AC Milan want Clichy and Adebayor!

With over £100m from the potential sale of Kaka to Manchester City,Milan could strengthen all departments of there aging side and reports in Italy today is that they have already drawn up a shortlist of players.

Today in the Arsenal pair Gael Clichy £15m and Emmanuel Adebayor £35m have been listed as possible targets for Milan.Other players on the Milan hit list are Chelsea pair Alex & Michael Essien.

Personaly for £35m I would drive Adebayor to the airport for free and wish him all the best. Just think what Wenger would be able to do with the money?

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10 Responses to AC Milan want Clichy and Adebayor!

  1. IG says:

    15 m for clichy and 35 m for ade. i think clichy is more valuable than adebayor. for 35 m ade can be sold and we wont miss him.

  2. RobC says:

    I think AC Milan have got their wires crossed, it should be £35 million for Clichey and £1500 for Ade. As you quite rightly state for that kind of money for Adebayor I would also pay his airfare and we can then reinvest in a prolific and clinical finisher. I would never let Clichey leave as he is one of the finest fullbacks in the world and will continue to improve, with a decent central pairing we can go back to the days of Adams,Keown,Dixon and Winterburn were we were almost inpregnable and the flair players can get on with what the do best score incredible goals, entertain and not have to worry about schoolboy errors in defence

  3. Fraser says:

    Keep Clichy but sell Adebayor asap. But only if a world-class striker is bought with the money. Otherwise there is no point.

  4. krayzie says:

    @ gooner blog: think of what arsene can do with that money? well this answer is give it to the greedy board to balance the books…hehehe

  5. GunnerFishing says:

    RobC Is spot on.

  6. TrueGooner says:

    You are all Wrong. Ade will be much more valuable in Italy. If he can score 35 goals in the fast paced and rough tackling EPL, how much do you think he will score in Italy. They have experience midfielders as well as defenders. Ade is not such a bad player as you lot think. I for one want him to stay as well as Clichy. If we do sell him I would say 50mil if KAKA is worth 100m than ADE is worth 50m.

  7. Optimus says:

    Adebayor is great striker,helloo?Did someone remember how many times he save us?Obviusly some people sufer lost memory..And i believe his not going anywhere plus he was scare of Arsenal’curse…ha ha ha

  8. The one says:

    Adebayor forever

  9. Rezaul says:

    Arsenal should never sell Clichy. But, Adebayor can be sold, but not this middle of the season. We have sufficient strikers. But, one thing, for head purposes, One striker is needed in replace of Adebayor. he might be Bendner who should be improved more before, if Adebayor is sold.

  10. jasm says:

    No you are wrong. I wouldnt sell Adebayor for £50 million because i know if we do only £10 million of that will be spent to buy his replacement and the rest will go the same player vieira, henry and hlebs transfer money went.

    So as far as us fans are concerned we will not be better off at all. Infact our team will be worse off.

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