Same old Arsenal,This team is simply not good enough

For the 5th game in a row now Wenger has failed to beat Southgate as Arsenal draw 1-1 in the early kick off with Middlesbrough.

Arsenal rested a number of players in the midweek defeat to Porto as Wenger must still thinks we have a chance of winning the league title?

Well sorry to say that this time is simply not good enough, For not the first time this season the team showed very little attacking flair and looked flat.

For me the main reason for this is our midfield is lacking natural wide men, We are missing Walcott with his pace. Walcott is very direct and is a attacking outlet.

Sorry but Denilson and Diaby have never been wide players and this is why we are having problems creating chances.

I would now like to see Wilshire get a chance on the wings or even Vela,Ramsey. For me our current wide players are just centre midfield players who are filling in and doing a less the average job.

Song just keeps giving the ball away in midfield and is not Arsenal quality.

On a possitive note. Gallas and Djourou looked pretty solid today.

My Ratings

Almunia 7.5
Sagna 7.0
Clichy 7.5
Gallas 7.5
Djourou 8.0
Song 6.5
Denilson 6.5
Cesc 8.0
Diaby 7.0
R vPersie 6.5
Adebayor 8.5 (MOTM)

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36 Responses to Same old Arsenal,This team is simply not good enough

  1. DisappointedGunner says:

    No disrespect but how can you say the team is not good enough yet the lowest vote you give is 6.5? Makes no sense.

  2. Clarky says:

    I would knock a point off Clichy for his stupid clearance that led to their goal

    Agreed the main problem is our midfield but lets not forget that our strikers are very hit-and-miss (often literally). RvP is so talented but had a stinker in front of goal again, scuffing or blasting over when presented with chances. Its not good enough that he turns it on only every few games (eg v Chelsea)

  3. scott says:

    Wegner to go now , its getting embarrasing, Guus Hiddink in!

  4. Digger says:

    The marks you have given are ridiculous. Try knocking off 1 or 2 for the defence, 2 or 3 for Diaby, Song and Denilson, then you might be closer to it. Frankly, could you imagine Manyoo, Chavs or Scousers, or for that matter Villa, not winning easily against that Middlesborough team?

  5. scott says:

    at least the scousers are having a good game today lol!!

  6. vinny says:

    diaby a 7 are u mad

  7. Pat says:

    Your ratings are pretty high actually I thought we were awful today. However my blame lies directly with wenger for this one. How he played 4 central midfielders for the 80mins of the game and expected us to create chances is beyond me. There was no pace or flair in that midfield and our lack of options is starting to be a real worry. Ive been defending the team throughout the recent criticism but theres honestly nothing i can say in defence of the team or manager today, we were shit plain and simple

  8. R.Santos says:

    I agree. How on earth does Ade get an 8.5 cos he scored? I just think the overall shape of the team is wrong and also I also have to point the finger at Wenger (sorry) we are in no position to rest players when confidence is so fragile and the defeat to Porto had an affect on us. last year we seemed capable of clawing back from conceding a goal now our attack is a fruitless as our defence. I agree our defence was alot better today but with no wingers or players to stretch play and our overall passing at such a low level this kind of result has to be expected.

    Only sub was Niklas, further proof that we have no squad, 3 key players out and one has been for a year almost!

  9. vinny says:

    diaby a 7 u have to be mad

  10. vinny says:

    liverpool 2-1 down and we drop 2 more points.

  11. Stone says:

    The positive from this game is definitely how solid Gallas and Djourou were at the back. God forbid that Wenger draws Djourou from the side to put in the less than impressive Toure. Djourou is in my opinion our first CB at the moment and Gallas seems to get along with him well. Toure and Silvestre can just warm the bench or maybe put Toure on the right flank, he can at least dribble with pace.

    What I was the most unhappy about was RvP and Diaby in the first goal, especially the former. Clichy was trying to clear the ball and in front of him are two Boro players and behind them are RvP and Diaby. All they do is just stand there and then the ball falls loose and they are on their heels, doing absolutely no work in closing spaces or any kind of defense at all. Then Tuncay puts in that great ball, Aliadiere beats Gallas and head it in. I actually wonder with Clichy as well in that position. It’s very hard to get a ball through a wall like that, maybe he should have just put it out for a throw. I think I remember quite many incidents like that with him. He also should have conceded a penalty and gave the ball away once in a crucial place. I don’t agree that he had the best of days. Sagna was the better one today.

    Adebayor MoM without any doubt.

  12. abc says:

    Same mistake again again…..again……..poor diaby ag ag ag.

    To Arsnene: your last chance in January and next june, or plz fu** off.

  13. martin90 says:

    Apart from Adebayor,RVP,Djourou,Fabregas,Sagna and Clichy (although he keeps making some terrible costly mistakes), the rest of the team are not, and never will be good enough for Arsenal. On the bench, only Wilshere and Ramsay have a chance of making the grade. There is no width to the team at all. We have to keep praying that A. Villa keep dropping points!!

  14. Stu says:

    Disgraceful performance. All the ratings were way too high. The whole swuad needs a massive reshullfe.

    And pool are 2-2 now.

  15. vinny says:

    arsenal have no heart anymore liverpool sure we will win next week vs liverpool and then throw away more points v villa the week after

  16. bryce says:

    I don’t get why Wenger didn’t start with Van Persie on the left wing. Why does he persist in playing 4 central midfielders who are pretty identical? Madness.

  17. keith says:

    Yes agree that Wenger has runout of ideas even a blind man can see we have no pace or width in the team the only time we look a threat is when Clicy was running at defenders Song Diaby are not good enough and Denilson is not a winger
    This is a game we needed to win why did Wenger wait until the 80th min to bring on a sub and why did he not replace Diaby with Vela and denilson with Wiltshire ?
    Why are they on the bench if he is not going to play them ?
    Wenger has lost the plot he should go now where people will remember him for being a great Manager not wait untill he drags this club down
    Since the Invincibles we should have dominated football we have been in reverse ever since we dont have the right to a top 4 spot it needs to change now even a win over Liverpool wont hide the fact we are lacking in pace width and a holding midfielder also i think another attacker to play up with Abe

  18. Chris says:

    I am sickened that none of Vela, Wilshere, or Eboue were given any time on the field. We were crying out for a decent wide player. I’m not sure how Wenger couldn’t see it. I also don’t understand why he waits until 10 minutes are left to sub the worst player on the pitch (or make any substitutions for that matter). Frustrating to not get full points from this game.

  19. Ruski10 says:

    ALMUNIA 5 – Almost lost the game by not collecting when Dowmning went through.
    SAGNA 6 – Solid Game.
    GALLAS 5.5 – Tidied up well but should have done better with goal.
    DJOUROU 6 – Solid game.
    CLICHY 5.5 – Has made more mistakes this season than, gave 100% as always
    DENILSON 5 – Average central midfielder, awful wide man, tries hard.
    FABREGAS 7.5 – Had a good game but mus be so frustrated with the shit around him!
    SONG 4 – Simply not good enough, if he had a brain he’d be dangerous!!
    DIABY 3 – Not in the game, injury prone, doesn’t fit into the team, sell him!
    VAN PERSIE 5 – Missed 2 good opertunities.
    ADEBAYOR – 8 Would have scored more if Diaby would pass the fucking ball!

  20. ewan says:

    Why rate the players? Rate Wenger. I give him a 3. He has completely lost it.

  21. sean says:

    AW and the so called team are to be blame. AW should hve used Jack wilshere instead of diaby, why is the manager keeping faith in the youth if he can’t play them????

  22. Luke says:

    I am extremely disappointed. But this is already not the first time. We need fast players who can dribble (like Hleb last season, and Overmars) to give us more width. Arsenal plays boring football nowadays, and Emirates charges the highest price! I hope the club really does something and not persist with something that is surely not working out. Arsenal will not win anything, with this squad, now or 5 years down the road. I think Alex Ferguson, on the other hand, got the recipe right – mixing their trainees with talents bought around the world. Success breeds success – Man U is becoming a prestigious club with a winning culture. Where is Arsenal going? Look at Leeds United, Everton, Tottenham who can only bask in past glories…


  24. Deano says:

    SONG should get Zero. I can play for The Arse and and miss every tackle and give the ball away for £20 grand a week.

    Wenger is in Cloud Cuckoo Land and must be sacked. He is stubborn and believes he can coach a team of losers. Where is the equivalent to Seaman, Adams, Keown, Viera, Bergkamp, Henry, Pires. Sack the idiot.

  25. sic says:

    Let’s get Vela and Wilshire in there wait that would only make sense nm.

  26. Daryl Tay says:

    I agree with you. Vela, Ramsey or Wilshere would be much better wide players while waiting for Rosicky and Walcott to come back. Definitely better than playing Denilson and Song.

    Don’t get me wrong, the team is far from terrible, but some players are not meant to be played in wide positions.

  27. Realistic Gooner says:

    Wenger is to be blamed. He weakened this team over the summer. Flamini and Hleb gone, Lehmann went to Stuttgart, Diarra sold in January (what an awful mistake), Gilberto moved to Greece, and what Wenger brought? Nasri, Ramsey and Bischoff. You can’t win the premier league when your team lacking a spine. Starting with the GK, Almunia isn’t good enough to be number 1 for a top-club like Arsenal (and I consider us as a top-club), why on earth didn’t Wenger buy a proven goalkeeper? Continuing with the center backs, it’s obvious that Gallas&Toure isn’t a perfect match, they are too similiar and not complementing each other (unlike Toure and Senderos which was excellent pair). Our defence wasn’t solid enough (even at the last season) and still Wenger didn’t buy a top-class center back. Gallas can’t be trusted and Toure isn’t at his best for a long time, how a team like Arsenal can win with Djourou and Gallas or Silvestre and Gallas?
    Moving to midfield, the sale of Alex Hleb probably hurt us the most, as Fabregas is on his own in the midfield and there is no one that shares with him the burden. Moreover, until recently we didn’t play with a defensive midfielder (Denilson isn’t one) and we miss Flamini badly! In addition, Nasri doesn’t contribute to the game, he scored a couple of goals but that’s it, he’s not involved, not creating chances and disappears for most of the match, adding that he’s injury prone, a bad signing. So what happens when Walcott and Nasri injured? Wenger plays with 4 center midfield players, which never worked for us because they can’t create. When you play without wide players you can’t get too many chances, so why on earth didn’t Wilshere and Eboue played today in the flanks?

  28. ewan says:

    Ramsey and Wilshere will not be good enough for another 2 to 3 years. When they come good, they would want to leave for more lucrative offers, to bigger clubs like what Flamini and Hleb did. Wenger has to buy some ready made stars. Youthful talent without experience has been tried, tested and flop. Wenger should swallow his pride and save the club by buying in January.

  29. Dave says:

    Some changes should have been made at least with thirty minutes left. We clearly lacked penetration and played for most of the game without any passion. The lads should watch Hull city play a few times and learn from them as they effectively attacked from the flanks but without Walcott we lack his pace and creativity. Never thought I would be hoping that Aston Villa falter but I guess we are getting desperate.

  30. Aladin says:

    That this team aint good enuf is obvious except AW.He shd know by now the title is
    way beyond reach unless the gunners can win at least twelve games of the remainindg
    matches to stand a chance .
    His insistence on pretty soccer and passsing and passing and passing is the principal reason why the gunners struggle to score goals. You look at other epl teams. They make fewere passes to score.
    It shd be obvious to all except AW. By making more passes ,the opposing defenders have more time to regroup. I’m afraid the season is as good as gone save for the cl.Even then formidable teams await the gunners and it won’t be easy.
    I believe the present lot of players has taken Arsenal as far as they can save for the young unpolished diamonds .

  31. adam says:

    What is the use of stocking all the best world class young players if they are not given a chance to play.I am referring to Vela,ramsey to name a few.
    If AW has no trust in them he shd at least have bought the finished product.As it is I can see Arsenal struggling to get a fourth spot. Yes I know the injured players are due back but at what cost. By then the gunners could have dropped to the bottom half of the table.
    But then football is unpredictable just like the present lot of gunners. if the injured players are not due back by mid Jan and no action taken to freshen up the squad,I can see the gunners continuing to struggle to score.Which by the way is an obvious area of concern since Henry’s time.

  32. John says:

    incredible comments regarding song which are similar to the comments a few years ago about how crap Gilberto was and then when he didn’t play everybody realised what he actually did. do any of you actually really watch and understand the game and see what song brings to the team in terms of solidity in midfield and protecting the back four. ok he makes the occasional misplaced pass but he hardly gives the ball away every time.

  33. abdul says:

    we need to get rid off all the shit player song, denilson, diaby, pinky boi, gallas,

    or atleast buy 1 left mid and DM i would personaly play clichy in dm beacause his fast and power full and good passing and i bet cesc will want to play with him in mid rather than shitty song or denilson CAMON ARSEN MAKE THE FUCKIN CHANCES OR U MUST GO GO GO GO GO

  34. pau-per-view says:

    Funny how people throw the word “genius” around. Arsene Wenger a genius? Then what will u call Ferguson, Mourinho or Hiddink??

    Einstein/Newton/DaVinci were genius – are u comparing Wenger to those elites? Look, this team sucks shit and everyone and their blind pets can see this but not Wenger. Look we dont have to go through this. Personally he’s lost the plot, got too comfortable (more like a board member).

    Look – Hleb was a huge loss, we have no natural wingers, our keeper is the worst out of the top 4, Eboue,Denilson,Almunia,Song etc. are starters on an Arsenal team. And we call a manager who puts this kinda of ‘trash’ on a team with EPL & CL ambitions a genius. You call him a genius when he plays 4 central midfielders with no creativity (with exception of Fab) when he has better options on the bench ???? What a joke!!!

    We can start booing Wenger so something is done or wait another 5 years and see how “great” Eboue,Almunia,Gallas,Dennilson,Song, Diaby will turn out.

    Genius?? Please don’t insult my intelligence. TV pundits just throw that word around…..

  35. Zaiky says:

    pau-per-view – it’s hard to insult your intelligence when you don’t seem to have any!

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