Wenger defends misfiring Adebayor

The Adebayor Debate Continues

Some fans think he has the potential to become an all time great at the club. And other think he is a one season wonder.

On the forum we have had a long debate about Adebayor. Some gooners feel that we should of taken the £30m that was on the table for him in the summer. Some other gooners feel that he is key to the way we play.

One thing for sure is that Adebayor is not the same player as last season. He has scored 11 goals in 23 games this season and 3 of them came in the same game.

Manager Arsène Wenger admits that Adebayor is not the same player as last season but has seen signs of improvments in recent weeks.

He seems to be missing a lot of chances for us recently but Wenger believes Emmanuel Adebayor is “working hard” to rediscover the form.


“He has not had the same form,” said Wenger. “At the moment, he is working very hard to come back to good form and is on a good way.

“He had dropped off a little bit, but that can happen sometimes. Ronaldo scored 44 last year, and it does not look like he will score 44 this season, because he and Adebayor had exceptional numbers.

“What is important is that he works hard and contributes to the team – if he opens the way [to goal] for other players, for me it is the same [importance].

“He is looking to come back to his best now.”

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5 Responses to Wenger defends misfiring Adebayor

  1. northbanklegend says:

    Adebayor is playing a different game this season, no longer does he get the ball and turns on the defender and has acres of space to run into. Our attacks are too slow, meanign the only avenue for Ade to score is fro ma cross.

  2. Richard says:

    You neglect to mention he has made 8 assists this season while last season he made 5! just go with he performs the same in the second half of the season thats 22 goals and 16 assists which isnt exactly bad! i would accept that from the big man!

  3. bijok says:

    you have to be patient to see the real adebayor..he is only 25 this year..Henry in his top form at the age of 27..adebayor will be a new legend…

  4. neil says:

    When he learns to offside rule I might begin to take him more seriously as a striker. Last year he had EXCELLENT service and should have bagged 10 more goals at least.
    His antics during the season break are also making it very hard for me to warm to him.

  5. Romoe says:

    Last year Arsenal was fighting for the top spot, this year around we are crawling with the likes of villa and everton SO are arsenal playing better than last year? NO we are not..!! How can you expect Adebayor to outperform last year while the entire team is below par this year.

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