2-0 and we fooked it up!

And for not for the first time this season we fail to hang onto a lead going into injury time.

In a very open game we somehow managed to find our self 2-0 up after villa had hit the woodwork 3 times. At 2-0 Van Persie hit the post to make it 3-0 to Arsenal and that was the key moment of the game.

Villa then get 1 back and its all set up for a grandstand finish and we all knew what was coming. in the 92min Zat Knight drive pass Almunia and its 1pts and a draw for the 2nd game in a row.

Wenger now must get the cheque book out and sign some quality players or we risk finishing out of the top 4 for the first time under leboss.

Player Ratings

Almunia 6.5 ( Made 1 good save,But almost gifted Villa a goal but was saved magnificently by Sagna )
Silvestre 7.0 ( Did ok, Not as good going forward as Clichy )
Toure 7.0 ( Was pretty solid on his return )
Gallas 6.0 ( For most of the game he was outstanding and then went to ground and gifted Villa a pen )
Sagna 9.0 ( Outstanding. Marking the dangerous Young out of the game and saved the team with a amazing clearance off the line )
Song 5.5 ( Gave the ball away countless times before coming off injured )
Denilson 8.0 ( His best game for a long time. Better in the middle then on the wings, But we all knew that )
Diaby 7.5 ( Great goal, A few good runs and showed great pace )
Van Persie 7.5 ( Played well but he is not a lone striker )
Nasri 6.0 ( Not his best game )
Eboue 7.5 ( Set up the 2nd goal and played well )

Subs, Ramsey 6.5 – Clichy 6.5

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30 Responses to 2-0 and we fooked it up!

  1. Mcgoooooon says:

    We are lacking class and leadership, Wenger needs to spend 50-60 Million but has no money.

    We will be in a dof fight with Villa for 4th place all season

  2. Aidan says:

    I thought Diaby and Sagna were the best players on the pitch.

    Diaby was fucking magical, and if he keeps playing like that I might stop missing Paddy so much.

    The rest of the squad should take a whole fucking chapter out of Sagna’s book and show the guts that he did.

    Fair result at the end of the day, but we should’ve held on for those last two minutes.

  3. Mcgoooooon says:

    5th place foe arse and no cup again, at least the stadium is nice,

  4. TT says:

    Toure was poor. How does he get a 6.0? I know Gallas gave away a penalty but overall Gallas was still by far the better of the two. the sooner Toure is replaced by Upson or Hangelaand, the better. Man City are interested we are told 😀

  5. poo head says:


  6. Greensborogooner says:

    We were lucky to get a draw against Aston Villa, though they scored late. I am terribly disappointed that for the fourth straight year, we are out of the running for championship. It is a shame really, with all the trust we have shown to AW, this is the best team he puts forward. This team does not have the talent, nor the strenght to win any thing, and this is not knee jerk comment. I have watched this team the whole season, and that i am disappointed is an understatement. This is the worst i have seen Arsenal play under AW, which makes me think that Wenger is untouchable at Arsenal.

  7. TT says:

    Toure was poor. How does he get a 6.0? I know Gallas gave away a penalty but overall Gallas was still by far the better of the two. the sooner Toure is replaced by Upson or Hangelaand, the better. Man City are interested we are told 😀

    sorry for the repeat (if it does)

  8. Brian says:

    When will the boss buy a strong centre back we certainly need one now, unless we want to finnish the season as the best team to give away the lead. Also how about going down the flanks again ??

  9. Brian says:

    Nasiri £12 mill or £12.00 ??? Does he know about tackling back ??

  10. Greensborogooner says:

    The boss thinks we have the best team in Europe, and he wants you to support them even if everyone knows they are shiiiite!!!!

  11. Pissed Off says:

    Diaby was solid.

    Problem is our first attempt (if you can call it that!) at goal came on the 27th minute!!!!. We used to come out and hammer teams in the first 15….

    Hate to be so down about this, but we were very lucky, Villa hit the woodwork 3 times prior to us scoring. Wenger needs to be given cash and he needs to spend it this Jan, otherwise we might not even make the UEFA cup at this rate…

    On a positive I thought Aaron Ramsey did well.

  12. shritar says:

    Agreed..this is not the first time the gunners let slip their lead right under their nose.. defensive errors..incomplete passes..etc..etc

    From a club known to snatch late winners or equalisers, the gunners are now better known to concede goals at injury time.

    If AW still hesitates to sign new players and insists on playing the young gunners, they may end up 5th this season or even worse.. title is quite obviously out of sight for now.

    Juat as much as i want to believe that gunners still stand a chance to win a silverware this season, their performance and results suggests otherwise…

  13. gooner says:

    Diaby magical? Nigger please. He was a horror. Did one good thing which was the goal otherwise he lost 9 out of 10 balls.

  14. Gaz says:

    I have a crystal ball in front of me, it’s far more reliable than anything Arsene Wenger says pre-transfer window.

    Gallas will demand to leave and AW will not stand in his way, Wenger will then either buy a Centre Back or bring back Senderos from AC.

    Wenger would not have bought a CM if Fabregas hadn’t got injured, due to his stubborness/morals and not wanting to upset the younger players in the squad! The injury to Fab gives AW the perfect excuse to break the habit of a life time without looking like he’s going back on his ways/style!

    Despite all this and with 5 “new” players fighting for places in the team:(Eduardo, Walcott, Rosicky, New Center Back to play along side Djourou and a new CM). During April, Villa have lost their way, 3 injuries to their very frail squad means they are 10 points a drift of Arsenal, with Arsenal closing in on grabbing 3rd pace from LFC.

  15. crap says:

    Open your eye’s wenger he most know this is the worst team he’s had, shit defence shit shit midfeild. Sick of hearing how young they are, they not good enough only sagna, fab, clichy and rvp are good enough. Yes there is talent in the reserves give it 4 years then he can sell them.

  16. Hitman says:

    5 reasons we will not win anything this season:
    I know EDD had a better game today, but it was a one off. Diaby at fault for the last goal as he switched off and did not close down the cross. These guys do not take defending seriously and do not value winning. This attitude comes from Wenger. The team does not have indivual or collective desire to win.
    We need 6 quality players – GK, CD,CD, CM,CM, Winger.
    If Wenger does not buy, we will struggle to get fourth.
    Wenger has skimpt on quality – and reaping the consequences. He has bought mentally weak players, lazy players, slow players, players who cant shoot, who cant cross, who cant tackle. Players who cant play one-twos,& lack strength. The Carling kids suffer from the same problems. There is no hope in the future without buying talent. His experiment on buying young players has failed. He is deluded.
    Finally his policy has cost us money – millions. Man United have spent £100m approx on players in last few years. They have got all that back from prize money. Failure to win EPL & UCL has cost more money than Wenger has saved. It is a false economy.

  17. Dixie says:

    Song is utterly, utterly f***ing useless. Hope it is a bad injury. Wenger is an idiot. Arrogant that he can field a bunch of fools and think we should pay outrageous sums to suppor them. Go, Wenger.

  18. Lee says:


    AW will never change his policy. In fact, if the Emirates stadium was empty week in, week out he probably would’nt even realise that the fans have gone? BTW: the Emirates is one of the most expensive places to go these days…

    Hes too far up his own ass to realise the TOTALITY of the situation!


    Hes is completely insane and has the board under a spell?

    We, the fans and certainly those of you who pay to go to these games really need to reconsider why you actually pay for this sh*t?

    We’re talking about Arsenal!!! one of the top teams in the world who are actually are becoming one of the laughing stock teams of the world!

    FAB will leave, Galas will stay and the kids will have thier first shave next year!!!!!!

  19. dare says:

    arsene wenger has clearly lost it.the most annoying of it all is his inability to admit that.i’m starting to think the game against manure was fixed.his rigidity cost us the greatest player i have ever seen wear d arsenal jersey(patrick vieira) and we havnt won anythng since.ever since he got here,d only player that has come out of his youth watever is fab.d others that did were sold and they have all come back to hunt us.he has failed and he has to go

  20. freshgun says:

    i think you love moaning should stop supporting arsenal and go support manu or cheski. arsenal gud in the second and the scored two great score. villa were to be give a penalty. evryone did the bit so stop moaning and get on with it you fucking moaner. your not ungreatfull fan. leave arsenal if u dont like it. arenal killed villa on the second we could have been 3 nil up. god bless arsenal.

  21. eprofile says:

    we are fukin usless, Ray Wilkins said it last year, “the Arsenal DONT KNOW HOW TO WIN”and he is right.
    Im Sick of them and Wenger,

  22. stupido says:

    u stupid fans go and support manu, chelsea and liverpool. leave arsenal……………

  23. mattzyzy says:

    the way I see it , our defence let us down last night . I dont care , we park the bus in our penalty box for 5 damn minutes or 10-man behind the ball , or whatever , at least we win , our attractive football has to be sacrificed just for a while. where have gone the passing Arsenal that can pass accurately countless hours?

  24. GunnerPete says:

    Well eprofile you should go join Butch Wilkins and soon. At Arsenal we never have brought success and never will. Arsene is too narrow visioned re; attacking only. He has never once built a defence capable of holding a lead and that is the reason we did not win the title last year and it will be exactly the same this year.

    He is by far the best manager to create a squad of players from age 5 upwards but he has no idea of defence which in the end wins games.

    I could bore you all by adding an email I sent to another website 18 months ago with a prophesy re; the buying of Gallas and the stupid policy of not buying a world class dominating midfielder, but whats the point?

    If AW has learned anything he will sell Gallas asap. He will admit that Song is average and Nasri is not an away player at all, and that a Hangerland + Upson or Chielllini is a must but do you think he has learned ? The answer is in the average 20 points per season his woefull defences chuck away through bad play for the last 3 seasons.

  25. adam says:

    Greensborogooner … “With all the trust we have given AW”? You say that like he hasn’t given anything back… Mate, he has given AFC one hell of a lot more than you have given it

    have some perspective & more importantly, some respect, and realise how lucky you have been to have supported the club he has managed for the past 10 years
    (How many other clubs have had the same success?!?!) … Except, you
    Clearly are no ‘supporter’ at all are you? Time you headed down to Stamford Bridge
    , Twat!

  26. geoffreid says:

    I agree wegner is useless if we have no better players than eboue or diabo in the younsters we are in real trouble–want to watch class? look at robinho and swp at city–Iam begining to watch them more and more.

  27. Jem says:

    I hope that Diaby is remembered accurately – sure a great goal but apart from that really, really shite. He should be sold straight away.

  28. William Murray says:

    AW is the virtual king at arsenal Nobody dares to questionn him when everybody knows his soccer philosophy is gtting nowhere. Only he seems to see the promised land in his dreams.
    Make no mistake .If his kids dont deliver it will take billions not millions to overhaul the team. For a team with trophy ambitions the defence is a laughing stock.
    I hope the gunners don’t get to any cup final because it’s obvious they will lose but AW will insist on pretty soccer over trophies.
    I just hope Rm get him and if he insists on his pretty soccer style he will be out less than one month after getting the job.

  29. DucthGooner10 says:

    Sad to see so many people make cynical comments, already forgotten about the ridiculous red card Adebayour received last week against Liverpool. And the dismissal the following day of John Terry when he got red against Everton and the referee stated after the match that his decision was tricky because he was sending off England’s captain.

    IF you have a opinion be sure you got the right one. Watch the 3rd video on the link below and see that Agbonhalor dived to get the penalty.


    I rest my case.

    (Next time MoTD should pay attention to this like they do when it concerns Man U, Chelski or Liverpool.)

  30. George S. says:

    Denilson was dreadful! He was supposed to be marking Knight for the goal! he doesn’t deserve his score…

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