A tribute to Eboue (video)

The Fans That Booed Eboue Are A Disgrace

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19 Responses to A tribute to Eboue (video)

  1. Chisom says:

    Thank you very much for this man. Let the Boo Boys go suck a lemon!!!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Great idea…..Its really a shame what some “supporters” did last game with all the jeering! Lets push Eboue in the right direction again, the boy can play!

  3. Clarky says:

    Just because he was harshly boo-ed on Saturday doesn’t make him the best wing back on the back of a sympathy vote! The best crosses on that video were when Henry was still with us, two seasons ago … say no more

    I think we all (the boo-ers and the supporters) know that he has lots of talent but the debate in the last season has been over his level of application, his effectiveness as an attacking midfielder (how many goals?) as opposed to being a solid right back, and his embarrassing theatrics.

    I doubt many would choose him over the mercurial Theo at right wing or the incredibly dependable Sagna at right back.

  4. Stu says:

    eboue used to be REALLY good and had an amazing future, but ever since moving to the wing he has deteriorated in just about every part of his game. he’s like a headless chicken nowadays and that form from the old days is well and truly gone. if he gets more games and refinds it then great, but he isn’t playing well enough over the last 18 months to deserve being in the arsenal squad. also his constant diving and whining are extremely tedious. his attitude stinks.

  5. O'Neillio says:

    In my view, all those who booed Eboue are bags of scum and can’t seriously call themselves fans. Your are supposed to support your team not terrorise them if they play badly. Shame on you, shame on you. A disgrace to the club. I bet many of you cheered Eboue when he scored the winner against Malawi in the third round qualifier of the African Nations Cup or when he got the goal from his own half against Hinckley United in the Carling Cup in 2005. He’s one of footballs true gentlemen. He’s certainly the only Gunner I’ve ever seen going to Church on a Wednesday afternoon in Harrow. He also is a great golfer and plays of 4. Not beat that boo boys.

  6. Clarky says:

    I’m not one of the boo boys but his golf score, manners and Christianity have nothing to with what he does on a football pitch! If he’s such a gentleman, why does he continue cheating (ie, diving, which he did five minutes after coming on this Saturday winning a sham free kick). I only care about how he performs in the red-and-white and he is not as good as Theo or Sagna in the two positions he generally plays in (lets forget Wenger’s lapse of reason to play him left winger)

  7. Hadley says:

    To the tune of the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York

    Manu eboue
    Wears the Arsenal shirt
    Came in 2003
    From the coast of Africa

    And then he raised his studs
    And gave Terry a punt
    Well that’s ok with me –
    Terry’s a right c*nt

    The chavs they booed him then
    But by this time next year
    ’ve got a feeling -They’ll all be City fans
    So support the Arsenal
    A club with history
    Manu Eboue
    Plays for the Arsenal

  8. Josh says:

    Nice video, lets get behind Eboue and every single member of the squad as cheering them will make them better and booing them will cause more mistery and lack of confidence for not just the player, but the whole team. In bad times our club needs us even more. Get behind the boys!

  9. the69scorpio says:

    I will say it again to those who are trying to make it right:

    You opinion may be right, with a valid argument. However, you don’t express it during a match when millions of people are watching. Think of this:
    Arsenal existing fans: will be frustrated, demoralised, ashamed,sad and extremely disappointed.
    Arsenal potential fans (young or recently introduced to EPL, overseas fans): will be negatively impacted with a repelling shock. Why the hell would they associate themselves with such a crowd.
    Opponent fans (Spurs, Chelski, MU,….): What a pleasurable moment it was for them. I’m sure they are drinking to that and laughing their lungs out.
    This behavior is very shortsighted aiming at immediate fix to a minor problem while not considering the long term consequences that will affec our club.
    What Arsenal needs at a time where football became strictly a business affair is a huge worldwide fan base that is loyal, enthusiastic and charged to spend mony on our games and products. Ireally don’t see how booing a player on live tv would contribute to our ultimate goals.
    please end the stupidity and leave te team management to AW where the club officials will hold him accountable when and where the time is right.

  10. rubins says:

    The quicker Eboue is shipped out the better. Hes hardly AFC standard. Booing or no booing i hope this sad saga comes to an end and Wenger buys a decent winger that can actually do the job. What was Wenger thinking putting on Eboue (a very weak player) thats half fit????

    Sorry if i don’t agree with you here, i guess i set my standards a bit higher than most, or so it seems.

  11. alex says:

    great vid man, that’s how the fans should see Eboue, and if gooners are going to boo, boo at Wenger who plays a great wing back totally out of position, I mean left wing?! and he even played DM(actually he was good at it, tackeld a lot and ran with the ball)

  12. Bjørn-Erik says:

    Thanx. Great vid. Eboue and anybody in a AFC-shirt – don’t deserve this.. Please give us support. We need it to cope in the race… Norway-Gooner.

  13. Ive says:

    The booing not only affect the player it also affected the whole team , the other players were shock at the treatment, and a game we should have won comfortable could have ended up DRAWING . Yes I paid £2.600 to watch my team play and yes I want to see good football but the problem with Arsenal so called supporters ARE we want it all. We are not intelligent to understand the with a new stadium something had to give , plus I believe that there are players that Wenger want that he did not get. Eboue was rubbish on Saturday but the behaviour of the so called fans was far worst, we are now the worst supporters in the world. We don’t deserve Wenger, Ces etc and you know why, we are a spoilt set of idiots. I have committed to supporting Arsenal for the rest of the season with or without trophies and guess what I will cheer every attempted pass whether it fails or not, I will sing throughout the game even if we are loosing. Our away supporters can make more noise than 60.000 people, that says

  14. Chippy says:

    Can we please get a grip.

    This must be first time a player has been booed for 20 years. Fans DO NOT make a habit if this.

    The fact is that whether you booed or not, the only people in the stadium we were unhappy that Eboue went off were the Wigan fans. I don’t believe that there is a single gooner who was not saying thank god as he went off.

    Finally Eboue was not just bad, he did not even look like a proffessional footballer, even during the game I wasa saying that AW might as well give his shirt to someone in the crowd because the guy in row10 could not done any worse.

  15. Tristan says:

    Lets all remember we are supporters of Arsenal FC, Eboue did have a shocker, but on the whole he has had a better start to this season and may still improve again. How about encoraging our players, it may help.

  16. barnaby says:

    Eboue did not deserve to be treated poorly by the fans. Bad game yes, but he’s got many good games to go. The video should be a reminder of what this kid can do when the team has a proper structure, not like this year. ALL OF OUR PLAYERS HAVE HAD VERY BAD GAMES THIS SEASON.

    If you truly wish your team well and want to win and think that booing will get the job done, you’re crazy mate. We are short of players yes, and wenger’s tactics and lack of transfer activity are as much to blame as anything. Wenger’s made a big boo boo himself, and it will be sorted.

  17. Mike says:

    Eboue was playing fine for 50 mins.

    The people trying to punt their agenda to get him out are just clueless bigots who wouldn’t know the difference between a brick or a good player.

    They must be evicted from the club. Driven out in any manner possible.

    No amount of money they spend can make up for the damage they do to the club and the team, they are not worth having around, so get rid of the rubbish.

  18. JJ says:

    I think people are right to show their disapproval about a players who’s attitude over the last year ha scosted us dearly. Your video makes a good point, as a rightback he’s absolutely fantastic, but as a midfielder, he’s absolute crap. And it looks like getting up the field has messed with his head, he can’t stand on his feet anymore and has been guilty of the worst diving since Greg Weissmuller! He’s dice against Liverpool in the C1 lst year probably cost us the Cup as Liverpool scored on one of his mistakes.
    So at some point, players are not saints or gods, they need to look at their own game, take the criticism on board and change their game, taht’s what great players do. How many goals did Ronaldo scor when he stopped diving? 42, and a golden ball.

  19. eie says:

    he is pub player and should stick to going to church on Saturdays at 3pm, very few players get booed but this cheating lazy arrogant players leaves the fans with no other way of expressing their dissatisfaction

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