Do We Really Need Andrei Arshavin? (Video)

According to our friends at “Gooner Talk” Andrei Arshavin will be an Arsenal player in the coming days,having agreed a 5 year deal worth a reported £18m.

So what do we know about him? And if this is true where is he going to fit in at Arsenal? He is a versatile Striker who can also play as an attacking midfielder or a winger, Maybe Wenger will use him as a winger as cover for Walcott and Rosicky. Or as cover for Cesc?

Full name Andrei Sergeyevich Arshavin
Date of birth May 29, 1981 (1981-05-29) (age 27)
Place of birth Leningrad, USSR
(now Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Height 1.72 m (5 ft 7+12 in)
Playing position Attacking midfielder, second striker
Club information
Current club Zenit Saint Petersburg
Number 10
Senior clubs1
Years Club App (Gls)*
2000– Zenit Saint Petersburg 232 (51)
National team2
2002– Russia 041 (15)

From Wikipedia

Personally I feel £18m is a lot of money for a player of his age and who has not played outside of Russia. For all we know this might turn out like Reyes and he will become homesick after a few weeks.

And do we really need a striker when we have Vela and Eduardo coming back?

I still feel we need a DM rock, Well lets wait and see…..

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55 Responses to Do We Really Need Andrei Arshavin? (Video)

  1. toure tribe underboss says:


  2. AF2 says:

    Haha, that picture. Classic.

  3. Fiberglass says:

    Would someone please tell me why Arshavin is needed? Apart from scoring a few goals at Euro 08 what else has he done?

    I dunno, I think there are alarm bells when the only club that really wanted him after all the hype was Tottenham.

    He seems to me to be a little overrated.

  4. Matt says:

    Who cares about the price tag?? It’s not like you are directly paying the transfer fee… if we get him then great and if we don’t we move on from it. I won’t complain if Wenger breaks his mould and pays a high transfer fee.

    He also isnt an out and out striker, he can play in an attacking midfield role and as a winger. At the moment with Cesc out we desperatly need an effective creative player. We rely on Cesc’s attacking instincts more that any defensive midfielder. We’ve all seen that since Cesc has been absent we havnt been the same going forward.

  5. James says:

    As gunner’s fans i think the last thing we need to worry about is prices. We should be glad that signings are being made full stop…. With regards to Arshavin in particular i remember when Gus Hiddink said he had the most intelligent football brain of any player he had coached. That’s good enough for me. Let’s hope it happens and there are a couple more.

  6. Ayyousseh says:

    I think we do need him… he’s that creative midfielder that Arsene has been talking about, he’s got the pace, the vision, and a good right foot(shooting and skills). However at his age… I agree 18 million is a bit too expensive.We’ll see what will happen, he was 5 days away from joining the spuds last summer, that apparently was rubbish. Let’s wait till it’s official.
    Up the gunners.

  7. Rezaul says:

    My first priority is Xabi Alonso at this moment. Then, Arshavin. I do not know why I feel necessary to have Arshavin in Arsenal. It might be from my ambitious mind that wants players who can make plays, can score, and can score from a distance(at least closely try). I think Arshavin might fill up that gaps. Basically, Arsenal needs scores from midfields.

  8. Matt Karlsson says:

    Looking at that video, he likes to get to the byline and cross the ball. The only player that will have the sense to follow him in that poacher sense is Eduardo or maybe Van Persie which could prove a problem in that sense. He looks good though, yes 18 million is a lot of money and especially if he takes a while to adapt. Pavlyuchenko didn’t take that long so hopefull he can be an “instant hit”.

  9. hafidz says:

    in my opinion arsenal really need arshavin,absolutly arsenal have a lot striker but they are not really consistend, if they consistend arsenal not have a lot of trouble,for the record like we know they have fail many game to win, adebayor not superb like last season,van persie is ok. but arseneal need to give it all what he have.this window will open their opurtunity to their enough to archive the title.

  10. mehhhhhhhh says:

    i like arshavin he is a natural attack minded player ! he is also very intelligent and i feel if we do buy him we will be sacrificing either ade or rvp in matches where arshavin will play as he is most likely slot into the gap between midfeild and stiker(s).

  11. TH says:

    The only thing is that Arshavin does not have PL experience and we need somebody to make an immediate impact! All that aside he is still a class player and I would gladly welcome him! I pretty much agree with James, that we should not worry right now about prices (as long as it’s not ridiculous) and be happy we are working hard to sign players. If we can get Arshavin or Arteta along with Inler this transfer window I’d be more than happy! I know that seems a long shot but Wenger was saying he would really like two midfield players and either Arshavin or Arteta and Inler would be good for the team!

  12. Sam says:

    I pray to God that its not true, what a waste it would be. There’s Arteta, we can get him for 12m and he is used to playing in England, he’s just as good if not better than Arshavin. Arshavin is not used to playing in other countries, he might struggle. Arteta would be a better signing IMO.

  13. Schoy says:

    James agree with you! I think Arshavin will give the club a massive boost and think he has a surprise or two up his sleeve to those who think he is overrated…and the price???We have money spend them!!!!If a player of Inler or Veloso etc also arrives i seriously think we will win a trophy!

  14. Potter says:

    Whilst the injuries to Walcott and especially Rosicky still haunt us, with the fact that we lost Hleb and now Fabregas our creative flair is totally negated. Every good team has it’s inspired players and it’s watercarriers .At the moment we have too many of the latter and not enough of the former. Arshavin could be the answer to one of our problems but we will still need others to join him to turn the club around . As we all know and most have been saying for a few months now, a tackling midfielder and a ball winning centreback.

  15. salam says:

    i not agree about that, never mind we blow money for a first time.we must take a risk to archive our target,i think with his ability plus versatile player maybe he can be better than eduardo or adebayor or wallcott, we cannot judge anyone if we don’t know about it yet, for sure i really like his skill plus he can shoot by long distends.

  16. Spike says:

    We need signings; an attacking midfielder AND a defensive minded one too. I expect them to be signed by Wenger and although I’d prefer Arteta myself, Arshavings aint a bad option either IMO.

  17. salam says:

    his truly amazing ,superb shoot,kick,dribbling, he will be rising bright future at arsenal. show to ade who u r.ade might be jealous about him.

  18. GoonerPete says:

    I’ll wait until it’s on before I think about whether or not we need him.

    All the talk has come from his agent, yet again, who seems a bit of a talkative sod at the best of times, whoring his player around Europe for all he can get.

    If he comes, God, yes we need him. The man is class and can provide that something special in the final third our midfield has failed to provide all season, even with Cesc in the team.

    This team needs some metal down the middle of it with a new CB and def mid, but showing intent with a signing like like Arshavin should start giving opposition defenses something to worry about that this midfield has failed to do so far.

    Bring him on. It’s about time some players got a kick up the backside. Diaby, Song, Denilson et al will have to raise their game now to stay in the side. At the moment, they all look like wasted potential.

  19. Paul N says:

    We need players we all cry, buy a good experienced striker/creative mid and not to mention the loss of Cesc for a while and we question if we need him!?

    cant please Arsenal fans can you?

  20. Lettraggad says:

    i dont beleive this .. not at that price.. at least. With the credit crunch and all .. why not cough up a bit more for a guy like Ribery then ?? Time will tell , but I hope it aint true , I dont know why because Im been waiting for a signing like this and Arshavin (from the little ive seen of him is a goood player) something just feels wrong.

  21. Fiberglass says:

    No one has convinced me, he is overated!

    And the price tag???? ‘the last thing we need to worry about is prices”

    HELLO!!! we are in football credit crunch!!! (barring Man City)

    Arsenal cannot afford it!! We still have flats that we are trying to sell!

  22. Jimbob says:

    He will not be “cover” for anyone.

    This man is streets ahead of any attacking options we have had since Henry and Pires were at their best.

    And to the moaners you should be dreaming that we actually have a chance to get him.

    This could be Arsenal’s most important signing since Bergkamp. In fact, that is why I am not counting my chickens until it is announced. I have got my hopes up before over the likes of Ribery, only to find that established world-class players simply don’t generally opt for Arsenal.

  23. athlon says:

    We’ll see. Wenger knows. Just I hope someone WILL arrive…

  24. Matt says:

    I think this can only do good for Arsenal. He’s got many positions but i think he’ll be our right winger, even when Walcott does recover. After all, Wenger has always said that he see’s Walcott as a striker and not a right winger. If the reports are true and he comes to Arsenal, we’ll surely only need to sign a decent DM (Inler?) and we would have one of the best midfields in the world (Nasri, Cesc, Inler, Arshavin). I know people keep asking for a world class defender but i dont think we really need one. All that needs to happen is for Wenger to offload Gallas and putt some of his faith into Djourou, just like he puts his faith into Bendtner. With Gallas completely gona i think Djourou will do well and Toure will be back to his best. I would also like to see a world class striker such as David Villa, Benzema but we all know that will never happen.

  25. Tony Adams says:

    We don’t need strikers and we certainly don’t need him.

  26. Moses kiplagat says:

    Arshavin is better than denilson,diaby,eboue so i guess he will be o.k

  27. aqqe says:

    The people questioning his achievements are really starting to piss me off. Okey then, apply the same logic to our best winger at the moment; what has Nasri ever done? Arshavin won the UEFA cup almost all by himself, he’s been voted the best player in Russia for 3 consecutive years and he is up there with the very best in the world (Messi, Aguero etc) when it comes to ball control and dribbling – he runs as fast with the ball as without it.

    Just look at the provided video. Sure, you might say that it’s easy to do that in the Russian league. But honestly, if you’d put someome in our current squad, like van Persie, in Arshavins place for Zenit I seriously doubt that he would’ve been able to do the same things. All the doubters should just look at that video. That really is brilliant evidence of his undoubted quality. Why all these ignorant Englishmen keep dismissing his Euro2008 performances is a mystery to me.

    Arshavin is the right age, has exactly all the ingredients needed to be a Wenger favourite and therefore also a tremendous Arsenal player and he has a winning mentality. If he signs he will with all probability play the Hleb-role on the wing and do it brilliantly.

    However, I am a bit concerned about his work rate and his adaptation to 90 minutes of physical play. I’m suspecting he’ll get a few months to ease into with playing an hour per game or perhaps even coming on as a sub. But that’s fine because it would’ve been impossible to buy a ready made replacement for Hleb anyway, seeing as those player types don’t grow on trees. Especially not English trees.

  28. charliegeorge says:

    arshavin looks class, an arsenal player in the making ,could be our new overmars ,bring him on.

  29. austin9jagunner says:

    God i hope this is true and its true he’ll give us wat we were lacking in the final third even with cesc in the team.

  30. barnaby says:

    aqqe, easy buddy, we know he’s quality, but the real concern is the price as these are definitely not the best of times and wenger is a very unlikely to pay that kind of price. I just don’t see it happening at that price, maybe 12 mil, that seems to be wengers long time ceiling. Also, he’s 27(28 in five months), he’s just too old now for that kind of money, sorry zenit was just foolish to do what they did. I’m not getting my knickers in a twist over this one.

  31. barnaby says:

    gunnerpete, matt, yes our young lads need some ‘inspiration’.

  32. paul says:

    aqqe is right achievements dont mean theyll b good
    -look at gallas

  33. robert says:

    I dont think we should care about the price, because we need experienced world class players and arshavin is one of the very few that are availeble :-p

  34. caribkid says:

    Good player, but will not make an immediate impact because of the EPL pace and ruggedness. If anything, he should have been a summer purchase.

    We need someone like Areta who can immediately make an impact and would be a lot less.

  35. Gooner4life says:

    Looking at this video, he looks like the master of the cheap ‘cut-back’ Pro Evo goal. I don’t really care how we get the goals, if hes gonna make Arsenal more dynamic and direct on the break, then he’ll be an incredible aquisition. Our passing may be great, but sometimes you feel that Arsenal don’t go through teams enough. Sure we saw glimpses of this type of play through Walcott, but having that on either side (like Villa with Young and Agbonlahor), we’ll definitely get more goals. We pass way too much and possession means nothing without the goals. Don’t forget he did destroy Holland at Euros and assisted in the goals that knocked England out of the qualifying rounds. So he ain’t all that bad and he’s bloody quick (reminds me of Overmars) and although he’s not a priority, Wenger did say he’ll bring in Two Midfielders and I’ll be delighted If he’s one of them. He’ll cause problems al over the place and will keep the ball in our opponents half and out of ours. If we’re faster on the counter, then teams will commit less players forward and when they do we’ll just exploit the space like we used to with Overmars and Anelka or Pires and Henry Those hypocrites who are against the signing and criticise him are in no position to slate a world class player. He’s also got variation to his game and can be technical when required and can play those Fabregas type passes (see first goal against Rangers in vid). Those hypocrites who slate him now will be the sames ones that sing his praises come end of season and then they’ll say : ‘I told you he was a good player’!!! Arsenal fans have become like Wenger and when a double figured bid is lodged, they say its too expensive. Its not our money and the board either spend it or they don’t, but we won’t know what he’s like until we sign him. Arsene Wenger will sign this guy now and not in the summer, because of the 6 month adapting period and he might as well adapt now rather than later. He’s better than Hleb and Rosicky, so why are people complaining.

  36. Tigoon says:

    Wats wrong with u dude.the last thing we need now is to complain about someone shining for arsenal. arshavin can play as winger, string puller or second striker..would u rather hav eboue or diaby on the wings and song at the centre rather than arshavin? and who cares about the price tag anyway, diarra was bought for 20 milli and u dont hear madrid fans complaining!!! no arshavin means no top four finish and thats it

  37. johnno says:

    yep we need a solid athletic defensive midfield enforcer. sure we need a dominant no nonsense ball winning centre back, but arshavin is one hell of a player. to even compare him to arteta is the greatest compliment of the everton player’s career. honestly. arteta is an excellent player; creative, good on the ball, good delivery, a decent shot and weighs in with a few goals, but he cannot win a game single handed, or even dominate a game. he can’t go past defenders. he doesn’t alas, as simon cowell would say, have the X-factor.

    arshavin does. he has balls of steel, character, bottle, charisma, and would upon signature be the most gifted player in the arsenal squad. he’s a match winner, the sort of player who can lift the performances of those around him and (see zenit, and russia) his age and sheer class ensures he will thrive in the premier league. he’s a little genius.

    listen, of course this is all subjective. but for me, arshavin would end up shifting the most shirts since TH14. he has what it takes to be a top top arsenal player. yeah you could say i’m excited and going overboard. maybe i am but i’ve watched this guy for 18 months and 8 times out of ten he’s head and shoulders the best player on the pitch.

    buts lets get the dm and centre half too eh? i can but dream can’t i?

  38. Paul N says:

    Someone said youtube can make anyone look good, however you cannot make a video of something that a player cannot do. If you dont have you dont have it, it is obvious that he does. Look at the skill, most players do not have the skill or vision this guy has. Please remember that Chelsea and now Man City have raised the prices of players with their stupid spending, so 20 mil is not as much money in buying players as it should be. SAD but True!

  39. Micky D says:

    Here we go again, if we are to late in a signature ,we will say we should have bought him,if he proves good with another club,guys and gals leave it to arsen he knows.We shoud be looking to a central defender, ta!ta! gallas you have stirred the dressing room pot, lets get back to the arsenal we love and know.

  40. Stuart Hitchings says:

    I’m always amused by the way everyone seems to be an expert on foreign players, no matter how obscure. Okay, Arshavin’s not exactly obscure, but most of these opinions are based on nothing more than what people can remember of Euro 2008, a few UEFA Cup performances from last season, and video complilations like the one above which, let’s face it, can make almost anyone look good. Personally, i don’t think Arshavin’s a likely Arsenal option for a number of reasons:

    1. He’s cup-tied in the Champions League and therefore will be of no assistance in pursuit of that particular trophy (same goes for Alonso). And let’s admit it, it’s a priority because there’s no way we’ll win the EPL.

    2. He’s never played outside Russia and Wenger believes it takes most players six months to adapt to the EPL.

    3. At 20 mill, he’s overpriced even by Spurs’ standards, let alone ours. I think even 15m is way too much for an untested 27-year-old and I reckon Arsene does too.

    4. While I’ve no doubt he can play as an attacking midfielder, I’ve always seen him described as a striker who can play as a winger. Though some of them are injured, we have plenty of players like that already.

    I’d much prefer to see us splash out on Arteta. He’s cheaper, not CL cup-tied, is familiar with the EPL, is pally with Cesc (whose mates all left in the summer) and a quality player who’ll still be more than useful when established players come back from injury. I would have loved Alonso in the summer but it’s too late now. And there’s no way Villa will sell Barry to us mid-season, so forget that. As a back-up, how about Elano?

    We also need a defensive midfielder more than we need another striker. And maybe a centre half if anyone leaves. For all these reasons, I reckon Arshavin is nowhere near the top of Arsene’s shopping list.

  41. Stu says:


  42. Kasai3 says:

    We should more look at defence. I do not so worry about the front strikers nor midfielders. I am sure Mr. Wenger knows about it but I don’t know why Arsenal does not focus on the defenders.

  43. barnaby says:

    I think he’s the class of the field talent wise, but he’s not epl proven and I just don’t want to see us spend our entire war chest on one player. To restore the squad we need some four players. How can price not be a factor, Wenger declined to spend big on him over the summer and granted our needs are immediate but I’m just not in favour of paying over the top on only one player and thereby prevents us from strengthening other areas. In the end we should probably let go of some players and as well as bring in.

  44. FOOTIARSENAL says:

    Arshavin will be the perfect signing for us…
    Just imagine Fabregas,Arshavin,Rosicky and Walcott/Nasri playing in the midfield with Adebayor and RVP up front…

    We just got to reinforce our defence…It has been terrible…

    Defence is always the key, but attackers are also important…

    We have to win somethin this season… at least the FA Cup.

  45. useroz says:

    i scanned 20 or so replies and didn’t finish all… suffice to say opinions vary

    what i’d say is that if arshavin could go half of what we can see in the clip, it’d be worth whatever that arsenal got to pay … the unfortunate thing is we simply have no one who could create moves worth a dime with cesc injured, and pls don’t even start mentioning denilson, diaby… and let’s not even try and predict when rosicky and walcott would return!

    and add to that, i do believe arshavin is not a cover for rosicky and walcott; i believe he’s better– of course he’d older than walcott and all but right now, he’s much more than walcott and perhaps rosicky based on what i vaguely recall he did some 12 monnths ago… the only doubt of course is whether arshavin could adapt to the EPL.

    put it this way, he takes his chance and we take ours… arshavin probably wouldn’t be the first and last flop arsenal ever have and we have saved so much money over the last several years that i feel we’ve reached a critical juncture for some risk taking, or we would kick ourselves come may that we should’ve this or that… problem is, even if we get arshavin, MF is still kind of weak or swallow however you put it… if denilson is injured, in addition to song, who’s next?

    of course, i wouldn’t mind seeing ramsey and wilshere at all but got to admit they might be a touch green to last the miles… may be i am wrong too if you look back at how cesc started but then cesc roamed around next to viera et al, didn’t he?

    oh, i forgot… some replies suggest we have vela, and eduardo back soon so a winger (if arshavin is deemed a winger)… well, vela is still adapting to EPL and not as proven and not sure eduardo is a winger anyway… i’d take arvshavin over these anytime and sure, we’d need to move nasri as well but wenger’s paid to do it, not us 😉

    all in all, like many fans, i just want to see some experience pros better than the denilson, song and the like who couldn;t tackle, couldn;t pass and surely couldn’t keep the ball or dribble with it… if we didn’t get any, it’s doomed.

  46. dirty turkey says:

    From what I’ve seen of him I can imagine that there will be a lot of balls crossing the 6 yard line while our strikers are standing at the edge of the area ! A bit like when Theo whips crosses in and there’s nobody there to poach a goal.

    Perhaps Wenger thinks that Dudu9 could be the main beneficiary of Arshavin’s cut backs?

  47. dirty turkey says:

    On the plus side, although £18m is a load of dosh we’ll recoup a fair chunk back in Russian shirt sales and it also means we’ll have a half decent winger in place instead of Diaby or Denilson being played out of position.

  48. caolan ferry says:

    you are the biggest fuckin poof in the world arshavin is good suck my balls bitch

  49. JOHN L says:

    All this rubbish about his age… what if he is 27 and value will depreciate. If we can get 3 or 4 good years out of him and he helps us win a league and a champions league then fantastic. Far too many people are viewing Arsenal like a future investment when we as supporters pay extorntionate amounts to see remarkable football, but with no silverware at the end of the season. Whilst I admit that I would rather see us play this sort of football and win nothing than play like Liverpool week in week out, sometimes blindly investing in youth without any immediate experience will inevitably leave us short.

    Aside from saying all that, as good as I think Arshavin is, he will take time to settle in, can not play in the Champions League so would not be as good as signing Arteta. Arteta is very versatile and would also act as the creative spark when Cesc does not play. At the moment we do not have that. I also think Cesc and Arteta could play together, with the latter playing a deeper DMF position, much in the style of someone like Carrick rather than a tackler like Flamini.

  50. Paul N says:

    Would you look good in a video compilation stuart? a video compilation cannot show things that a player cannot do. The guy can play and thats that. If he doesnt live up to expectations, thats life(many big money players are not doing much at present) but we will never know unless we buy him.

  51. Not a Genius says:

    1. Uzamov & Gazprom is a strong connection in Arsenal’s favour.
    2. AA Arsene/Arsenal
    Th name fits.

  52. Mooresy says:

    I think you guys defo need him. As a Yid, or as a Spud it will hurt me to see him sign for you as I have seen him play and he is the nuts, can change a game and will be your new Henry type signing. He has ARS in his name, it is written in the stars that he will shine for you..

    brilliant signing if u pull it off, I just wish we had have paid that money in the summer, think it was like £2m we were haggling over!

  53. BK says:

    the guys a special player no doubt but bottom line too expensive, especially for a 27 year old, not long before hes gona move past his peak and become useless nt to mention hes gona have to be sold on the cheap to some second rate club. i agree with some of the comments that we need a defensive mid and a towering no nonsense centre back, gallas needs to get lost, fair enuf he score some vital goals, but hes also a defender and needs to learn how to defend so he doesnt conceed the vital goals aswell.

  54. Gonerfan says:

    The ruskis screwed us for every penny they could get, he looks good in the video but you must take into consideration the level of the russian league and how utterly crap some of that defending was. the boss generally buys well so i think he should be ok but it may take him a while to bed in

  55. Nick says:

    Do you still really need Andrei Arshavin?

    “he looks good in the video but you must take into consideration the level of the russian league and how utterly crap some of that defending was”

    Stupid English snobs. I wish Arsenal and England all the worst.

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