Arshavin Signs!

an Autograph

Wenger said he has no news about Arshavin when interview today…Ohh well!

Wengers Interview Link

But we do have a cracking Arshavin video for you…..Enjoy

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30 Responses to Arshavin Signs!

  1. tommy says:


    Very funny, Well done

  2. will says:

    Super stuff TGF

  3. MickyT says:

    ive had a bad day and i need cheering up. Thanks goonerforum

  4. gooner says:

    Nice 1 lads. Keep it up rocks

  5. Medi says:

    I knew it was a joke. You got me mate

  6. The arse says:

    Fed up with those rumours already….Don’t wanna check out NEWSNOW anymore…Just wanna see a confirmation of signing in Official website…….Please…..please….

  7. Joshwaaaa says:

    lol I knew somthing like that would show up 😛

  8. Gunwen says:

    this is just painful. we are now turning on each other with pranks and all….

  9. redbearer says:

    Haha… Muppet!

  10. Loveit says:

    I love this blog, Great work : )

  11. walcott14 says:

    hahahahah great post man

  12. thegoonerforum says:

    Lighten up : ))

  13. Joshwaaaa says:

    Jesus guys it was a funny article. Get a sense of humour. You are sad if your life revolves around the arshavin deal. I want him to come as much as anyone but if he doesnt then fuck it. We’ve got a good squad with players coming back too.

    Good article and lighten up you guys for fucks sake

  14. Johnnieeee says:

    Ha Ha very FunNy!! Just get a move on arsenal and sign him won,t you..feed up of this crap..just splash some cash and get on with it!!

  15. thegoonerforum says:

    Cheers Josh mate.

  16. Eman says:

    Heh i was wondering how long it would take for something like this to come up. All you people calling this guy names, get a life. Did you seriously expect this to be a genuine story? Surely someone else would be reporting too! Everyone needs to stop being so gullible.

  17. thegoonerforum says:

    Thanks for that Brian : )

  18. Eman says:

    ^^ Brian, awesome. 😀

  19. dan says:

    all of you crying and with he cheek to tell him to get a life, grow the fuck up!

    if all you have to do is click on newsnow all day and get offended by a very obvious (one site saying hed signed, come on!) joke you really need to grow up, its probably just as well your in all day refreshing for updates on newsnow and not out in the world i dont think any of you could handle it!

    people need to stop getting het up like in the summer, screaming crying and demanding this and that. if hesgoing to sign it will happen regardless of you bawling your wee hearts out and turning on anyone who tries a bit of light humour like a pack of cunts

  20. suki says:

    cheap but gets a reaction!!

  21. Rachid says:

    Weren’t you the same twat that posted that Arsene gets Arseshavin thing with the photoshopped pic of Wenger getting his butt shaved. You’re so fucking juvenile. The fact that I went on NewsNow and this was the only link there saying anything about Arshavin signing just made me know it was something as lame as this again. At least if you’re gonna keep pulling this don’t make it that obvious and at least put some humour into it.

  22. digger says:

    Nice one Randy. The problem with blogging is any fucking moron can write shite and have it syndicated. It may have been a joke, but it was terribly unfunny. It’s been done before too, at least try to keep your humour original TheGoonerForum.

    And Brian, if you’re going to try to “rickroll” people, do it on sites which don’t have pop up previews on external links 🙂

  23. stu says:

    Really c’mon. Its just a joke. Dont take it so seriously. Go do yer homework and study for yer spelling test tomorrow. Or at least dont leave a comment because you think it will help.

  24. Cy_gooner says:

    Oh my god, all you people hurling abuse need to shut the fuck up and get a life…you clearly all have an IQ of -250. Do you seriously think that the first website to report on the signing of Arshavin would be this blog (no offence goonerforum) surely you should be looking for reliable sources like skysports or even checking for new signings…Randy Osae…your the biggest loser of all hahaha…trying to get the blog deleted, how sad. Why dont you lot try writing blogs so that we can all rip it out of you…oh no, sorry, you cant because half of you cant spell and the other half dont have a vocabulary that goes past ‘fuck’ ‘cunt’…dicks

  25. Faisal Ali says:

    lol any person in their right mind knows it was a joke before the clicked on the link….but i must say i was interested on how u twist it…..lets just say it didnt dissapoint… lets hope for the same article name on the official arsenal website!!!

  26. Ibukun sango says:

    I wnt 2 believe all u kids are jobless, dts why u are all yllng at each othr, shws hw stupid and gullible u all are, anyway am off 2 wrk babarians!!!

  27. Powelly says:

    4 mins 5 seconds in to the video it was like watching Bergkamp’s goal away at Leicester!!!

  28. boblee says:

    i like to wacth him stole the ball from the goal keeper, he was so damn clever or may be the keeper was so stupid.

  29. asaph says:

    my comment’s to advis’g Wanger to continue that deal of sign’g ARshavin, such his can be firm.

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