10 players listed as targets,if we fail to sign Arshavin.

As Arsenal threaten to pull the plug on the Arshavin deal,we ask who could Arsene Wenger turn his attention to next?

Wenger wants a flair player who can play off the main striker or on the wings, So we at www.goonerforum.com have come up with a realistic list of players that we might move for.

  1. Ibrahim Afellay
  2. Niko Kranjcar
  3. Stephen Ireland
  4. Charles N’Zogbia
  5. Arda Turan
  6. Bastian Schweinsteiger
  7. João Moutinho
  8. Diego
  9. Yoann Gourcuff
  10. Nuri Sahin

I think all of the above would be cheaper then Arshavin and all  are younger.So maybe if this deal breaks down it could be a blessing in disguise.

Out of the 10 listed, I would love to see us move for Ibrahim Afellay.At 22 he still has a lot to learn but for me he can become as good as C.Ronaldo.A Great talent! I just hope its not Jimmy Bullard : (

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34 Responses to 10 players listed as targets,if we fail to sign Arshavin.

  1. afc4eva says:

    nahhh forget affelay, he is a clone of shit head denilson! and i dnt fink u have watched affelay enought if ur comparin him to ronaldo, hes nt a natural winger, hes a denilson type centre mid, with a few more skills. off that list, and some one in comparison to wat arshavin cud bring to arsenal, id say n’zogbia… the only 1 on that list with genuine pace, coz look, wenger is definately not bringing arshavin to play centre mid, hes goin to use him as a winger jus like he did with both rosicky and nasri! 2bh he not guna play 2nd striker, we already gt rvp to do that role, aswel as rvp, vela plays that position naturally, also bendtner can do that job as well, maybe not to sucha high standard, but wenger loves them off too much to jus bring in sumone to play there and blow them out the water. 2bh if we dnt get arshavin, we shud try for a proper sterdy centre mid who can offer both attackin and defensive attributes, sum1 in the mould of vieira, yaya toure, obviously were not going to get yaya, but as an example.

  2. Rick says:

    Where is Barry or Parker ?

  3. THE BIG MAN says:

    arda tudan all the way! perfect arsenal type player!!

  4. GMR says:

    Out of that lot listed I’d prefer Bastian Schweinsteiger.

    If that video clip above is the best one of Afellay you could find then I din’t see much to excite. One thing I did notice is how slow he looked & that would be a worry. We need someone with pace again, we already have too many slow to average pace midfielders & it means we don’t get anything like the goals we used to on the break.

  5. KoloLej says:

    Schweinsteiger is the one to go for.

    He’s out of contract in the summer so he’d be cheap.

    He’s direct, fast and scores goals

  6. northbanklegend says:

    Krancjar has been linked to us, but we have shown no real interest in him. Frankly he has not set the Premier League alight either.
    N’Zogbia has been pleading for us to sign him, but like Krancjar he has done nothing special.

    Moutinho and Velosso could be options but they are different type of players.

    Yoann Gourcuff is on lona from Milan at Botdeaux, he could be an option in exchange for Sendeross who is on loan at the San Siro.

    But WEnger being Wenger we will sign some unknown french 20 year old!!

  7. Plastic Gooner says:

    i don’t think bastian & diego are realistic targets. certainly not for less than 12 mil. as for diego, he will certainly cost more than arshavin

  8. stu says:

    Its a shame N’Zogbia is on that list because it ruins the whole thing. Take him off before more people see.

  9. Dimitri says:

    2 players I think could be absolutely ideal are Elano, not really wanted at city anymore, but he knows how to play, defo think wenger could bring out the best in him. How about Aiden Mcgeady? Fallen out and celtic and even messi said he could slot into the barca team, would let nasri move into the middle and more economically viable.

  10. Sean says:

    You can rule out Bastian Pigmover as he has just signed a new 3yr deal with the Bavarian leatherboys.Yoan Gourcuff has a 15million euro price tag,N’Zogbia isn’t good enough and Diego has a 30million euro buyout clause.Joao Moutinho is for sale but at £19million.Nuri Sahin is a central midfielder and so is Stephen Ireland.
    More realistic targets would be-
    Ibrahim Afellay
    Hatem Ben Arfa
    Ivan Rakitic
    Sebatian Giovinco.

  11. jimmy says:

    wat a crap video! honestly if that his best i dnt want him at da club

  12. TT says:

    Barry or Parker is not there because we do not need either of them, or any player like them. We need creativity on the wings and a replacement for Fabregas in the middle to play alongside Denilson.

  13. swedegooner says:

    Don’t really understand what makes this wish-list “realistic”. Some of the names been rumored as linked to Arsenal for years (Gourcuff, Kranjcar). Schweinsteiger would be sweet. Explosive and allround. Young, but with great routine. Was a Silly-Season topic last summer after euro08. But Schweinsteiger is Klinsmanns man and he extended his contract at Bayern M until 2012 in November -08 so he’s far from what I would call a “realistic” name. A realistic scenario is that there will be no signings. Eduardo, Walcott, Rosicky and Fabregas will be presented “like new players” when back and fit [s.i.c]

  14. DaveyP says:

    I just hope they get the Arshavin deal done. I live in St.Petersburg from 2006 and he is unbelievable, I’ve watched him plenty of times and have no doubt he could be top class in any league. He always looked an Arsenal player to me, and I’m surprised we didn’t have a look at him before his value rocketed at the euros, he’s been making bits of not only Russian league players but good international players for years

  15. hazza says:

    the only players Arsenal want are kranjcar, moutinho, n’zogbia nd Diego. i think afellay is ok but not like denilson. i think we will get arshavin nyway so y worry! we also need a keeper thats better than almunia like given. we need yaya toure hu will be a better defensiv midfieldr like viera. i dunno wat rick is thinkin in scott parker coz hes rubbish!!

  16. Jimbo says:

    You have N’Zogbia in this list, but you DON’T want Bullard?

    That’s odd. Take it you’ve not been watching much of either player over the last year or so? Or is it just the fancy French name you like?

    Anyway, Kranjcar is signing a new deal at Pompey, and is gash anyway, whilst I think Diego has gone to Juve, no? And Schweinsteiger’s signed a new contract too.

    Clearly not much thought gone into this list, has it…

  17. Goonerboy says:

    Nuri Sahin is awesome. 🙂

  18. gilz says:

    stephen fking irerland !!!! he is classsssssssssss

  19. Bluntedgooner says:

    N’zogbia has not been used properly by Newcastle and I think has alot more in his locker, just needs the right manager to bring it out, and I reckon he would be well cheap especialy since he slapped that Carrol kid today. Bullard would be the perfect partner for Cesc but not an alternative to Arshavin. Ireland and kranjcar would be ideal.

  20. g0on3r says:

    from the list, the most realistic targets are arda turan, afellay and gourcuff. although i like to see turan or gourcuff play for arsenal, i have someone else in mind. i would prefer van der vaart. he apparently have no future at madrid. he experienced enough to make an instant impact and very creative as well. moreover he is a goal scoring midfielder, just like arsenal needed. i’m sure with him no longer needed at madrid, arsenal should able to get him cheap.

  21. Edosomwan dogitto says:

    Any way wenger might b tempted 2 blv on his team considering d last 4 performances of d team.am afraid he might nt sign any of them

  22. rosey says:

    Milan value Gourcuff at about £25 Mil, they would have recalled him had Kaka left. So he can come off the list.

  23. readie says:

    lets get the arshavin/and upsdon.then brig on the silver

  24. rc says:

    i tried this on another site but what about swapping Reo Coker with Eboue, he would be our defensive screen and play 4 offensve players from nasri sesc rvp theo diaby ramsey and addy up front, they need a right back and reo could cover us there if need be

    and to totally wind you all up have a look at chris eagles he could be good down the right and allow theo down left or up front, but always to have rvp in the team as he is now finding his potential

  25. AM says:

    I think its Arshavin or NO1.

    I dont think Bullard is as bas as you all say, He has played in prem for 4/5 seasons, will command a lil bit of respect, will be cheaper than any other English midfielder and Arshavin.

    Also he is the perfect age to keep in the squad and and Ramsay/Wiltshire can take his place in a season or two time. He is a team player, and gives something to the dressing room, which we lack.

    He will do a simular job to what Parlour did for us, and will also attract older English players to our team which is much needed. ie: Barry wanted Livepool over us because they had a few English players his age, we only had Walcott (19) Wiltshire (17).

  26. jk says:

    What are you lot on? Are you all talking about strengthening our reserve team or something??? Your just listing distinctively mediocre players who play for average clubs. The likes of nzogbia, parker, kranjcar, ireland and all the rest are no better than denilson, eboue, song and the rest of the average players we already have. Same with arshavin. he is completely unproven in any sort of decent league yet you all think he will win us the title.
    We need a centre back and a holding midfield player. Not players from wigan or portsmouth or bolton like your all listing on this site but a decent player with real pedigree. Sure we could spend lots of money on players who have won nothing and proved nothing all their careers or we could leave it up to Wenger to bring in a player you dont know about like Vieira or Pires or Henry etc.
    While im sure playing champ man is good fun but it is only a game and does not reflect real players ability to fit into our team or the mentality needed to win a premiership title.

    And what is it with upson? most of you obviously never supported the club while he was with us (yes its true he was at arsenal once!) so let me inform you of why he was sold. he probably averaged about 3 minutes game time for every 3 months he was out injured. he was also not good enough for a top 6 team let alone a team going for the title.

  27. harry says:

    diego would and moutinho would probably £15m each. Sahin’s untested but looks good, gourcoffs alright. if it was up to me i’d buy de rossi and and diego.

  28. khoune says:

    Afellay is the Arsenal type player and the important thing is that he is young .why Wenger is not trying to sign him.

  29. Vincent says:

    McGeady should have been on this list.He has the perfect profile.Good dribbling & passing ability and he is very quick.He would adapt very quickly to the pace of the premier league as between these 2 leagues there isn’t much difference.
    He is young and has enough experience on all fronts.If we don’t take him one day you will see in the papers “Aiden McGeady sign for Manyoo” and this wouldn’t be a real pleasure to read.

  30. Gooner10 says:

    youre dreaming if you think we can get gourcuff!!! he is the reason milan are willing to part with kaka…will be among the worlds best in 2 years.

  31. browny says:

    Not many people mention him from the list but the times I have seen Turan he is a creative and tricky midfielder in the Arshavin mould. Not all on the list I would consider as replacements for Arshavin. I think Schweinsteiger although good is a more classic hardworking midfielder but not as tricky as either Arshavin or Turan. Gourcuff could be interesting but is more a work in progress and do we need more of them. He may be worth a punt though as he has the potential to become a £30m rated player.

  32. Snowman22 says:

    whats all this about not having Bullard!
    the guy is a superb player… i would rather him over all the above players apart from Ireland.

    As for N’Zogbia, i do not rate him at all.

    We are crying out for a player like Jimmy, has an amazing engine, great vision, good in the air, oh yeah… and he might just put a smile on the players faces from time to time (even Gallas!!!) and we could do with a bit of spirit in dressing room. oh and one more thing…He’s English!!


  33. Gooner13 says:

    You lot dont have a clue. The two players we should sign out of that 10 is Diego And Joao Moutinho. Two great players playing at the top of their game right now. And two players that are worthy of wearing the arsenal shirt.

  34. alikos says:

    arsenal will be banging their heads when afellay goes to barcelona, inter, madrid.

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