Wenger ” I wont be signing any players in this window”

Didnt he say a few days ago on Arsenal.com that he was likely to sign a player in the transfer window? here

Well TODAY after the villa game he was asked by Match of the day if he will be using the upcoming transfer window to bring in any new players.

Wenger replyed  “NO,Not at the moment.I wont be signing any players”

Not the news we all wanted,Scrooge Mcwenger also said that he still thinks that Arsenal can win the championship?

You can see the video to this interview here

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51 Responses to Wenger ” I wont be signing any players in this window”

  1. Geir says:

    Well of course: our midfield dominated Villa today….

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    But of course. Sorry : )

  3. Pissed Off says:

    I think Arsenal are in serious trouble…

  4. gunners88 says:

    Please dont let this be true, if we don’t strengthen we’ll finish 5th/6th.


    wenger are you blind or you are still persistent; wanting to prove to everyone that you can win w/o spending much?
    this experiment of yours ain’t working, it failed badly.
    you arrogant and stubborn git!

  5. jd says:

    right this is getting ridiculous now. We all knew at the beginning of the season that we were desperately short and with half the squad injured it is obvious to every single person who watches arsenal that we need new players. We all appreciate what Wenger has done for the club and how far he’s taken us but now we have to realize that he cant take us any further, he’s become obsessed with developing players and playing pretty one dimensional football instead of winning trophy’s, which in the end is what all players want.. Maybe its time someone on the board intervened and told Wenger that he’s not bigger than the club and if he’s unwilling to make this make this competitive again then maybe he should step aside and let a manager in the real world step up, someone like o’neil, mourinho, lippi or capello.

    I think most Gooners like me are grateful to Wenger but he’s not doing his job properly and fulfilling the clubs potential and thats annoying all of us.

  6. arsenehater says:

    its a shame…We need to sack this guy b4 he sacks us from the premiership….screw you AW

  7. Alex says:

    Big difference between “not at the moment” and “never”. He has to buy. He wont say it though so as not to inflate prices.

  8. walcott14 says:

    hes a stupid fucker that needs to go if he dosen,t sign anybody he scaked end of season when we win nothing again

  9. walcott14 says:

    sorry he said not at the moment he never said he won,t sign anybody so title is misleadin

  10. gunners88 says:

    ok, i just saw the interview, your headline is misleading.
    he didnt say ‘I won’t be signing players this window at all’.

    just said ‘not at the moment’

  11. J.Sanderson says:

    Not at the moment Wenger said.

    That’s very true. It’s December 26th, the window isn’t open yet, so he can’t sign anybody.

  12. thegoonerforum says:

    Not at the moment today. A few days ago it was likely he would.

    Trust me he wont

  13. Jigga says:

    this guy is a clown was he watcthing the same game as i was whoever thinks wenger can take us any further is qiute delusional this guy’s stubborn streak is now gettin beyond ridiculous everyone knows that the team he has is not bad just a few tweaks here and there which are glaringly obvious so why does he not just cut out this me against the world crap and do the sensible and sane thing!

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    J Sanderson


    He said NO

  15. harryo says:

    wenger u,ve lost the fuking plot . our defence is like watchin the keystone cops

  16. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Oh for God’s sake, he said ‘not at the moment’ which he’s been saying for every interview. He’s obviously gonna have to buy at least a couple of players. Then again I look at a club like Real Madrid who have much more depth than us but they’ve already bought 3/4 players before the transfer window has even begun while we seem to have not even looked.

  17. Bassem says:

    It’s just a ploy…HE WILL SIGN….he has to! He’s keeping his cards close to his chest!

  18. Biscuit says:

    We don’t need any players, what we have is good enough to challenge anyone. Our defenders are top drawer, world class players with a sound defensive understanding. Our midfielders possess strength, guile and a wide range of passing skills and attack effectively and incisively. Our strikers are amongst the greatest in world football and can score from anywhere – well according to my invisible talking parrot that sits on my shoulder me hearties arrrrrrrrrr.

  19. thegoonerforum says:

    You all said the same thing before the end of the last transfer window.

    But wenger didnt sign a player then. He said he would be up until midnight,He said it was like a poker game.

    he is full of crap.

  20. crap says:

    Fuck off wenger you muppit. He could easily get green and upson as whu are skint thats just keeper and cb still need new midfeild

  21. Gaz says:

    He is a business man, he doesn’t care what Arsenal fans feel now, otherwise he would have told the truth and said yes I will buy, which would all put our minds at rest.

    His logic? Simple, you don’t announce that you will buy players otherwise when you start bidding the seller will know for sure you are desperate and as said earlier it will inflate the price of the sale. Second reason, the transfer window hasn’t opened yet, no point putting thoughts in the minds of players we do have that they might be replaced otherwise they’ll also be thinking they are surplus to requirements and want to leave. Such as Toure and Gallas, which are wanted elsewhere! This is the last thing AW wants right now.

    And of course he did say not at the moment!

  22. hafidz says:

    arsene you have time to build your team, just you need find someone who can be superb player maker to take part of fabregas then defender that its all about ,i think you know how its serious to be if you not buy,in my opinion senna could be the one ,just be quick.

  23. gunners88 says:

    actually he said that he’s going to get experience players and everyone will be satisfied with his purchases last august. he only bough nasri.

    he gave us so much hope last summer abt staying up till midnight, so maybe now he’s not gonna give us any at all in case he cant get his targets.

    he also said he’s not gonna buy a defender last summer but he bought silvestre(he’s useless btw)

    that’s the only positives/light i can take from his interview to calm myself down.
    i cant find any more excuses

    we knew he did try to sign inler and alonso in the summer so he did realize that this squad needs injection! he just dont want to say it out to protect his soft kiddy team.

    he must see the deficiencies of this team! it’s too bloody obvious.


  24. stephen says:

    Arsenal need a strong defensive midfielder and a powerful central defender and a keeper, or they will win nothing with these lightweight kids.

  25. William Mc Arthur says:

    To cut the story short ,Arsenal will struggle to get the the 4th spot.Aw thinks he can do no wrong but believe me every manager has a shelf life. If Arsenal fail to clinch the cl place it aint going to be easy to get it back. For this AW is accountable.
    Actually he could have won the titles in previous years but he chose not to strenthen the team .The latest he could have signed Roaldo. I wonder what he will say next.
    Obviously something is wrong but AW thinks its the learning curve.Well the sooner he knows that the kids cant be wc if you don’t play them regularly the better.
    Btw i think Arsenal will win nothing this season. I hope AW can prove me wrong but the defence is unreliable and you can’t win anything without a strong defence.

  26. gunner 4 ever says:

    hello to all heart broken gunners out there……

    After watching our horrible performance against Villa, and later on watched the West Ham game, I have realized that we are missing a spine from our team.

    The quartet of Green, Upson, Parker and Bellamy was fantastic in the Portsmouth demolition and since they are all being placed on the transfer list I would buy them along with Xabi Alonso from Liverpool.

    I would have let clown Almunia, Gallas, Rosicky, Diaby and Bendtner seek their football in a different team.

    Thats all if we want to still get to the 4th Champions League spot and maybe have a run at the F.A.Cup

    till then

  27. yusuf says:

    Arsenal is history

  28. Mrs van Persie says:

    My God….having seen some of the comments on here I suggest that half of you have either lost your own marbles or are illiterate.

    Arsene actually said “not at the moment” when asked about signing. Anyone with any sense would know he was taking the piss as the window doesnt open yet.
    What a lot of people also have to remember is that quite a number of the more decent players are at other clubs and may not be available. Do you want him to buy just for the sake of it?

  29. Gooner For Life says:

    I really hope this is not true…cause if it is, he has officially pissed me the f%$k off. But the depleting faith that is sill in my body tells me this may not be true!

  30. titty bar barry says:

    Almunia is not very good. Clichy is bad defensively. Gallas is Garbage. Song is doodoo. Denilson is the worst Brazilian I’ve ever seen. Walcott is a fucking pussy. Rosicky R.I.P. Adebayor is fucking garbage with a capital G. Bendtner is absolutely atrocious. Diaby is a journeyman. The only great players we have are Fabregas, Sagna and VP.

  31. thegoonerforum says:

    Gooner for life. Watch the video link mate. See what he said for yourself

  32. Luke says:

    OK, I think Mr. Wenger shold go now, everyone on earth know that Arsenal are in trouble except Arsen. It’s time to sack this manager.

  33. stupido says:

    simple, u people are total loosers……………GARBAGE. ARSENE WENGER IS THE GREATEST MANAGER. so shutup and go support manu, chelsea and liverpool.

  34. stupido says:

    to all arsenal unfaithfull, heres my suggestion. why dont u gather all ur troops and protest against arsene and let him know that his policies r GARBAGE.

  35. blurr... says:

    yo… i think you don’t know how to manage soccer team, how 1st team and reserve we have? don’t ever you think about getting a player in and pay them? lets say.. Ashavin, he won’t transfer if the wage demand didn’t reach, same goes to Alonso, Toure and others. Wenger knows he need to choose the right and realistic one to brought in. I think the team is in good shape, but just need moral booster from you guys!!! if you don’t trust Wenger, trust the player or the Club. We still have FA cup and UEFA cup coming up, cheer up guys. Saying that and this just won’t change anything, you know board won’t sack Wenger because he is also a good businessman. And you should know we are invincible no more, whole new team with quality player but yet fully blossom. With key player injured, Arsenal captain Fabregas and unconsistent strikers performance(on goal) we won’t have a chance to become Champion this season. And to stupido ‘SHUP UP AND MIND YOUR OWN TEAM BUSINESS’!!!!

  36. Armourist says:

    Thank goodness most of you aint the Arsenal manager, as the mojority of players you are suggesting are average at best, you see them when their game is on match of the day or when the play us when they’ve raised their game and think we should have them in our team. Diaby scored yesterday and was immense in the second half and i havent seen any central midfielder play the way he did in the second half this season save maybe Gerard!

    Arsenal is history how the f**k dare you say that about my club you half wit!

    Sack Wenger you morons, we were all over Villa we were playing badly and were winning the game, yes there is a problem in the team. But Robert Green was not saving that goal or the penalty, our defence is arguably worse than West hams but we are in a higher position so whoever it was that suggested go and buy west hams midfield should think about things before spouting rubbish.

    We have problems but you guys are behaving like babies, throwing your toys out of the pram, i’d like to know how old you guys are as i dont think you have been through the pain of supporting a team in an obscure run. Years of obscurity, is what we had before Wenger the team he has now is a joy to behold, they have beaten the best without their best players at their disposal. Think about it, without their best players.

    Wenger wont buy, they cry… ohhhh wenger wont buy!!! they bleat…. u think its a set price for players like championship manager, you dont give away your hand before you play it, you dont knock the players already playing in the positions, we already pay a premium for every player we buy as the Arsenal, talk less of in January, when everyone can see what we need. So no Wenger isnt going to say on an after game interview broadcast around the world, which all players watch, boys i dont think u are good enough so I am going to buy someone in. IT would shake their confidence to the ground and he knows his teams works on confidence.

    So a lot of you on here need to get a grip, grow some nuts and hold on whilst we ride thru these tough times and stop falling apart like girls. Wenger out, wenger out, I never read so much nonsense in one blog, but it was after the game so I guess u were all feeling a bit over emotional.

  37. lekker ding says:

    We all know Wenger tried to get Alonso, Inler & Zapata in the last transfer window, he would really stupid and reckless if he does not buy in January. Wenger will buy he’d be a fool not to.

  38. Danish Gooner says:

    Mark my words he wont be signing anyone,he would rather miss out on fourth then admit his experiment is fucked up.

  39. Alan says:

    Well then fuck off you arrogant bollox

  40. Fan not a glory chaser says:

    Anyone who thinks we should sack Wenger is a fucking dick that can’t see any further than the end of their nose. If we finnish 4th that will be a great achievement given the problems and injury setbacks we have had this year.

    All you big spender twats just take a look at what is going on in the world. Your answer is spend spend spend, ie panic buy ….very clever, but really who would get? We can all compile lists of the worlds greatest players, but who would we really get? or afford get?

    Sack the manager? Are you fucking crazy? If you are deluded enough to think the team is in crisis now, just come back to reality for a little while and consider the implications. Arsene Wenger is the only man for the job, he will bring it together.

  41. Jem says:

    Anyone hear Fighting Talk this morning – Christmas at Wenger’s house

    “I don’t think we need to buy turkey and I planted the potatoes yesterday”.


  42. gwg says:

    wenger must go, it’s as simple as that, he has lost it, and by it i don’t only mean title hopes, respect from fans and any chances of Cl trophy, not to mention a chance that Fabregas will stay, but his mind. Fabregas and Rosicky out, the most valuable players, and he refuses to buy despite a lot of money being made available. Is he getting whatever is left of the transfer kitty? in that case i see why he won’t buy, he then gets £30 mill. But he doesn’t, so why not bring in a couple of wingers and a defencive midfielder? He has to be fired NOW!!!

  43. VanPerry says:

    Wenger doubters… i know a place down the road where your sort would be welcome.

    If you havent noticed, yesterday we had Djourou, Walcott, Fabregas, Rosicky, Eduardo and Adebayor missing as well as a not match fit Toure starting. Diaby had a great game and Van Persie is becoming a real forward and i reckon Arsene will let Diaby, Song and Denilson fillin for Cesc. Dont be surprised if we dont sign, and any way, we need a winger and more so a leader if anything.

    Whats more we will finish the season strongly, im sure we will be playing champions league football next year.

  44. A fan says:

    arsenal havent been playing this badly for years… and they play like they are battling relegation; unable to string passes and lots of long balls when they dont even have someone upfront that can hold the ball…

    i wouldnt be too upset if they dont get into champions league next season. At least they could focus on the league and maybe arsene will also realise that he actually needs to sign someone

  45. Did he watched the Villa game how we struggled? we were unlucky not to concede 8 goals.
    and honestry speeking villa is now good than arsenal as we were forced to play at our half. So with
    the sqaud we have and he says he wont sign anyone its crazy and fun for him to say he still believe
    he can win the championship. May be he was upset with the villa game.

  46. I think its tyme 4 this old chap 2 leave,he is pathetic & stupid.. I started to hate him n i thnk if he won’t sign or leave, i’ll quit.I can’t seat on a sinking boat even after been writen on the wall. Fuck u wenger.

  47. wynmills says:

    He is asked a direct question by Match of the Day if he is going to take advantage of the transfer window and he answers “No”. Therefore he is either lying or telling the truth. He doesn’t even say “if the right player is available”, like many other managers would. All this bollox about him not wanting to inflate the price is just that …BOLLOX. The truth is Wenger is scared of spending money. He really is a tight arse.

  48. Ian says:

    Id rather buy a goalkeeper and a winger to replace rosicky….
    About time we sold gallas, roSICKY, bendtner, almunia, fabianski, adebayor, song, denilson, diaby, eboue, silvestre, senderos, gavin hoyte, kerrea gilbert, kieran gibbs, james dunne, mark randall, vincent van de berg.
    Ive picked these players because none of them have the right to a subs bench of any of the top 4 teams in the premiership never mind the starting 11.
    The young lads ive picked just dont have what it takes to play for a champions league team and finally ive picked the other players either due to continually injury reasons or the fact they dont have arsenal in their blood anymore.

    By selling these players it gives some of the more talented youngsters like wilshire, fran merida, nordveit, ramsey, vela, barazite a chance as i can see they are well hungry unlike our current team… In additon the amount of money we would get for the above players would be handy towards a new goalkeeper, central defender, defensive midfielder, winger and a forward. In additon we could save a little money off out 80.1 million a year wage bill which is crippling the club…. if we dont qualify for the champions league this year we maybe forced to sell the club and lose half the squad…. from this wenger would have to rebuild yet again… if we dont sell the club we will be looking at a massive hike in ticket sales which will cause empty seats as they are expensive enough already.. also who wants to watch a team whos not good enough to compete for all four trophies for 60 quid a ticket…

    everyone talks about our beautiful football… give it a couple of months and that will be a distant memory… cause i cant remember the last time i seen Arsenal play beautiful total football.

    incase everyones has forgotten… its a pair of safe hands in the back…. 4 fast, tall powerful defenders in the back who take shit from no one while rattling the opposition, two fast selfish wingers who like to shoot, power and aggression through the middle and two goal machines up the front…. and 6 awsome subs…. That is the Wenger way….

    And what have we got now….

    A lazy useless idiot at the back…. no height, heart and total confusion in the centre back area, class on the left and right backs, class on the right wing if nas is injury free, class on the right if theo is injury free, no power in the middle, no defensive quality in the middle, no power or aggression in the middle, and a useless set of strikers…. rvp is awsome on his day… but ade doesnt bring the best out of him…. and our subs are shocking…. Arsenal have become a joke…

    Time to act now Wenger….. SAVE OUR CLUB……!!!

  49. stevedon says:

    To those Wenger lovers who go all righteous and criticise the doubters, questioning their age, intelligence and loyalty: if Wenger had kept flamini/hleb the need to buy would not be so strong; if he had replaced them in the summer, ditto. The only reason to “panic buy” now is that Wenger made mistakes and failed to correct them. Plenty were saying he had to buy in the summer, he didn’t, and now look at us.

    You do not have to be a genius to see we are not equipped to challenge for the title. Buying quality players is one thing managers are meant to do – it’s kind of their job. Pointing out the obvious (we are sh1te) and then blaming the manager (seems fair enough to me) is a perfectly reasonable stance. It is not disloyal or stupid. I have loyalty to Arsenal, not any particular manager.

    It is getting embarrasing now.

  50. charliegeorge says:

    have faith wenger will buy he is not stupid , we will rise from the flames arsene knows.

  51. from Moscow says:

    angliyskie ubl’udki pokupayte Arshavina !!! on v Rossii vsex zaebal!! understand?

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