Wenger : I want to make a £30m profit again this season!

Some good news…..

Last week Peter Hill-Wood told Arsenal TV that he would support Manager Arsene Wenger in the transfer window and that money would be made available should Wenger wish to spend it.

Now the bad news……

Arsene Wenger insists his policy of snapping up young talent will benefit Arsenal in the long run.

The Frenchman has seen his transfer dealings questioned this season, with many believing the Gunners lack the experience necessary to be considered title challengers.

The North London outfit are, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting sides in England, but an expectant fan base is beginning to lose patience with a developing side.

Wenger, though, is adamant that the club are heading in the right direction and has made it clear that he will not risk the financial security which exists at Emirates Stadium by bringing in a host of big-money signings.

“I think, in the end, what I’ve done is right,” he said.

“I believe that the job of a real manager is to try to be successful with the financial respect of a balanced budget.

I am proud of the fact that we made £30million profit last season and I will try to make sure we do the same this year.

“People don’t seem to understand that spending £50-£60million doesn’t make you stable. In fact, it puts you in a financially weak position. Some people say that to win they are prepared to make their club explode.

“Here at Arsenal we have two important strengths.

“We have a very young team, which is also very promising and we have a 21st-century stadium and training facilities. We are also in a strong financial position at the moment.

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33 Responses to Wenger : I want to make a £30m profit again this season!

  1. LB says:

    So what’s wrong with that? They built the stadium and made the club one of the three biggest in the world. That’s bloody good in my opinion. Someone invested a lot of money, they deserve to get it back.

  2. Aladin says:

    It’s too early to judge what Aw has in mind. Come the end of the season the fans will be able to know whether Aw is right. If Arsenal don’t win anything and if the worst shd happen ie failure to claim a cl spot it will be I told you so.
    The what?Oh Arsenal can win the title in 2013 when my young gunners will be experienced but so will the young guns of Chelsea, MU etc.

  3. osas says:

    Can you post the link for these comments?

  4. I like Mr Wenger bt his mean policy alwys irritated me so much. Why did a man of his calibre fail to understand tht u can’t win any title without competing with ur rival in terms of class & expirience, stop making excuses & buy players who can salvage ths team to win somethng. He Wenger must knw tht ths team belongs to all Arsenal funs worldwide & stop taking it as your own bussiness. Afterall it’s a football club not a shoping mall. We need to celebrate, not making cheap excuses about lack of expirience, we made a future while you allowed good players like Hleb n Flamini go. Next we will not be suprised to see Cesc on his way out. Open your eyes Mr Wenger & face the real world instead of moulding players to benefit other big teams.

  5. Surrey Gunner says:

    These articles are unhelpful. We have a manager, team and club which we support. We have an approach to football, currently there are too many people knocking Arsenal in the media this all feeds into nervous and anxiety on the field. We never have had and never will have a benefactor who could splah 500M on the club like Chelsea or Man City. Anyone want to argue that Jo at Man City than RVP?

    Except for the debit on the Satdium we have little debit which will put us in a good position over the coming years.

    So lets stop it. I support Arsenal because of what we are and will be, not the number of cups or the number of big names in the side.

  6. TA6 says:

    how is that a BAD news when a manager is aimed to BUILD a winning side than to BUY a winning side? while the club is also making profit at the mean time? i fail to understand some fans’ LOGIC today.

  7. James says:

    But he isn’t building a winning side – he’s building a losing side. He’s building a side on the verge of failing to make the Champions League. Does that make financial sense?

    Arsenal are the 3rd biggest club in England – they should be winning trophies regularly, not going 5 years with nothing and losing to shitty teams in the division every other week.

    Arsenal should be able to be profitable AND win trophies. We are not asking Wenger to spend £50-60m, maybe £15-20m + keep the players that are any good and not flog them and replace them with shitty kids.

  8. Rob Roy says:

    so it’s all about $$$$$, and not about winning

    thinking typical for corporate whor*s and some of the so-called “fans”


  9. DAF says:

    I happen to agree with Wenger’s approach and sentiment 100%. People need to understand the reality of the global financial situation and the continuing impact it will have on football in the UK.

    Regardless of what we win this year, Arsenal are / will be streets ahead of other clubs in terms of financial stability. That is the only medium/long term route to “success”. Let’s see how all the others cope after another 12 months of financial meltdown in the markets. AIG???? That gig will be up well before it’s time. Abramovitch – he’s even got the Russioan Government bailing out his main investment asset right now.

    Strange times, but thankfully the right manager has the economics degree.

    Pklus we still play the best football over the season, are in three cups still and have another good chance of ending in the top four. Who knows – we might even win something. God forbid, that would upset the doom mongers wouldn’t it? Stay calm.

  10. Gareth Priest says:

    Football as an industry is like an oil tanker – the tide of the credit crunch and global finance crisis is trying to slow it down… and eventually it will slow it down. Advertising, tv revenue, crowd gates… these will be affected everywhere eventually. Wenger is right to be cautious.

  11. Stu says:

    James, couldnt have said better myself.

    Thats exactly what I think. To build a great team you need to buy great players. Not buy a few teenagers and hope that they will eventually be great players.

    Sure, the kids at the club are full of potential but they are not good enough to win anything. In 5 or 6 years when they are approaching their peaks, who can be sure that they will still be here even. In a few years all them kids wont still be here, they will either be gone to championship clubs or gone to more amitious clubs.

    We night have the best kids of the top4 but Chelsea, Utd, and Liverpool wont be playing their kids in years to come, they will be buying quality international players so that they will be able to win trophies, nit be content with 4th spot every year.

    None of us are calling for £500m investment. All we want is Wenger to buy proven, international class and experienced players. 20m isnt a lot of money for a quality player. We need improvement. We didnt get Alonso because Wenger wouldnt pay £16m for him and look at the form e is in now. We could ave done with that next to Cesc.

  12. Al says:

    Great if we make £30,000,000 profit how about reducing next years season tickets by £500.

  13. don says:

    what’s the point of money in the bank and a lousy team on the pitch. if we slip out of top 4, which is very possible, then the fans will start to desert and so will the money

  14. Oz says:

    Some people dont realise the financial ruin some of these other clubs are in. Chelsea will have won the league twice, but if roman decides he is bored, then chelsea will self implode and become Leeds. He is already slowing on the money he is pumping into the club.

    There is only so long teams can last spending so much a season. That being said, Arsene doesnt need to spend big to buy players. He could have spent the 11million he paid for Nasri for someone more experienced. But he is trying to build a club from the ground up, around a very specific type of football. Instead of whinging, and moaning on football blogs, why not get of your arse and start giving the team some support. Since Fabregas has been captain, 3 games 3 wins, including 2-1 over the millionairs Chelsea. What more do you want right now?

    Fickle fans make me sick.

  15. no1fran_merida says:

    We need an fa cup this season. better yet champs league
    but we need something

  16. jig says:

    I believe that what ever Wenger is doing is the right things, as things in the world going to get worse by next year. Apart from Man City I don’t see many clubs spending big money (AREBS have lots of money and they don’t care HOW they spen it.)

    I think that few games that we have lost earlier this year were due to team not gelling well, but now I believe that we are gelling well and we will start winning lot more games. I think that the kids are getting back to normal.

    I like and support arsenal not because they are in top four, but because we have different way of looking at football as a club, the way Wenger uses these young players in games such as Carling Cup and FA, and also the way we play football. I do also get upset when we don’t play well but I tell you what, watch out these young top players in the second half of the season where things are going to get very interesting for us.


  17. KS says:

    I won’t pay pounds to come and watch how strong Arsenal financially. I pay to watch how Arsenal wins trophies. Full stop.

  18. useroz says:

    it’s fine to do what wenger does, if the board backs him… after all, they hired him and pay his wages (well, that’s 4m a year though)… but

    * wenger can’t say the young team is promising because it’s not, not judging by results of the last couple of years

    * wenger can’t say all young ones with whom he persists are promising either… clealy some aren’t … fans would be more than willing to wait if they see genuine talents coming thru’

    * wenger can’t say arsenal is playing attractive football anymore… when you play hit and miss and with some matches actually an embarassment… again, if we played fantasy football and still lost, fans (at least I) would still be happy

    in short, if the positions have not young rising stars (even if that’s a wilshere, i’m okay with it) playing, we should plug the gap with even above average, experienced, players

    so, it boils down to balance and that’s where wenger lost it

  19. Rob says:

    All well and noble of him, but the problem is that with this attitude he will depend on champions league football year in year out. with Man city, villa and others knocking, how will he maintain this with the team that he has? Where the young player, after gaining the necessary experience is ready to leave?

  20. Damian says:

    U lot don,t get it in 2 more years the money from Higbury will pay the Emirates then Arsenal will not lose anyone they don,t wont to every 22y old 20M international was a 3M 17 year old as soon as your first crop reaches 25 the rest just keep rolling through Arsene is hoping to win something but realistically he is looking at top 4 + PL last 16 + CL This is the only way it can be done without unlimited money which we don,t have we have millionaire owners who on the 1 hand have never taken out of Arsenal are not prepared to put in out of their own pockets unlike the billionaires

  21. Damian says:

    Look at the side we need Hleb & flamini& Rosicky or replacements 4 those 3 a replacement 4 an inured Flamini & another CD thats 5 and the goalie is ordinary at best that,s 6 120M to be a real chance of winning PL which Wenger can,t afford that,s why he wont spend 20 on 1 play at the moment cause i play wont make a difference

  22. jim says:

    i don’t like criticising wenger at all but am worried that the club are just keeping good financial order so as to get a good price to sell.we the fans are the investors so should expect more investment in the team .i love the football we can play but it is patently obvious that some players are not good enough,to many jacks of all trades but masters of none. if we are to have this youth policy then they must be keyed in now not when they are 24+.chatting about my clubs good financial posisition is wearing thin

  23. People need to get off Wenger’s back. He has built a world class stadium and still managed to play Champions League Football when this was done. Look at all the other clubs that built new stadiums and what happened to them afterwards.

    Wenger wants insure the clubs future and he should be applauded for that.

  24. Jim says:

    Listen to you poor gooners!

    I personally think that Arsene is a god send for you guys, without him Arsenal will crumble. Why would he want to start spending money on players, that would upset the current team and all the youth players. Arsene is one of the best managers on the planet, consistent and very loyal. Arsenal football club are still growing, maturing so YES you have to be patient. Are you not entertained week in week out, win lose or draw? Are you not happy with your recent Champions League form? Are you not happy that unlike Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool that Arsenal have spent a fraction in comparison but are still seen as the most attractive football playing team in the Premiership.

    Arsenal, whether you believe it or not are still maturing, in the right way. If a player wants to leave for an extra 5k a week then so be it, bye bye. If a player wants a new bumper contract but does not deserve it then bye bye. Arsene Wenger as usual is on top of things, he cares more than any of us, he believes so I suggest all you fans start doing the same and back him game in game out, win lose or draw!

  25. Zaiky says:

    When did all these moron’s start supporting Arsenal. If you want to win things and have no stability, go to Stamford Bridge as we don’t need you! I love Arsenal win lose or draw as I am a ‘supporter’ and that’s what ‘supporters’ do. This sort of article leads to the booing we saw on Saturday which was disgusting – so stop writing them!

  26. shedzy says:

    Why isn’t Arsene the Cheif Exec?

    He is too concerned about making money from transfers – he should be more concerned by winning trophies, which will bring money in any case………

  27. frank says:

    o ye of little faith either you support Arsenal and the way in which it works or not.There’s more groaning and moaning now when they are playing football than there ever was before when they had their lean spells. As for the treatment of Eboue probably this was the same lot who are always moaning and groaning they certainly are not true supporters. Most fans would we delighted to watch their team play football “the Arsenal way”.I often wonder how many of these moaners have ever played football or managed a club pobably not! As a supporter for over 60yrs I am very proud to be a non-moaner and a true supporter.

  28. John says:

    “None of us are calling for £500m investment. All we want is Wenger to buy proven, international class and experienced players. 20m isnt a lot of money for a quality player. We need improvement. We didnt get Alonso because Wenger wouldnt pay £16m for him and look at the form e is in now. We could ave done with that next to Cesc.”

    Watch your use of “we.” Also, how the f**k do you know how the Alonso situation went down?

    “what’s the point of money in the bank and a lousy team on the pitch. if we slip out of top 4, which is very possible, then the fans will start to desert and so will the money”

    People like you perhaps, not me. I’d welcome the departure of tossers that jeered one of our own players off the pitch. Then I’d continue to support the team. Try it some time.

  29. Geoff says:

    I am really worried if this is still his approach. I do not believe that we either have to have a fully youth team with no investment or we buy a side (al a Chavski). I think there is a middle ground, meaning a mix of talented youth and exeperienced pros who can help in the short term.

    This is pure dogma from Wenger and its about time someone in the club stood up to him or we are heading for another Monaco.

  30. Aziz says:

    That says it all:
    “how is that a BAD news when a manager is aimed to BUILD a winning side than to BUY a winning side? while the club is also making profit at the mean time? i fail to understand some fans’ LOGIC today.” (great post byh TA6)

    Listen guys, stop whining and whinging around, look at Chelski and they didn’t win lately, look at Real and they are 5th in their league – so “buying experience” for exorbitant prices is of no help or guarantee to ‘win’.

    If some (so-called) ‘fans’ sisappear, so be it, nothing lost with those idiots. For every annual ticket there are hundreds lined up. No money ever lost with Arsenal.

    Also fullstop.

  31. ROwell says:

    Your point is what exactly……

    Another sheeit website with shock headlines that relate nothing to the article.

    Grow up – and fook off.

  32. CheDDar says:

    To all the ranters…Arenal have beaten both Utd & Chelsea
    7 points behind chelsea still…Liverpool to come..Wenger
    is the envy of all football clubs…stop the whinging kick
    back and watch the best flowing football you ‘ ll ever see
    when wenger’s gone…all the papers will be saying doom and gloom
    for arsenal…..English media love to berate arsenal, cause their’s
    hardly any Englsh players.(foreign are way better and cheaper, like alot
    of other things ….no more rule britannia….CheDDar

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