NO DEAL for Arshavin.Walcott and Van Persie Arsenal future is doubt.

Arsene Wenger is in a stand-off with Arsenal’s board over transfer funds, and that will encourage Real Madrid in their pursuit of the revered manager ,The club’s foremost transfer target, Andrei Arshavin, is not certain to join the club after sources at Zenit St Petersburg said Arsenal’s initial offer for the player fell “well below” the Russian club’s valuation of 20million euros.

And to make things worst we are in danger of losing more players on a FREE, Just like Flamini.

Arsenal stars Theo Walcott and Robin Van Persie might both be FREE to leave Arsenal after both players contract talks hit a brick wall.

Van Persie was close to agreeing a new £80.000 a week deal with the club but the board “re-evaluating” the contract that was on the table.  This has frustrated Van Persie and his agent as it was all agreed in principle. His agent is now demanding a showdown meeting with Ivan Gazidis.

Theo Walcott is another Arsenal player who is frustrated with the contract situation.A source close to Walcott said: “There is no doubt Theo is frustrated at the lack of action over a new deal.

“The club said talks would start in October because they wanted to see how Theo started the season.

“Theo accepted that because he has the utmost respect for Arsene Wenger. Most people would agree Theo was one of Arsenal’s best players until he picked up his latest shoulder injury.

“He was doing well for both his club and country but still nothing happened on the contract front.

“The fact is, he feels as if he’s being taken for granted at the moment, as if people simply expect him to sign a contract.”

Theo could buy himself out of the last year of his contract in May for £1million if the club do not offer him a new deal soon..

taken from the NOTW (Link)

GREAT!!!God bless NOTW and their incessant bullshit.

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19 Responses to NO DEAL for Arshavin.Walcott and Van Persie Arsenal future is doubt.

  1. RobM says:

    If you know it’s bullshit then why worry about it or give it room to breathe?

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    Coz knowing Arsenal and the way we allowed Flamini to leave it would not surprise me if this did turn out to be true

  3. Ayyousseh says:

    I reckon players can’y buy out their contracts unless it’s their last year AND they are over 27 years old… so its just crap crapitty crap crap… And v.Persie is the most performin player we have this season so I would be surprised at the board re-evaluating he contract… Sorry mate shitty article that’s what it is.

  4. toure tribe underboss says:

    nope,players can buy their contracts out in the final year if thee contract was 3 years or more, even at theo’s age

  5. jon says:

    Look, theres no real news at the moment so theres not much to write about. Why bother producing this nonsense? To top it off you then end the article by questioning its validity, then argue that it could be true in the comments section. What are you actually trying to say? What is the point of your article?

  6. Harry Barracuda says:

    What a load of bollocks.

  7. stephen says:

    Walcott and RVP, I am seriously fed up with these ungrateful players, let them go if they are not committed.

  8. gwg says:

    we can’t afford to lose van persie, he’s the best striker we have, and walcott is the only english first team player, and he has mad skills and great potencial. This is pure stupidity from arsenal.

  9. jd says:

    stupid article from a stupid paper given too much attention by a stupid and confused web owner. get a life and start publishing sensible and reliable news about arsenal. arsenal fans are trying to get proper info on their club and players from supposedly arsenal friendly sites like yours. you are simply wasting their time and being a nuisance by putting up shit articles like this. are you really that stupid to believe this crap. sort your head out !

  10. toure tribe underboss says:

    ungrateful?? its only arsenal players that are ever in this situation,why dont nobdy elese BOARD have these issues?

  11. arsenal4ever says:

    this says all!!! We will get at least 2 new players I am sure of it!!! For me it mustn be Arshavin. We need a DM and a winger. Veloso, Rosina, Ngobia should be ok.

  12. austin9jagunner says:

    Why dont u guys just cool off they’re not going any where.

  13. o ye of little brains says:

    Trust me – Arshavin is a done deal. Probably signed by Thursday.
    N’Zogbia here on the last day of transfer window.

  14. Spike says:

    The fact you wanna believe this article without a shred of hard evidence aint no great surprise given the retarded posts on here.

  15. hafidz says:

    yes i agree about that they think they enough to a star but they are nothing,they not archive anything yet.just greedy. we must sign arshavin he love the club and want his fund to pay cut.

  16. desperado says:

    walcot why you want a big money besides you not give nothing for a club plus you are still young.

  17. RobM says:

    You’re fed up with these ungrateful players eh stephen? One rumour in the NotW, hardly the most reliable of sources, and you decide they’re not comitted.

    Did you ever have a single thought of your own that you didn’t read in a newspaper first? Just asking.

  18. Perpsective says:

    You question the NOTW article at the end of your piece and then you say ‘it might be true given the way the club allowed Flamini to leave’. I was gutted when Flamini left but I think he played the club in much the same way he did Marseille when he left them. Obviously by running down his contract and moving to another club for no fee he is going to be able to negotiate a higher wage. He played one good season and had only become a certain starter last season yet felt he could demand wages on a par with Cesc. I don’t blame the club for letting him go, he was good, but he’s no Viera.
    As for Wenger’s stand off with the board, this again seems to be media bullshit. If there is any manager in England who is qualified to understand the current economic situation it is Wenger, an economics graduate. Even so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that with such a weak pound, ALL British clubs(with the exception of Man City) are going to have trouble signing players from European clubs. Football in this country is going to be seriously affected by the recession, you will see it with more booing of players and more empty seats in stadiums. Most players are probably not aware of what is going on in the wider world but they are soon going to get a taste of reality and in my mind it couldn’t have come sooner for them. Happy New Year!!!

  19. tomm says:

    “If there is any manager in England who is qualified to understand the current economic situation it is Wenger, an economics graduate.”

    I agree. Which makes reports of a rift with the board even more concerning. Most people would agree that, whatever their reasons, the Board do not exactly appear to be functioning entirely rationally at the moment. Arsene knows all about the reasons why we keep a tight lid on spending. So if he’s falling out with the board over new signings, my guess is that he thinks that without them, we run a real risk of failing to qualify for the CL this year.

    Of course this may just be media bullshit as others have said, but NOTW is not the only paper reporting a rift today.

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