Wenger gets the tactics right…”about time” Plus Ratings

Ive always been very quick to criticize the manager for his tactics and lack of spending in the past, However credit to Wenger today for getting it right. In the past Wenger has gone 4-5-1 in big games and played RvP out on the wings. If I’m completely honest he has never looked a player on the wing and has been wasted. Today Wenger played a 4-4-2 with RVP just playing off Ade, And it worked like a dream. So yes today i would like to eat some humble pie and say “Well done” to the boss for proving me wrong.

But now i have to ask…

Why is it we can beat the likes of Chavski and Man Utd and lose to Fulham, Stoke and Hull?

Anyway..Lets enjoy today and leave that for some other time…

My ratings

Almunia 5.5 ( At fault for the goal )
Sagna 7.5 ( Solid )
Clichy 8.5 ( Best LB in the world )
Gallas 7.5 ( Back to his best )
Djourou 7.0 ( Unlucky with the OG )
Song 7.5 ( Protected the back 4 well )
Denilson 6.0 ( Poor game, But he is not a RW )
Nasri 6.5 ( Didnt see enuff of him on the ball, But worked hard going back )
Adebayor 7.0 ( Worked hard )
R vPersie 8.5 ( 2 chances, 2 goals,nuff said )
Cesc 7.5 ( Worked hard )

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51 Responses to Wenger gets the tactics right…”about time” Plus Ratings

  1. LF says:

    Denilson was poor at RW and AW shouldn’t have played him there. We were too narrow and it was the timing of the goals that won us the match. Lucky Arsenal! 🙂

    Apart from tactics, the players actually showed up and played with desire, the opposite of the performances against Fulham, Hull, Stoke, Villa, City etc

    The offside decision was a huge break of luck for us. We needed that. Consider it pay-back for RVP’s ruled out goal against Chelsea a few seasons ago.


  2. Daz says:

    IS this the same Atilla? Hope you enjoy your humble pie 🙂

    Although we r the most dysfunctional team in the world at the moment, I’m loving it 🙂 Now the big test will be Wigan (next Pl game?)

  3. sukiafc says:

    You change your mind more often than the whether!!! Criticize praise criticize praise- your the product of skysports news and the news of the world!!!

  4. Rezaul says:

    Song 7.5?
    Actually Denilson played better than him. Song is not a midfielder any way.
    Almunia should be 7.5, as own goal is not his fault. Other than that he was solid.

  5. frankie boy says:

    I am over the moon with the victory today but I couldn’t help but feel that the result papered over the cracks. We gave the ball away far too much in mid-field and I feel the defenders were too exposed when chelsea broke. Denilson may not be a right winger but he is dreadful. Robbing Ashley Cole in the penalty area and putting him on his back side Denilson then proceeded to throw himself to ground. This incident just proved once a for all that he shouldnt be anywhere near the first team, even if he did set up the first for van persie. Chelsea were Crap. Even with this win we are still at least 4 great players short of winning the league.

  6. Rezaul says:

    Why Arsewnal plays better with a better team and worse with a worst team?
    Actually, Arsenal -play is attacking and speedy as they keeps the ball on the ground. But attaking play becomes useless if another team does not play attacking. If everyone of the opponent is in the D-box, only three things work:
    1. long-range shoot. That does not mean its perpose is getting a goal. The perpose is for that deffenders will not be confident in the box if shooting is accurate enough.
    2.accurate free kick, corner etc.
    3. dribbling capable quick and strong player who can go into the box. The perpose is getting a penalty.

  7. Hadley says:

    Stop critisising what the fuck is wrong with you people we just won for fuck sake you whingeing cunts arent fit to call yourself arsenal fans fuck off

  8. booger says:

    djourou and sagna immense.. Side not that inexperienced when we’re not missing 9 first-team players.. just a quality midfielder or two short. A fit rosicky (pobably not going to happen) would change everything.

  9. Muppet says:

    Hadley – your statement (the langugage isn’t that great, admittedly) should be posted on every Arsenal blog on the Net. Well done.

  10. Not a Cunt says:

    Rezaul – How the knob and knackers was their goal not Almunia’s fault? He gave the ball away in an unforgivable place when we were still surrounded by Chelsea players.

  11. Courtes says:

    WE ARE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now the most, most, most, important, is going on from here…Please let’s keep the fuckin momentum…But RVP is fuckin sick. Ade couldn’t do shit if it was only him.

    15 mins VIDEO + celebrations here

  12. str8goon says:

    HADLEY-Damn right dude! Shut up you bunch of whiny bitches! We won against the top team in the prem. Our boys did two things that no other team had done in the prem: scored a goal (2) against chelski in the 2nd half-which no other team has done and second THEY BEAT CHESLKI!! Our defense finally looked a little bit more assured besides the og. Look boys….we got a result, we won. Some of u guys bitch and moan when we lose and bitch when we win…wtf do u want!? We are the envy of europe, be proud of that and proud of your Gunners! Gooner4lyf

  13. sam says:

    almunia was completely at fault for the own goal

    but hell we still won didnt we!?


  14. Matty F says:

    enjoy the humble pie mate……..

    I concur with the statement, “we are the most dysfunctional team in the world”, however 🙂

    BUT maybe this is our turnaround. Denilson is NOT a RW no, and the flop was bemusing as he had control alone in the box with a chance to make Cashley pay, but the TEAM won. CMON YOU GUNNERS!!!

    The Wigan game will answer the questions about whether this just papered over the cracks, or have we finally come together

  15. jeesy creesy says:

    Hadley! You’re an idiot. Everybody wants what’s best for thier team. Yes we won but it doesn’t change the fact that we should be doing a lot better this season. You really think this win cancles out how shite we were against Fulham, Hull, Stoke, Villa and Man City? I am just as much an arsenal fan as you are. Just becuase people have different opinions doesn’t mean they are cunts. You need to wash your mouth out with soap you little shit.

  16. paul says:

    I think that people like Frankie Boy would be really unhappy if we won all the time – they wouldn’t have anything / anyone to whinge about. BTW the average age of our midfield today was 21.

  17. aj says:

    Well said Hadley – the sentiment, at least, if not the language.

    I was waiting for the firts appearance of the good old cliche – ‘It only papered over the cracks!’ Well done Frankie Boy – you get the wooden spoon – straight down your throat.

  18. Gerry Gooner says:

    Adebayor deserves a 3- he was horrendous.

  19. waqas says:

    we won and we shouldnt criticise our team today at all. they played with a lot of desire and that won them the game…. even leave out the lucky offside break we got. just love every ur team fer now, get behind them and stop fuckin criticizin them. we start criticizing when our team needs us the most. i am really happy we did not boo gallas at all. just get behind ur team, always back them whether they play good or bad. they ll always return u ppl s love that way.

  20. hamaad says:

    the reason we lost to the little teams was because we went in the the games big headed

  21. Mohd Hisham says:

    I agree with Razaul that Arsenal play better against teams that attack.What about MV and AV?Yhey also attacked.My gut feeling is the players want to show that they are capable of beating any of the top three teams.In other words they are turned on.
    Btw the record of Chelsea of not having conceded a 2nd half goal for a long time had to go. The law of averages will see to that.This reminds me of Pool in the cup final against Wimbledon in the 80s. The reds were overwhelming/immense favourites and based on the play shd have won by a hatful of goals. Alas it was not to be.
    This latest win does not mean the gunners are back in the race. If they continue to underperform against mediocre teams that means the Chelsea win will mean nothing.
    With Livrpool lurking in mid Dec these few weeks will be a real test for the gunners.I still mantain the gunners aint good enuf for the title.Maybe the cl could be there for the taking.
    In the cl double footed challenges likes Terry’s will mean a red. That means the players are better protected not in the epl where the ref will give a yellow. furthermore the ref in England will turn a blind eye to disguised tackles meant to hurt a player.
    Until these tackles are severely punished england will find it tough to win the wc.

  22. ''O.B'' says:

    i dont see how u can give denilson a 6 and adebayor a 7 adebayor has been shocking all season and was even worse today, his only strength was his work rate, which denilson also excelled in. adebayor has the touch of a drunk elephant, you could see the difference between him and RVP. every time ade got the ball he lost it, RVP however held it up and released it despite lacking ades physical advantage. denilson isnt a RW and still played well.
    well played the gunners, lets kick on from here and show the negative fans how good we are

  23. ''O.B'' says:


  24. Kyle says:

    6.0 for Denilson? Yeah RW is not his bag but he was 5.5 at best; he was awful. Further, Wenger “getting the tactics right” had a lot to do with starting players returning from injury.

    I notice all the ‘Wenger out’ bloggers have disappeared into their plastic floorboards. Fickle scum.

  25. scorcher says:

    Congratulations gunners Rezaul you should think before you talk or learn about football the choice is yours.Arsenal will win the league this season some situations that are happening to us this season are the opposite of last seaon we had a good run in the beginning of last season than faltered in the end this season we are going through our rough patch now and will come good in the end look at the game at stamfordbridge last season we went up 1-0 Drogba scores twice with one offside controversial goal today chelsea go 1-0 Van Persie scores twice with one offside controversial goal(although not sure if the ball caught chelsea player before Van Persie actually touched it,listening to tv commentators)I hope that I’m right predicting Arsenal will win the title and I’m not reading too much into these situations but it’s always best to be opptimistic go you gunners

  26. Richard says:

    Well Done chaps …
    thats FRIKKEN AWSOME !!!!

  27. Cyndi says:

    You know who else should be eating humble pie with a healthy helping of crow? Ballack, Joe Cole, Cech, and Bosingwa. Their interviews pre-match were blood-boilingly smug. Talk about being brought down a peg or two or an entire ladder.

    Vindication is sweet and revenge is ours.

  28. Joe says:

    Good Stuff Arsenal. Coming from a fan in australia 😛
    I think besides the own goal from djourou he was suberb, he is acutally a good fit with gallas in the defence. Sagna and Gael proved why they were #1 full backs last year, and make no mistake Fabregas was too good. Not a bad pass all game, but no one can take the work from RVP he has had it hard last couple games but his work rate is good and he rightly so deserves those goals. Everyone knows how inconsistant the lines men are just how it is.

  29. Donjohnni says:

    Rezaul, the OG was Almunia’s fault – he did a crap throw to Chelsea.

  30. scarface001 says:

    Almunia to go not for the silly clearance error , but for the 2 punches against a high flying ball in the box.In both opportunities,he could have caught the ball.Most teams score from scrappy clearances against Arsenal whilst our outfield chaps get into attack mode. The own goal was partly the same.

    Song was struggling to get back to his DM position or even track back every time Chelski attacked through the middle!!, it was a disaster waiting to happen and I’d hoped the substitute choices would have looked into it. We were lucky here to have not been chastised.

    I didn’t see Fab anywhere near the 25yrd from goal area for him to give out his killer passes.He’s being curtailed because Dennilson is a free willy running everywhere taking up the master’s field position.

  31. SuperArsenal says:

    delighted with de result its bout time we done dem at the bridge denilson was shockin we need a CDM in Jan, Fabs first derby as captain and he done de job.Hopefully it gets better from here we should do wigan(play de carling cup boys and we`ll be grand)

  32. Aidan says:

    Almunia was at fault for an own goal?

    Sure, he gave the ball away, but nobody closed Bosingwa down and it was ultimately Djourou who stuck the ball in our own net.

  33. OzGoonerGuy says:

    The whole idea of being an Arsenal supporter is to …. support them. Not pick them to pieces over every imperfection. I hope this win gives a massive boost to their confidence. A bit of confidence can make a huge difference to players performance.

    I don’t know what people expect of Denilson. The guy tries tirelessly. His stats overall this year are better than Fab4, and he gets dumped on the RW and gives it his best. Provides the pass for the game breaking goal, you can’t ask for more than that.

    We will get more players back, and we will get stronger. It’s alright blooding 2 or 3 youngsters in games at this level but not 7 or 8. You can’t expect them to stand up to the battle without some hardened warriors around them. And ours have been missing.

    Here’s hoping we go on a run. We only lost by 4 pts last season FFS. Our boys get older and wiser with every game. Come on Arsenal! We can beat any one on our day.

  34. str8goon says:

    true player ratings:

    Almunia-6 (except for the assist to the o.g.-he did all that was asked of him)
    Gallas-7.5 simply did what he was supposed to do and better keep it up
    Djourou-7 (o.g. not his fault entirely and picked himself up right away)
    Sagna-8.5 simply the best right back in the prem. showed true character
    Clichy-8.5 best left back in the world! thats how a player should be…he is a true model of Arsenal
    Denilson-6 shouldn’t have been playing RB, but good enough
    Song-7.5 slow first half, horrible actually. but showed where he could fit into the arsenal midfield/defense
    Cesc-7.5 played very well all game. true leader, true legend in the making
    Nasri-6 didn’t do much all game but tracked back well. just not his game
    Robin-9 besides sagna or clichy he’s my MOTM. what more could u ask of our “mr. glass”. played his bloody heart out. pure class
    Ade-5 the only reason he gets a 5 instead of a 4.5 is b/c of the assist to RVP. played horrible. he’s unfit to play…sad

  35. str8goon says:

    sorry RM for denilson

  36. ssemwogerere humphrey says:

    the fact remains we can improve on our team with critism othe wise we did not perfom so well our passing game was not good . We nee

  37. ssemwogerere humphrey says:

    We need to sell off denilison or drop him on the reserve team otherwise he is a waste , the can not pass the ball win any ball why not play ramsey . We also need to buy DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER if we are to do any thing this season song needs to be a back up . Our keeper is also hollible we need a good keeper almunia needs to be a back up. Clichy is good but needs acompetitor other wise she may fail to improve . without critising our team we shall not do any thing but the boys tried yesterday go——— boys

  38. The Law says:

    For fucks sake guys! We just beat Chelski at Stamford Bridge after coming from behind and scoring two goals in the second half against a team which had (prior to the match) not conceded any second half goals for an eternity.

    The entire team showed spirit and fight, and I am loath to criticise any of them. Yes, our first half performance wasn’t great, but we came back in the second half and stuck it to them. As for all those who will say “Chelsea played badly” and “Arsenal were lucky” I’d rather be lucky than good any day.

    I’m with Hadley 100% here (and that includes the language). We won, savour it and stuff the fucking criticism. Le Boss will do all that himself at Colney.


  39. Damian says:

    thank god Rezaul your not the manager wasn,t the goal keepers fault i don,t know what game u were watching

  40. frankie boy says:

    Lick my nuts paul and aj!! I am not blinded by the lights of one victory. How about we win a fucking competition first before you cream your pants?!?! I want arsenal to be top of the league and winning every game 5-0, having high expectation doesn’t make me wrong. You 2 narrow minded pricks might want to settle for mediocrity but I’m not.

  41. Darri says:

    I think Djourou was fantastic! He made some excellent challenges, was good in the air and firm with the opposition.

    Great performance, and I want to see him in the next game!!

  42. Joe says:

    Djourou, did perfectly fine. Almunia threw the ball pretty much to chelsea who continued there attack. He should of alouwed the team to restructure.
    But he didnt. Mind you this has been almunia’s 2nd shit game in a row, first being MAN city. His not a horrible keeper quiet the opposite but he seems to lose focus or something ive seen him play so well but he has alot of off daysz, PLAY FABIANSKI !!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. dave says:

    l thought adebayor was not good yesterday but it was him who nodded it down to denilson to set van persie up for the first goal and he nodded it to van persie for the second l thought djourou played well apart from the own goal and well done to the whole team what a comeback l just hope we can win the next few games now get a run going

  44. Aladin says:

    Hopefully this result does not make the players swollen headed. Sterner tests lie ahead. Wigan could be a tricky fixture and unless the gunners secure three points,it will be
    meaningless after the Chelsea win.
    My gut feeling is Bruce being a former cdf will opt for the defensive approach.In other words he will invite the gunners to attack.Once a gunner attack breaks down,he will ask his men to pounce.
    There is no reason to fear this tactic if the players are focussed on the jobof preventing sucker puch.

  45. Bentner's Kinky Boots says:

    Come on!! It was Almunia’s throw to a Chelsea player that put us under pressure for the first goal, he only had to hold onto the ball for a few seconds and think.
    I don’t understand anyone that see’s it different.

    That was a great result for us today, we showed we can compete at the top, we just need to work out how to beat the smaller teams that stick 2 banks of 4 in front of goal.. Adebayor showing an slight interest those games would help.

  46. Aladin says:

    the gunners better not be carried away with this result. Teams may try to neutralize them by employing defensive tactics and if the gunners try to weave their way thru it will be like your head against the wall.

  47. Rezaul says:

    Not a Cunt
    Look, it was Almunia’s partially fault. Denilson should be quick enough and Arsewnal should go to counter-attack like this.

  48. Chet says:

    Lets enjoy the victory people . Paper over the cracks? Come on , when we play really well and fail to score we moan “why dont we just take our chances and forget the beatiful football and win” blah blah…well yesterday we werent great but we beat Chelsea at home wich is still an achievemennt for our young team, so lets praise them when they deserve it!!!

  49. davecs says:

    First the o.g. there were 4 errors there, 2 by Nasri, 1 each by Almunia and Djourou:

    1. Nasri made it clear he wanted he ball there without seeing the bigger picture.
    2. Almunia also didn’t see the bigger picture and threw it there.
    3. After being beaten to the ball, Nasri should have tracked back with Bosingwa and didn’t.
    4. Djourou stuck a leg out. o.g.

    BUT — the players all contributed to getting us back into the game and eventually winning it. Even Adebayor, who didn’t seem in it much, contributed to both goals.

    The main thing is to accept that mistakes were made but not to mount a witchhunt. The team is the team, and collectively, over 90 minutes they earned a victory. Everyone of them could leave the pitch with head held high.

    Some of us can remember the “good old days” when we used to play boring football and finish mid-table. We supported Arsenal then, we support them now, but I know what I prefer!

  50. Richard says:

    I am still buzzing !!!
    We beat Chelsea away !!
    And we scored 3 quality goals 🙂
    They scored none

  51. Gooner says:

    Comon Arsenallllllllllllllllllllll…. Robin Van Persie you fucking beauty!!!!!!!! Stick the Blue Flag up your Ass u Chelski Mugs…..

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