Why is it we can raise our game and beat the best,but lose to the less glamours opposition?

What a weird season!!

We lose to Fulham, Stoke and Hull and beat Man Utd and Chelsea!!

Why is it we can raise our game when we play the big teams and not turn up vs the less glamours opposition?

I know there are no “easy” games in the league anymore, But to win the league you need to be consistent and not only turn up and play well in the big games.

The only way i can describe this is we are like a Boxer who gets himself up for a big fight and puts everything into it as he knows there is a chance he is going to get knocked out and lose.He puts everything into the fight and is focused and wins.

The next fight he faces a Mexican road sweeper who has never beat anybody, a no Hopper. We don’t get ourselves up for the fight as we think all we have to do is turn up and we will win. But the Mexican is up for the fight as this is the biggest day of his life and trains hard and puts everything into the bout. Was cant get complacent and think we are now going to win vs the little guys, Or we might fall on our ass.

Its the same sort of thing. We need to treat the likes of Hull and Stoke with the same respect as Man Utd and Chelsea.

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5 Responses to Why is it we can raise our game and beat the best,but lose to the less glamours opposition?

  1. Derek says:

    Perhaps the players feel like some fans do, that we have a God given right to win against Fulham etc.Perhaps like the fans the players find it easier to put in a performance against the big boys.Look at the support vs Chelsea and Utd and then look at it vs Hull etc.The fans spur the players on in the big games, now lets see them do it against the weaker opponents.

  2. harryo says:

    because the big teams ego forces them to try and outplay us which plays into our hands. the small teams dont come out and we have no plan b . simple

  3. One thing we should all know when we play big team the game flow as every one tries to dominate the game. Tht’s where we get a chance to play our very own game, unlike when we play low profile team whereby they got no pattern in the game bt 10 men stick to their goal 2 defend & let a man upfront. Hw can anyone penetrate 10 men 2 score a goal? Impossible unless u have Kanu on ur side 2 create more fouls/penalty.

  4. Richard says:

    I believe the lesser teams ( mexican street sweepers ) just dont want to be thrashed by us so they play heavy defensive. then get us with a lucky punch . ” Giovani’s wonder goal , Laursons long ball up the field for Abongolar etc. ”

    when we play the heavy weights ( chelsea and man utd ) they play aggressive , and that falls into our hands as it opens up the space for us to attack them..

    Im not convinced its all about motivation before a game…..
    we have been caught out a few times by ” lucky punches”
    we need to stay sharp through out the game.

    it wouldnt hurt to have a plan B, like Harryo says.
    Liverpool have a plan B.. its called Gerrards right boot from outside the box. we could do with someone who could crack them in ” Cesc has done it before against Inter”

    Derek is defienently onto something about the fans … ive noticed over the last few weeks how fickle and whiney some of the so called gooner supporters are. We all need to get behind the team and not just point fingers at the boss , when things get a little tough..

    now what about Burnley ?? they are the mexican street sweeper who last time out knocked down Chelsea… what do we do with them ???? Destroy them 6-0 !!

  5. Geoffrey Chaucer says:

    I agree with Richard. We have only 1 plan, which is to play attractive, attacking football against aggressive teams. But we have no plan B against defensive teams.

    Against defensive teams, we need a patient, efficient and intelligent method of play, which we lack. We don’t have aerial power, nor prowess in set pieces. You’ll find that Arsenal has the most corners won in the EPL but has one of the lowest goals resulting from corners. What a waste!

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