Men 2-0 Boys, Another Horrendous Defeat

Another Horrendous Defeat

Sorry lads but we need to stop hyping up the kids are Arsenal.

Tonight showed that many of them wont make it at Arsenal and are simply not good enough, It was Men vs Boys tonight and many of the youngguns who looked so gifted in the home games in the Carling cup suddenly looked like little lost rabbits who were frozen in the brightlights.

I knew that the real test for the younger players would come away from home. Its totally different for younger players to turn it on away from home in a hot atmosphere, And so many of them flopped and now I have to ask if they are as good as we think they are.

Personally for me I had doubts about some before the game even started.

I’m talking about players like Randall who has never impressed me, I watched him a number of times and he is just clumsy,lightweight and lacks vision. I cant see why so many people including Wenger have raved about this lad? I have been more impressed with young Francis Coquelin this season and I’m pretty gutted that Wenger has not given the kid a chance.

Back to tonight’s game.

When i saw the Arsenal team I thought, Pretty weak at the back but we should score a few goals tonight with Vela and Bendtner upfront, But very unfair to drop Jay Simpson after his 2 goals in the last round. Between our strikers who could not finish a bag of peanuts we seem to play a game of “who can shot stright at the keeper” On my count Bendtner beat Vela 3-2 on the night. Young Rogers looked so weak at the back that i felt that he would snap in half if he went in for a tackle and was glad that Wenger took him off at Half time. The young keeper Lukasz Fabianski looked as if he rubbed butter into his gloves before the game. And young Wilshire and Ramsey just didn’t turn up. The only 2 players who impressed me tonight were Gibbs and Merida.

So enough season with the same story, We are told the future of the club is bright and the kids we lead us into glory in years to come. But didn’t Wenger tell us that 4 years ago. The then young stars at Arsenal like Lupoli, Quincy, Bentley, Sidwell and Upson have all moved on and we still are waiting for them to come and save us…How many of the current bunch of “the next best things” will actually make it at Arsenal?

For my money……Make 1 or 2!

Time to ditch this youth farm policy..

My ratings…

Fabianski 5.5
I think the first goal was abit of his fault so he takes some blame there. and i thought he could do better with the second goal also. Other than that handling was decent and made a few important saves too.

Hoyte 6
Didn’t offer much at RB and did decently at CB

Rodgers 4.5
Average. didn’t do much.

Silvestre 6

Gibbs 7.0
Struggled alittle but he is not a LB. didn’t offer much offencely but defensively rather sound

Wilshere 5.5
Tried his best to carve out something but nothing came out of it.looked weak

Randall 3.5
Garbage, Not good enough

Ramsey 5
Didn’t see him.

Merida 7.5
Did try to penetrate too but to no effect. Good try during the second half where he almost scored.

Vela 5
Invisible. Should have buried the chance like he usually does

Bendtner 5.5
The pink panther will be off down the pub.

Lansbury 6.5
Did very well at RB and offered a little more penetration in the second half.

Bischoff: NA
Didn’t see much of him to give a rating
Simpson 6
Looked decent

SO that’s it then…I guess we still have the Champions league to look forward to!


23 Responses to Men 2-0 Boys, Another Horrendous Defeat

  1. you talk out of your ass – was you saying this when we turned over shef u and brmn…instead of bitchin – you should stop bitching randall at 3.5.i’d like to see you play

  2. AusGunner says:

    What a thoroughly miserable, fickle cunt. Kindly go fuck yourself.

    The lads have been a credit to the club with their terrific efforts up to and including this game. You, in comparison, are nothing. Just another dickhead with a wordpress blog.

    Tell me, does it make you feel like a man picking on young footballers who play football in a way you could only dream of playing at such a young age, who – as they are fully entitled to do in their careers – faltered in a difficult tie?

    Give it a rest.

  3. Brian says:

    Dross, as usual. KUTGW

  4. Tilla says:


    I would not mind by Wenger keeps telling us that the future is bright.

    He has been saying this since 2005.

  5. Frank says:

    Maybe you shouldn´t overhype them, that way you could make a valid analysis instead of this load of tripe. We had a makeshift cb pairing, 6 missed 1vs1, so the lack of cutting edge was the reason we went out. Football is about goals and Burnley scored from their chances, and good luck to them, but come on, the lads did play alright , just didn´t get the breaks.

    There are some fantastic youngsters in the team you just slated and me personally, along with most Gooners have great belief in these kids.

    You have the right to be dissapointed but give the lads some credit for the football they´ve played and the joy they brought to the fans and the amazing football they´ve produced before this match and sporadically tonight as well.

    All of them won´t make it but some will become the backbone of this club for years to come.

  6. thegoonerforum says:

    Frank, Good reply

    “A makeshift CB pairing” is the story of our season mate.

  7. Sam says:

    Was not a good performance by the lads, we can’t really say this is the game after Chelsea as the entire team was different and the real test of weather we have moved on from our sticky patch will be witan on sat.

    I hate to repeat myself but bendtner has to go, he’s sluggish dis-interested and unbelivebly arrogant for such a shit player, I hate him, and have always hated him, even his strike in Kiev did not make me like him, he has an inflated view of his importance. When eddies back I hope he’s sold and we bring in a striker of real quality, bendtner is chapionship quality at best, maybe Birmingham would be interested, sell him, loan him, preferably stand him against a wall and shoot him, he had so many chances tonight that any strike worth his salt would of buried. I’m sick of the sight of him…

  8. ahahahah says:

    ahahahahaaha your a joke

  9. bob says:

    Since this Burnley team knocked out Chelsea, I don’t think you can be too hard on the youngsters. They played a wide open game and couldn’t convert their chances. We created enough despite not keeping our shape very well, so all in all it’s disappointing but not catastrophic.

    Calm down.

  10. edward says:

    thats a fair assessment Robert you are free to air your views as well rather than insulting people.

  11. martin90 says:

    I agree – do not see any of the players tonight breaking through to the first team in 2/3 years time with the exception of Wilshere and Ramsey who are nowhere near to being ready yet. Interesting to note that there are no candidates coming through from the reserves/youngsters who can fill the 3 positions which the first team desperately needs – Goalkeeper, Defensive midfield and central defender. Djourou may fit the bill but Song certainly is not good enough.

  12. TH says:

    Most of them won’t make it at Arsenal?? If we had Song/Djourou to partner Silvestre and a better striker we would have surely won! The only players I can’t see making it at Arsenal from this game are Rodgers and Randall! I wish I could say the same about Bendtner but he’s already in the first team which is a shame. Otherwise many of them will make it!

  13. Frank says:


    How convenient that you highlight that phrase, while ignoring the variables that was different between this game and the previous in this competition. We created enough chances to win the game comfortably, we had another set of cbs than in earlier rounds and as a consequence we lacked coherence in defence. Had we played Djourou and Song together instead, the shape of the defence would have been much improved.

    Unfortunately they had a game 2 days ago and therefore needed to be rested, but using your logic, an overhaul of changes in defence cant have a bearing on a result, while I am of the opinion that we lost due to missed chances and defensive frailties not shown in previous CC games, which are exactly the qualities these kids have shown in earlier rounds.

    If this make you sleep badly tonight I´m happy because I am proud of these youngsters and have great hopes for some of them and can´t be arsed about your gloomy outlook.

  14. Highbury Baz says:

    It’s all well and good getting the odd win with the youngsters but we’re yet to see anything consistent from them.

    I get fed up at the amount of hyperbole that surrounds the youngsters at Arsenal to be honest, they get labelled as world beaters and get hyped up beyond belief only to never make an appearance for the first team. If you look at most other teams in the prem they ALL have promising young players and a lot of those are already first team regulars, none of this ‘Arsenal’s amazing kids’ stuff but only being used for cup games where they ultimately fail (which is a fact and not an opinion, no matter how hard you deluded people argue).

    Most under premier standard under-18 teams could put together a good run in the Carling Cup, we’re nothing out of the ordinary and we should start to realise that.

    Use the youngsters properly or ship them along, just stop trying to make an average cup side into something they’re not.

  15. nick says:

    I’ve got to say your criticism seems totally over the top. The Carling Cup has been shaped over the past few years as a chance for us to see the youngsters at Arsenal in a big game. More often than not, they have done a decent job, played some excellent football in patches, and won against some decent sides. This does not mean that they will win every game, or perform to their best in every game. Bear in mind their age, see their performance in the light of what should be expected of them (disregarding the hype that has been very much over the top), and thank them for two excellent performances and one which sounds that it could have been better.
    They were never going to be the answer to all Arsene’s squad problems, but some of them will make it, and some of them will be the ones you so unjustly slated tonight.
    Get some perspective!

  16. james wickenden says:

    I don’t think anyone has suggested that the entire squad of youth and reserve players will make it but if you can’t see that even tonight when we were clearly not at our best we have some real talent then i despair. I though the first half looked pretty good and some of he passing was sublime…we just lacked the finishing and one of the players guilty was carlos vela who will undoubtedly become a world class striker. Randall looks like an intelligent player but needs to play to his strength (one touch and move it on) rather than dwelling on it and looking for the killer pass…still dont think he’s quite good enough though. However Fabianski, Gibbs, Wilshire, Vela, Merida, Rambo all can make it at this club and from where im sitting (my chair) that’s not too bad. Besides, we all know spuds are the only premier league (for now) team to try in the milk cup.

  17. Vincent says:

    How can u say that!!!!!!!
    They were fantastic during these 3 games.They lack the final touch yesterday but they showed character.They were able to deal with the physical game even if they conceded 2 goals,something the first team can’t.And they are YOUNG man.Give them time.I saw a very bright future there.
    If ur not satisfied,go and support another team.
    U talk shit.

  18. manny says:

    how can you give vesas lower marks than bendtner he did nics running for him he should have played simpson bend is not even championship standard hes more interested in his pink boots than anything else

  19. AusGunner says:

    “Most under premier standard under-18 teams could put together a good run in the Carling Cup, we’re nothing out of the ordinary and we should start to realise that.

    Use the youngsters properly or ship them along, just stop trying to make an average cup side into something they’re not.”

    Several people in football, inside and outside the club, that know much more about these things than you, disagree. The group of youngsters have been heralded by opposition managers, people involved in youth football etc as being a very special lot. Sure, not all of them will become regular Arsenal first teamers, but you can see there’s a very special core of talented but raw players here like Song, Djourou, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, maybe Randall, Merida, Vela and Bendtner who can all make it.

    The future is bright if the team is managed in the right way and there’s no doubt in my mind that it is. 2005 is not that long ago. Stop being a little bitch and man the fuck up.

    But don’t expect fans like me to sit around idly while you talk absolute shit and show contempt for our own young, vulnerable and talented players like some know-it-all want-it-now dickhead that in reality knows fuck all about anything.

    How many Arsenal fans are really like you, or do they all just tend to thrive on the internet? It’s fucking tiresome. Next time we play in the Carling Cup read a book or something, do something you’ll enjoy.

  20. Danish Gooner says:

    Wengers big problem is that he simply do not trust them enough to let them feature in Pl games.How many times have we asked for some bottle in midfield (Ramsey).How many times have we asked for Vela to be introduced to our hapless attack etc.Wenger puts a positive spin on it all but i would put a mortgage payment on the line that if the chips were down he would still not play them.

  21. Stu says:

    I usually agree witht the posts on here but I just think tat this was a bit harsh. That was the first away game that the “CC” team played and there was no telling how they would react o an away crowd. The performance was pretty shit though.

    I do however agree that Randall is a cunt. He was relly lazy on the ball, always thinking he could hold off stronger smarter, opposition and that cost us the secong goal. Gibbs was piss poor too. He was woeful in defence. His positioning was hopeless and he gave Eagles all the time in the world.

    I still think that Merida, Wilshere and Lansbury will make it. Gibbs might too but not as a LB.

  22. Richard says:

    Too many Nay Sayers on the web.

    Over the whole comp I thought the chaps played well, they were awsome in the opening games !! lets not forget that !!

    Yes they fell short against an up for it Burnley outfit , away , on a freezing cold night.
    Also , keep in mind Burnley beat Chelski and were fired up.

    I think the Young Guns put on a fine show over the course of the competition , hopefully they have learnt a few lessons along the way 🙂

  23. Geoffrey Chaucer says:

    Well look at Manure’s youth team, which was never touted as the “team of the future”. They beat Blackburn 5-3!

    Wenger’s much touted youth farm promised much but delivered little and is perpetually in transition. The youth academy was set up in 1998 mind you and most of those who joined in their early teens would have been in their mid 20s by now and it seems that none have transitted into the first team. Justin Hoyte has been sold. Should we wait for another 4 years to see where this youth team ends up?

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