I doubt Arsenal will sign Arshavin after Zenit go public.

Zenit St Petersburg have told Sky Sports News that talks are taking place with Arsenal regarding a deal for Andrei Arshavin.

But why?

By going public about the deal before a price has been agreed and saying the deal is 10 days to 2weeks Zenit are merely trying to temp other clubs to enter the bidding.

Zenit want top money for the player and Arsenal are trying to sign him on the cheap.By telling the world that Arsenal are in talks all of the big boys will now try and sign him from under Wengers nose.

Very clear from Zenit and this will no doubt piss Arsenal and Wenger off.I dont know what takes Arsenal so long to tie up a transfer deal. It seems to go on and on for weeks before its completed.

I doubt this deal will happen.


33 Responses to I doubt Arsenal will sign Arshavin after Zenit go public.

  1. LB says:

    Thye reason is that, like me Arsene does not believe that many players merit a 20m fee. I can think of Christiano, Kaka, Messi, Eto’o, Ibrahimovic and Villa in that bracket, but no one else. Clubs that pay more than that for anyone else are just wasting money.

    If Arshavin comes for 15m, fine. But nothing more.

  2. Alan says:

    Wasn’t it 10 days for Nasri. And we know how many months that dragged on for.What’s with the 10 day shite Arsenal go on with.

  3. thegoonerforum says:

    The Nasri deal took about 8 weeks didnt it : (

  4. gunners88 says:

    i think it’s taking too long because Zenit would not budge unless it’s 20million, arsenal don’t think he is worth that much and would only offer 12-15mil max. plus arshavin really wants to move out of zenit, so of course they are gonna tell the whole world to start the bidding wars!
    that’s just my take on it.
    but we really need him, we are so flat in our offensive play nowadays.

  5. Neal says:

    Nasri deal was done long before the details were released. They just waited a few weeks until the French tax year was over so Marseille didn’t lose all the fee straight away.

  6. Skoogilations says:

    Suspect you are spot on. We wont sign him. this is a ploy to get Man City or the spuds to pay silly money

  7. thegoonerforum says:

    Skoogilations I agree with you.

    No doubt Arsenal are in talks with him but now we are in a bidding war and lets face it we have not got the funds to play with Man City..

    We’re Doomed

  8. when a player of arshavins class wants to sign show we mean business make a statement.JUST EFFFIN SIGN HIM

  9. His Dudeness says:

    yeaaaa true but also Arshavin is on holiday at the min dont forget so maybe thats why its being delayed!!!!

  10. Spike says:

    Yeah, it was such a secret that Zenit were gonna sell Arsehavin wasnt it?

    How thick are you?

  11. Spike says:

    The thing is, if we don’t sign Arsehavings then you’ve got yet another excuse to slag off the club you purport to support. And if we DO sign him??

    Yep, you will slate the club for signing him instead of signing some other twat!

    Brilliant! You can’t lose!!!

  12. Mr B says:

    Has anyone heard the rumer about Denilson in talks with Bolton?

    It would be sad to see him go instead of Eboue.

  13. thegoonerforum says:

    Swap deal with Danny Shitu so SSN said : )

  14. Spike says:

    Will the last player left at the club please switch the lights off……..

  15. mikey says:

    mr b wromg denilson mate

  16. lozenger says:

    thats the 33 year old denilson formerly of real betis, the one who fell down like a c**t holding his face when the ball hit his shin in the world cup so many years ago!

  17. goon71ish says:

    cynical russians Arsenal dont do business via the media.russians trying to get others interested man city barcelona etc etc.the theory if Arsenal want him he must be good?

  18. Clockend Lloydie says:

    That was Rivaldo, mate!
    I think Denilson was at Real Betis?

  19. johnno says:

    no news of potential signings and we’re apparently screwed. news of potential signings, we’re definitely screwed. player signs for £15m, deal took too long. player signs for £20m, player too expensive. player performs well, why didn’t we sign him in the summer? player doesn’t perform, wenger’s bought an expensive dud.

  20. Romford Pele says:

    It’s brinkmanship – but they haven’t necessarily done it to get other clubs involved, maybe just to make the point to arsenal that the deal sin’t a cert, to push it through and squeeze a few more million out of us. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll sell to someone else. The coy statements AW has made about him so far suggest to me the deal is further along than they’re making clear. The subsequent denials by Advocaat suggest to me that Arsenal told them to shut the fuck up.

  21. Dutch Gunner says:

    Yo,I Just heard from a friend of mine who lives in ‘Ukraine’ that the media’s are allready talking about A.Arshavin signing 4 Arsenal in 48 hours time..!!

    I really hope that is True though because with a player like him I think we can last longer in the PL and win the FA cup 2 this Year..don’t get me wrong though.. in Arsene we Trust.. I just hope that ARSENE KNOWS.

  22. Paul N says:

    Things will always come out in the public when dealing with a player of this class. I could care less and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the red andf white.

    STOP BEING NEGATIVE MAN and all you who are posting!

  23. Clock End Gooner says:


    That was Rivaldo who done that mate! He done it against Turkey, in the world cup 2002 (Japan/Koera, i think)

    HAted the cunt after that!

  24. KarlAFC says:

    lozenger, I’m pretty sure that was Rivaldo who pulled that little stunt…

  25. s dot says:

    lol @ johno’s statement….thats true i guess u can never satisfy the fans

  26. austin9jagunner says:

    Guys lets do something like going on a fast and prayer that this deal goes thru

  27. caribkid says:

    Rivaldo was the one who pulled that stunt, but Denilson was on the same team. He was a torrid dribbler with amazing skills, but rather Hleib like, no end product.

  28. Rowell says:

    Good Player but worth 8 – 12 Million max. Still unproven in the top leagues over a season and a little light weight – we might not see him until next season while he bulks up – if he joins.

    wait and see.

    Never worth 20 Million.

  29. goonerdave says:

    Austin- wouldn’t advise a fast the length of time it takes us to get a deal thats gone public done. Think Zenit are being optimistic though, if City or Barca wanted him they wouldn’t have waited for Arsenal to make a bid, think the comments are only likely to interest Aston Villa in their desperately lucky so far push for fourth.

  30. His Dudeness says:

    sky sports now says that we’re the only club they’re dealing with, is that good news or is that a hint to other clubs to hurry the f**k up?!?!?!

  31. […] I said last week,I doubt Arsenal will sign Arshavin after Zenit go public. Manchester City are closing in on Andrei Arshavin after agreeing an £18million deal with Zenit St […]

  32. Pahang says:

    I am believe A. Arshavin will play for Arsenal. AW we believe on you. Then other new player come in. Dont worry guys Arshavin with us. Definitely!!! Dont listen to the rumous… Arsenal+Arsene+Arshavin=Champion…

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