Its time for Arsenal and Wenger to show the fans some respect!

Earth calling Arsène,We need new blood NOW!!!!

Not for the first time today it showed that we need a bit of quality injected in the squad.

It’s OK to do a bit of bargaining now and then but we have missed out on so many players recent for the shake of a few mill. Apparently we missed out on Alonso and Ribery just because we didn’t want to play the extra that was required.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what Arsene has done for us and how good a manager he is but he has had a lot of luck and we have had to see the same mistakes being made again and again and it really frustrates me,ie Wenger’s lack of spending.

Its now time to spend the money Arsene. I know you have principles but sometimes in life you need to admit you was wrong and now its clear to all that that time is NOW!

And before i get the usual “Fck off and support Man City” or “How can you talk about Arsene like that he is a god”

Well let me make 1 thing very clear, I’m an Arsenal fan and have been since the 80s, Way before Arsene came along and will be after he leaves. I’m an Arsenal fan not a Arsene fan. I stand by what I said about him being a great manager, But he is not beyond criticism and in my opinion he has made far to many mistakes recent to just keep inside.

What ever happends to this club in the future I will still love them, I will forever support them,Even if we end up going down I cant stop  loving  the team and name that I was born into. But they are and have let me down in so many ways.

Why should I keep pumping my hardearned money into this club? Why do you think so many fans are not renewing there season tickets?

Its time for you to give something back to the fans. Its time for you to spend and to bring the best to Arsenal. We desever it, We are loyal fans who have had to put up with a lot of crap from the board over the years. Selling our best players time and time again. Telling us we are skint when we clearly are not.Only recently a reported listed us as being in the top 5 rich list in the world.

I remember at the end of the last transfer window Wenger said he would be up all night trying to sign a player. I stayed up till 4am checking SSN and I watched the Man Utd fans outside the stadium dance with joy about them signing Dimitar Berbatov and then it hit me. When was the last time Arsenal fans went outside the ground and celebrated a huge signing? NEVER!!!!

Its time for Arsenal and Wenger to show the fans some respect,or they can fck off to Man City


45 Responses to Its time for Arsenal and Wenger to show the fans some respect!

  1. liridon says:

    Personally, i agree with Atilla.
    Any manager would do better with arsenal. If we spend more we could have got Lippi, Capello, Terim, Advcaat etc.
    Wenger has passed his best to be honest, and as all fans say, we support the team not individuals.

  2. oliver says:

    I agree, I think signings will come, Ivan Gazidids will want to show that Arsenal mean business.

    Arsenal are the third most valuable club in the World, we need to show it.

  3. BBGooner says:

    I agree, Wenger should realise that he is the manager and not the chairman.
    Its his job to buy players and ensure the success of the team, not worry about whether or not the team make a proffit

  4. manuel says:


    That wasn’t as bad as your rubbish posts of the past.

    Not good by any means, but largely readable and I concur with much of what you argue.

    Unfortunately I can’t see us spending much money. I am more fed up with the things Arsene says every bloody week about how he ‘trusts this group’ and how injured players are ‘like new signings’.

    If we miss out on Arshavin we wont sign anyone.

  5. richard says:

    its not time for AS to show respect, its time for him to go! Seriously!!

  6. John says:

    i cant believe what i am hearing here. Just sheer stupidity. Guys…. I appreciate your passion for the club and u expressing opinions and I do admire for this…. now i shall express my opinion……

    THAT ARTICLE WAS SHEER UTTER BOLLOCKS. Lets say we had bought song 4 10million in the summer… people wuld then be saying oh hes spent big on a player.. who cares?? what we want is quality and entertaining football, fighting for trophies and not going bust like other clubs will be in the future. Wenger has transformed the whole shape of the club. The football, the training facilities, a history of trophies, scouting network and being financial stable in comparison to others. Can u really think of anyone better to take arsenal forward than the man who has done a brilliant job in the past 12 years?? I cant. He goes then the team breaks up, the scouting system goes, our hot prospects go e.g.ramsey, walcott, cesc given they came to develop under Wenger and the attractiveness of the football we play will definately not be as good. I, like you guys am a massive fan of Arsenal and there can only ever be one team for me and it is my belief that the best man to take this club forward is arsene wenger and he is head and shoulders above the others. in arsene i trust

  7. Max says:

    Stupid article!! A true Arsenal fan will get behind the team. It has been a toughest seoson but we wont give up!! Will travel to liverpool on wednesday!! I will sing my heart out!! Ooh yes i will! Am sick of fuckin negative articles from you lot!!!

  8. jo says:

    Are you living in a fantasy world? if wenger leaves we would fall apart he has done wonders with us, we have over acheived for years on a budget, picking players like viera, ljungberg, henry, pires, petit, anelka, fabregas, van persie just to name a few and turns them into world class players and has created in 2003/04 the best and most talented team ever to play on british soil. we built the emirates so we could compete financially with the likes of liverpool chelsea man u, we are still not quite there the emirates cost a lot and we are still recovering from that. We need to trust wenger because his track record forces us to do so, his has never let us down before, we are on the verge of being great again

  9. Attila says:

    Jo, The world would not end “WHEN” wenger leaves.

    Arsenal were a great club before and will be after Wenger

  10. Max says:

    Attila, you are full of shit just like most of US Blogs! You are an embarassment … May be you should go back to basketball!! You lot make me sick!! In Wenger I trust, forever!!

  11. Rob says:

    You do not need to appologise, mate. Your comments are spot’on. We are sick and tired of Wenger’s pinching pennies. We lost out to Alonso because of the same problem. We are about to lose out to Arshavin and these are not the only examples of AW’s tight fistedness, Robinho, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo could have mde a huge difference in arsenal’s history had he loosened his fist a little bit. The days when players round the world wished to play for him are over. Who would relish playing alongside the likes of Adebayor, Denilson, Eboue, Almunia….?

  12. jo says:

    true Attila, but can you tell me a better man for the job? or can you tell me who could have done a better job? or why have r madrid been after him for years? we are a better team with wenger

  13. BBGooner says:

    I see the ‘I love wenger crew’ are back out in force god bless em

    what they dont understand is they are not arsenal supporters but wenger supporters.
    at least if wenger went to real madrid in the summer they would have a new team to support.

  14. Attila says:

    Good point BBGooner : )

  15. jo says:

    BBgooner you talk like you are the real fan! the fact is wenger is our manager and I the real fan support him, i bet you also booed Ade and Eboue, a fan/supporter supposed to support his team

  16. Kyle says:

    Attila you’re a mug.

    “Its time for Arsenal and Wenger to show the fans some respect,or they can fck off to Man City” – maybe you should fuck off to city you plastic cunt. As soon as Arsenal experience a rough patch all you plastics show your true colours. You’re the type of cunt who would cry for the next manager to be sacked if he didn’t win his first match. You’re a disgrace, I’m ashamed of fans like you.

    By keeping arsenal financially afloat Wenger is showing respect to the fans – it would be all too easy for him to blow money that we havnt got and then piss off when he retires leaving arsenal in a financial crisis. I am sick and tired of all these negative band-wagon jumping plastic articles. You’re boring, and a cunt.

    “When was the last time Arsenal fans went outside the ground and celebrated a huge signing? NEVER!!!!” – The fact that we’ve “never celebrated a huge signing” and yet we’re still one of the most successful clubs in england under Arsene Wenger says something, no? And for your information Wenger put in two bids for Alonso, so he is not for want of trying you utter, utter cunt.

    When was the last time Attila went to the ground? NEVER!!!!

    Fuck off to city where you belong.

  17. nut says:

    Wenger can not take us any further, him and the board are full of shit.

  18. pple should realize that arsenal is different,special and this style will not come without sacrifise.

  19. skeptic says:

    all these real fans sat at the pc following the club vicariously, blah blah new signings, blah blah wenger past it blah blah blah.

    the internet is a brilliant invention, sadly it’s given a voice to people undeserving of one.

    Spurs have spent a hundred million quid and still look a shambles, yeah spending money and buying players is the answer.

  20. John says:

    BBGooner… we are not wenger fans.. we are arsenal fans and as fans we think the best man for the job is arsene.

  21. jo says:

    Tell them Kyle, their sort is not wanted

  22. Josh says:

    Clearly there is a lot of disgust over the fact that we Arsenal supporters have had to adjust our ambitions over the last four years, from going to title chasers every season to hoping we can make enough of an impact on a competition to maybe win it. That adjustment of expectation is probably the hardest thing for most supporters to accept, especially as we have been so tantalizingly close to both the league, last season, and the Champions League, in 2006. Yes, Wenger is definitely wrong when it comes to squad depth right now, he even admits that himself, look at his remarks after the Cardiff game. It is too small and too young. Why he doesn’t go dump a ton of money on three or four new players to augment what we already have is not easy to understand. Our midfield, which is the most important nucleus of any team is where we lack the most. The defense has gotten exposed, like in the early parts of season, because of a lack of quality and cohesion in the engine room. Look how many midfield combinations we have used, its getting ridiculous. However, let’s wait till the end of the transfer window and cast a critical eye then, not now, when everything could work out sweetly, and all this bitching would be a waste of energy. Is Wenger being a little naive about the assessment of his squad: Yes. Is there a ton of promise in most of these players to be outstanding in a year or two: Yes. Are a few simply not good enough: Yes. Let’s save our criticism till the end of January, it’s not long off, and then rethink the sqaud and see where we end up this season. Ultimately, Wenger is not above criticism, but then again he seems to love it. Up the Gunners!

  23. Optimus says:

    Attila,since you the ONLY ONE who support Arsenal since 80,would you mind take AW position, i believe in your hand with your ability and you power,you can make player such Messi,Ibrahimovic even kaka get in the line,fighting each to get into your team,with you, i believe we can grab EPL,CL,FA,everthing,yeah,its really confuse me,the Board should hire you not AW in the first place, ha ha ha,by the way guys,if you want positive perspektive about Arsenal go to Arsenal Vision Blog,that blog make us understand why we stuck with our team no matter what…PEACE!!

  24. geoff reid says:

    What utter blind crap from you wegner supporters -we have missed so many good players because of HIS tightness–imagine we would have the best team in the world–instead of paying the highest prices to watch the likes of eboue–yes I would rather watch RONALDO-ROBINO-RIBERY etc-so you so called fans wake up and smell the stench coming from the boardroom-we are being ripped off.thats why we wont get the russian.

  25. Ramgun says:

    Making good signings has always been part of putting together a successful squad. Sometimes those signings cost a lot of money. Bergkamp and Seaman cost huge transfer fees at the time. I hope that it is not a failure of nerve on Arsene’s part and that he genuinely believes we are better without some of the players we have missed out on. I still have respect for our manager but, signings or not, how can anyone explain the continued picking of Eboue in midfield? You surely cannot charge the ticket prices we do and compete with Man Utd and co with Eboue in our midfield. We do not need to spend a fortune to get better than Eboue and, in fact, could do better from within our club right now!

  26. james says:

    Spot on Josh.

    If we got rid of Wenger, don’t you think that all the best teams in the world would fight each other to get him? There is no *better* manager out there. However we do all feel a bit cheated by comments about various players being good enough. Some clearly are not. Last weekend when drawing at Stoke, Man Ure bring on Scholes and Giggs to get them the win. We don’t have those players on our bench, we have talented teenagers who are unfortunately not experienced enough to come on and win games week in, week out. We need to strengthen and by doing so we will have to let a couple of talented youngsters go… they will become great players I am sure and we may rue their loss, but for the balance of the team at this point in time it is a necessary evil.

    I hope Gazidis tries to make a mark. I agree with the comment that realistically Wenger shouldn’t be the one worrying about the finances at the club. He should be told what his transfer kitty is and be able to spend it without breaking us financially.

    Personally, I now suspect that we won’t sign anyone in this window. I just pray to every god out there that we finish in the top 4 because the backlash of us not having reinforced when it is painfully obvious to every arsenal fan that we need to may be too much for teh clubs greatest manager to bear.

  27. iveseenthings says:

    My understanding of the article was that it was a criticism of both the board and the manager for failing to keep a strong squad together by failing to properly replace players that have left. Fair enough. They have chosen a strategy which means we put all our faith in youth. Other teams have other strategies. Manure manage to have great kids and a great squad, but that is a different board/manager combo and a different strategy.

    I don’t understand why some fans go on so much about money, infrastructure and so on. I know it’s important, but when I watch football I want my team to win and I don’t really want to stop and admire the balance sheet of the club.

    Surely the great managers (Shankly, Clough, Ferguson…yuk) are remembered for winning trophies? Isn’t that Wengers job, and the board’s job to look after the money? “We don’t win anything but we have a great stadium and facilities and the return on investment is well within forecast” does not sound like the cry of most normal fans.

    Anyway, I still think we will get 4th spot and as long as the team show passion and always try to win I’ll have many happy days following them, whatever the results.

  28. eduardo says:

    What a load of bull in that article, for one we did not miss out on Alonso cos of a few million, we missed out cos Barry did not join pool and pool would not sell alonso without signing barry firs. As for the c rap about “why so many fans are not renewing their season tickets” – well ManUre, chelski M City and Pool all have far higher % of fans not renewing their season tickets, you know it may have more to do with that little thing called the cash crisis that has gripped the world, seemingly many of you don’t suffer from it or even know about it.

    Yes Arsenal were here before Wenger and indeed will be here long after he is gone but if you know Arsenal FC’s history then you will know that only time the club was big spenders in the transfer market was in the 30’s,

    guys we are ment to have been in crisis all season but are only 6 points off top, Chelsea play both Pool and villa in the next couple of weeks so points are going to be dropped by those above us, we have now gone 9 games without defeat, players are improving, and stop this over reaction about Arshavin deal, why should we pay Zenits infalted price, no one else is in for him, he wants to leave, he will be 28 soon, and he has said he will buy out his contract in 9 months for £2M, yet idiots like you want us to spend £20M on him now. I expect you also see nothing wrong with City spending £14M on De Jong when they could get him for £3M if they waited till the summer, I have supported Arsenal through thick and thin – from 1970 – and I can tell you we are in much better shape than we have been for most of that 39 years. time some of you grew up and stopped acting like spoilt brats or like Chelski fans

  29. abel says:

    Even Van P is trying to scam 80’000 a week off us…. The club is not designed to be in a position for handing out silly wages just yet… until inflation hits.

    WEnger is not in charge of saying how much we put down for a plyer…. last yr we were told we had 30mill 2 spend…. So think about it…. wheres that gone, on 2/3 signings??

    I doubt it, Wenger is so popular that the board always uses him as a scapegoat…. I mean if Wenger got told you can buy any1 for 30mill…. I doubt he would turn around and say…

    “HMMM that will disbalance the team and go against Arsenal academies football ethics????”

    Come on man, the guy is terrible when he comes to defending reasons for not winning, but at least he doesn’t regularly blame individ players … he usually tries to alleviate the stress by taking it on the chin.

    He is a mad hatter 4 goin afta Arshavin, when we could just cop Defour, Mbia, Senna… even Claude makalele wod have been better than anything… cause I don’t see any kid holding the hole like Defour who isn’t over 22 either.

    4get ages, Ajax did the champ league with an ave age of 22… but we just need to become prestigous like Utd, Chelsea by either Winning a the prem back to back so players dont mind sitting on the bench i.e. Diarra, Bend, Gilberto etc.

    Or ARsene tells every1 dey can fuck off and compete regardless of who comes in and what they get paid….And just hope wages dont spiral out of control once success is eminent…

    Money buys success in this climate, and unless we form some perfect football whilst every1 else pecks at transfer window lyk hedless chikens then we cant attain an trophy other than F.A.

    There is no club without fans, so you cant just create a stadium hike fees and then expect us to watch football of a lesser quality than was available at Highbury????

    none of us as fans should have to care about economic conditions since they are hitting us just as hard…. And does it seem as though Wenger has started to already purchase players that look like they will look like replacements for our current players…

    I do think its amazing how our most highly paid transfer fees haven’t been amazing

    So lets just look to purchase thats all I ask, get a few gritty players from team in our league… Were starting to c the emergence of 3 sides available for man utd… Lets hope they dont run away with the leagues again..

  30. Max says:

    Same all shit from US blog! Dont have a clue about our history!! Bunch of fuck faces!!

  31. skeptic says:

    Can everyone who posts add a note at the bottom is they have seen us play in the flesh less than 10 times and also if they are based abroad, that way I can ignore your opinions and move on to someone who I might respect.

    Way too many knee jerk football manager style fans here, maybe a few more trophy less years will really sake the tree and they’ll move onto man city chelsea or whoever are buying the most players.

    season ticket holder of nearly 15 years, attended 700 odd games home and away over the best part of three decades.

  32. mobo says:

    i agree with attila, somethin seriouse should be done, as a matter of fact i will not mind chiping in, and every loyal fan if its £1 par person we should be able to raise the extra 1 millon pounds for ashavin at least if wenger cant make us happy we could buy our way to it.

  33. goonerboy says:

    omg, how can you be a gooner since 80s?
    you WEREN’T even born yet.
    oh by the way, you should REALLY stop missing classes. Don’t just stay home facing the computer 24/7 and trying to make some money on the net by coming up with this stupid blog with stupid headlines and stupid ideas.
    i may not agree with all things said on wrighty7 or le grove but i can tell that those people are genuinely interested in the Arsenal, unlike sh!thead like you trying to make some money out of this by talking shite and coming up with lame ass headline which you claimed to be a joke.

  34. Max says:

    Skeptic, Ems is my home and will be travelling to goodison park on wednesday!! I dont appreciate these negative fuckers!! I say if u dont believe in ARSE (AL) THEN FUCK OFF AND SUPPORT CHELSKI, CITEY, MANURE OR LITTLE TOTTS, THEY ARE GOOD WHEN IT COMES TO BUYING!! HA!

  35. JC Gooner says:

    skeptic, season ticket holder since 1990, been to 25-30 games a season for most of those years.

    Opinion, for what its worth, i still get a buzz from going after all these years. Best football i’ve seen was last season – even tho didnt win any silverware.

    Everyone has a choice in life. No-one forces us to go. Yes, i’d love to win silverware, but there is only 3 major trophies up for grabs each season. Its all opinion and means absolute jack 99.99% of the time.

    Having met Bob Wilson the other week, the club and its people still oozes style. At least its not a chq book plaything of the rich (just yet!).

  36. barnaby says:

    Clearly many frustrated fans, max,skeptic you two most of all. It is a waste of time to speculate on Wenger, lets support the club. No manager is immune to results on the pitch, if we finish outside the cl places for a few seasons most probably he’ll be gone and we’ll deal with it then. Though i would very much like to see reinforcements brought in, there is promise in this squad.

  37. Rachid says:

    I couldn’t possibly agree more with what you’ve said. What pisses me off too is that when the crowd makes their opinion of our performances known by booing or not giving the same support as if we’re 3-0 up, Wenger comes out and blames them for not giving enough support to the team. A cowardly thing to do. You pay your money weekly to see a shit performance then you have every right to let your feelings be known.

  38. wow says:

    What are with the retarded comments … dis isn’t about being patriotic
    you dont have to be a scientist to attain an understanding of science u pleb
    hence it shouldn’t matter where you reside as I’m pretty sure it’s easier to watch and analyse footie on a tv then from a stand….

    I think everyone wants Arsenal to be a top competitive side…. and they are clearly lacking in departments to do so….

    Lets see what happens when any team that creates such high standards for itself is ever forgiven by its fans for not turning up in matches against pitiful sides….
    Barca, Real, Inter etc.

    Be Real…

  39. paulie says:

    Excellent article. I agree 100% with what you have to say. Some guy made an excellent point, if Wenger left and went to Madrid, (which will never happen by the way because he knows he wouldnt last as they expect to win things and the fans are not as gullible as some of our fans), but getting back to the point, that if he left then he could take all these Arsehole Arsene knows fans along with him as theyve become an embarassment to our club, the Arsene fans can fuck off with liar Wenger and leave us Arsenal fans alone

  40. teiarse says:

    I started supporting Arsenal in 70s (cos of Supermac). I live in Ireland and have 2 kids so don’t get to many games – just 3 or 4 per year – due to ridiculous prices of travel, accommodation and now tickets. I refer to expense as I’m sick to fuck of certain season ticket holders thinking they’re superior grade supporters just because they have the luck, current performances notwithstanding, to be able to afford they’re season tickets. Alot of us have other higher priorities financially but that does not make us any less knowledgeable about our team – there is certainly no better view than from in front of the TV and we can now see every game albeit delayed in some cases.
    I have every right to be pissed off at Arsene and his arrogance as he is directly responsible for my mood. I justify use of the word arrogance by his refusal to buy even inexpensive but experienced palers to tide us over during this unending transitional period. Why should Cesc stay? He owes us nothing why shouldn’t he join a successful team and make it better rather than carry the full weight of our expectations on his young shoulders? Same goes for any of our better players. Even the young players who are supposedly our bright future, why do we assume they’ll want to wait for a place on the bench of such a disapointing team of underachievers? At least the senseless gloating about playing the best football in the premiership/europe/world has stopped – I never understood how anyone could be happy watching the brilliant football our team produced in the last few years because for me it was just more frustrating.
    Atilla, great blog, I agree with most of what you say.
    I believe Arsene is the best manager in the world but he’s not perfect. I understand him not wanting to block progression of his excellent youth system but he should be capable of blooding young players gradually while maintaining a top 4 team – imagine hoping to finish in the top 4! I believe any individual player, including eboue and adebayor, would be playing well if the team were playing well. I’ve abstained from voting in quite a few of my supporters’ club’s man of he match votes because I honestly couldn’t pick out a good performance from a particular player. Cesc, RVP, Adebayor – no-one’s been anything special this season so far. I believe the system is more important than any individual player and the system and choice of player in that system is down to Arsene.
    I’m as worried about losing players as I am confident about buying them.
    I’m depressed, I don’t expect Arsenal to win games any more, I hope they will, I don’t expect Arsenal to win a trophy – I hope they will, I don’t expect Arsene to buy Arshavin (what’s he like as a defensive midfielder anyway!!!!!) I hope he does, just as a boost to the rest of the squad.

    I assume Arsene knows what’s wrong with the team and how to fix it I hope he acts soon.

    No expectations just hopes, that’s what Arsene has reduced me to.

    As for the pollyanna “Arsene knows” brigade there’s probably a law somewhere in the human rights act that allows me to criticise the current but temporary manager of my team that I’ve supported since long before his arrival and that I’ll support long after his departure.

    By the way if fans are sometimes referred to as a twelfth man does this mean that the tens of thousands of mute ” give me something to cheer about” Arsenal “fans” at “Ashburton Grave” are like having a man sent off?
    Great away supporters at Cardiff today, though, well done.

  41. Josh says:

    The reason (or at least one of) why Wenger doesn’t wish to pay large fees for a player is because players like those more often than not come with a certain attitude that isn’t in keeping with the current squad’s mentality. Look at Robinho’s sale, would you want a player like that (as good as he is) coming to the club and causing as much disharmony as he did? Comments about Kaka and other related issues have damnpened the shine off a transfer like that. Related to this issue about attitude, is that players who arrive under a large fee have that hanging over their head, and I feel one of the reasons that players like Sagna and Eduardo have arrived and took very little time to settle in is that they didn’t have the pressure and expectation forced upon them. Furthermore, it’s quite common for a lot of young players who people have deemed as up and coming to attract fees greater than the 20 million mark. How do you think a young, inexperienced player would react to the expectation placed upon him?

    I mean, honestly, and I’ve been an Arsenal fan for quite some time now, not since the 80’s (as I was born in ’89), but definitely since part of the Graham era at least, so I’m not one of the ‘new fans’ who booed Eboue. Finally, a lot of the stars that have left have rarely reached the same heights at their respective clubs. Hleb, Reyes, Flamini, Henry, Ljungberg, Edu, Vieira, etc. have all struggled if not fail to perform since leaving, which implies one of two things; Wenger all let them go because they were past their prime or lived up to all they could be, or that Wenger knew that they wanted to leave and didn’t want their attitude to disrupt the squad and could get a good value for them. So I say, if you don’t want to support the club then don’t, but I honestly cannot see anyone else coming in to do a better job than Arsene given how the owners and board function.

  42. shkumbin says:

    arshavin is coming mate don’t be worry.tonight or maybe yesterday u will see him in with the arsenal kid on his hand.

  43. Richard says:

    I believe in the Wenger project but I do have reservations about the club coping with the recent competitive nature of the game. Our performance last season meant we were to be the main challengers this season. Even Fergie concurred at the start of the season we were his pick outside Man U. So what happened? We couldn’t hold onto Flamini and Hleb. With these two departing, our complete football of last season evaporated into thin air. Let us be honest, when last did you witness the so called entertaining football from Arsenal? I recall Wenger saying last season his target was to keep the team together. If he failed to do that, who says other clubs wouldn’t offer our upcoming youths more money to lure them away from Emirates. Especially if they have prospects of winning thropies elsewhere. Our current position clearly shows it will cost the club more to get replacements for the departed players. You can imagine Hleb now has the prospect of winning the Spanish League even though he is not a regular starter.

    It would be wrong to slate fans for demanding we spend a little more to be competitive. This is 2009 and the game is now different. I appreciate the financial empire the club is trying to build. One question; how come despite its huge expenses and debt Man U is still profitable? you can imagine how much their players get paid, that way you don’t hear of players leaving because the club couldn’t meet their wage demands. All that matters to Fergie is to keep on winning. without which their project fails. Now an extra amout well spent in getting one or two quality players would be recouped if we landed a trophy.

    The problem with our project is the threat, the money bags don’t mind paying extra to have our nutured youths. Watch out, Theo, RVP could be on their way out at the end of the season and then we start all over again…….It is painful to see our project crumble. That is what I am scared of.

    By the way, I am also a Wenger fan…………..

  44. Ferguson says:

    I’m a Man Utd fan and I say true fans get behind the club and don’t complain when the going gets tough.

    Given the resources Wenger has had to work with and considering what he has done for Arsenal, I would say that he’s done a good if not great job.

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