Are Newer/Younger Gooners Spoiled?

I remember years of pain and suffering. From the 1979 FC cup win it was not till 1987 that we won something. From 1971 until 1989 we didn’t win the league. I see some posts about how fans are frustrated that we have not won anything since 2005,That’s 3 years for Christ sakes.

Try going from 10 years like I did without nothing, And during that time the spurs had a very successful cup side.

So please next time you start to wing and moan think about what it was like years ago to be a gooner.Some of you young lads who only know the good times are spoilt rotten by our success in recent years.

During the early 80s we had a terrible side and lost to lower league teams in the sodding FA cup with our first eleven.

No doubt if you was to go 10 years with nothing you would all p!ss off down the road to watch the south London blue Russian revolution.

You don’t know how good you have got it!
Trust me

Patrick O’Keefe

24 Responses to Are Newer/Younger Gooners Spoiled?

  1. Neal says:

    10 years without nothing sounds quite good!

    However, 10 years without anything sounds like hell.

  2. ah says:

    Pat… man & spot on. you need to talk to some of your colleagues ( idiots) on this blog….everyone needs to calm down.
    only 9 points off the top!!!!!!


  3. GoonerC says:

    Too true mate- I have only actively (as in going to games)supported arsenal for 15 years (im 21) but my old man and my grandad have always made sure I knew how lucky I was to be watching the type of football I was and the trophies we were winning, these newer fans dont have a clue because most of them started supporting just because of the trophies and the football- now they want wenger out. They all probably live in Surrey or Hertfordshire.

  4. Hadley says:

    Thank you for talking some sense. I’d like to see what some of these so called ‘supporters’ would have to say if they had to endure a midfield made up of Ian Selley, John Jensen, Steve Morrow and Eddie McGoldrick!

  5. harryo says:

    not spoiled. wenger just got unlucky buying some of the most yellow ,spineless, cowardly footballers ever assembled in 1 football team

  6. goon says:

    we’ll be back to win the league

  7. greekgooner says:

    fickle bunch of plastic fans we have nowadays…sickening

  8. Skwam says:

    Indeed, I am a newer Gunner compared to yourself, but it does not take away the fact that the problems now at Arsenal were predictable and avoidable. Examples, Flamini DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE but Wenger would not give him a £60 000 contract yet to replace him with someone of his quality he would not only have to offer big bucks, but also buy him for even bigger bucks. He let Diarra go before ensuring Flamini was to stay. At the same time, he was giving Gilberto away. Nasri I will say for arguments sake replaced Hleb. Arsenals last seasons success depended on the protection the back four were afforded by a solid midfield which allowed the creative side to flourish, allowing the likes of Adebayor to still become top goal scorers even when missing nine out of ten chances. In truth, our defence is as leaky this season as last, the difference being that it is now totally exposed after the loss of our defensive midfielders. Now we appear silly and in panick mode, Mr Wenger looks cornered and will need to do what he should have done without any pressure i.e. find experienced player/s to fill in the slots that he had a brilliant player but chose to let go of. This is where as a young Gunner I feel I have the right to be frustrated. Our manager has 30 million quid in the porty and says he will neither buy nor give give an excellent player that would make the grade in the best team anywhere in the world a pay wage that Pompey gives its players! He invests in youth, fine, but denying the need for more mature players that have gone through dificult games and know the highs and lows of gruelsome seasons is a misjudgement on Wengers part that even left him with little choice but to choose Gallas as captain. Its not that Gallas was his dream captain candidate, but he became the captain because Wenger privately ackowledges the need for experience (and desire to win above all else). He picked him not necessarily because he had shown anything in his short Arsenal carreer to be a brilliant player, but because he has experience in appreciating what it takes to win anything in top flight football. Wenger cant afford to get rid of him because not too many of his players have a clue or the fight when the chips are down. You might ask why he did not pick the experienced Toure who’d served under the invincibles and is quite mature? Gallas I feel could have been potentially disruptive if there was another captain, so from that rough calculation, he therefore landed himself the armband. What did many gooners and commentators say before the start of the season, Arsenal would be fragile and indeed it is in the manner that is currently unravelling. Maybe we should you what i’ve heard termed the ‘milk cup’ team. My answer, yes. Introduce some some of these players and Im sure the likes Vela would work a lot better as lone strikers compared to Bendtner, who often seems shocked with surprise if the ball lands at his feet in many an advanced attacking move. Hasnt he done well as a Mexican international? I think there is often lack of competition in certain positions when indeed there are players to keep our first team players watching their backs and rightfully so. So call me spoilt if you like, but I hate it when I see my club walking itself into obvious avoidable problems. There are TWO managers in the premiership with as much control and free will as they like. If they are successful, they are brilliant managers, if not, we are able to pick individuals in their team as the cause for the problems. I thought the manager took resposibility either way.

  9. ewan says:

    Do you want to suffer 10 years even if you dont need to!!! All these could have been avoided. Wenger pressed the sel destruct button by refusing to pay for experience. He was experimenting and toying with success and failed miserably. And even now, so many blind and deluded fans are still worshipping him. For goodness sake, please wake up. I am not saying sack him, but surely he has to change his policies and bring in real mature footballers. The club is now one of the biggest in the world and looking to the past can only be suggestion born in a dinosaur’s brain.

  10. Sue says:

    50 years I’ve supported The Arsenal – these kids today dont know what its like to go without – thoroughly spoilt brats.
    Dont like it, bugger off and support that lot down the road.

  11. George says:

    I will say this about newer Gooners, such as myself, being only familiar with Wenger’s brand of football has made the newer Gunner fans adept at telling when the football is not good, or more precisely not as it has been the past couple years with this particular group. I think many of us have been uneasy since our collapse last year, and we called it, while Wenger in all his brilliance stayed on course. The fans saw that we didn’t have an experienced midfielder to be our strength and our leader, the fans saw that we had a suspect central defense, the fans saw the lack of finishing killer instinct and missed opportunities that Arsenal is now synonymous for, but Wenger did not. I fear he is too mesmerized by the talent on the practice field that he can not objectively judge the performance on match day. While I am certain we still have the most talented squad in the world, the rest of the world doesn’t care and every team now exploits our lack of mental fitness. Letting us keep possession game after game only to strike with venom and start up the “Here we go again” mindset that seems to plague our young team.

  12. Skwam says:

    If a good player leaves Arsenal, you feel the side following such action becomes weaker, and it has, whereas most teams in our league will allow a player to leave if they have at the very least a replacement at least as good. i.e Mr Wenger, flog or release established players only if you have a ready replacement from your necessary or be ready to buy. You will otherwise force the remaining deccent players considering their future because they feel that their effort is in vain as the managers policies do not allow the progress the team otherwise deserves. I do not see how Wenger does not see how his ‘prudence’ is costly and self destructive by allowing himself and Arsenal in a postion to struggle with mighty Villa for fourth place! Yes, go and tell me we only lost 5 GAMES. But to whom and after how many matches, and that is after the common man in the street predicted that this would be the case. It will take a lot of PRIDE SWALLOWING TO GET THINGS IN ORDER MR WENGER. Arsenal might not be a club into buying big names, but i am sure Arsenal is big enough to keep its players, especially those that wish to stay. Sometimes we do have to pay bigger wages for our key players, otherwise the choice is struggling to stay in the top four with a bunch either good players that are made to overwork and compensate for the poor contribution made by young players that arent yet ready to play in the first team. What ambition are you really left with if you are fast tracked to big money contracts and being a member of one of the biggest clubs in the world well before your time? Id feel Im great, id wear pink boots!

  13. Susie says:


  14. spareknacker says:

    It seems to me that the people calling for Wenger to be sacked use the argument that he hasn’t replaced the players he sold pre-season as the reason he should go.

    Now I’m not a manager of a premeirship football club, but I imaging there are a lot of factors involved in signing players and it’s quite conceivable that he tried but was unable to get the players he wanted for whatever reason. Perhaps he’s trying to get someone such as Yaya Toure (e.g.) and found he couldn’t get him in time for the start of the season, but that he’d have a good chance in January. He could get someone he doesn’t really think will be as good as the player he’s after to play for half a season, or he could continue to go for the people he really wants and give a bit more responsibility to some of the younger players. All this is hypothetical you understand. Nobody really knows what’s going on?

    Now let’s say he did indeed fail in his bid to get the players he was after, and knew he would be playing with a midfield that’s more inexperienced than he would ideally like. Should he start the season saying, “I didn’t get the players I wanted, I’ll keep trying but we’ll have to just try and manage with what we’ve got”? Effectively saying to all the players who get an opportunity, “You’re clearly not ready lads and it concerns me a bit but off you go, do your best”. That would fill the players with confidence wouldn’t it? I’m sure it’d send out the right signals to our opponents as well.

    He says he’s confident in the players he has and get’s on with it. What else can he say?

    When the team has an off day, he stands by them in the hope that they’ll move on and bounce back, confident that they have the ability. That’s what a manager has to do. Not only that, that’s what fans should do.

  15. jizz man says:

    we are spoilt out right its as simple as that …….every dog has its day …………………………..

  16. Moses kiplagat says:

    Av been an arsenal fan for 200 years and that cannot prevent me from seeing that arsenal are playing shit at the moment.

  17. 1979gooner says:

    yes, they are, my dad is very much of this opinion too

    while there’s nothing wrong with politely expressing our opinions and trying to say in which direction the club goes,

    I am fed up with people who go on about “i demand’ and ‘i deserve’ when it comes to results

    if these people are so pissed off then they can go and support someone else

  18. fran says:

    We don’t trust you. This bad run of form is the result of obvious bad decisions, not some nebulous cyclical theory that you claim or don’t even bother to examine. Club leadership is having a laugh while the campaign founders and you’re ok with that? What kind of fan are you a masochist fan?

  19. Gooner says:

    Good article.
    Sick of these plastic fans

  20. jono says:

    Nov 23 2008, 07:57 PM

    Nov 22 2008, 11:34 PM

    im still following arsenal but thats not what im debating about. when will u realize that wenger is not fit for the job anymore?

    Here is somthing for you to look at and will make you understand what i have been saying :yes:

    listen. i started supporting arsenal since i was a kid and the first 10 years of my life i only witness arsenal winning something once and that was the cup winners cup.

    i know what its like not winning nothing for ages but what you and others dont understand is that this can be avoided. do u want to wait another 7 years winning fuck all before wenger gets the sack?

    arsenal are close to going into the first years of my life watching medicore football and unless wenger pisses off at the end of this season, this is where arsenal are heading.

    i dont see no improvements each year. last season we had a team that can compete for honours but now nearly half of them have left while the others have shown no determination at all. we are going backwards at an alarming rate.

    when is the last time arsenal where beaten by a newly promoted side AT HOME? matter of fact whens the last time we got beaten by TWO newly promoted sides?

    all the warning signs are their yet you lot still insist wenger is the man for this job and it looks as if you lot are willing to wait another 5+seasons of this shit from wenger

  21. George says:

    By no means do I think Wenger should be sacked, he has too good of a mind about football, and a great eye for talent. I only want him to stop taking this “everything will be alright jack” approach, and start judging players by the performance on match day and our place in the table, not on how many juggles they can do with their eyebrows. Grit is something this team is lacking, I only hope we can find someone that won’t shatter what is left of our continuity. We are on shaky ground Arsenal fans, don’t let those other cunts break us apart. New gooner, old gooner it’s all the same to me.

  22. WC says:

    OK 10 years without a trophy in the 70s and 80s, so what? I’m one of these “New Gooners” you speak of but I don’t think we’re spoiled, I just think we’ve come to expect a certain level of performance with the track record Wenger has and financial and club stature Arsenal now possesses.

    Ford was the most successful car company in the 50s, 60s and 70s and are now on the verge of bankruptcy. They don’t know how good they had it before they screwed it all up. See how dumb that sounds?

    Times change and as such expectations change and Arsenal fans, as well as critics, expect the club to be challenging for top honors. Remember the ’03-’04
    Invincibles season when no one wanted to play Arsenal in any type of league or cup game? Remember how everyone was saying that could be our triple or quadruple year? Then in the span of 5 games in 8 days we were reduced from competing in 4 competitions down to just the league? Or how we were about 15 minutes from being crowned European champions against Barca then was essentially single-handedly done in by one Henrik Larsson in about 10-12 minutes?

    While I praise Wenger for his work with youth players I think he has forgotten the players who won him most of his trophies and made Arsenal a team to be feared – they were comprised largely of late 20s and early 30 something players, not a team whose average age is less than 25. Sure there were youth sensations scattered throughout like a young Henry, Anelka, Flamini or Vieira but there were also experienced heads especially the legendary back lines of the likes of Dixon, Sol, Adams, Winterburn, Toure, Lauren etc.

    Wenger’s footballing philosophy is admirable and a very good way to see football but there has to be a compromise. The other top 4 clubs have mostly found that balance – Mourinho’s Chelsea were all about 1-0 wins, but Scolari is all about 3-0 wins and keeping clean sheets. Rafa has now made Liverpool watchable (well more so than in the past) and the Mancs are finding the back of the net on a consistent basis and are making the points. Even Aston Villa are gaining ground and at one point were the league top scorers. There comes a time when a man has to swallow some of his pride for the betterment of the overall good and for Wenger this is one of those times when he postpones his dream of vibrant untouchable youth football for above average experienced consistency.

  23. RichardZoinks says:

    consistency – thats all we need.

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