FROM Vieira,Petit,Ljungberg & Pires TO Song,Eboue,Denilson and Diaby

Goodness no wonder we do have such a mess

This has been coming for a number of years.

How can you keep selling great players and replacing them with cheap kids or players who have been allowed to leave other clubs for nothing?

What do you all really EXPECT?

Look what the great Wenger has done?


GK : Leahman and Seaman to the weak Almunia would has cost us loads of points. People also forget that this is the same Almunia who cost us the league a few seasons ago vs Man Utd at home.
Players we need? Robert Green

RB : Lauren and Dixon. Cant fault Wenger for this. Sagna is a great player. But how long until he is sold?
Players we need? Glen Johnson

LB : Cole to Clichy. Cole didnt make as many mistakes as Gael
Players we need? Recall Armard

CB : Adams, Keown Campbell to Gallas Slivertre Toure. 3 rocks replaced with with stones
Players we need? Upson and Mexes

LW : Pires and Overmars replaced with Nasri. To early to call but Nasri looks a decent signing.Wilshire will be a fine player in years to come.
Players we need?Diego Capel

RW : Ljungberg and Hleb replaced with Walcott and Rosicky. Finding a replacment for the goals that freddy use to give was always going to be hard. But Walcott has become a key player for us now and we are really missing him.
Players we need? Gabriel Obertan

CM : Vieira, Gilberto, Flamini, Petit, Parlour, Diarra, Replaced with Cesc,Denilson,Song,Diaby, Bischoff.
This is the major mistake from wenger and the reasons to why we have so many problems. This is the core of the team and now we are the weakest we have been for years. Apart from Cesc we have 2nd rate players.
Players we need? Miguel Veloso

CF : Henry, Bergkamp, Kanu,Wiltord. to Adebayor, Van persie Benthner and Vela. 2 of the greatest players in the world how can you replace them? Well it was always going to be hard. But in Van Persie Arsenal have a future world beater on his day he can win a game on his own. But injury problems and a bad temper have ? marks over him as becoming a superstar. In Adebayor Arsenal have a type of Drogba player and maybe for the first time under Wenger we have a powerful striker. But he missed 2 many chances and his understanding of the offside rule is a joke.
Players we need? David Villa

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40 Responses to FROM Vieira,Petit,Ljungberg & Pires TO Song,Eboue,Denilson and Diaby

  1. winston says:


    It’s your squad, and apart of that it would cost us around 80 mln pounds I tell you one thing – it’s shite. Return to Football Manager.

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    I knew that was coming.

    I think Wenger need to get back to playing football manager and not bank manager.

    He cares only about making a profit then winning titles

  3. Steve says:

    Someone has been playing way too much Football Manager. This is possibly the worst article I have read in a while. It makes absolutely no sense – Green? Johnson? Veloso? Obertan? Capel? Mexes? Upson? What a joke.

    Green, Upson, Johnson are mid table players who deserve to stay there. Veloso can’t get a game at Sporting, Obertan is just a promising kid at Bordeux, Capel has panic attacks whenever he leaves Seville and Mexes is playing for the 11th best team in Serie A.

    Instead of looking up meaningless statistics on FM, why don’t you try watching some football before you waste everybody’s time.

  4. ewan says:

    That the midfield is crap is a well known point to everybody on earth except Wenger. He will not returned from Mars until Arsenal misses out on Champions League qualification. And then he will offer excuses like too many injuries, unfair referees, booing supporters and climate change. The article has correctly pointed out the weak players but the suggested replacements like Upson, Green and Glen Johnson are laughable.

  5. jon says:

    This is just nonsense, you can’t look at those arsenal eras and try to compare it to now. They were great arsenal teams and are superior to most if not all premiership teams right now. So comparing the arsenal team we have now to the invincibles etc is pointless as there arent many teams that spring to mind now that play with the same style brilliance as the past arsenal teams

  6. junior says:

    this is stupid ur playin to much football manager n really need 2 wake up. we need atleast 2 players. from wen ur sayin cole was a stronger player then clichy ur stupid. alumania aint da best keeper in da world but is a good 1. ppl need 2 remember ljunberg wasnt dat geat but wit the players around him he looked great because of his goal scoring ability. ppl need 2 remember dis is da same team that was top at xmas last year. fans are kwik 2 complain say buy villa or however.
    but wen players like van persie is red hot every1 wats mention how much we bought him 4.
    really we need 2 stick by the gunners.

  7. john says:

    this is possibly the stuupidest actually wait. it is the stupidest article i have ever read. u think u could do a better job and sign better players? well first of all you couldnt and second of all given the players you have named you wouldnt even do well on football manager with some of that team

  8. thegoonerforum says:

    I tell you whats stupid, Going from Vieira Petit Pires and Ljungberg to Song Denilson Eboue and Diaby and still sxspect to win things.

    Thats really stupid.

  9. Dave says:

    The above squad is awsome… and if we sell all the Arsena dross… you would be surprised we would have made more than 80 million… and have change…

    silvestre – 1 mil
    song – 5 mil
    denilson – 5 mil
    diaby – 5 mil
    toure – 10 mil
    adebayor – 20 mil
    bendtner – 8 mil
    roSICKY – 8 mil
    senderos – 5 mil
    Hoyte – 3 Mil
    vincent van de berg – 1 mil
    eboue – 8 mil
    fabrinksi – 3 mil
    almunia – 3 mil
    Thomas cruise – 1 mil
    gallas – 5 mil **91

    Subs to keep

    fran merida perez

  10. winston says:

    Go to bed. We’ve got Cesc, Nasri, Ramsey, Wilshere, Vela who can play left wing and two possible signings, forgot about that?

  11. anandamide says:

    Hey nobody’s arguing that our team is good enough at the moment, but the team you’re suggesting is shittier than the one we have. The only one of those players who would improve the squad is Villa.

    Glad you’re not in charge of fixing the team.

  12. jforum says:

    You idiot. You have no clue.

    I’d agree the midfield is not ideal but your suggestions are not the answer.

  13. sd. says:

    song, denilson, diaby and eboue isnt even our first choice midfield! if not for injuries we would have nasri, cesc, denilson, and theo with rosicky on the bench! all wenger needs to do is sign one centre midfielder to play alongside cesc, and probably one midfielder on loan to cover cesc (elano? just a thought) and the midfield is sorted!

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    I tell you who the idiot is! Wenger.

    The mug still thinks we can dominate the league?


  15. RomfordPele says:

    Yes the midfield aint great. But then I had to watch Grimandi, Stepanovs and Luzhny ship six at Old Trafford and within a year or so I was back there to see us win the league at the same ground. Arsene has been doubted and criticised many, many times. I was going to debate the merits of your suggestions but your calling Arsene “a mug” shows you quite clearly dont know what you are on about. Go back to Championship Manager.

  16. LiamAFc2009 says:

    You’re all complete idiots
    How can u want Traore over clichy
    and is that our first team midfield?
    and stop critisizing wenger for putting the long term future of the clube first

    that’s all i have to say

  17. LukeB says:

    Viera, Petit, Gilberto, Pires replaced with Song, Eboue, Denilson, Diaby????

    How about Viera, Petit, Gilbert, Pires replaced with Cesc, Theo, Rosicky and Nasri!!!!!

  18. LukeB says:

    Hasn’t anyone caught on to the fact that there’s a financial crises going on which is probably gonna hit Football bad next year…it’s very important to be saving money now and in 4 years time we’ll be the team with the cash and winning titles again. Just don’t panic…we’re Arsenal it’ll work out!

  19. mooqs says:

    this blog got me really fucking pissed of now you are american right no wonder why you dont know nothing at all about football “SOCCER” you fucking americans just like stan kroenke you dont know shit and we dont need you fucking fake fans complaining about our players i dont even want to get deep and type but i wish you was right here in front of me so i can knock the fuck out of you and put you in to ER swear on my life you fake american fans even all around the world you fake fans forget about supporting the gunners as its a all loyal team you dont know what the fuck that means sell our players are you crazy STICK TO YOUR FUCKING AMERICAN FOOTBALL AND BASEBALL OR ICE HOCKY AN BASKETBALL LEAVE FOOTBALL TO THE REST OF THE WORLD EXCLUDING YOU FUCKING AMERICANS AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF IRAQ AN AFGHANISTAN!!!!!!!!BITCHES!!!!

  20. Rapist 11 says:

    Poor effort there sunny jim,back to jerking off listening to your parents fucking

  21. GoonerDave says:

    Hate to be a pedant but we couldn’t have had Petit and Pires in the same lineup, as Pires didn’t arrive till after Petit left. Would be interesting if you could read out the resve midfield we had in summer 2000 and compare that with the current team, fear it may be full of stalwarts like Grimandi and Remi Garde though mate, maybe the mercurial Christopher Wreh on the wing. Things haven’t really changed that much when you think about it.

  22. bloodbore8 says:

    You’re all idiots!
    We just need a defensive mid and a winger for cover (Ashley Young, I hope, –although he’d be starting–best player in the world besides Messi).
    I still trust Wenger long term (remember how crappy Lampard was when he was Diaby’s age?) but still I dunno if we can win this season without buying experience which he supposedly claims to do.

  23. Stu says:

    Pft, everyone is a bit cranky. But i have to laugh at the mexes and Obertan suggestion. LOL

  24. robert says:

    Sagna Chiellini Djourou Clichy
    This is what I want our starting line up to look like ^^ but I dont think it will happen :S 😦 :/ :’-(

  25. ranjr says:

    Bottom line is at this rate, Aston Villa will take our Champions League spot & we will end another season without a trophy. Still nevermind, we’ll have another “mature” minded & “fearless” embryo promoted to the first team instead of buying experienced, established and successful players. Wenger felt it unecessary to replace Thierry Henry with someone of equal callibre. Now in addition to Chelski, Man City have raised & will continue to raise Premiership standards with their purchasing power. All I’m saying is that I’m realistic & am happy to support a club which will just manage to qualify for the UEFA cup or less. Just promise me this Mr Wenger, no matter what happens, we’ll never exchange places with Tottenham!

  26. barnaby says:

    thegoonerforum, you make some excellent points in the article. The solution to our problems may not be as you suggest necessarily but the overall decline in squad quality is a point that is lost on many contributors here. Wenger has made mistakes, and to offer that this team is close to a title shot is embarrassing. It now falls on wenger to rectify the situation and bring in the right players, where the focus has to be midfield. Aside from that, we have no healthy wingers and walcott is just too inconsistent to be starting(as are others), as such Wenger has much to do as even bringing in two players still leaves us subpar in certain areas. Let us remember that the transfer market is not just a revenue booster for the club, we need to to spend to bring in the quality that can help us at this pivotal time.

  27. disillusioned. says:

    i totally agree about the dearth of our midfield

    Cmon guys, lets all agree, this is the worst side wenger has overseen since his commencement as manager.

    First and foremost is a lack of onfield leadership.

    Gallas’ petulance since his infamous sit down protest last year has led us on a downward spiral.

    Anyone of you self righteous fucks dare to disagree?

    The blatant inconsistency and SKILL of such lame pretenders as Denilson, Song, Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner is ruining our chances of a top 4 position.

    At least Hleb and Flamini showed us some industry and creative initiative of ATTACKING PROWESS. What we have now are a bunch of scared faggots who clam up at the sight of Hull at home. There is no sense of urgency that is important to win a game… unless its against the big boys, which by some miracle we have done well. That is man u. chels and scouse.

    fabregas will leave us unless this teams shows a collective mental desire to play to their potential, week in week out. No matter if its Stoke, Villa or Chelsea.

    I havent seen a decent hard earned victory of Arsenal in months. The writing was on the wall since the away loss to Fulham.

    The Truth!!! if you like it or not fellow suffering gooners.

  28. A says:

    Wow, what a good article! You are sooo smart! I tell you what, now that you have sorted Wenger’s so-called problems why don’t you tell the PM how to run the country too. I am sure that would be no problem to someone as wise as you. And while you are in such a visionary mood why don’t you get onto the Bank of England and sort out the dying pound also. And if you have time before you go back to school I hear that those scientists underneath Switzerland need some help with their calculations for creating a black hole. And come to think of it, while you are there and if they and you manage to open a black hole why don’t you do us all a favour and jump in it…

  29. Charlie says:

    What shit!

    An absolutely appalling article and a briliant example of the inept blogging of mindless wannabes who think they know best but know nothing. Wenger an idiot? Laughable and so narrow minded with a great short term memory.

    People like you should not be supporters of the club. Some people think we have a god given right to expect to win the league every year. Last year we had a damn good go with the same players (remember that?) and this year we have suffered from a terrible injury list. Nobody will say that they are happy, and most will say that things have to be improved, but Wenger an idiot? Come on!

    It’s people like you who are the club’s own worst enemies and are responsible for the shameless booing and negativity around our club. Shame on you – supporters are there to support – through thick and thin – god forbid we’re actually 5th and the greatest manager in our history is called an idiot. Why don’t you look in the mirror?

  30. Charlie says:

    An absolutely appalling article and a briliant example of the inept blogging of mindless wannabes who think they know best but know nothing. Wenger an idiot? Laughable and so narrow minded with a great short term memory.

    People like you should not be supporters of the club. Some people think we have a god given right to expect to win the league every year. Last year we had a damn good go with the same players (remember that?) and this year we have suffered from a terrible injury list. Nobody will say that they are happy, and most will say that things have to be improved, but Wenger an idiot? Come on!

    It’s people like you who are the club’s own worst enemies and are responsible for the shameless booing and negativity around our club. Shame on you – supporters are there to support – through thick and thin – god forbid we’re actually 5th and the greatest manager in our history is called an idiot. Why don’t you look in the mirror?

  31. pianoMAN says:

    recent line up was good..but there still have a minor problems..need some signings..may be a defender, a defendsive midfielder and a quality striker..

  32. goonersaurus says:

    …. let me get this straight, Wenger is a ‘mug’ ? yeah …a mug? right that totally explains the above article because i was sure that arsene wenger and not mr thegoonerforum had won the double twice and hmm gone 49 games unbeaten, so yes you are totally right mate, wenger is a mug and is indeed pathetic and idiotic and you my friend are a genius. I mean the team you came up with for replacements is just incredible, i know you think sagna is ok but i say to hell with it sell him now if it means we can get afro man glenn into the old red and white sooner. Also while were at it why not bring in kenneddy bakircioglu he’s awesome no?

    sorry bored of that now

    Ok seriously, yeah were having a fairly frustrating season and we will likely have to fight out for 4th spot but really are we turning into a fanbase which jumps on our manager at the first sign of failure?? Isnt that why we have players like eboue and senderos? thats the point of these guys im sure, i remember john jensen being almost religiously hated to the point that we all loved him in an arsenal/nick horby kind of way. All arsenal fans are inherantly negative its in our nature as gooners, we could go unbeaten for 10 years and i guarentee there would be disharmony in the stands about the colour of our goalkeepers gloves or something else similarly trivial. Dont get me wrong thats why i love the club as i do but slating the manager who has brought us so much joy and brilliance is boarder line blasphomy. Lets just see how we do at the end of the season eh? Yes we need better players in certain areas but we also need a bit of luck and a much wiser man than i once said your better lucky than good so lets get out the charms and hope to god we can stay injury free for the rest of the season 😉

    and finally… Yes david villa would be nice but he seems a little overpriced now and with the credit crunch and what have you were not goin to bid for him. Id settle for a nice strong CM. Shame yaya is so intent on staying at barca could have perked his brother up a bit.

    Good luck gunners for the new year.

  33. Keegan says:

    Cole over Clichy?!
    Sagna out?!

    The WB position is probably our strongest position, Probably the BEST in the league at the momenet. Yes we’ve got issues to sort out but during this economic crisis is spending 80mill really the only solution?!

    Lets be realistic here Gooners, Thats NOT going to happen and x-mas is over.

    Lets look at realistic solutions here:

    GK – Green (Could get him on a cheap from West ham as they are in a bit of financial shyte right now)
    RB – Sagna (no need for change here)
    CB – Djourou (Still a youngster but has the mould to be a real hard man. Tall, strong, Pair him with a decent other CB and he’ll learn)
    CB – Gallas (Playing better now than he was as captain, he still might leave us for being stripped however if he stays his some of his good charateristics can still come out)
    LB – Clichy (No need for change here)
    LW – Vela (Played left wing for the whole of last season in spain, made madrid defenders look like kids, Why Wenger is not using his pace and skill out wide is beyond me)
    CM – Ramsey (young, although its time for him to stand up and be counted, Rooney and Cesc started in the first team’s at this age and he is capable of holding his own in top flight)
    CM – Veloso (this is the only position I would strengthen at this time as we NEED a Defensive mid and a quality one at that, I say spend the cash on him. His young, Strong on on feet, GREAT ball winning ability in the centre and would help free up our creative mids)
    RW – Nasri (Move him BACK to RM for now whike Walcott is out his naturally right footed and is capable at the right and the left)
    CF – RVP (I pray he doesnt pick up an injury, But his our best striker at the moment)
    CF – Ade (Give him a kick up the arse and get his act together, with more mids feeding him he just might be able to finish half of what we create which will do just fine)

    Now whats wrong with that, and I’ve only spent around 15million.

    Go the Gunners!

  34. Dixie says:

    Everything you say is dead right in that we have replaced world class talnt with Championship players! As for your replacements, well, you will do no worse han Arsene ‘I’ve lost my brain’ Wenger. Is Daniel Levy paying our manager?

  35. Mihir says:

    I think from above few players are good but v can even take a view to other players Eg.
    Defenders : Micah Richards, Ezequiel GARAY <– Two excellent defenders
    Vederan Corluka and Fausto Pinto <– RB and LB
    Midfielders: Miguel Veloso, Micheal Bradley <– Centeral Midfeilders
    Ivan Rakitic, Steven Ireland, Iniesta <– Attacking Midfeilders
    Forwards: David VIlla, Pato
    Goalkeepers: Guillermo OCHOA OR René ADLER

  36. nucks says:

    Interesting article. However we know that compromises had to be made after the stadium. It is frustrating and yes if you compare the invincibles to now it is very depressing indeed. I completely agree with the midfield. Games are pretty much won or lost in this area. When viera left we never managed to address this. If the midfield don’t dominate the game it results in poor cover for the defence and a lack of decent support for the forwards. However i don’t agree that Diaby is second rate. He just needs a chance to establish himself in the middle. Personally i would love to see Rambo given a run also. Song, gone! He is worse than rubbish. Denilson I have big doubts about and Bentner too. Defenders aren’t our problem. If we strengthen the midfield then our attacking players would be free to score more goals. I believe we need 3 strong signings and at least one of them should be English.

  37. Hadley says:

    Nasri – Cesc – Denilson – Rosiky / Walcott

    That is a fine midfield when they are all fit, and Arsene will strengthen in January. Don’t forget that even in the past Wenger teams we’ve had some unspectacular stand ins in midfield…. Grimandi, Remi Guard, Parlour, Platt, Wiltord. Many of the past players you laud were actually very poor to begin with – Llungberg and Edu were particluarly rubbish, and many of our top past players took months or even years in the first team to get going (Petit, Pires, Flamini, Hleb)

    Were you one of the people complaining when Henry was missing all those chances when he first came to the club, or that Bergkamp should be dropped after not scoring in his first 6 games?

  38. ali says:

    we want only inler great midfieldier or alono and arshavin but you saying to chanch all of the team that is im posible????????????????

  39. jack says:

    your not a fucking gooner calling wenger an idiot and thinking you can run the team better
    just because the team isnto going that well atm you still have to trust hi because its his fucking job to run this great team and all you cunts complaining about the team need to start supporting it instead of reminiscing about the invincibles

    because no team will ever match the invincible days, in any league.

  40. sameshitdifferentday says:

    Rapist 11 you are pure comedy genius…more of the same please!!

    Goonerforum I cant believe what i’m reading, you are the mug and everyone on this blog now knows it, the only position your fit to fill is the ‘lucky pierre’ you know the link in a three man bum chain. Stick to what your best at which is playing hide the sausage and biting pillows.

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