We should sign Yoann Gourcuff and not Arshavin (VIDEO)

For £18m we could sign Yoann Gourcuff and a much needed DM player and not Arshavin.

Personally i feel that Arshavin is overrated and for that money we can do much better.

Just watch this goal

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31 Responses to We should sign Yoann Gourcuff and not Arshavin (VIDEO)

  1. Kenny says:

    no dis agree is too young i do not agree signing arshavin with such a huge price but gourcuff also expensive at that price, keep it real +23407033025339

  2. LF says:

    Looks immense these days. Dominates games and scores some crackers. His turning and close control is awesome. There a few other goals he has scored recently which are in this category too.

    He was crap in Italy and too one-footed there. Not sure why because he clearly has genius in both feet. He is weak and complained of the physicality of the Italian league – can he cope here and was it all to do with growing up? He rejected us for Milan back then from Rennes as well – I don’t think he wants to come over here.

    Milan won’t sell him if they sell Kaka because they have a ready-made replacement.

    AW said we have other targets. I doubt this guy is one of them. But we’ll only buy Arshavin for a fee that meets our valuation of him. Otherwise he can stay there. A DM is a more pressing matter. I’d like it if we bought Hernanes (he’s primarily a DM but has class and good drive).

  3. Paulinho says:

    Slight problem. Gourcuff is on loan until the end of the season so we can’t buy him in January.

  4. Big Al says:

    He is a good player, and that was one of the best strikes of the season. Nonetheless, I can’t help but think you’ve written this article on the basis of 1 goal. Arshavin’s also more of a finished article – much more likely to make an instant impact. And Gourcuff’s age means that players like Ramsey would have their routes to the 1st team blocked for years to come of he joined us.

  5. Bob says:

    Let’s allow Wenger to do what he believes is right, ok?

  6. Derek says:

    He is signing for Bordeaux in the summer they have agreed a fee with Milan for him.B4 you post do some research.Remember John Jensen he scored a wonder goal too.

  7. no name says:

    a great goal but he cant do it in the prem

  8. nightmook says:

    If Zenit insist on £18m Arsenal won’t buy Arshavin anyway. Surely that’s why we haven’t done a deal already!? The Arshavin deal will be for £12-13m or not at all.

  9. Vincent says:

    One thing that u are forgetting is that gourcuff is a Milan Ac player as he is on loan to bordeaux.Now that kaka is gonna certainly leave 4 man city(what a disgrace),Milan are certainly gonna call him back as he plays in the same position as kaka and would be the ideal replacement for them.He really has the same profile and can surely become better than kaka.

  10. Cupid says:


  11. George says:

    OK he scored a good goal…In what way does this clarify that he is a better player than Arshavin?

  12. Arse&Nose says:

    nice goal but arshavin is world class, gourcuff is not even in nasri’s class.

  13. Gooner says:

    Agree 100%! Arshavin is unproven in the big European league and God knows how long I’d take for him to settle into the team. Yoann has proven himself in the french league and french league players seem well suited of the premiership.

  14. Progman07 says:

    LOL. He scored a good goal and now we need him over Arshavin. How knee-jerk…

  15. arsenal4ever says:

    Wenger said already hi is not only looking for Arshavin so lets see. I would like Gourcuff too but he is not a winger like Arshavin which we need. Nasri is great in central midfield.

  16. Osse says:

    gourcuff is not a dm. he is am or supporting striker. + he is on loan at bordeux from ac milan so try to work around that problem!

    He is however a great player whom I would be just as happy with as I would be with Arshavin!

  17. Biscuit says:

    If i see another “Arsene Knows” post I will track them down and hang them from the nearest lamp post. If he “knew” he would never have let Flamini leave and he would have signed some quality players in the summer and not Silvestre (because he is french no doubt). Wenger will sign no one this January becasue there is only talk and no money – thats all Arsenal have these days is talk.

  18. Biscuit says:

    If he fails to sign anyone this month and we fail to qualify for the Champions League then perhaps it is time to look at Wenger’s tenure at Arsenal. And please none of this “Wenger must stay he is irreplaceable” crap. GG won us trophies just like Wenger including the cup winners cup and we replaced him well enough. There is far too much sentimentality on these forums – you go with whats best for the future and not what he did in the past – its good business practice

  19. Tom the Gooner says:

    We should not sign Gourcuff because Arshavion is a far superior player who would fit do what we need, take players on in wide areas and create/score goals. Gourcuff is a good player (I have actually watched him play, not just seen this one clip) but he is just a poor mans Nasri, Arshavin is world class.

  20. suki says:

    Crickey everyone is going mad for Gourcuff after this goal bet how often did you mention him before??? NONE coz you just jump on a bandwagon!!! Think for yourself

  21. TH says:

    Gourcuff is a great player but if I had to spend 18 million between the 2…it was most definitely be Arshavin!

  22. jasm says:

    Goucruff is a great player but he isnt a defensive midfielder!!

    And we wanted him but he opted for AC Milan.

  23. Gooner Chris says:

    This blog is great. Well done

  24. Kola says:

    Youtube can make anyone look like Pele or Maradona.

  25. dangerous says:

    We’ll sign him in the summer i reckon!!

  26. gooner says:

    trust me, arshavin is pure quality, a bargain even at 25million

  27. Ad says:

    Wow so you base your expectations on a clip of a goal that he scored. Wenger has scouts everywhere and I imagine they have seen more of Gourcuff and Arshavin. He doesn’t just buiy on a whim or a feeling, we studies people for a long time before deciding to sign them. If Arsene reckons Arshavin is a better buy than Yoann then so be it. I have only ever seen Arshavin in the World Cup and the UEFA cup final, on both occasions he looked good and solid. A good partner for Fabregas but no doubt Wenger will put him out wide, we are still desperatly short of a decent DM though. It pained me yesterday to see a midfield made up of Diaby, Denilson and Eboue. I don’t include Nasri in that list because he is obviously a first choice selection, brilliant and a class act. Eboue is just shit plain and simple, every time he got the ball I said to my wife “oh look just wait, he’ll fuck up sooner or later” and lo and behold every time he fucked up. Even tripping over his own clod hopping feet at one point.

  28. Adom says:

    He’s not a defensive midfielder. Would he want to come to Arsenal? He’s at Milan and Inler rejected arsenal. Milan have Said that he has a future at there as a key player. With Milan selling Kaka would they let him go? When was the last ime you saw him play live?(not on tele) How do you know we’re signing Arshavin for £18m? How do you know Milan would let him go for a minimum of £18m given the above facts?
    Absurd post, Next time while searching youtube for potential Arsenal signings pick out a realistic target.

  29. Romford Pele says:

    It’s a cracking goal that we’ve all seen already but there’s no way Bordeaux won’t take up the £13m option they have on him, and if they don’t, then Milan will take him back to the San Siro so there’s no way he’s for sale.

  30. Tom the Gooner says:

    Everybody who does not rate Denilson, I beg of you to watch him closely in our next couple of matches. The lad is a class act. It is too easy to simply siggest we sign a new defensive midfielder. Heck, Man Utd don’t even play one for God sake!

    Veloso is banded about, I have watched the lad about 10 times over the last three years, he is not anywhere near as good as Denilson. Senna? The dude is old and was recently bossed about by Diarra. Many other names are thrown into the debate but none of us can say with any certainty that they are better than Denilaon.

    He has had a sublime season and currently the only challenger to van Persie’s crown of our player of the season.

  31. that saudi arabia guy scored the best ever world cup goal. we should sign him too.

    When we dont look to be signing anyone, everyone says we need to sign someone quick. Then when Wenger says he wants to splash 15mil+ on an exciting experienced player who is the perfect age, people say “no we dont want him. he’s done well in russia and in the Euro’s but no, we want a player who flopped at AC Milan”

    Wenger, stick to signing 14yr olds from congo, maybe thats what these fans want.

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