Everything is fine, The title is ours! AW king of spin

At the end of last season Wenger identifies our defense as a problem. He says he will be looking to add a few bodies in the team and probably might sign someone from the premiership.

Then he goes about saying how our defense is good and no further signings will be required in that area.

Wenger also said in the summer that he would sign 2/3 players and the fans would be reasured in what they see,A few days later he said he was to busy to sign players and he was happy with the players he had?

Now a lot of the fans are complaining about Wenger and how he back tracked on his own words.

Now if Wenger were to say anything to these moaning fans, it would be “You’ve just been PUNK’D”

The way Wenger handle the press last night might disappoint some fans who wanted answers to whats going on with Gallas etc, But Wenger is right, Why should he tell the press everything? Things might be kicking off in the dressing room but knowbody needs to know outside the club. Wenger is a master of spin and knows what to tell the press. Some people might call it “bullshit” but without doubt he would be a great poker player.

Lets face it, unlike the Spanish, Italians and some of the English club managers, Wenger keeps his cards very close to his chest and leads everyone in the wrong direction.

This is our manager and he is the KING OF SPIN!!!


9 Responses to Everything is fine, The title is ours! AW king of spin

  1. wayne says:

    A W has got some things wrong , he would be the first to admit, a true supporter of A W, does not believe in his infallability but in the philosophy that A W stands for. If you share that philosophy you could be deeply dissappointed as i am , but dont mistake it for despair, far from it . Ask the new captain Cesc what he feels, what he believes?. He has a career defining stake in his belief in A W . So let us truly believe.

  2. Fab4 says:

    Did Wenger lie?

    He said defence was a problem and brought in Silvestre from the Premier League champions.

    He said he would bring in 2/3 players. Nasri, Ramsey, Silvestre, Bischoff.

    OK, that makes 4 – the lying get!

  3. islington gooner says:

    sorry i take that back ive just read the whole thing this time,
    must be my time of the month or all the stress with arsenal lately,im getting a bit touchy lately/

  4. brdgunner says:

    I agree, Arsene is talking to the press not the fans. Its a shame but it has to be this way. He has made some mistakes this year but he can rectify them. Its not a disaster as is made out. COME ON THE GUNNERS

  5. Ex Caelestis says:

    Wenger is addressing this situation like it’s an AGM or some stock market report … the truth of the matter is that that we are really in big trouble. Silvestre didn’t feature for Manure last year, Bischoff is a not fit to lace up for Scunthorpe United [I know this because I have ATV Online and the reserve matches he plays in he barely features in the highlights packages], Ramsey is one for the future and so is Nasri [then again so is our whole squad baring Adebayor and the inconsistent RVP]. By the way, Nasri and Ramsey are mid-fielders … I don’t know what’s the deal at Arsenal, one thing I do know is that Wenger is obdurate, and by choosing to play too strikers without pace in an away game, then playing the ineffective Diaby on the right wing instead of the left is really a tactical blunder and shows that he doesn’t have faith in Vela and Ramsey. Bendtner should have been dropped after failing to impress against Villa and Manure, Vela would have been a better foil to RVP. Ramsey on the right instead of Diaby or atleast Diaby on the left and Nasri on the right if it is about experience. I have been touting that we need to patient and let the kids develop, however Wenger is too damn slow to play young kids and handles them all with kid-gloves. I say promote Wenger to Director of Football and bring in a new coach who will get rid of the french duo of Gallas and Silvestre and let Djourou and K. Toure play in the heart of defence.

  6. Ex Caelestis says:

    By the way, Silvestre is even more suspect than Gallas and the two of them are a comedy of errors not a world class defensive partnership.

  7. pay-per-view says:

    Wenger, bring in a new midfielder now, prepare to be sacked. Wasteman. (we need a creative natural left-footed winger). All Wenger goes on about is “bla bla you have to remember that we have injuries”… Well that doesnt EVER seem to change, so the smart idea would be to BUY COVER and stop trying to prove a point to every. Honestly, i dont know why Wenger does the opposite of what everyone tells him, its getting VERY annoying and if we dont win any silverware this season or get a top 3 finish i will be hoping that the board see enough sense to replace this tight b*stard. And i really dont give a f*ck about your little statements “wenger knows” and… “in wenger we trust” bullshit, everyone can see the errors and what needs to be done, yet consistently HE DOESN’T DO IT. We have fallen short far too many times for my liking. I support ARSENAL FC and not WENGER FC, just because he is the manager doesnt mean everyone who supports the club has to support him, nobody is bigger than the club. I hope you all remember that.

  8. pay-per-view says:

    To be honest i’m sick and tired of Wenger, last season the PL should and would have been ours if it wasn’t for Wengers stubbornness, this man is taking the club and all the fans for a ride, I know a lot of fans will say Wenger is untouchable but c’mon people think about post 2004 – this guy has said Arsenal are in transition but it’s a joke. On a personal level I have supported this club all my life but I’ve got to the point where I have given up, no longer will I pay a penny towards my membership, no longer will I give a penny towards this club until Wenger leaves. As much as it pains me to say this I will no longer support this club, I’m sick and tired of Wenger and the mediocre player he has in the starting line up such as Theo, Eboue, Almunia, Denilson and a captain such as GALLAS WTF! I’ve said my piece and if anyone else wants to keep discussing the issue with me then fair enough, but just remember what I said – also for those who think I’m a plastic fan get a life, I’ve been supporting this club all my life through the good times and the bad but this time its that w*nkers fault.

  9. peter says:

    Well, you can always try to cover the situation up, but Wenger’s at least not talking about a good spirit or belief in the team, nor is he talking about the title – a breath of fresh air. It was a catastrophic mistake not to buy over the summer as many of us knew at the time. Even so I thought we’d make the top four, now if we don’t seriously strengthen in Jan I don’t think we make the top four, we may not even make the top six.

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