I beg you Arsene “Buy players,Don’t be so tight”

Before i start i would like to make a few things clear.

I’m not a member of the Arsene knows brigade or not one of them football manager fans who wants us to sign players like Messi. I’m just the average Joe Arsenal fan who has supported them for over 30 years and seen the highs and lows.

We cant really moan about the way things are at the club,when you think about it we have had some fantastic years under Wenger who has made all of our dreams come true. Unbeaten champions, Doubles and so many memorably nights beating the best teams in Europe.

When I was a kid Arsenal were not an attractive team to watch or support. I started to watch the gunners for the same reason as many, I was born into a family of gooners and it rubbed of onto me, And even if I wanted to I could never stop loving the team that means so much to me.

I now look at the current times at Arsenal and see some worrying signals. And if I am completely honest its all down to 1 or 2 things.

Lack of serious investment and the manager being stubborn and sticking to his values that have not worked for a number of years.

I’m old enough to know that in football you get baron years , It happens to all the best team.Man Utd, Liverpool etc. But the difference with them teams is that they were prepared to go out and sign world class players to fix it and try and get back to winning ways and titles.I dont see us doing that. We are trying to fix our problems on the cheap and with kids.

For me Arsene Wenger has been the greatest manager in the clubs history, and we should all stand up and acknowledge his work. But he is not a god, He can make mistake and for me he has made far to many recently. The problem is that Wenger lives in his own world and will never accept that he was wrong. Don’t get me wrong I love the man but he is really frustrating me by his lack of spending and by sticking with players who are clearly not good enough.

Even his tactics are confusing me, We seem to be playing without wide players and wingers. For the last few games with have played with, Daiby, Song, Cesc, Denilson. Thats 4 central midfielders? What happend to the Arsenal of old with wingers like Overmars, Pires amd Lungberg?

I know this is not going to be the voice of all gooners, But I’m sure there are many for feel the same as I do.

In the mail today they have an EXCLUSIVE: Board clear Arsenal manager Wenger to splash out in January

I pray to god that this is true and I beg you Arsene to go out and sign the best.

This is a huge transfer window coming up, Not only for Arsenal FC but for the manager Arsene Wenger. He needs to show the fans that we can trust him. That he still has the fire to win things. That we can still be a team that can win titles. He need to spend and spend big on real players who can do a job for today and not in 2012.

If he doesn’t do it then its clear for me that we have become nothing more then a farm and a club that is happy with finishing 3rd or 4th each season with champions league football.

The club and the manager might be happy with that, But for players like Cesc and for fans like me that’s not the Arsenal way.


17 Responses to I beg you Arsene “Buy players,Don’t be so tight”

  1. BENGAL TIGER says:

    NEVER, BEG, M A N, stay positive, great teams perish & flourish.

    Even the though we have a MICKY MOUSE OF A CEO.


  2. omosanya says:

    i am sure every arsenal fan feels the way the writer feels.arsene wenger is the only person that believe in the team.one thing he fails to realize is that one cannot perform beyond its limit.this is the best the players can offer and nothing more,instead of facing the reality he is busy doing the psychological work which will never materialize.the french man says one thing today,the board says another thing tomorrow.i pray he realizes his mistakes and make necesary amendment.

  3. ewan says:

    Wenger has lost that winning mentality. It is rubbing off on the players. Arsenal Board is satisfied with 4th place as the business will still be chugging along. Arsenal fans are a contented lot and happy to pay the highest priced tickets to watch amateurish performances. Wenger would not change unless Arsenal lost 4th place. Unfortunately for Arsenal, that may happen sooner than he thinks.

  4. Paul says:

    I agree totally! I supported/loved the Arsenal since the 70s, there has been some truly awful Arsenal teams. And some truly sensational teams, unfortunately, this is turning into just mediocre. We do have a few players to come back as you mentioned. Walcott would have made a difference yesterday. Also I wonder whether Traore would have been better on the left flank than a truly out of sorts Diaby. I would have took Diaby off at half time and replaced him with Jack Wilshere. Please god we buy some quality in the transfer window in January!!

  5. hafidz says:

    It is true that you cannot push some player to change their position ,this all rubbish ,player like diaby,denilson they are not winger unless they all pro ,you must buy some player to hold their position ,please buy villa or aguero to take forward ,and yaya to take midfield after that you know the game will change. belief me. But some in your mind that you must throw away ,and you must splash some mney to buy that. We can be positive thinker if you in positive way.

  6. saf says:

    arsenal should get mexes (if gallas is unloaded in jan but is unlikely until summer apparently),
    Veloso will be on a cheap £6M, a forward, villa, i no we have alot of fowards such as van persie, adebayor, benthner, eduardo, vela, walcott, but if you look at it Van persie is playing as normal role, midfield foward link, adebayor, benthner, are playing like defenders for the other team, eduardo wil take time to get his form back, by the time he get his form back the season will be over, vela young long time to adapt as well amount of times hes got fouled by other players when he played in the baby carling cup, players from burnley, wigan, shefield utd just dirty fouled him, walcott hes a winger and is adapting to foward role, he is mavalus player but he sitting out injurd him self!!!!

  7. ABEN says:


  8. wolfgang says:

    Fully agreed with the writer’s observations.When the need for the finished product,AW has gone to buy world class promising yong players eg Nasri,Walcott etc.
    We all know these guys are full of enormous potential but are being bought with an eye to the future with at least a time frame of two years.To play them in the first team could come unstuck.
    However these things have been happening the last few seasons and if nothing is done Arsenal could be a nursery for the big boys.
    When Everton,MC,to name a few have been improving their squad is it any wonder Arsenal can’t beat teams like Boro,Hull.etc.
    I for one think the playing style of the pass and pass and pass forever is partly to blame.other teams make economy of passes to score.if you examine the stats Arsenal could be only team with the highest number of passes bf a goal is scored.
    By all means the passing is pleasant to the eye but doesn’tt bring points.
    A case in point is Torres. If the liverpool manager had bought for potential I don,t they would have done well this season.
    Is this food for thought.

  9. Chippy says:

    He should start by bringing home Vierra, Henry and Pires

  10. William says:

    I don’t share AW ‘s optimism with regard to the title. Unless the gunners can win 90% of their remaining fixtures he should not be so bullish . This is a tall order.Mu did it in 2003 winning 16 of the remaining 18 matches and went on a turkey shoot at Bobby Robson’s Newcastle.
    This is not to say it can’t be done. The holiday matches are agood indication and if Arsenal fail to deliver that’s it.

  11. The only solution right now is to boo the team all game long. Wenger is just a foolishly proud man – do you think he can try this crap in madrid? He would have been long gone!!!

  12. Stu says:

    Booing the whole team would be wrong because most of the problems are Wengers fault. Booing up until k.o. would be better because its not the players fault that they are shit and get paid loads for it. If someone offered you a few million a year to play for Arsenal you wouldnt turn it down saying you weren’t good enough.

    Wenger buys and picks them so he must be booed until he realises his mistakes and fixes them.

  13. Saint Mostly says:

    Lets be very clear here. Our current situation has been coming for about 3ys now.
    ALL the teams around us have been strethening annually, while we lose key players, but more importantly DONT replace them like for like.
    The rest of the league therefore has simply caught up with us.
    AW has been living on the assumption that we still play the best football. We don’t. We spend the best part of 90 mins passing to feet in a non progresive manner…

    In saying that, AW lack of tactical prowness has also contributed & we do have some possible in-house solutions.

    No width – solution? Play Gibbs or Traore or Vela or Wilshere @ LW. All natural Lefties, and good aggresivly hungry long players. NO DEFENSIVE WIDE PLAYERS!!! What team in the history of football ever played with defensive wingers???? Its where we have lost our ability to counterattack!

    Nari & Rosicky play AM or RW NOT LW!!!Call a spade a spade FFS!!!

    No long shooter – solution? Try in the middle. Play Diaby in CM. More importantly, release Cesc from his defensive duties. The boy should have the freedom to bomb forward. Remember the rockets he scored last season…?

    No aerial ball winers at CB – solution. Djourou & Kolo partnership.

  14. nzekwe Asugha says:

    Talking to a deaf man is waste of time. Wenger has been consumed by his own inept experiment which will never work. He has lost ambition and it is rubbing off on the players. Look at mourinho when his team is not playing well, his reaction alone tells the players that heads will surely roll, but wenger instead of rebuking poor performance, he will rationalize it. That is utter rubbish. Booing and boycotting games will be the only panacea to this dreadful behavior.
    The guarantee of 4th place this season is not there, villa is closing up fast and it will dawn on him and the useless board members when they calculate the cost of missing out on the champions league. Wenger is too cozy on his job, and it is only an arsenal club that can tolerate and reward failure. Wenger can not manage any top team in Europe with his present stubborn attitude, he will be gone before you know it. Wenger wake up and buy players, you are causing heart ache to millions of fans all over the world.

  15. William says:

    There is absolutely no doubt that AW can go to any top European club.Whether he can stay for one season /two seasons or more is not so certain. At any other top continental team he would have been shown the door for his stubborn streak and under performance these last few seasons.
    The only reason he can stay at Arsenal is the board’s fear he may leave. Well that to me is self defeating. If he were to leave he won’t find any other club that can pander to his whims and continual experiments.

  16. TED says:


  17. Andy M says:

    I have never heard such a load of utter utter nonsense from people who pretend to be fans. Like you could do a better job than Wenger. Quotes like: “Booing and boycotting games will be the only panacea to this dreadful behavior.”, “Booing up until k.o. would be better because its not the players fault that they are shit and get paid loads for it” prove what a disgrace you are. How can nobody take exception to the idea of booing the team as if that could possibly help? You don’t deserve to call yourself gooners. We were top of the league for pretty much all of last season; this year we haven’t had rub of the green- these things happen. We are the only team in the world that runs as a sustainable, money making business (let me explain for you small minded people)- this means a few years down the line when alot of teams are going bust we will prosper and reap rewards. Arsene, your a legend.

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