In Harry we trust, Spurs rock bottom! PMSL!!

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17 Responses to In Harry we trust, Spurs rock bottom! PMSL!!

  1. J.Sanderson says:

    Minddddddddddddddddddd The Gap 🙂

  2. Del says:

    Unlike Arsene Harry is not afraid to spend.He will buy big and sadly they will be saved from the drop.

  3. Hugo says:

    This isn’t even that funny anymore, not becuase I feel sorry for them but because it’s become such a familiar sight in the last couple of years that you just get used to it! Fuck it, who am I kidding, it’s still hilarious!

  4. TA6 says:

    No Spurs manager ever AFRAID TO SPEND…. isn’t it that’s one reason they are where they are today?

  5. Hotel worker who spiked spurs meal dodgy lasagne says:

    LOOOL Spurs are goner go bankrupt and relegated to Championship then to league two….Remember you heard here first..Harry Redknapp would be given a seat on board for doing Arsenal something no one has done ever since we bribed to go to division at expense of Spurs…1905…i maybe wrong so correct me politely.LOOOL

  6. Stu says:

    he will buy big, and they will get relegated at a greater loss you mean

    money doesn’t equal quality, just ask chelsea fans about shevchenko or look at darren bent

    you would think by now that ‘buying big’ doesn’t guarantee anything at all

  7. Jaaack says:

    “No wonder he’s in the fucking reserves” haha what a joker. Anyone know who he kicked the ball ?

  8. tony says:

    ha thats brilliant

  9. Dan says:

    Del’s right.

    When I look at the table the first thing I see is Arsenal having yet another terrible season…fifth place…absolute disgrace!!! I simply do not care about Tottenham, seeing them struggling is irrelevant, I want to see us at the top of the league.

    Oh by the way, not qualifying for the Champions League is like RELEGATION for us. Stop enjoying our awful season because Sp*rs are bottom, start putting pressure on Wenger to make the signings we need!!!

    Sp*rs will stay in the Premiership and we’ll finish fifth, tops.

  10. The Fabster says:

    Harry Houdini 4 lyf! Mind the gap you cnuts!

  11. bloodbore8 says:

    I told Wenger on Facebook to make us win! lol

  12. tiny tots` says:


  13. anon says:

    Your a dick mate
    Nobody wants to hear your opinion
    In Wenger we trust.

  14. Jon says:

    Sorry to be a damp squib and point out the obvious but look at the table. They have a game in hand and the last nine clubs are separated by three points. And the spuds have the best goal difference im the last nine too. They win today and they are in shouting distance of the top half of the table.

  15. Micky C says:

    Spurs have spent over 150 million in the last 3 seasons on 3 managers and 28 players – look what spending big gets you.

  16. Dan says:


    At least I have my own opinion and I’m not a f**king sheep like you, you f**king retard.

    “In Wenger we trust”…you’re a muppet mate!

  17. ronaldo's_mum_pish_flaps says:

    Wenger definately takes it up the shitter. With that there is no doubt.

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