The Fans That Booed Eboue Are A Disgrace

And on behalf of the gooner forum and our 2000+ members we would like to apologize to him for the treatment he received today.

Some of you so call fans are nothing but wankers.

Every season you single out 1 or 2 players as scapegoats and blame them for all our faults and weakness. Last season it was Senderos. This season its Eboue, Bendtner and Gallas.Before that it was Gilberto, And I can even remember Bobby Pires and Bergkamp getting a hard time.

Yes we have a few fans like Attila on the forum who have come out and stated how disappointed they are with Wengers transfer policy and questioned his tactics, But that’s fine and IMO justified!

To boo our own player has no place in football and it shows you are a weak person as well as a weak plastic fan. You should support the players no matter what. I understand that as fans we show passion and sometimes we can say and do things in the heat of the moment. But that doesnt make it right.

Eboue IS a decent Right Back. He is not a winger or central midfield player and whenever he has played in his natural position he has never let us down. IF you play out of position you makes mistakes, Its that simple.

The Whole Eboue substitution was appalling man management from Wenger.

By taking him off and making him walk off the pitch was gave the boo boys a chance to really get stuck into him, My heart was with Eboue as he walked off the pitch to 50,000 ARSENAL fans booing.No player should have to go through that, Not by his own fans.

He didn’t deserve that, He made a few mistake, SO what,Eboue is not the only guilty one making bad passes. Song and Denilson were just as bad and even Cesc made a few today.

People are just targeting Eboue and trying to blame him for all of our problems and its easy for the weak minded to blame him for all our problems without dealing with the real issues and problems with have.


80 Responses to The Fans That Booed Eboue Are A Disgrace

  1. carlos says:

    that should stop how can u boo your on player am ashamed as an arsenal fan and its high time you get your mind straight or start supporting arsenal in your homes.are u forgetting what he has done 4 us his one of the few pipo who have stayed at emirates 4 along time.dont hate the player hate the game

  2. tom says:

    cant believethey did not boo cygan as another of wengers singings truely deserved it, and upson was sold too bring him in

  3. gooner91 says:

    i couldnt agree more with you
    yes he had a bad game but booing him is not going to solve anything
    if anything it batters his confidence even more just making him likely to make mistakes
    what he rle needed was support from the crowd, not having so called ‘supporters’ boo him untill he doesnt want to play anymore, if it was cesc fabregas making those sort of mistakes the fans wouldnt have cared half as much
    why pay money to go and see arsenal if all your going to do is moan,do us all a favour, stay at home and do it

  4. sweetz91 says:

    Excellenty written, finally a decent blog, keep it up

    Eboue – Really feel sorry for him, I agree Arsene should not have subbed a sub lol but he could have cost us a goal, fans need to remember he is a RB naturally

  5. Partisan says:

    I totally agree with Gaf. Shame on you, so-called-fans!
    Emmanuel, don’t take it close to your heart.
    We love you. We love Arsenal.

  6. Derek says:

    you pay your money to watch him…so you can boo him. why do fans like you always follow the mantra of getting behind your team….its just so naive and child like…players always think that fans must kiss the ground that they walk on and tell them how great they are….they walk through life thinking that fans should never criticise him…eboue is a cheat and dives constantly…..get behind him…i don’t want cheats at my club……sell him wenger today!!!

  7. Gaf says:


    I have criticised players and the manager, In fact I do a lot and I can prove this.

    But this is done maybe in the pub or at home, I certainly don’t do it at the games and aimed directly towards the players as he is playing.

    Yes after the game in the pub you can call him all the names under the sun. I can accept that mate.

    But booing Ur own player on the pitch is just not on..

  8. perrygrovesworld says:

    Although I find Eboue very frustrating as a player who has done some stupid immature things over his years at Arsenal, booing him makes it counter productive for the rest of the team. I also feel that Bendter has been out of form too but we really need to encourage them or lose them. What is happening to the Arsenal crowd? Since we moved from Highbury some of the crowd has become arrogant, negative and alien to this long serving supporter’s memory of a typical Arsenal fan. In fact I am going less and less because I feel uncomfortable among the nouveau crowd, am I alone here?

  9. kjukken says:

    I don’t think eboue was that bad for the whole game, and he was involved in some nice play in the beginning of the 2nd half. His 10 last minutes was a nightmare, not only loosing the ball, but also not trying to win it back when he did loose it.
    I must admit that I was kind of happy when wenger took him off, but still he doesn’t deserve to get a “boo” when he’s taken off.

  10. indos says:

    firstly, eboue himself has come out and said that he is NOT a right back and is a midfielder

    secondally, he is sh1t.

    thridly, its not his fault he play’s it’s Wengers for picking him, and the fans who pay good money for their seats dont need to be subjected to that and as they pay their wages they are well within their rights to voice opinion.

  11. Joe says:

    fuck off derek you cunt. You don’t boo your own players for two or three bad passes. You’re exactly what’s wrong with Arsenal at the moment – shit plastic fans.

    bring back highbury, get rid of the 25,000 extra plastics and bring some real fans back in. If only…

  12. andy says:

    i feel sorry for eboue
    that wont help his confidence shame on all the so called fans who booed him, as long as they wear our shirt you should support them

  13. Mista ken says:

    Emmanual has suffered the kind of humiliation that none of of are ever likely to experience. He who is without sin…

  14. Sig says:

    I was embarrassed for the fans that booed him. I could understand their frustration… we were clinging on for the last 10 minutes and he gave the opposition the ball twice with very poor mis-placed passes. However… to boo your own players is insane.

    But then, to leave 5-10 minutes before the end of a game (and 5 minutes before half time to get a pie) is not what I call being particularly loyal either.

    Support the team through thick and thin…… or go and watch Chelsea

  15. KennyG says:

    I was Totally appalled from what i saw today it made me sick to the bone.

    What they didnt kno was that eboue came in early in the fisrt half, he didnt have a bad game untill late in the 2nd half which could have been blamed on his tiredness after being out for so long but the stupid fans couldnt appreciate that could they???

    He was also played out of position on the left why on earth for??

    At least give a returning player the chance to get back into the swing of things but putting him on the right side of midfield if in deed your going to play him out of position dont you think???

    Eboue is not to blame its wengers and soly him, wengers Stubborness not to strengthen the squad in pre-season ha sleft us in the state we are in now.

    I just hope Eboue plays in the next game cos the best way to beat the demons is to gte back on that horse and ride it i say.

    BLAME The Manager not the player i say

  16. Pat says:

    This is the first decent post ive seen from you in a while, and couldn’t agree more these pricks are straight disgraceful, this is the first time in a while ive actually felt ashamed as an arsenal supporter and that pains me the most

  17. Zaiky says:

    Derek, you must be one of the many morons at the Emirates. Nothing gives anyone the right to treat our own player like that. I felt ashamed today to be associated with fans like you. Not only does it do nothing good for the team, the club are now back in the media for all the wrong reasons. Yes we weren’t great today, yes Eboue wasn’t amazing but we still won.

    We all need to get behind the team, I just hope others who booed today feel embarrassed.

  18. namesake says:

    Plastic fans booing players is not on.
    anyone who boos there own team member whilst they are still on the pitch is not a real fan though.
    real fans should by all means voice opinions, but not to the detriment of the team as a whole or as a collection of individuals.
    Arsene dropped the ball by playing him today in the first place.

  19. Zaiky says:

    Perrygroves, you are spot on and it feels a real shame as we deserve such a good stadium! Maybe it will be good to lose a few games as the morons might not renew their tickets and we can get some real fans back!

    Kennyg, what planet are you on? Ok Wenget should have strengthened but I think we can allow him one, maybe even two mistakes! Bloke in front of me today said Wenget has lost the plot – I tkink it’s our fans who have lost the plot!

  20. dangerous says:

    I’m sitting on the fence a bit here, I’m a season tkt holder and Life long fan, I bleed arsenal believe me, but this guy is not good enough, true he’s been out injured,but lets face it he got flack way before today, I honestly believe he’s very dim, but a great athlete, Today I blame Wenger for unleashing a half decnt right back onto our left wing!!

    We had Vela a naturally left footed player who was the ideal sub flair for flair…but Wenger got that badly wrong…

    I did boo Eboue off and at the time thought I was just, having watched MOTD, and see him trudge off I admit I feel a bit of remorse.

    However hopefully this will now secure his departure, he is a Wigan type player, not a top 4 team player.

    Would you honestly want him in the starting line up! He is a liability and does not deserve to be at a club like ours.

    I wish Emmanuel boue all the luck with his future, hopefully away from us.

  21. no silver wear says:


    BLAME The Manager not the player i say

    but who will,he still walks on water but if think the sell buy date is coming

  22. Andy says:

    Great article and i totally agree….people need to get off Eboue’s back you could see the more the crowd got on his back the more his performance went to pieces.Yes it was a nightmare 10 minutes but there are reasons for it as has been said in other reply’s…playing on the left side of midfield and just coming back from a month out and having to come on and play much longer than Wenger would have wanted.
    Just remember the stick Song got at Fulham a couple of seasons ago and now look at Song.We need to encourage players when they are playing badly not boo them til they play worse….when he was taken off i was ashamed of the actions of so called supporters.

  23. Goona BOB says:

    I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 15 years and for the first time in my life I’m ashamed to be a Goona. Unfortunately it wasn’t just a few “fans” booing Eboue, fair enough he didn’t have a good game, but to boo a player is disgusting. I agree with the other guys, Song and Denilson were just as bad. Teams coming to the Emirates now relish the challenge, too many glory fans come to the Emirates expecting a goal fest, quite honestly the atmosphere at home is shocking. As its well documented, we need an experienced powerfull central midfielder to partner cesc, to protect our back four and allow Fabregas to have more freedom. Denilson and Song are below Par every week, and don’t give any protection to what I think is a pretty good back four. With Flamini mopping everthing up last year Fabregas had an awesome season and our defence looked settled, but it seems Cesc has to put in a double shift every week to help out Song and Denilson. Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool all have a top class Defensive Midfielder. Lastly we seem to be getting back to habits we had a couple of seasons ago, where we needed a ton of chances to score and couldn’t see out a game. To sum up our Home Fans are Crap and an absolute Joke, Arsene needs to buy a Top Class Defensive Midfielder in January and we need to be more clinical in front of goal and finish teams off, or we could drop out of the top 4 this season.

  24. Darkins says:

    The treatment of Eboue today was shocking, how can you call urself fans and boo ur own player off the pitch. I felt so sorry for the guy, can you imaging what the other players are thinking about the fans who support them. Blame yourselves when they figure it out and leave.

    I think If they lowered their entrance fee they would get more real fans coming through the gate, and not these total wankers that don’t know fuck about football. These so called fans who represent us at matches are an embarrasment, they got more money than f***ing sense.

    I just hope the messages on this post are somehow relayed to Eboue. I for one think he’s a very good player who, as the blogger said is playing out of position.

  25. KS says:

    Don’t blame Eboue…

    1. Wigan played ok well: 1st half is a highly physically game and cost us Nasri and they had a harsh tackle on Fab as well.

    2. Eboue is RW or RB but never a LW. Why on earth did Wenger put him on in the first place? I would blame Wenger/his transfer policy? Why wouldn’t he put Vela/Ramsey up?

    3. I am not Eboue’s fan and I never like to see to him being picked to be honest. He is ok good but not as good playing for Arsenal. However as what some of you have mentioned here already I don’t think Denilson/Song/Fab/Eboue will work…never. Wenger please bring in someone in Jan…

  26. Darkins says:

    Mate if your not happy with wenger’s selection policy as I’m not most of the time, then boo wenger not the players he plays out of position all the time.

  27. ive says:

    I was at the ground and I was disgusted with the booing , I cant believe people think it is good for the team . Some of the supporters only sing when we are winning , glory hunters please support another team as there are thousands of people on the waiting list who real supporters . We talk about the team not getting it right ,well suporters we are becoming the worst supporters in the league , have we got it right? No way . I am proud to support Arsenal , I support my manager and my team .period.

  28. true gooner says:

    How many of our players will want to stay because they love the fans? none. Now they know that they are fair weather fans. These fans show no loyalty why should players show any loyalty to them. i fuking sick of you plastic fans that just support arsenal for the glory. im sick of you people giving stick to our players in our stadium. you people say you have the right to boo because you are paying alot of money to see them, sell your tickets to real gooners because you guys are doing the job of the enemies. we dont want you, go to shite heart lane if you want to boo our players. fucking disgrace be glad what players we have compared to other teams.

  29. Theo says:

    Eboue now needs to play in Porto, but at right-back. We’re through so the pressure should be off and more importantly, it’s away from home…..yeah, some home eh! Hopefully he can recover whatever’s left of his confidence? It was an absolute disgrace the crowds reaction to him today. I’ve never seen a player so scared to touch a ball before and who can blame him. Those scum supporters (no, forget that..not ‘supporters’ let’s call them ‘customers’ at best) need to have a look at themselves. They’ve been trying their hardest to do the same to Bendtner all season….and he’s just 20 for f*cks sake!!! The only time you hear them is when they’re slagging off one of our players. If they could transfer their bile into positive support, just think how our atmosphere and perfomances would improve? Last season at Old Trafford when we stayed behind singing our hearts out for 30mins (even though we’d just waved good-bye to the title) was my proudest single moment EVER as an Arsenal fan (and I’ve been going for almost 40 years). Today was the most ashamed I’ve ever been! Those who think just because you’ve paid over your money gives you the right to do what you’ve been doing recently, please save it and spend it elsewhere. YOU AIN’T ARSENAL!!!!

  30. Clarky says:

    Without answering the question at hand can I just say his effort today was appalling – yes he was out of position but he sauntered back whenever he lost the ball and gave no cover to Clichy at all. He simply did not play like a professional footballer that truly cared for his club. He should be proud to wear the shirt and yet he did not appear to give too many hoots about it. I think his lack of effort as much as the (many) misplaced passes and broken down attacks was as much to blame for the response he got, irrespective of the right and wrong of booing your own player. That said, I do not understand why Wenger played him left midfield rather than swap Denilson over (or play someone else).

  31. Anaconda says:

    To the fans that booed Eboue today…FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!

  32. Clarky says:

    To add to the above, Denilson and Song (and even Fabregas) misplaced passes loads today, as has been pointed out. The difference was they looked like they cared.

  33. ig says:

    Derek, do you have any idea about being a supporter of a club. I quote “why do fans like you always follow the mantra of getting behind your team….its just so naive and child like”
    Do you actually realise what a supporter is???? Are you the biggest idiot in the world??? Id say yes. Its pretty easy to work out why fans get behind their team, something you have yet to grasp, probably amongst a few other basic things.
    How can anyone boo their own players and then call themselves a supporter. He has not been the best player but we are trying to win a game and it is wankers like you that put our team under pressure by booing every single mistake rather than getting behind the team and the players. The atmosphere was rubbish today and its pricks like you that blame everyone else, boo when they can, and not support the team like it deserves. Walking out of the ground today was if we had lost or drawn. Dickhead supporters like you were still whinging about eboue etc. and also getting stuck into other fans. Stop fucking whingeing and support your team! Simple!

  34. Mitch says:

    I am a fan of 45 years. I go to all home games and most away games, including the Carling Cup. However, I am now seriously ashamed of being an Arsenal fan, not because of the team, the club, or any individual player, but because of our many sickening fans. For two seasons now they have picked on Song (still only 20, who will be a great player) and Eboue. This year they’ve added Denilson (19)and Bendtner (20) – and even Adebayor and Gallas. There are now a significantly large number of our ‘fans’ who are simply waiting and hoping for mistakes from the above mentioned players so as to hurl vile abuse at them. This is not being a fan. Like ‘Perrygrovesworld’ said this has mostly come about since the move to the Emirates. We now fill the ground with loads of the ‘new fan’ types who want nothing more than trophies and want us to behave like Chelsea to get them.

    I grew up as an Arsenal fan who knew that you were part of a club that demanded respect for fans and players of other clubs – and certainly your own. No true club fan ever boos or abuses one of their own players. If they’re in red and white, get behind them, or you damage the club.

    It is time Arsene came out and condemned these people and asked them to stay away from Arsenal. Before too long, all decent fans will stay away anyway and it will get much worse. I’m already questioning whether I want to be a part of such crowds as now follow arsenal, home or away.
    Only my love for the club itself is currently seeing me hang around through these very dark times.

  35. Clarky says:

    And another point, I have been going to Arsenal since the early 1970s and have seen plenty of teams, some brilliant and some pretty dire. I don’t think I could be described as a ‘plastic fan’ but I do care that a player shows real commitment on the pitch. Its an honour (and these days a highly lucrative one) to wear the shirt and I expect to see effort at the very least even if the technical skills are not always there. I certainly don’t think pulling on a shirt automatically gives a player the right to be revered by fans. There are a few ‘big time Charlies’ in the current Arsenal team who have not achieved a lot but are always spouting off in the press as if they have been there and done it. Somewhere between their arrogance and Wenger’s failure to buy reinforcements is the explanation for our inconsistent form IMHO. Rant over.

  36. Greg says:

    i was watchin the game on tv and i couldnt believe our fans were acting like monkeys. come to africa and u can watch the players here, theyd climb into the stands and brawl. our players have treated us to champange football for 13years now and this is how we treat them?critisism can strengthen the team only if its positive. the team is tryin to b united, they know its bin a rough ride bt we should get behind them.give them the support they deserve for the football the given us. wat happened to eboue today was disgusting and no player deserves it, esp not an arsenal player.

  37. Nick e says:

    a disgrace…a fucking disgrace! am ashamed to call myself an arsenal fan. it’s ok booing the opposition but never boo your own! it’s like your family man….you stick by them cause they are one of you……the guy does not go out there to fuck up, the guy is a nice/good guy and he deserves better. Just imagine how his team mates felt and especially Song who has been booed in the past?! Grow up you wankers and act like men……yesterday we were the worst fans in the fucking country……let’s make sure this does not happen again!

  38. Theo says:

    Clarky, he was very poor today. But that ain’t the point. No player deliberately goes out to play like that. At best, he’s a decent understudy right-back and nothing else. Playing left-midfield just makes him look like a fish out of water. He simply ain’t good enough and that’s not his fault. It was a bad selection by Wenger, but I’d back our manager to make more good ones for our club than anyone else can! What happened today really crossed the line. However bad any of our players were, the fans were far worse. We’re should all in this together, it’s our club! Clearly those currently going to games are split into two divides : supporters and customers!!

  39. gooner sam says:

    I too was totally embarrassed today. No so called fans should ever boo their own players. ever!! People also complain about the tickets being too expensive. If you are a true fan, you deal with it, make some sacrifices, stop blaming the “plastics” stop booing your team and just get behind the team we all love.

  40. Goona BOB says:

    As much as I’m behind Wenger and trust his judgement, some of his tactical moves in games and lack of transfer activity are worrying. I think Wengers substitutions cost us the Tottenham game, and constantly playing players out of position is a contributing factor to our inconcistent form. He could have bought on Vela on the left today instead of Eboue who was obviously lacking fitness and isn’t a left sided player and playing Denilson on the right isn’t the solution to Walcotts injury. I’d prefer to see Ramsey on the right. Yes we’ve had our fair share of injury problems but the boss knew Rosicky and Eduardo were long term injuries but still let Hleb and Flamini go without really replacing them. Nasri has been a good addition but we do have too many below standard players, Denilson, Song, Bendtner and I’m afraid Eboue too. I think Wengers transfer policys are a big part our problems. You can’t always buy a talented youngster and expect him to turn out like Henry, Vieira or Fabregas. I support my manager as much as anyone, but are we really happy that the descisions he’s made since the end of last season are moving us forward and allowing us to challenge Chelsea and Man Utd?

  41. Alex says:

    NO ONE should be booing a player in an Arsenal shirt! Eboue will be back. Song was booed once and is turning into a handy player – espcially today. Cant agree with your comments on Denilson. I thought he was great in this match – he won a lot of tackles and had a few good passes and shots.

  42. Mitch says:

    This entire blog and all the comments should be e-mailed directly to Arsene If he knows how many of us true fans feel, maybe he will actually do something about it. The ‘supporters’ are currently endangering everything he has worked so hard and so long for. Please send it to him!

  43. Zeke says:

    It may be counter productive but sometimes you have to stand up and force change. Eboue is not good enough and he wasn’t bad against Wigan – he was shocking! Lost the ball with every touch and constantly jeoparidsed the team’s winning position. Its not a one-off, he ahs been terrible for 2 seasons and after such an indifferent season we have the right to say “we’re not going to take this shit anymore!” Will Eboue play next game? NO. If he wasn’t booed, would he play next game? YES. Sometimes revolution is the only answer, counter-productive for the moment but the correct solution for the long term. Let us not forget Eboue has kept Walcott out of the starting line-up for 2 seasons with no justification. I felt sorry for him as he walked off – but the boos were also for Wenger’s ears – this man is not good enough – and every Arsenal player now knows we will not accept such appalling mediocrity. Every player will want to step up their game after witnessing Eboue’s demise.

  44. jo says:

    what has happened to the Arsenal! we as supporters have lost our class and style, by the way we have treated eboue and adebayor and some even turning on wenger we dont deserve any success! I just hope these plastic fans leave soon so us real gooners can have our team back!
    why would any of our decent players want to stay if this is how we treat their team mates

  45. BrianKK says:

    well 50,000 arsenal fans werent booing him cos their is surely some there that were just as appaled as i am. i tink the whole team got jittery at the end its jus eboue is already public enemy no1 so he got the boos. the creature im sorry emmanuael

  46. true gooner says:

    hey mitch is that really his email address because i would like to really like to send a message as well.

  47. Vixen61 says:

    I was really ashamed at the fans booing. Of course we have so many players available to us we can afford to cause more problems with the players mental approach. Eboue is a player who slots in a number of positions without kicking up a fuss, isn’t always picked as first choice and is sometimes adequate, sometimes better and is sometimes bloody good.
    Players don’t say they want to be treated as gods by the fans with hero worship all the time but do react to the fans and we can be a twelth man when we get behind them. What are we to them when we boo? Will it encourage Cesc etc to stay for the future? Or encourage good players to join us?
    We won, 3 points, be happy. People moan when we lose saying we can only win pretty but when we slog it out and win still complain!
    We haven’t been out of the top four for ages and every dog has its day. It will be ours again soon.
    Think on people – it could be worse, we could be spuds fans!!!!

  48. Del says:

    We have every right to boo.Just like these greedy gits have every right to ask for 50 thousand plus per week.Being a right back and playing out of position should not be the reason he dives or can’t pass a ball 5 feet to a team mate.What will booing achieve, it will make him leave and all the other greedy useless players who play for their wallet and not the fans or the club.It will make other players realise that 100% effort is required every game and that the fans have had nough of sub standard players.Would Eboue get a game for any of the other big 4 well why should he get one for us.I have been a fan since 1980 so platic I am not, broke maybe plastic no.

  49. Eboue Mispass says:


  50. ive says:

    Del your are a prize fool. What is it that you dont understand . Do you not think the booing affect the rest of the players , oh I forgot people earning £0000000 are not allowed to be emotional or affected by emotion.
    Mark my words ,I believe in this team and it will be idiots like you who kill our season not the opposition .
    Yesterday Wigan had 50 supports, I am in the clock end and yet I could here them singing because fools like you choose to boo one of your own players.
    I am sick of seeing my club being taken over by the likes of you , the next home match I will make sure I support my team no matter what the score.

  51. shkumbin says:

    do you all remember the times when wenger puted eboue and walcott that we love so much stayed at bank?yes i remember.u are saying here it was wenger’s foult,ok,what u would do in that position,if a player like eboue is losing balls in 10 last min.and u are just 1-0 and u could lost two points when u really need that.
    my friends belive me,this is apsolutely nothing so dangerous to arsenal,this is not so bad as u are saying here.don’t u watch LA LIGA-spain?when real madrid lose games they get boods always.they even take their white in their hands to show it to the players.there is same in barcelona in valencia at;madrid and so so….(i don’t like to as an liverpool fans,to sing even when my team is nowhere and is losing at home by 6-3-they look like idiots)

    THE ONLY THING I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND HERE IS,WHY WENGER HAS SUB.EBOUE,I DO NOT THINK BECAUSE THE FANS HAVE BOODS HIM.WHY HE SPEACK ABOUT HIM IN THAT WAY AFTER THE GAME,WHEN I CA CLEARLY REMEMBER WHAT A LOVE HE HAS HAD FOR HIM AS A PLAYER.HE NEW THAT WE WANTED TO SEE WALCOTT NOT EBOUE IN THE PITCH,BUT HE NEVE DID THAT BECAUSE OF US,SO WHY HE SUB.HIM BECAUSE OF US.I THINK WENGER JUST DOESN’T LOVE HIM ANYMORE.if it is true than i am happy,maybe he will go friends he is not a player for arsenal,song is not too,bendner is not for us,mark randall lol is not for arsenal.i think we should have bood song too.i watched the game on tv,and i was going to be in agony in the last 10min.when our song lost ball.oh mates i just can not understund what he was trying to do with ball.(SORY FOR MY ENGLISH)

  52. john says:

    cant belive the way they booood him, its amazing, its pussy shite. im not saying that u cant boo him, but that u shouldent. its not right for a player to reseave such treatment, specially if hes from ur own team, if he is from the other team then i see no probelm.

  53. Matthew Wade says:

    I too was very saddened by the booing. I think it would be positive to possibly send something to the club expressing how we feel, given the overwhelming support on every internet forum for Eboue in this instance. After all he’s a very decent right wing back who plays a utility role, who unsurprisingly tired badly after his return form injury out of position.

    Given that not even utter mediocrity like jimmy carter or mcgoldrick got any real stick, its bizzare that Eboue did, particularly as he was starting to turn into a cult figure…

  54. IoI says:

    Well Said,Del.

    That Booing goes to Wenger not Eboue cause for he is the one that replaced him while his confidence is not back ,He very bad errors But thanks God God He was not defending for he would have scored a nice goal against Alumina.
    Poort perfirmance from Eboue hope we will see the good of him after very short time.


  55. Tony says:


    None of you cheapskate children go to the match and we needed the 3 points. That liability mofo was gonna cost us those points. Such a sh1t player.

    I paid £48.75 for my ticket and I have to watch someone as sh!t as him and not have an opinion?

    F*ck off you children carnts.

  56. Damian says:

    Arsenal fan 30+years booing aside u lot are kidding just cause he has a red & white shirt don,t mean u have to like him, if he can,t play he can,t play & Eboue anywhere besides RB can,t play. That,s as stupid as saying u don,t admire Berbetov cause he had a white shirt.The problem is Wenger knows the side isn,t good enough & is always tryring to cover its short comings ie. by playing an extra defender, if u can,t play 442 u have a problem! eg the invincibles always played 442

  57. alicia says:

    what happened today was disgusting. those fans should feel themsleves lucky to able to “support” a team like arsenal (they can’t possibly say they support arsenal after booing players of the pitch). none of us should ever boo that shirt, only the one the opposition is wearing. Everyone has bad days, maybe Eboue’s was exceptionally bad but it doesnt make him less of a person who is no doubt trying! I find it hard to contain my anger when these fans get to go to see our beautiful team play, while i have never seen a game because i’ve lived in australia my whole life.. anyway 3 points, yay!

    sorry if this is a stupid post! i don’t write stuff much

  58. Nis says:

    Just because you’re a fan from 1980 or 1900 doesn’t mean you aren’t an idiot arsenal fan or give you the right to boo players more than any other arsenal fan. Here was a player who was played out of position after just coming back from injury and he did work hard. If it was anybody’s fault, it was Arsene Wenger’s for playing him on the FUCKING left side of midfield. Eboue tried his best and was actually decent to start of with. I agree eboue is sub standard as a left mid or right mid but he is a great squad player. He plays every position without any complaints. Imo he is a good right back too. Anyone who booede eboue is just a wanker. In fact, considering that most people at the ground booed him, most of the people at the ground are all wankers.

  59. Damian says:

    Bendtner is good will be very good in 2 years. He is a boy still if it was a good side he wouldn,t play 4 another 2 years

  60. the69scorpio says:

    Arsenal booing fans are the worst kind of fans. they are any club’s nightmare as they will bring it to its doom.
    The catastrophic situation of booing your player is a clear sign of panic, shame, cowerdness, despare and humiliation felt by these fans. I don’t think these are the kinds of values/feelings that should be carried by our fans. If you are not able to lift you chin up and walk proud being an Arsenal fan no matter what, where and how, then you better find youself another team to support. I suggest MUFC, they always win and will make you sleep tight with a smile. We at Arsenal do enjoy our team, NO MATTER WHAT, and will carry on doing so till the end of time.

    Fans are fans. Players are players. coaches are coaches. When fans become coaches during the match and start picking on and criticizing players, movements and tactics, then it is doom and gloom for everybody at the club.
    During the game, while in the stands, you wholeheartedly support your team and players no mattter what. Or at least keep quite. that is your role as a fan. After the game, there is plenty of room for talk and criticism.

    Eboue is overly criticized and hated by some because he plays in Theo’s position and people blame him for not seeing more of Theo. how about leaving that for the coach?

    I don’t think Eboue’s night was that horrible under the prevailing conditions. He played for an hour and made some good runs. yes, he also made these 5-6 straight misspasses (fueled further by boos), but it’s not worth such a reaction.

    I think our fans need some leadeship and control at the stands during the matches. Confidence and behaviour of fans reflect the true postion and spirit of the club. This kind of attitude will make us some mediocre club stuggling to find itself a place among the mighty clubs with mighty fans.

    Get real people…. football grounds are for true passionate supporters. No room for the faint hearted. If you’re not up to it, please stay home. Someone else will do a better job.

  61. Zaiky says:

    Zeke and Del – fuck off down the lane, you are proper scum if you thin booing can achieve anything! I will assume you were both pissed when you wrote that crap!

  62. Goners says:

    The mans a dirty diving cheat… always trying toget a player sent off… deserves everything he gets.

    Arsenal fans have got double standards… Pirez was the same… he would be diving all over the place cheating and he is treated like a got at your place, makes me sick

  63. The Master says:

    It is tragic when some so called supporters try to justify booing your own players.

    I have supported Arsenal since 1973 and in all that time, I have never been so angry & dissapointed with a crowd’s reaction.

    Today there us no respect in society and that was evident yesterday by the unacceptable behaviour of the “boo brigade”.

    I truely hope Ebouie puts this behind him, because as much as he is frustrating at times, he is a good player and works hard for the team. A lot of Gooners don’t give him credit for the good things he has done for the club and only see the bad.

    I don’t want to see him or any player driven out of Arsenal because of a bad sector of clubs’ fanbase – nobody deserves that treatment

    It’s time for Arsenal supporters to get behind all the players, not just the superstars

  64. Mrs van Persie says:

    I thought Denilson had a decent game yesterday – he won tackles and free kicks. Is it his turn now to be picked on?
    In hindsight I would really love to be back at Highbury, with the extra 22,000 in tow at the Emirates it aint cutting it. The atmosphere is shite, people booing sorry but you are plastic shit – YOU DONT BOO YOUR OWN YOUR A BLOODY DISGRACE!!!
    I’ve been going to games for over 50 years now a crowd can make or break a player, they broke Jon Sammels and now Emmanuel Eboue.
    I also think by booing you have may have just put a nail in the coffin of this great club. The likes of Rvp, Cesc and Ade will make their escape and I dont blame them. To you people that booed you are absolutely pathetic and I hope you stay away from the ground so we can get the real fans back.

  65. Mike says:

    “zeke”, “del” and “eboue mispass”

    You are using up oxygen that could be far better used by civilised human beings.

    Please stop breathing for the good of mankind.

  66. GILBO says:

    I think the booing of Eboue was one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed, it was no better than watching a group of people beating up a person, or somebody abusing a child,
    I am totally horrified at the so called supporters

  67. gerald arunga says:

    its embarasing to see people calling themselves fans booing off a player who was once among the best right backs in EPL.i would like to give them a good advice the next matches watch them on your stupid screens so that we dont have to know you are plastic fans because you are disgusting and are a big disgrace to the gooner fraternity.

  68. says:

    Last night for the first time in decades, I was ashamed of being an Arsenal fan. Even the co-commentator (whos comments during the course of the game were so anti-arsenal, I thought he was sp*rs fan) felt it was disgusting. Its such a shame really. Black day for Arsenal FC

  69. Hadley says:


  70. matthew says:

    i think someone above made a great point: if our fans behave like that, how can we expect loyalty from our players? if i had been one of the other players out there, i would have sickened and angry by the treatment to eboue. of course we all know that eboue is not good enough to play for arsenal in the long run; but nor is song nor bentdner. but that is not their fault: they need support to do difficult job in the low moment for us. booing them is thuggish, moronic and painful. it shows us to be a club of no class.

  71. matthew says:

    one more point, can all decent fans going to the next game perhaps think of some statement that they could make by way of apology to eboue and the players. one chant with his name him and you could at least show that there is some class left at the club. otherwise the borish majority will win the day and we can say goodbye to team morale and some of our better players.

  72. VeryMerryXmas says:

    Interesting stuff lads!
    Yeah, it was wrong to boo.
    But I think Zeke actually makes a very valid argument -although many of you seem to be treating him like Eboue got treated yesterday!!! Pot & Kettle?
    Merry Xmas Gooners!

  73. LB says:

    Can someone please help me understand why Arsenal fans so dislike their players? The list is long: Gallas, Eboue, Adebayor, sometimes Van Persie, Denilson, Song. How can so many players in one team get so much abuse? How do we expect the team to win? I accept tehj frustrations, and the worst for me, rather than individual talent, is the accassional arrogance and complacency, in other words, lack of professionalsim. And they all have it, not just Eboue. Have you not seen Fagregas, Ade, Clichy, RvP, etc. do stupid things on the pitch? That’s why I love Song so much, because you will never see him shirk his responsibilities. He gets in headers, tackles, puts his body on the line, and still never gets sent off. Can we please cut our players some slack? They’ve gone through a difficult time and need time to get their game together. Judge the manager rather.

  74. SweGoo says:

    To be honest I don’t want to have Eboue at our club, and I don’t think he’s been good since he played at right back. With that said NO ONE deserves to be booed out like he was yesterday.

    I want Simpson to be given an honest chance now.

  75. Derek says:

    Apparently I am a cunt….and a plastic fan…. have been going home and away to see the arse since 86…yes i am a plastic fan!!!

  76. Marc Pavia says:

    I think these people who booed Eboue are not real Gooners they are a disgrace to the club

  77. This Blog is SOOO TRUE!! says:

    whoever thinks its alright to boo off your own player is a f*****g disgrace to Arsenal and should go and support some other team, CAUSE U AINT WELCOME HERE. What good does it do?? brings down the players confidence and all because a group of ‘arsenal’ fans want to be unfair to the man. OK, he hasn’t been great this season but 2-3 years ago he was amazing in fullback, the talents still there, but your knockin the confidence out of him. This wouldn’t happen for Fabregas or Theo or any of the fans favourites, SO WHY THE F**K SHOULD IT HAPPEN TO ANY OTHER PLAYER?

    Absolute disgrace

  78. Kenneth says:

    I think Eboue was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He can not be blamed for playing, because Wenger told him too. But if you see behind the reaction on the fans, which have seen Eboue behaving like a cunt before, and ended up as Wigans most dangerous player in the end, I can understand the frustation and reaction. It is easy to know “better” when watching it home or at a pub, but it was really tense in Emirates that day.

    We all knew, if we got another game, which we were clearly to win atleast 4 or 5 – 2, would end up with 1-1 again, and losing more points to the the other teams, it would be a MENTAL blow for the players.

  79. Pablo says:

    I want to re-introduce a long time distinction that needs to be made between a fan and a supporter. A fan is a fanatic, who comes and goes, and gets behind something because she/e does not have much in their life but to focus upon a dangerous obsession that can fluctuate with Many such people are the fans who this and c..t that. They are just that; they are not supporters. These are people who also get upset when things do not go right, and they ask explanations for it. They do not like it when their teams do not play well, but they nonetheless stick by their passion. But like their children, despite what happens, they continue to support them. They do not beat them, and they do not get on their case because they have a bad day. In my fifty five years of life, and as someone who used to go the Highbury as a kid, someone who continued to follow them through thick and thin, through lean years and great years, who has been rejuvenated by Wenger’s revolution, and who has watched them from a far when I moved to live in another country, other than the tackle on Eduardo, I do not recall something that has caused me so much distaste and anger than the hatred poured my these mindless fans upon Emmanuel Eboue. For all of those fans that scored such vicious invective upon him earlier on this season and last year, you have your reward. It seems that people, fanatics, especially, always have their scapegoat, some one, or some peoples whom they need too vent their anger upon because their lives are not going well, under the mistaken delusion that because the team is not going well, their lives have no meaning. They are borderline psychotic, and need help. AFC does not need them or their money. What we need are supporters, people who have their opinions but support the players who play for the team, when things are going well or badly. However disappointed they might be, the people who did this, who do it, or range across the blogs and continue to do what they have done, often do so in the language that tells us everything about who they are. Some of them are likely the same people who under crisis who would have someone put up against the wall and shot because they are a foreigner, or because they are a Jew, or black. They need a scapegoat for things that are not going on in their life, or that enter into their narrow world. They are either stupid or dangerous people, or both, and we should have nothing to do with them; ask them to have nothing to do with AFC, or at least take counseling, foor heir lives.

    I’m shamed, ashamed, and dishonored, not because I’m one of them, but because those who say we are spoiled and poor fans are right, we have many such fans, and I or one, want nothing to do with them.By the way, imagine what the other players must feel about one theirs. Why would prospective players want to come to a club where the fans treat an individual player like that. These are supporters?

  80. Richard says:

    I strongley dis-like boo-ing .
    In my book, there is only one time when you are allowed to boo a player.
    And that is if he has played dirty !!

    Shame on those who Boo-ed Eboue….

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