Goonerstreams – Porto vs Arsenal [Live STREAMS]

arsenal vs

Watch the game live here:

Starts at: 19:45 UK Time.

2 Responses to Goonerstreams – Porto vs Arsenal [Live STREAMS]

  1. Danish Gooner says:

    I can not begin to tell all how frustrating this is.Have there ever been a bigger calamity show from an Arsenal side.Wenger plays EBOUE after his piss poor showing saturday.He commits another cardinal sin and plays a weakend side like in Sevilla and gets punished ONCE again.This POrto team is laughable inept compared to the one Mourinho sided over how can a player with a pantomime name like the Hulk run a show against Arsenal.The same mistakes over and over again not one of these players deserves to wear the Arsenal jersey with exception of Almunia.It is pitiful,inept,laughable is this what Wenger have been working on for 4 years then tear it down and build again.

  2. Pascal says:

    Maybe Arsenal could loan Wenger out for the rest of the season. At least he is consitent…..consistently wrong.
    Seriously, if Wenger fielded this joke of a team against Porto, he must be concerned about not finishing fourth in the premiership. So he has thrown away the CL this year in order to secure a place in the CL for next year. I am starting to think that Platini was not far off the mark when he sais that Wenger was all about business at the expense of football.

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