It’s been a crap 2008…

…But let’s pray for a better 2009 eh boys? At least it ended on a good note. Full match report and ratings will be put up soon by our very own Gaffer.

Just a quickie here from me. I’m disappointed with Wenger but intend to keep morale up nevertheless.

Anyone remember 2001/02 when Liverpool were storming the table by 11 points come Christmas? Where did they end up? 5th. They have a record as bottlers and we took advantage of it, don’t give up the hope.

Yes, our squad is shit. Which is why we’ve all got to pray for a successful January. Pray that Wenger is not the nut he usually is in the transfer market and bring in some quality. If he does, we have a real chance of turning things around.

It’s not just this season that’s dependent on the success of this transfer window. What with transition periods, next season’s out come could be decided in January.

Our whole year has been one of poor quality performances and frustrations.

We have had internal fighting, changed captains, lost a midfield, had tremendous bad luck and suffered some horrific injuries.

We’ve lost some of our favourite players.

We’ve suffered the lows of thrashings from Spurs, United, Villa, Stoke and City.

It says a lot when the best result of the year has probably been beating United 2-1.

But that’s all behind us now and lets look forward to a successful 2009.

Happy New Year Arsefans from all of us at The Gooner Forum.

The Fabster

7 Responses to It’s been a crap 2008…

  1. nut says:

    We sounded shit again, please bye in jan aw and not just unknowns to sell.

  2. Gooner For Life says:

    Yeah 2008 SUCKED BIG TIME! I hope we can do much much better in 09!!!!!!!!! COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Arsenalian says:

    we played terrible again. Adebayor is horrible right now.
    our luck wil run out one day if we dont knuckle down and get better

  4. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Nah, best result of the year was definitely 2-0 at Milan.

  5. Gooner for 60 years says:

    To all those people who for whatever reason were unable to get into
    Ashburton and/or who’s TV was on the blink with no other feed available
    and/or had to work today and/or just missed the game….you have no idea how
    jealous I am.

    If anything this was more painful than the Man City game. Underhit passes,
    overhit passes, all mixed up with passes that were merely diabolically off
    course, whilst playing against a side more bereft of confidence than we are
    was not the way to usher out 2008. In fact 2008 has been a totally poxy year
    when overviewed as a whole. Some good football, very occasionally
    wonderful, more than shadowed by some awful injuries and some ghastly

  6. Rash says:

    There is no shape or creativity in this current squad, AW need to buy and not only one player, I dare to say at least 3-4 players!

    Ramsey did well and as for Wilshere he is a great young player but they all are not capable enough to turn around the season. Experience is what the team needs the most and it will be good for the youngsters as well.

    Diaby had a great game and Denilson was good too, Eboue was having too many bad passes..but as I said the team have no shape, so they have to play passes and passes and passes and passes…and lose it. Period.

    Now we lost Fab for 4 months, Denilson should step up and claim his place. The morale was seriously low and Wenger should do something about it, only a few players in the first squad plays with passion..and one of them is Clichy, others should look at him and learn.


  7. Bergs says:

    Anybody forget the Liverpool games? Particularly the one at Anfield in the mickey mouse special rules Cup? Far worse than Citeh

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