So who is lying? Hill Wood,Fiszman or Wenger?

You Cant Handle the Truth

You Can't Handle the Truth

They all say different things about money available.

Hill Wood says 1 thing followed by Fiszman saying that Wenger can spend what he wants and that the board have always supported him and will continue to do so.

Fiszman says that if Wenger wanted £30m to spend on a player the money would be there,Fiszman also said that Wenger didn’t spend all the money he was given over the past few season.

Wenger then comes out and says we need to sell ever season to pay off the stadium.

And also where is the £3million we make each home game going to? Surely we must have SOME money to spend,  Its a f**king joke. Man ure are showing how it should be done, Ain’t they in debt? But they still seem to be signing world class players ever year. Where are spurs finding the money?

The moneys going to the board but Wenger could spend it if he wanted to but he prefers to give it back to them..either way the shareholders/investors will still be happy!

Wenger’s lack of spending has been obvious for years now and tbh I’m sick of talking about it!

I just want the board or the manager to be honest with us.

well it is us (the fans) who are pumping money in, Surely we have a right to know the truth

52 Responses to So who is lying? Hill Wood,Fiszman or Wenger?

  1. nut says:

    Well said totally agree!!!

  2. O.B says:

    wenger is tight
    end of!

  3. baz says:

    ive been saying this for a while now…in wenger I still trust but this board is full of lies! bring back David Dein,sure he does not loads cash but he wants arsenal to be the world number one club and will do wot ever it takes to get us there.
    its about time as fans take action coz if it was mike ashley doing this to newcastle fans then they would be outside the ground letting there feeling be known!
    we have been fed lie after lie,1st we have the cash then when tranfer window opens we dont and they hide behind the credit crunch! how would that effect arsenal when as loyal fans sell the ground out every week and what other fans would buy 40 to £60 tickets to watch arsenel Reserves play Plymouth tommorrw!

  4. noel reynolds says:

    100 per cent behind you on this one. we hear a different story every week. the truth must be out there somewhere.

  5. marcus says:

    Hill Wood is a bumbling idiot who should never be taken seriously, Fiszman is just a big mouthed fame seeker whos never done anything for Arsenal except mouth off every now and then but never back anything up with actions. As for Wenger, this mans got form as regards bullshit. The man talks in lies and riddles so how the fuck could he be taken seriously, I mean can anyone actually remember the last time this guy told anything resembling the truth. Sad fact is these bunch of idiots, greedy fucks and outrageous liars are now in charge of our club.

  6. LB says:

    You have a choice to go “pump in” your money elsewhere, you know. Did you ever consider that the papers are lying? They do it all the time. Again, why don’t you look in the Arsenal accounts to see how much money there is? They are public. Or can you not read? Maybe you think the accounts are lies as well, right? God, these “lies” blogs are annoying. They go on and on about the same insignificant thing, whether there is money. Boring, boring, boring….

  7. Yousif says:

    ‘we have money’ in Director-speak is TOTALLY different from ‘we have money’ in Manager-speak, whoever that manager is.

    same goes for the phrase ‘we have no money for transfers’.

    i believe them both, it’s just that both P H-W and arsene wenger are talking about something they look at from different perspectives.

    we have what we need (in blood and treasure) to get where we wanna be, to be what we wanna be, we just need to have patience and trust. U think Arsenal means a lot to you? what do u think it means for wenger? how about the Board members? A hell of a lot, that’s darn sure.

  8. Chrispy says:

    I’ll second that!!!!

    After seeing the accounts with my own eyes, there is a minimum of £30million each year from match day revenues alone and this is AFTER the stadium repayments! Add to that, the vast profits that Wenger has made from transfers and sell on clauses and it becomes obvious we the fans are being shortchanged.
    I appreciate the youth policy we have in place, actually I applaud it but the squad is so thin at the moment, we must buy players. 5th place or worse would be a disaster. A couple of quality players now and we could not only ensure our CL qualification but we may just possibly win something. That’s good business practice in my opinion.

    I can handle Wenger saying that cash is short as from him it sounds like a bit of spin to keep transfer prices down, but when Hillwood comes out and says something similar, it’s depressing.

    Wenger hasn’t lost the plot, he’s still a genius. Hillwood on the other hand is a fool stuck in the past and only good for a sound bite that’s everybit as embarrasing as something Prince Phillip might say or your pissed up grandad at a wedding…… certainly not spokesperson for one of the finest football clubs in world football.

  9. dc says:

    The truth is that as has been stated the money is there, but there are concerned to spend it. If you understood anything about the financial situation (AW has a degree in economics) you would realise that 2009/10 is going to be a nightmare. Spending too much money at the moment is business suicide. Whereas I understand why knee jerk reactions are a part of being a football supporter, before you write something you should consult with people who understand far more than us about what is going on in the markets and then write an objective article rather than accusing all and sundry of being liars. On another note, if I were in the market to buy someone I would not be saying there’s loads of money in the bank. I would be playing ‘poor john’ to strengthen my bargaining hand. If you look closely at what is being said we are told the same story all the time. We have access to money (fact, it’s in the accounts), there is a serious credit crunch that will impact on all aspects of life (fact), AW has belief in his youngsters (fact), AW doesn’t like spending too much money (fact), AW likely knows he needs to strengthen the squad (not fact, but belief). If you want us to be like Chelsea and MAn Utd (1.5 billion in debt) then that’s fine, but I want my club to be around for years to come and believe me there are likely to be one or two clubs that go broke over the next two years.

    Happy New Year. DC

  10. RobC says:

    We must have money to spend, our attendence at the Emirates is almost 100% every week and has been since it opened, the income from that alone should make money available. I think that Arsene wants to prove himself right with persevering with the youngsters which sadly isn’t working totally and we now have an ever increasing injury list. HE NEEDS TO BUY 3 OR 4 QUALITY players to give the young players some confidence and also to help them develop as I am sure that the current crop will prove him right eventually. Without spending the money we will miss out on the CL and it will cost us at least 20 mill in lost revenue so not spending is a false economy.

  11. Mike.from.da.way says:

    I beleive, its all a scheme by Wenger to look like we have no money! Arsenal have money but dont want to be dragged into a bidding war for any player.

    Chelsea & Man City would always be dragged into a bidding war or would always player over the odds for any players.

    Wenger is a muppet to rule himself out of buying Shay Given. Giiven is a top class Keeper playing for a rubbish team in Newcastle. Given or Almunia? I know who i’d choose anyday.

    I beleieve we’ll get Arshavin, but there are question marks as to how long it’ll take for him to fit in?

    We need a Keeper, DM and a Winger

  12. Neal says:

    Wenger has never said we have to sell. All he preaches is financial responsibility. He says we have to raise £24m each year – but doesn’t say where it has to come from! That’s where the £3m per game goes.

  13. thegoonerforum says:


    He did say we have to sell.
    Wenger “We are now a SELLING club”

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    Wenger ” The strategy of the club is to sell every year and to buy less expensive players.”

  15. baz says:

    ok some of u muppets who say look at the club financial details and we will see we got money but the point I made is not that we dont have it ,its why we being told we dont! ggrrr im not saying go blow 30mil on one player anyways its just we do need to buy coz we lost so mant good midfielders in the summer and we have far to many injured players and whats the point being told one week we have 30 or 60mil spend then next week we dont plus wasnt moving to the emirates surpose mean we can buy or keep are best players!? bullsh*t I would have kept highbury and have team with henry,viera Pirès etc than have a big new stadium where we have sell are best players each year to make a profit turn over for the year!!

  16. frankie says:

    It’s always been the clubs intention to keep their cards close their chest but it really does play with fans expectations when you get mixed messages.

  17. Rudecat says:

    This is a quote from Mr Hillwood.

    Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood says manager Arsene Wenger has money to spend in the January transfer window.
    The Gunners are fifth in the Premier League having already lost five games and slipped 10 points adrift of leaders Chelsea, who they play on Sunday.
    Wenger prefers to develop young players than spend but Arsenal are without a trophy since 2005 and supporters have called for Wenger to bolster his squad.
    “He certainly has money if he wants to spend it,” Hill-Wood told Arsenal TV.
    “There have been suggestions we keep stopping him from buying – that is not the case.
    “He’s very sensible with the way he approaches the transfer market, he’s not going to buy anybody just because the press or fans say he should.

    Surely Arsene can’t be that stubborn!

  18. Orson says:

    Im depressed. This is all a load of shit. We arnt going to buy, we probably will get 4th, may even get a semi final in something, then we’ll all pin our hopes on the summer window where we’ll buy another 3 12 year olds and sell Fabregas or Greedybyor.

    Same old shit. I know its not the right thing to be saying, but sadly I do believe its true. Could be worse, we could all be Barcode supporters….

  19. egi says:

    I take this as a statement of how dumb you are…….The board only earn a wage they don’t take dividends ,but the board are paying the mortgage and united are paying interest, your going on a year about wenger this wenger that fuck off …
    Rafa and Arsene are completely different animals
    By Myles Palmer Rafa and Arsene are completely different animals.
    I can’t think of anything they have in common.
    Rafa is building a CV.
    Arsene is building a club.

  20. Brian says:

    If you read the quotes it’s obvious what they’re all saying.

    Try reading and THINKING before buying into the spin.

  21. Tonygooner says:

    Gentlemen, lets not get carried away on the second day of the transfer window.The fact that our club claims to have a specific budget for this window shows that there will be some sort of business. A third of Premerships clubs are up for sale therefore, this can create an over inflated market given the current economic climate. In the bargaining world you never show your hand unless it’s time.The truth is we will probably buy a couple of players to see us through our injury crisis – But they will not be the BIG names that we all dream about. Moving to the Emirates have lessen our ability in paying big signing on fees, especially with the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and now Manchester city. Why end up paying over the top for players that may not make the grade in the Premership.
    There is still plenty of time yet in the transfer window so instead of getting yourself worked up about who we will sign or sell – Lets just take it one step at a time.

  22. wondrinfree says:

    There seems to be a lot of children having tantrums at the moment. We’re a selling club, boo hoo, Wenger is stingy, sob, they’re all liars, and meanies and have got it in for us.

    Grow up people! Take a look at yourselves.

    I used to pride myself on how grown up, intelligent and articulate Arsenal fans were compared to rest of the premiership fans/morons. Now I’m embarrassed for us. Every blog site is filled with whining simpletons complaining as if Arsene has deliberately set out to stitch us up.

    I hate to resort to cliches but when the going gets tough …

  23. egi says:

    news of the world lol news of the world and your being serious lol

  24. Paul N says:

    I dont know about this one, it does seem like different statememnts. I just dont think 20-30 mil should be able to hinder a club as big as Arsenal, especially when we have not spent money in years. There is supposed to be money that has been saved up if Arsene never spends and the boars says year after year that Arsene has money if he wants it. You should have money set aside for transfers and not depending on selling – I hate that!


  25. Ole Gunner says:


    If you really believe Wenger said that to the News of the World…..I have some pictures of the Loch Ness monster to sell you.

  26. WelshGooner says:

    Hang on please lets stop getting excited. If you go and buy a car and tell the dealer you have £20,000 in your sky rocket. He will sell a car for £20,000. If you don’t tell him what you have got then you barter for a price.

    Wenger is telling everyone his budget is limited to keep the costs down on anyone he buys.

    And by the way do you all believe what the papers tell you. Get real!!!!

  27. ewan says:

    The fans are biggest losers. Paying good money to watch low quality players. The board only wants your money – fact.

  28. Realistic Gooner says:

    You guys are dreamers and twisters of facts. As Wenger said:
    “This team is together, getting stronger and stronger – but what we need to focus on is continually developing and not live in dreamland where we are linked with players of £30million or £40million because that is not realistic.”

  29. sameshitdifferentday says:

    AW is a muppet, have I just read that? Wash your mouth out and think about what you just posted…The man bleeds arsenal and yes his transfer policies at times can frustrate the most die hard fans but AW has never, as long as I can remember, conducted AFC’s transfer dealings in the public eye. Its always been cloak and dagger and the man is shrewd, he always plays his cards close to his chest so lets leave the oh so constructive critiscim until after the window shuts. He has stated we need to add to the squad but he wont be rushed into it by armchair fans with too much time on there hands. As for the misinformation and propaganda…well its just good business and no one can deny that AW is good at that. Dont beleive everything you see in the media or you’ll end up sounding like a typical spurs fan

    Personally i’m bored of reading the same old shit on these enlightening blogs so lets just wait and see…

  30. mrswoo says:

    It’s tricky having a man whose hobby is international finance as our manager, but that’s what comes of hiring someone with an economics degree.

    Some clarity on the financial situation would be helpful.

    Some clarity on almost any situation relating to the club would be helpful for that matter.

    It’s going to be a tricky month ahead, I fear.

  31. marcus says:

    LB, why dont you take your own advice and piss off mate. You are boring with your Arsene knows bullshit, ive had my fill of cunts like you, yeah do one and fuck off you twat

  32. Danish Gooner says:

    Wenger is treating the fans as shit.He is telling us porkies all the time and the usual we have a young and talented squad bullshit wont be tolerated much longer.No Mr.Wenger we have a fragile and useless squad a squad that isnt fit to tie the shoelaces off the invincibles.

  33. DAF says:


    You guys clearly still get all your income in the form of pocket money from your Mum and Dad. Grow up – understand what’s going on in the world.

    Marcus – you are either the biggest prize idiot I’ve ever had the misfortune to read on a Gooners forum, or you are anti-Arsenal.

    Goonerforum itself: The first lesson of good blogging/journalism/whatever – get some perspective.

    Despite the current lack of trophies (who’s won what this season anyway????), Arsenal are in the best shape for those of us fans who have followed the club for a while and will continue to follow it until we die.

    Which, reading many of the comments here, cannot be said for most of you.

    (Dons tin hat and retires in the satisfaction of truth).

  34. TonyMac says:

    Neal, 3 million a game?? So lets say we play 19 league games and say 5 champions league games. Forget about the FA Cup and Carling Cup. Thats 72 million pounds a season. AW says we need to raise 24million a year. Then theres tv money and merchandising. Where is all the money going?? The stadium is making us a hell of alot more money than the yearly repayment, so where the fuck is it going if we’re not buying players??

    Signing quality players is a necessary investment for success. You bring in some proven quality, you increase awareness of the club, you sell more jerseys, you win more games, you’re on tv more, so basically you get it all back. Real Madrid got David Beckhams transfer fee back in 2 weeks through jerseys sold. I know thats a special case but you get my point. Sick of tired of hearing Wengers opinion on this. We need players badly so sign them. The finances isn’t his problem

  35. TonyMac says:

    And i am going to lose my mind checking sky sport news every morning in January and seeing that we still haven’t signed anyone. The club and Wenger know what the loyal fans want and deserve. So don’t torture us by waiting until the last hour of the transfer window . Just sign this bloody “special talent” already and save us the misery

  36. sameshitdifferentday says:

    A fragile and useless squad? Stick to making pastries or bacon you penis because you have no idea about football, and why is it the invincibles now seem to be the benchmark for some of our fans…do you not realise how special that season was??? I doubt we’ll see that happen again in the prem, you know the best and most competitive league championship on the planet which co-incidentally we are in fifth after losing five games out of twenty!? I’d say thats the makings of a fragile and useless squad dont you? By all means we aren’t flying and competing for first as most fans now expect from the arsenal but better times are ahead… think before posting you ignorant prick

  37. William McDonald says:

    I think by the time we wait for the kids to get experience it would be all over. In the first place if they don’t play regularly how and when will they get experience.
    Yes I know they will be world beaters and dominate the epl but it aint so easy as AW thinks.
    Furthermore every team in the epl is improving all the time. So with the present squad you know I know and the others in the epl know they aint going to win anything yet.

  38. crap says:

    Who is telling the lies seems NOT IMPORTANT now… What I know is that, the same “show” has been repeating again & again whenever transfer window open!!! Before the start of the season, some f***kers said we will be challenging for silverwares this season – yup, we are still in mid of the season but how OPTIMISTIC of yourself on Arsenal chances to win silverwares this season??
    Now, AW is coming out & ask for patience AGAIN????? Patience patience patience….. Gunner fans need to be patience….

  39. Aussie_Gooner says:

    Stupid article. I wish people would do their research before they post articles.

    Myth 1: Board members are not on same page.
    Fact: They are. Fizman has said that Wenger has 30 M to spend if he so wishes. PHW has said the same thing, the only thing he has added is that we won’t spend it all now. I believe his comments were “We have got money, but I am not sure we are going to spend a lot of it. We`ve got to continue to run the business in a sensible way.”
    Fizman – We have 30 M for Wenger, he can spend when he wants.
    PHW – We have the money (presumably the same 30M as figures not mentioned), but it will be prudent not to spend it all at the same time.
    Bottomline: We have the money for Wenger to spend.

    Myth 2: Where is our matchday income going? Manure are showing everyone how it is done.
    Fact: Our matchday income goes into our wages, running the club and paying our loans for the stadium. Go read our last Financial report if you haven’t already bfore you make assumptions.
    Surely there is a surplus from each year, but in long term it is better policy to invest in youth than but each year. What of the financial climate changes and we don’t have a surplus next year. Its called future proofing. Everyone is doing it now (look at MANU buying all the young players now, look at the liverpool sqaud, tho not as much as Arsenal, you can see the shift in policies now). Liverpool and Spuds can’t even find the finance for a new stadium.
    MANure are in deep shit, if you think they are leading the way you are disillusioned. MANure have a massive debt that they need to service, and newsflash, since the last 2 years, they have been unable to service even the interest on that debt, let alone the principle. Go read their annual report if you doubt my words.

    Myth 3: The surplus goes back to board/shareholders.
    Fact: Arsenal is one of the very few clubs in the world (and certainly the only in EPL AFAIK, maybe Boro) that self funds itself and that does not pay dividends. Guess how much the board and the shareholders get if Arsenal makes a surplus profit. Yup, thats right, ZERO.
    All the surplus goes back in the club. How much does Arsene get for saving money for the board, ZERO. So what happen’s to that money you ask? It goes to servicing our loans. We are the only club who consolidated our debts way before the current financial crises hit, which means we are the only club unaffected by it. Every single club in the EPL is reeling under debt, we are the ones managing it the right way.

    Use your brains before you post next time.

  40. baz says:

    sameshitdifferentday if your reading my message I called some so called fans on here muppets NOT wenger

  41. blurr... says:

    hey… i do think if every each one of you who tried to manage Arsenal might end up like Chelsea! haha! “we need to buy big names and we had to fire 15 staff”. Dude we don’t need to be hasty, still half a season still ahead. May Arsenal win double.

  42. zc says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson spends when he needs to. Surely he is building Manchester United as a club too?
    Enough said.

  43. Allen says:

    Whatever the situation is the 2008/09 season arsenal is far short of qualities we used to see.Arsenal for long time used to be the example to other modern soccer clubs on how soccer is being played.Arsenal used to the best in midfield but not any more.We lose Flamini,lose Hleb but shouldnt have lost that all those have happened we should at least get Alonso and Upson.Those two will be MASSIVE boost to the squad.

  44. Jem says:

    Sales of the Highbury apartments have been disastrous. There is no money in the bank.

    Thank God for Wenger who will marshall the lesser resources with a skill that no lesser managercould do.

  45. bergkampisgod says:

    4 points on this

    1.I was at the AST drinks before christmas and was able to talk to mr fizman and he assured us the money is there if Arsene wants to spend it.

    2. The board and shareholders do not get dividends so they want a stong squad

    3. We do not have to sell to pay the stadium debt read the finances

    4. 90% of the highbury apartments are sold theye were valued 4 years ago so have survived the peak and subsequent downturn in the market

  46. sameshitdifferentday says:

    no baz it wasn’t you article I was referring to, saying that i’ve just read your post…”i would have kept highbury and pires etc” you need your head looking at my friend, all those players had peaked before AW finally let them go as is apparent for most people that exit AFC, Freddie, Viera, Cambell even Henry they all struggle to find the form or success they had under his management. As for Highbury it will always hold sentimental value to us but a club of our size needed the emirates much more than we needed to stay at highbury to cling on to the glory days. The future is all about progression and the emirates and our youth policy is the best way to get there baz surely you realise that. I’m more worried about the power struggle in the board room than any of the misinformation that comes out of the Arsenal camp. I hate the thought of Usmanov of Kroenke at the helm as there not Arsenal fans through and through and will only do things in thier own interest . Fiszman and Hill-Wood aren’t my favourite people at arsenal but at least they have the clubs interest at heart. Thats more than I can say about the abramovichs, glazers and gillett/hicks of the world.

  47. Spike says:

    Wah wah wah!!! Boo effin hoo!

    Can you not have ONE effin blog that doesnt come across like the rantings of a fucking 12 year old spoilt brat?


    Yes, Wenger’s a fucking devious lying cunt and is secretly in the pay of the spuds… or the chave innit?

    Fucki me!

    What kind of ‘fan’ even thinks like this?

    Oh yeh, the same kind of cunt who boos his own effin team.

  48. Damian says:

    Can,t any of u lot add up or read a balance sheet there is no money there is 70m over draft 4 team improvement in other words another loan the 3m from home games goes to pay back the building of the stadium & Highbury, pay wages & run the club 300 H 460 E 800 at 5% about 38M a year in interest then the principle etc. so until Highbury flats are sold to cover it and reduce the Emirates princible Wenger has no money if there was any money u think Wenger lets Flamini or Hleb leave to be reserves or has as his 2nd choice wingers as Eboue & Diaby or adds to the back 4 with a free ManU cast off

  49. Valiantsteam says:

    Having been a Gooner for close to 50 yrs now i have seen them in thick and thin,and currentley its in the thin time again.
    The thing that annoys me most is the fact that you never seem to get any information that is reliable,its ok listening to the Sun or news of the world etc etc etc but thats all talk,did hill wood say we have money ????????? did fizman say we have money ?????????? did wenger say we have no money ???????????
    for gods sake lets have some truth for once.and i just hope they do not forget its us lot paying there wages every week,and no way am i on £50.000 a week.
    We seriously need to buy some experience,we lost Freddie /Dennis /Viera/Hleb and will Rosiscky ever play again ??
    We need players to fill those boots and sadly i cannot see Denilson/Bendtner/Diaby/Djourou etc ever doing it.
    Above all let the loyal Gooners have some information PLEASE

  50. readie says:

    sort it out.

  51. Dandan says:

    When later this year many of you are are no longer able to go to the Emirates because you have been made redundant, maybe you will grasp the realities of the economic situation as you watch the Arsenal on TV, that is if you can still afford it.

    Perhaps then you will realise what a great job the Arsenal Board including Wenger have done as other clubs try to sell the players they can no longer afford to employ as they try to ward off bankruptcy ( will Portsmouth survive this season) and the foreign stars leave the premiership clubs in droves, except those few that have been prudent Arsenal Among them

    Winning trophies is only part of the story, I have been an Arsenal fan for 55 years through good and bad.

    In many ways the entire credit crunch reflects the we must have it now mentallity of so many of the johnny come lately fans whose lives it will surely ruin..

    Well we have a solvent club and god willing with this board it will stay that way and we can watch our youngsters grow into world beaters Arsene says they will be, it will also help when our long term injured return to duty.

    So please stop whinging or go down the road and watch the other London teams you seem to think we should copy, god forbid

  52. Martin says:

    DanDan – the problem is we spent an average of seven million pounds a year on the transfer market from 1998-2004, hardly enough to break us one should think. An btw Arsenal stands to lose more of those foreign stars than any other club that could be in jeopardy of doing so.

    I will say this spending too little can harm the club every bit as much as spending too much, even now. We should all keep that in mind.

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