I will cry if we sell Kolo Toure

Being a football fan you get players who you love for many reasons, Some who tried hard, Some who are workhorses, Some who are just brilliant & some who you put there heart and soul into every game and play football not for money but for the joy of the game. For me Kolo Toure has all of the above and much much more.

I love the guy and if this rumor is true that he cleared out his locked before saying a tearful goodbye to the staff at the training ground are correct then i myself will have a cry for the player who has grown on me and has now become one of my all time favorite players in the clubs history.

When he first came on to the club I was not sure what we signed, I could tell that the guy was hungry to win and was very powerful and played with fire in his belly, I remember him going in for a 50/50 challenge with Peter Schmeichel and sending him crashing into his own goal and flat on his back, I could not stop laughing. I said to the gooner next to me, “That Toure is an animal i like him” Wenger playing him all over the place, RB LB as a wide man an at times he looked to be nothing more then a squad player, but then Toure found his place at the heart of the defence next to Sol Campbell and between the pair of them they became a solid partnership. For me that partnership was perfect. You had Sol who was great in the air and Toure who had loads of pace to sweep up.And it worked like a dream as we went 49 games unbeaten and won the double.

Since the Campbell partnership Toure has looked a different player if I am completely honest,The problem we have had since Sol is that Gallas and Toure are both very similer in styles and both need that big powerful CB next to them. For me Toure and Senderos was the future partnership until Gallas arrived.

And to the present day and reports that Gallas and Toure have had a bust up in training and cant stand the sight of each other. On 1 hand you have a player who has been since smoking till the early hrs of the morning, A player who sat down in protest at the way the team was playing, A player who runs to the press every time he feels he needs to get something off his ego. And on the other hand you have a player who was the lowest paid player for years at Arsenal and never moaned about it, A player who has given everything and more, A player who has supported his player and has never said anything about them to the press. A player who did things the right way.Its seems like the manager had to pick between the 2 and he picked the french 1.

If Toure is sold then i will feel sick, I would feel let down by Wenger yet again. I would feel that my heart of the club I love has been ripped out yet again.

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45 Responses to I will cry if we sell Kolo Toure

  1. Rohan says:

    Here here!
    I would hate to see Touré leave

  2. Ezyy says:

    I’ll cry to if this is true hopefully not since Wenger dosent want to sell him.

  3. TT says:

    Oh shut up. Toure handed in a transfer request, not Gallas. He is playing worse than any other center back at the club. Pathetic.

  4. frankie boy says:

    Wenger will make a big mistake if he sells Kolo. He has had a poor few months but a fully fit and confident Kolo is our best defender. He should have been made captain before gallas and should be playing central midfield. He cares about the club and the fans and would be pissed off if he was sold.

  5. SaTwIn says:

    It is going to a be sad day season for me if Toure goes…Wenger Please Stop Toure

  6. Chris says:

    Toure is now fourth choice. No room for sentiment, he is not good enough.

    Get over it.

  7. garythegunner says:

    100% agree, if toure is sold arsene will have lost my full backing and he will no longer be invincible in my eyes and results will be the basis of my backing of arsene. His treatment of kolo is disgraceful, to back that muppet gallas ahead of the legend that is toure show everything i taught arsene wasnt “biased towards french”

  8. Spike says:

    Yep, you have a good old cry.

  9. Watcher says:

    In all fairness, Toure has been a shadow of himself for quite a while.

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep seeing him go, if selling him gives us the funds to buy a tall aerially strong centreback.

    You can’t be sentimental about this, for me, Toure is just not the same.

  10. Joshhhh says:

    Amen. I feel exactly the same. Despite the fact he’s the longest lasting player there, he is everything you said.

    Will be a sad day.

  11. I think you have been reading my mind and my emails to fellow gooners…
    I completely agree, Kolo is an Arsenal player, Gallas is a twat, nuff said.
    I will also cry if Kolo has gone 😦 However, I will always wish him well and he will always be a gooner to me.

  12. Merse-10 says:

    Whilst i agree with a lot of what you have said we haven’t been the real Kolo Toure for over a year now. This season he’s been poor, looks over weight, error prone and at times a liability.
    It pains me to say that because i too love Kolo. I love his spirit and his desire and i always felt he loved the club and he was one o the players you could count on every week.
    After the African Nations he came back a difernt player, seemingly unable to perform anywhere near where he had before.
    I imagine the Gallas-Toure story has been blown way out of proportion and it seems the media are taking every sigle opportunity to knock our club, as seen with weekend reports of VP and Theo wanting out. Checking the story there is nothing there just sensational headlines and the ever reliable “source close to the club/player” – probably the same “source” that had Vieira joining Madrid every summer for 4 years.

    I love Kolo but maybe this is the time to cash in. Kolo’s form has been bad or a long time and it’s only due to us (the fans) liking him that hs allowed him to escape any real criticism. Arsene needs money to be able to go out and strengthen the squad despite what the board say.
    If we let him go and nobody comes in i’ll feel let down – we need to sign a replacement.

    I’ll give thanks to Kolo and wish him well at his new club if he does leave – the last player yo score a European goal at Highbury.

    Dut dut der der Kolo Toure!

  13. Kaiza says:

    Agree with you on this one. If the problem is Gallas, then sell him.
    Don`t want to sell Toure.

  14. Kolo Toure says:

    Yeah man, I agree on everything you said. Since I started to watch football, and Arsenal, Kolo has been my favorite player. I just love him. I really want him to stay, let gallas leave. Not Kolo ffs :/

  15. gunner_dave says:

    i agree…i dont like toure leaving at all, im still kind of hoping that its just a rumour, although its being reported everywhere now….we are losing one of our greatest players with the one thing we have really been lacking this season – determination. i fear what this will do to the team, djourou is still learning, gallas is 31 and opinionated, and our cover is silvestre. i hope wenger has a top class centre half lined up (and not upson, i believe toure is better) because if he doesnt, we will not just be short in defensive midfield, we will be caught out at the back too. Stephen Ireland, Arteta, Arshavin are all great players, but id rather fix the problems we had before, instead of buying more attackers.
    If you are leaving Kolo, i wish you the very best of luck….

  16. Highbury Harry says:

    I agree 100%

    Watching Toure just warming up before a game you get a warm glow about him. He always makes time to wave just before kick off and has been treated like the star he is. I firmly believe we should have made him captain and looked for a second central defender who would compliment him.

    If Wenger pays the slightest bit of attention to a fan make it this one and PLEASE get rid of Gallas and get more players with the heart and determination of Kolo.

    If Toure goes, its another indication that (my beloved) Arsenal do not have the aspiration to compete anymore. Sad days.


  17. Rachith.K says:

    I will cry too mate, if toure is sold. He is worth his weight in gold everyweek.

  18. Saidi says:

    Mate thats a brilliant post and its exactly how I would feel. He is my best gooner of all time and I am sickened by the ill treatment Toure has received from AW. To put Gallas in front of Toure, firstly for the captaincy and now for a place in the defence is just disgraceful. If AW wants players to show loyalty to him, then I’m sure the players expect something back from him. I am in fear now everytime I go on newsnow to see Toure leaving.

  19. ah says:

    grow up. It’s a business, seems like 5 minutes ago everyone was slagging him off as he was clearly not doing it. Truth is he has not been up to it for a long time. When was the last time our most experienced player showed real leadership rather than looking like a rabbit in headlights?
    8 million – take it!

  20. TonyMac says:

    Sad to lose him but if we can get Stephen Ireland in the deal i think we’d be doing alright. Ireland is a very good footballer and i think Wenger could make him a brilliant footballer. Kolo has looked overweight this season and looks like he’s lost a yard of pace(which kind of was his best quality). Djourou on the other-hand looks like our 1st choice centre back at the minute. We’ll see, its probably all bullshit anyway. Us Arsenal fans really are made to suffer during transfer windows though

  21. Ben Mills says:

    Come on lads, this is pathetic. Toure is rubbish. Yes, he was once great when all he had to do was cover for Campbell or Senderos, but when it comes to individual errors and costing us goals, Toure is top of the list.

    I love the guy’s spirit, but he handed in a transfer request.


  22. Cyprus's Finest Gooner says:

    Gallas is better than Toure. Toure handed in a transfer request. Toure has looked terrible for over a year now. Need I say more. Love the guy, but there’s no room for sentiment in this, as someone else said. Good luck to him wherever he goes. But if he does go, I won’t be anywhere near as sad as I would have been a year ago.

  23. goonerboy says:

    grow up. toure is a legend i acknowledge that. but he is no longer ‘the animal’ that he used to be a couple of seasons ago. if we can cash in on him now, we should! and its probably for the best for all parties. yes, we, the fans, will be sad to see him go after what he has done for the club but perhaps toure himself needs a fresh challenge and arsenal could use that 10 or 12 million to strengthen the midfield area where we desperately need a winger and a defensive midfielder. i know most people would say that winger is a luxury but with rosicky and walcott unavailable for months ahead, we are left with one player who is good enough to play week in week out on the flanks – nasri. clearly eboue and diaby have not done a good enough job on the flanks and wenger realises that we won’t be winning anything with diaby on the left and eboue on the right for majority of the long long season. hence, a winger is our priority, followed by a defensive midfielder. we could use another centre back now that toure is leaving and i believe we won’t be signing any more than 3 players.

  24. Timus says:

    He was great! He was like my 2 year-old with to much sugar in him – he would run around for 90 minutes and was more committed that any player I have ever seen – amazing!

    he was..


  25. Biscuit says:

    Personally I could not give a toss if he goes – The rest of the squad are just useless but at least they are professional enough to keep in shape – Toure is fat AND useless !

  26. Alex says:

    Watching the vide made me cry already! But I have to admit hes not that player anymore. Instead hes a yard slower and a lot less committed. And he never could shoot to save his life!

  27. bob says:

    Never been the same since contracting malaria. Love the guy, but if we could get anything close to 10M for him we’d be fools not to take it. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if we sold Gallas for 5M as well. Start over on the CB combinations with Song and Djourou since this set hasn’t worked well in years.

  28. Norma says:

    I will cry if he leaves I loved him from the first the way he practically pawed the ground
    when he first came on as a sub. Heart and sould player, loyal and a wonderful spirit.
    God Bless him whatever he decide. Never felt so sad

  29. Bobby says:

    Some ppl here make me angry for real, not the same Kolo? Should you say the same about Ronaldiniho? And It seems that all of you twats forget that Toure had a malaria-infection this summer and I honestly think it’s effecting him still somehow. Just let him be fit and sell that super jerk Gallas instead and bendtner and Eboué for christ sake, those are just bad attitude fuckers that don’t belong in an arsenal-shirt.

  30. Tom the Gooner says:

    Bobby, of course it is still affecting him! He had malaria for God sake! But the effects of malaria do not go away. It will stay with Toure for a long long time. He was in decline before the ACN and he has gotton worse since. he is now behind Silvestre for God sake. Time to forget the past and thinka bout now. 10 mil for Toure is bloody good business, especially considering he is a worse player now than four years ago.

  31. thegoonerforum says:

    Toure has had a bad season. SO WHAT, What about the years of good service he gave us. Didnt Henry have 2 shit seasons. Didnt Cesc had a poor season or 2?

    People forget about all the good he has done and are only thinking about this season.

    Who has played well this season?

  32. Romford Pele says:

    An Arsenal legend – those two tackles against Obafemi martins when he was at inter at highbury says it all about him for me.

  33. Tom the Gooner says:

    Who has played well?

    Gallas, Djourou, Denilson, Sagna, Clichy, Nasri and van Persie I would say, some of these have had average games, but on the whole, they have played well.

    And we all know Toure has had a bad three seasons, and he was good before them. But three seasons of mediocrity is not good enough for Arsenal.

  34. atlanta gooner says:

    what we have been lacking is heart and soul in the team…full of players who ae either missionaries(gallas) or just pathetic (song.eboue). in four players we have passion and soul fabregas, clichy, sagna and lastly toure…
    i will be sick to my gut if he goes…gallas should never have been made captain…toure had my vote…but alas wenger doesnt know what to do in tight situations…ferguson or morinho would have handled the situation aggresssively telling both players to get on with it…i wonder why i have never heard man u players moan …one answer ferguson…

  35. thegoonerforum says:

    Do you really think that Wenger is going to sign a replacement CB? Of course not. He will use Song Doujrou Silverstre and Gallas

  36. Tom the Gooner says:

    So four better center backs will be used. Not a bad situation in my opinion, especially if we sign a much needed winger and possibly a partner for Denilson.

  37. TonyMac says:

    hahaha, atlanta gooner i think you mean mercenaries. Thinking about Gallas as a missionary made me laugh, no offence. Tom the Gooner…Denilson has played well in your opinion?? You must be watching a different Arsenal to me mate because i think he isn’t up to much. He has given more effort than some but he’s not good enough in my opinion.
    Back to Toure, the guy handed in a transfer request. If he has Arsenal in his heart then why would he leave because he cant get on with Gallas. Thats pathetic. Players don’t need to get on, they need to do their job. Even if he does have Arsenal in his heart, we are not in a position to be sentimental. We need the best players on the field. He’s not good enough anymore, simple as that. If City are willing to offer stupid money lets take it.

  38. Tom the Gooner says:

    Denilson has been fantastic this season. Check out his stats. One of the best midfielders in the Premier League.


    Assists, accurate passes/passes made, tackles and points scored compared to other midfielders are quite astonishing for a poor player in my opinion. (do remember to click the arrows for midfielders)

  39. barry10 says:

    he plays well with djourou

    hes a true arsenal man and i feel gallas is disrupting the dressing room . . . OUT

  40. Pritpal says:

    i cudnt agree more… kolo toure gunner legend 😥
    Keep Kolo! Sell Gallas!

  41. gwg says:

    totally agree, i criead a little when i saw he wanted to be sold from arsenal because wenger took gallas’ side. get rid of gallas and make djourou/toure a pair in defence. I can’t believe that wenger would pick gallas over toure who has been loyal to the club for most of his career!!! I’d pick toure over any other defender in the world!

  42. Dave says:

    I am ashamed by fans who calls everything business and wants to cash in on kolo. Our love for arsenal is definitely above business. Where has the love and faith gone? Sighh.. I would rather sell Gallas the trouble maker and sign a quality cb then sell a loyal servant. How do you think it will reflect on players like Cesc? Is this the way we repay loyalty? Cesc would think he might be better off in Barcelona soon. Sad day. And to all the fair weather fans: FUCK OFF CUNTS..

  43. Drew says:

    To all those fans slagging us off for spending a moment to reflect on one of the most loyal servants under Wenger, sod off// We have every right and reason to feel sad over this departure, especially if its true that the reason he is leaving is because of Gallas. Gallas has not showed the class and loyalty that has come from Kolo and just does not seem right. Gallas might be the better defender but he can not seem to get along with any of his team mates. A player like that can only hurt the team, no matter how good you are at your job. And Gallas is no great shake at his job either (his botched play against Villa to allow them to come back into the game recently comes to mind). It is sometimes better to hold on to players like Kolo cause they can bring so much more to the team other than their footballing abilities. Look at Gary Neville, he is far worse than Kolo but is still in the team for some of the reasons mentioned above.

  44. big tears says:

    Gallas can’t leave yet.

    His mission was to completely destroy the club!

  45. Gooni says:

    I’ll be gutted to see Toure leaves, true great.. gallas should be the one to go! Bring in yaya to keep kolo!

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