Best & Worst Moments of 2008?

For me the highlight of the year was Beating AC Milan 2-0 at the San Siro.AC Milan were not just the holders but seven-time winners of the tournament and a side who had NEVER been beaten at the San Siro by a British team.
We played them off the park and proved that on our day we could beat Any team in the world.

Nuff said

Whats yours?

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8 Responses to Best & Worst Moments of 2008?

  1. toure tribe underboss says:

    nah the eduardo injury was much worse

  2. Vikrant says:

    Best : Buying Samir Nasri
    Worst: Entering the 2008/2009 season without a full squad

  3. Merse-10 says:

    The Worst; Eduardo’s innjury and the last 4 minutes at home to Spurs. Both sickening

  4. gunnergalactico says:

    best: wins over manu and chelsea
    worst: losing to lvpool in semis of cl and eduardos injury

  5. Dixie says:

    Keeping Wenger was worst. Best was…can’t name one.

  6. aj says:

    The worse is a toss up between the birmingham & liverpool away cl game.
    Both for me were to much to take on the day: HEARTBREAKING MOMENTS!!!

    Birmz:Eduardo’s injury..conceding both goals to set pieces which were highly debatable, adeshud have had a pen in the 87th minute in a addition to the 1 on 1 he missed.

    Liverpool: So soon after theo’s amazing run and ade’s simple finish to concede a penalty (which lets face it wasn’t) when taking into account the clear cut pen not given on Hleb and Bendtner stopping the open goal.

  7. simms21 says:

    Best: Beatings spurs 2-1 with the Adebayor wonder goal to seal it off

    Worst: Has to be the Eduardo injury, which led to the Clichy debacle, that led to Gallas irreparably denting his reputation as captain.

  8. Waysco says:

    The best: was beating man u, chelsea and ac milan. Worst: no doubt, eduardo’s injury and 4-4 draw againsj tottenham.

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