Arsenal will sign 4 players “Exclusive”

I recently went undercover and posed as a cleaner to work at the Arsenal training ground. During that time I used the security passes to gain access to the managers office and got my hands on some very interesting info.


I can exclusively confirm that the board have given the manager a unlimited amount of money and have told the manger he has to spend in order to bring back the glory at Arsenal. In a meeting last week Wenger told the board who he wanted and they are now doing everything they can to sign the players on the Wenger wish list.


I have seen the list and can confirm that Arsenal will be signing 4 players in this window and they are

Abdul Katan (14) GK…Young Keeper who has been watched by all the big clubs

Marwan Kadir (16) CB…Said to be the new Tony Adams, Big powerful and good in the air

Adeting Femitonga (15) RW…Winger with loads of pace and skill

Bowin Casterman (17) ST…Dutch striker, Said to be the new Bergkamp

I now have to go into hiding, as my cover has been blown.


Happy holidays



30 Responses to Arsenal will sign 4 players “Exclusive”

  1. samir says:

    hahahaha………no way!

  2. samir says:


  3. Goon says:

    Fantastic. By 2020 we’ll be unstoppable!

  4. niyi, london says:

    Effort well apreciated but, do you really have give the name out b4 the window open. Yeah, we are very low and desperate for god news o lift us up but e shouldn’t loose our focus – getting the target player. Revealing highly confidential info on targeted player is not going to help our course. Afterall, you are not The Sun but a Big Fan of Arsenal.

  5. morris says:

    Bull shit
    Thought those were good and experience players in their mid 20s.
    Don’t f***ing say that again

  6. singalexsongasongtokeepuswarm says:

    Thats bullshit. His wiki page clearly says Adeting is a left footed central midfielder. Ive also managed to find a youtube video of him in training. In arsend we rust!

  7. barnaby says:

    Four players would be splendid, just not those four.

  8. simon says:

    1. agbonlahor
    2. ashley young
    3. yaya toure
    4. overmars type winger

  9. simon says:

    well thats who i want plus agger

  10. dizzle says:

    U waste man, how can u sneak in, lik there is not going to be security, this article is the biggest bullshit i seen in my life

  11. Monty Python says:

    Omg it’s so true when us brits say american’s dont understand sarcasm!

  12. mike says:

    this is clearly a joke guys chill out

  13. Milizwe Delo says:

    hahaha thats funny made my day

  14. Coops says:

    Sigh – the comments are a lot more amusing than the article itself. You guys should google a definition of the word ‘Satire’.

    There’s just no hope for some people is there?

    Up the Gunners

  15. clacko says:


  16. interesting article,i laughed off my head when i read through

  17. Sw Bstrd says:

    Spot on, those are the guys we need. But aren’t they a bit too old for our first team?


  18. shit, how did u get into my office?!

  19. Dublin Dan says:

    haha im a liverpool supporter and to make up something like this is just sad,i wouldnt mind but the 4 players this fool picked are nobodys.Arsenal will finish fourth or higher but Mr Wenger has to strenghten with experience and im sure all you guys know where and how much he needs to spend.I know where i would like rafa to strenghten.goodluck!

  20. Wenger rulesssssssssss says:

    We need Agbonlahor and Yaya Toure and also bring back henry

  21. […] to the subject at hand. We’re being linked with the whole Newcastle squad, Mikel Arteta, this 4 player exclusive which is fantastic, and I’m sure many others which we will never see in an Arsenal […]

  22. Imos says:

    if it is true then I am really afraid for Arsenal, we want real men not boys!!!!

  23. kibyami says:

    who are they……?

  24. Tony says:

    Thats funny. Judging by the comments some people have no sense of humour

  25. zainshahid says:

    btw guys do check out ma new blog
    im a new blogger so certainly i need u guys help…a blog is nothing without readers..

  26. jim says:

    LMAO. I love some of the comments.

    Wouldnt be surprised if we bought any or all though 😛

  27. […] to the subject at hand. We’re being linked with the whole Newcastle squad, Mikel Arteta, this 4 player exclusive which is fantastic, and I’m sure many others which we will never see in an Arsenal […]

  28. Kayode-cy says:

    Arsenal needs to sign xperience players like
    lampard and goal kiper james of portmouth.

  29. Kayode-cy says:

    Arsenal should pursue wenger and replace him with ridjkard.

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