Show us you have ambition and sign Arshavin [Arshavin Video]

“IF” we sign him I feel he can fill the void that has been missing since DB10,We miss that creative god who can win the game with a moment of genius.

We must break the bank and sign Arshavin for a number of reasons.

The players, fans need a boost. This season has been flat & a new signing like Arshavin will lift everybody at the club. If we fail yet again to bring in a player of this class it will prove that Arsenal are not serious about competing and only care about making a profit.

I cant really remember the last time we went out and sign a world class ready made player like Arshavin? Bergkamp maybe?

Arsenal need to sign this player for a number of reasons. If not then the fans will lose heart and Im sure some of the players will question the ambition of the club if we fail to do so.

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Let it be!!

Let it be!!

23 Responses to Show us you have ambition and sign Arshavin [Arshavin Video]

  1. don says:

    i completely agree.arshavin is a faboulous player who will be worth every single penny the stingy arsenal board want to keep. paying an extra million for a worldclass player shouldn’t be so hard for a club who are supposed to be rich

  2. perrygrovesworld says:

    its not about ambition its about doing a deal under the right circumstances. Zenit keep playing hard to get and its all a bit tiresome. Don’t they realize that the player will devalue if they mess this up. I want Arsenal to sign him but I don’t want them to do it on their knees. Its not about profit its about good business, a club in debt is always at more risk of takeovers and Arshavin’s pay package will push the total outlay beyond £20M even if he is signed for £15m. So think before you use words like ambition…..

  3. alado says:

    am xreamly sure nd optimistic dat arshavin is coming right here right nw, mark my word arshavin is here

  4. TT says:

    You do of course mean Gourcuff?

  5. david says:

    I agree,arshavin should come to arsenal but the club should not be held onto ransom to pay over the odds, if what is our valuation isnt accepted,I think we should move on,BUT the club should atleast sign two players this transfer window we need strength in depth,arshavin or no arshavin we need additional players at the club preferably a defensive midfielder and a playmaker

  6. Trevor says:

    yo gooner lets start a Arshavin fund-raising for the stingy arsenal board mayb we can show them how much we need this guy what do u think guys

  7. oliver says:

    Arsenal have never publicly gone after a player and not bought him. Arsenal are the third richest club in the world, they can obviously afford him but if you don’t start with a low offer you’ll overpay.

  8. TT says:

    We don’t need a defensive midfielder. Just a winger (Arshavin) and possibly a central defender to replace Toure and Djourou. Then we can think about signing a goalkeeper and perhaps a replacement for Fabregas to partner Denilson.

  9. jane green says:

    Don is correct. Arsenal need to show fans and the other teams that they have the ambition to go and win the trophies.Arsenal can surely spend 1 million pound more and if they are gonna let this guy go over a million than thats a message to the fans that arsenal football club want to remain a top four club and not win anything again. Song Denilson,diaby and eboue arent good enough for our team and if wenger thinks we are stupid enough to believe him when he says walcott, fab and eduardo are like new signings then he must go!!! hes been great manager but hes extemely stubborn!! i think arsenal and zenit are doing all this behind closed doors and we will find out the true story when this finally end for the good or bad! one thought though: heres this for a front six: arshavin,nasri,fabregas,walcott,van persie and adebayor/eduardo!!! amazing! just buy four great defenders and goalie and we are sooo there!

  10. Realistic Gooner says:

    Arshavin is the only player who can replace Hleb on the pitch, and provide us some creativity. If the club won’t sign him, we deserve to be in UEFA cup next season, and then the board would understand that offering 1-2 million more could have saved us this season and future economic loses in the future.

  11. Hugo says:

    Please don’t speak for me by saying “the fans will lose heart”. No, actually I will not. Unlike you and this shitty little blog you use to slag off the club I love, my faith in the side does not rest on some Russian who’s never played outside his home town and taken until the age of nearly 28 to do something in his career worth noticing. If we sign him, great. If not, oh well, we’ll just have to put up with Nasri, van Persie, Rosicky and Fabregas for those creative moments you seem to think we lack.

  12. lee says:

    to hugo:
    Your not wrong about us having the likes of nasri, van persie, Rosicky and Fabregas for our creative side, but at the moment it looks like rosicky isnt going to be playing this season, and Fabregas is out for what 2-3 months so who we going to play.. eboue? diaby? song? denilson? no. we need another half desent creative midfielder if we want to stay in th top 4 this season.

  13. looneygooner says:

    We are not a club that buys world class players and who the hell stated Arshavin is world class, the PL takes time to adapt and I haven’t seen anything from this guy that impresses me, he threaten to go on strike so why get a troublesome player.
    Lose heart and the faith, what sort of nonsense is that?, through thick and thin, we are not a rich club like the Mancs,Chavs and Citeh, only one team can win the major trophies, what annoys me is the constant bitching and moaning we get on blogs and at games.
    We have Eduardo to come back, give him a few games and who knows, RvP is staring to really produce, we have Bendtner as super-sub, we are un-beaten in eight and staring to grind out results, haven’t the Mancs being doing the same for the last ten games but everyone praises them, we do it and everyone is on our backs.
    The media like to stir things, Wenger was slated and rightly so last season for the woeful performance against the Mancs in the FA Cup, now we have Redknapp and Ferguson going one further and blatantly and publicly fielding a weakened side, watch how many of their players return from injury for their next PL game.
    Instead of all this constant moaning, let’s get behind the team, the new generation of fans we have now is embarrassing and it’s that that will destroy the game and drive players away.
    Yes it is expensive, and there is a lack of communication between the players and fans, but it works both ways, I pay £950 for my ST and next season I will be going halves with a mate, the recession is here but if for an hour and a half I can forget my money worries and enjoy a cracking good game of football, it won’t make the problem go away but it will suppress it for that time.
    I am off to Cardiff tomorrow and we could lose, but it’s the day out I enjoy, if we win great,if not it’s not the end of the world, but I want for ninety minutes is that all the Arsenal players give all not the surrender we had last season.
    I have been a fan for 36 years and I have seen highs and lows with Arsenal, I still think we are in for a little surprise this season
    Up the Arse

  14. mario from MALTA says:


  15. arsenekidz says:

    Fans will lose heart. Players will lose heart.Arsenal got nothing to show during the last 4 years. If the club does not show ambition, mark my words that our top players will go.

  16. Dr Ceril. says:

    Go HUGO!!

    All of a sudden this russian shmuck is supposed to be our saviour! The very same people that are slagging Wenger and are so desperate for Arshavin will be the first ones to call him a waste of money and question Wengers judgement should he take more than two weeks to start playing well.

  17. geoff reid says:

    If we dont sign the ruskie it will show how tight fisted this club is–they want our money with the highest ticket prices–to watch the likes of EBOUE–this club is finished as a top level club–and any decent players left will leave.

  18. arsenekidz says:

    I don’t care who we sign. So long he can make the team better. This season’s league is one of the tightest be it fighting for the Premier League title, relegation or Champion League spot. We must reinforce the team or lose out. Our squad is not as big as we hope for and injuries or suspension may occur to any of our players anytime.

  19. Hugo says:


    I understand what you’re saying but I don’t think the injuries to Cesc and Tommy are that relevant. I know it would make Arshavin more important for now but what about next season? We can’t justify spending that sort of money just to fill a hole for a few months. I’m not saying we shouldn’t sign him, in fact I want us to get him, but he’s no “god” like this article says and he’s no better than the players we already have, just a very useful addition to the squad. And I don’t think we NEED a signing to make top 4, we’ll do it anyway and fairly comfortably in the end I think. Villa just aren’t that good and if they’d had the same sort of luck as we’ve had so far this season they’d be closer to the Championship than the Champions League, and it won’t last for them.

    Anyway, my real issue wasn’t with people wanting to sign Arshavin, because I think most fans including myself, want that; it was the way this article was written and the fact that this blog typifies the sort of fans who seem to think Arsenal have never finished lower than 4th in the league and that our entire squad and manager are now all shit, and the claims that EVERY fan feels the same. I don’t, many others don’t, and the players and manager are not shit, we’ll be in the Champions League next season and don’t be surprised to see us finish 2nd or 3rd!

  20. Hugo says:

    On another note, I know I’ve been critical but top marks to this writer for allowing my comments on here. There are blogs out there that don’t let comments through if they criticise their work, but this bloke takes it on the chin. We’re all entitled to our opinion and I may not like yours but at least you take the trouble to put them out there and then allow people to publicly both agree and criticise, fair play.

  21. barnaby says:

    Arshavin is world class and he is wanted by many Arsenal supporters including Wenger. The trouble is it looks like he’ll go to the highest bidder and we’re not either willing or most likely able to bid highest. If he doesn’t go to us, he’ll probably be at mancity. Agreed, we should be working on realistic targets, but again, other clubs seem to be getting the better of us for established players and thus we’re forced to go for the younger players where we have an advantage in spotting and developing(and selling).

  22. DINO says:

    rubbish, buying ashavin should never be linked with ambition of the club. I believe arsene is building the best team from the limited financial capacity in hand, he doesnt risk the club with unrealistic loans to finance expensive “superstars”

  23. arsenekidz says:

    Arshavin maybe a good addition but he alone doesn’t save our season.There’s just too much publicity and focus on him. By the way, football is a team sport. Everyone irrespective of officials,players and supporters must play their part to ensure success.

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