Gallas saves Arsenal and Adebayor (Ratings)

Good old Bill Gallas headed a late winner to save the blushes of Adebayor after the big striker missed an open goal.

Crouch hit the post early on and Arsenal looked to be heading for the 3rd draw in a row until Gallas got his head on a Denilson freekick to beat David James to make it 1-0.

To credit Pompey both Campbell and Distin were outstanding, For some reason Wenger moving Nicklas Bendtner to the wings and played most of the game 4-5-1.

Have to say that Vela and Ramsey changed the game for Arsenal and added some pace to the team.

Almunua 6.5
Sagna 7.0
Clichy 7.0
Silvestre 7.0
Gallas 7.5
Diaby 7.5
Denilson 7.0
Nasri 7.0
Eboue 6.5
Bendtner 7.0
Adebayor 5.5

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14 Responses to Gallas saves Arsenal and Adebayor (Ratings)

  1. s dot says:

    hey gooners! i think nasri deserves a 7.5 as he was our most creative player on the pitch today, and i huv been praying that wenger plays him in cmf which he did today and he showed his true class. i think he’ll be good cover for cesc, as he is not afraid to take on players and thats by far the best game his had in arsenal colours, he saw a lot of the ball today which made me happy…cum’on u gooners and the chavs drew today..

  2. eddy says:

    Three points but for me it just papered over the cracks!!

  3. hafidz says:

    in my opinion, arsene need to buy arshavin and yaya quick to save their race,yhey not have consistent striker enough to score every weeks, otherwise arsenal not strong enough in the back,this would be critical situation if they maintain for this side.

  4. Arse&Nose says:

    Adebayor tried hard but it just wasnt happening for him, Distin was on top form today and Adebayor will have easier days in the future.

  5. hafidz says:

    push wenger to change nasri position ,if nasri in central midfield i think he deserve rate.maybe 8.0

  6. Graham says:

    Credit should go to Bendtner today. He hardly wasted a ball and his link up play was impressive for much of the game, despite being moved around into various positions. At times, he provided some much needed penetration with his passing. His best game for ages.

  7. goonerboy says:

    are you kidding me? nasri was the best player on the pitch. he deserves a 7.5 or 8. bendtner was poor but he worked hard, still it should have been no more than 6.5 for him.
    this really is the worst arsenal side under wenger. we are no longer playing the beautiful out touch passing game. we rely heavily on luck and set pieces. we have no pace, no creativity and we just cannot break teams down. i hope wenger brings in a flair player, a strong defensive midfielder and a huge centre back in january. we have been linked with given, if we do sign him, he will make a huge difference thats for sure.

  8. Gooner for 60 years says:

    That useless lump of Danish ham playing in
    RvP’s place would have been far more suited to appearing on a dining room
    table with an apple in its mouth. Not quite sure what you put in a
    Togonator’s mouth as he was little better.

    One thing for certain about today’s game…Alex Song was our best midfielder
    on view…sitting in the stands with the other casualties.

  9. abdel jawad zerandourou alfa says:

    Diaby was by far the best player tonight. He created space for himself started many of the counter attacks and really impressed me technically. Maybe he has a future at arsenal after all

  10. One_Touch_Genius says:

    good result, nothing flattering but we can take some positives from it:

    1. Nasri performance in the middle.
    2. At last the introduction of C.Vela on the left wing.
    3. Ramsey needs games but you can see he is a class or two above Song.
    4. Change in Eboue’s attitude

    Now i think Wenger needs to play a similar formation to what we did in the 2nd half today. Vela played most of last season as a left winger, he can play there i recall in one game he gave Ramos of Real a torrid time.

    There is no doubt that Nasri is a fantastic player but is he wasted out on the left? Possibly so in the 2nd half he came inside and saw a lot of the ball, took on a few players etc. I believe he played in a similar position at Marseille. Could provide us with that creative edge in the middle whilst Cesc is out, maybe not play as deep as Cesc but in a advanced midfield role.

    Moving onto Ramsey, this guy is way above Song in my opinion a few times yes he sent a pass astray but that only comes with playing regularly. In his time on the pitch he made a few challenges that Song would only dream of making! I don’t want to slate Song too much because he may make a good career somewhere but at Arsenal i think the chances are slim.

    Eboue was the man that was wrongly booed by his own support but there has been a recent change in his behaviour. In the last games he has played he has cut out the antics which we have been used to, diving, rolling around on the floor etc. He is a young lad and i think he deserves another go at it. Maybe now if he concentrates on football he can fulfill the promise he showed in his first season..fingers crossed!

    Overall i think there is light at the end of the tunnel, Wenger talks about giving the kids a chance well i think its time he gave Vela and Ramsey more of a chance because they are certainly better options then we have got at the momemnt

  11. mitch says:

    Have to agree with Graham – Bendtner was immense today, relly drove the team forward from wide positions. The eventual midfield of NB, SN, AR and CV was very impressive. If Ade had been as good we would have scored 1 or 2 more.

  12. GunnerPete says:

    Raise your hands who thinks that AW will keep the midfeild that ended the game ? Yes I thought so. I cannot believe that you praised Gallas ebcause he scored….yes he did but if you watched the rest of the game he was useless…and yet again he was beated in the air by Crouch. The difference in the game when AW was forced to bring on Vela…where the hell has he been?

    This season as in the last two we have never had a run with anythinglike a full first team. Villa & Boro would have murdered if our team had read…Almunia, Sagna,Djourou,Senderos,Cliche, Walcott, Fabregas, Nasri, Rosicky,

    Van P & AdeB

    Subs: Ramsey, Vela, Toure, Wilshire, Diaby, Plus two buys ( Arshavin & Foster )

  13. paul nsamba says:

    the reality is arsenal can not do anything with diaby,eboue,and denilson in the same midfield.
    poor eboue is never gona be good in midfield and i blame arsene wenger for that coz the fellow cant not play the arsenal way ,its one game i can not watch back

  14. Rezaul says:

    AS Arsenal needs creative midfielders, Arsenal could have Arshravin, Yaya…But, I strongly suggest Xabi Alonoso as he will be readily adaptable.

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