January, he just wont.

  11. Sam says:

    Great article, It has indeed become very sad that as fans we find the need to criticise to views of fellow supporters, in some kind or ironic way in mirrors the current trouble in the arsenal dressing room, there is no doubt some serious unrest, no real leadership and a serious lack of comunication, and desire. wenger failed to address the basic problems in midfield and defence in the summer, if only we hung on to diarra now, we’d have another option.

    we cannot hope to win with potential, it”s a great thing that the carling boys are playing so well, but how many will make the grade, one player than wenger seems to have bottomless faith in is bendtner, i don’t understand it, i really don’t, bendtner himself comes out in the press saying he’s looking for chances and more game time, then when he gets them he just proves how he’s not up to the job, how many other premership’s teams would he get into??

    I can’t belive wengers persistance with him, he’s dreadful, he lacks basic control and movement, can’t finish, can’t create space, the only contribution of note this season i can remember is the pass to ade at west ham, if eddie was fit, bendtner wouldn’t even make the bench, we need other options upfront, if we were conceding and scoring, we may just edge games, but with no threat up front, other than van or ade, we are in trouble,

    jan can not come soon enough, eddie will be back, hopefully rosicky too and maybe the possibility of de rossi from roma and another CB, give the armband to cesc, and hopefully if we are still in 1 of the 4 competitions we can bring home some silverware

  12. My friend, you have echoed my thoughts exactly. Frankly, I think Wenger is the best man for the job when all is said and done, and it makes me actually sick when people talk about sacking him. He has fucked up, especially with his selection policy this season so far, but I for one think he is the only man that can rectify what has gone on, as there are very few other managers who could.

    I don’t know why he persists on playing Denilson (who isn’t that bad really) and Song all the time, when he can play Diaby in the center, or Ramsey. In fact, I’d rather see Lansbury or Randall play there, they’d have showed more bottle. That was the main problem for today, but also, the cracks are starting to show in our main forwards, and I think it may be time to move those forwards on. Ade & Van Persie are far too inconsistent. Bendtner at least has time on his side, but he cannot get away with playing even worse than these two like he has been.

    Also, one of the biggest crimes so far is not blooding the best teenage player in the country in Jack Wilshere. I do not care that he is 16, he is good enough to play, and we know he wont always be able to be brilliant at his age, but at least he has the balls to match his incredible ability. He doesn’t need protecting, his name is not Theo lol. I think both he and Ramsey can play, as well as Carlos Vela and even a run out for Jay Simpson. Those kids showed way more heart and team spirit than our first team I’m afraid, and those kids should be rewarded.

    Wenger is talkin about playing a young team, when the real young team should be playing. Wenger, you know what you have to do, play those kids, they will at least play for the shirt.

  13. Seb says:

    well said that man, good post!

  14. Drew says:

    best article i have read in weeks..// you have made a difference in how i think// top article//

  15. El Cid says:

    So you deleted my earlier comment that the petition should be pulled — what does that say about your credibility?

  16. jizz man says:

    wenger wont go, he wont buy big names (he never has), we just have to accept weve had some good times and got a bit greedy…wanting it all the time every year ……if united didnt win anything for a few years would they sack ferguson ??? i think not………………… we need to get back behind the team and show our support …..come on peeps let the good times begin again

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