Arsenal never wanted to sign Arshavin, Its all spin from Wenger & the board!

From Wenger – Injured quartet are ‘new signings’

I put it to you that we have been lied to yet again….Wenger recently said that the players coming back from injury will be like new signings. I think he was saying that because we are not going to sign any “NEW” players in this window.

the whole Arshavin deal stinks, Its not like Wenger to talk publicly about a player before he signs, So why is he doing it this time? I personally think its just a very public spin that gives the impression that the board & Wenger are trying to make a big money signing to show the fans  that they are doing there best. But its all bullshit to feed the weak minded.

The fans that live in the real world know whats true and no that wenger and the board are liars and have been feeding us a pack of lies for a very long time.

This Arshavin deal is the king of cover ups.  We never had any real intention of signing him and you all feel for it. How sad are us Arsenal fans? sitting by Arsenal newsnow or SSN waiting for an update about a new signing. its pathetic really, We don’t deserve to be treated like this.

A piss off gooner who is not blinded by the spin and bullshit


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64 Responses to Arsenal never wanted to sign Arshavin, Its all spin from Wenger & the board!

  1. Ian says:

    Get a grip mate. A bit paranoid that aint it. What would be the point of that !!!

  2. a says:

    bang on my friend. i think its time we accept that we are no longer a top 2/top 3 club. thank you for everything monsieur wenger

  3. Jay says:

    I think you could be right…. Its very unlike Wenger… A certain Liverpool defender has been spouting that he wants to move spain instead….??

  4. TK says:

    you dont seriosly belive what you are writing ?????

  5. KoloLej says:

    What a knob… get a life and stop writing sh*t!

    How sad are you sitting there writing this… have you nothing better to do with your time?

    I suppose if he doesn’t sign , you’ll be saying “See I was right all along”!!??

  6. Mike says:

    I know let, let’s enrol Zenit, Arshavin and his agent in some elaborate hoax just to fool Arsenal fans. Write something useful or give up, this is pathetic.

  7. Adam says:

    Your just a idiot as Wenger knows we need at least 1 player I really don’t care if it is a attacker because our defence has been ok as of late and with another attacker we will score more goals than we concede

  8. Ben Mills says:

    Its great that you can class yourself as one of little bullshitness, but lets be honest, you are the thickest Arsenal fan out there.


    For God sake, its only the “weak minded” that let themselves get fooled into thinking that Wenger would tell the truth at all times in the first place.

  9. nickynicknick says:

    It just worries me that you are so unhappy with the idea that we are trying to buy new players, that you have to revert to conspiracy theory every time. I cant find it in me to be such a pessimist and if it made me so sad to follow the gunners then I would have to look elsewhere.
    Perhaps you would be happier with the spuds. They buy absolutely everything and are still a shambles, so the choice is yours.

  10. Ben Smith says:

    You massive top hat.

  11. Eddie McGoldrick says:


  12. joshgooner says:

    dude – if you’re going to have a rant then please spell check your work. This just sounds like you’re throwing your toys out of the cot. The deal is not done/dead yet. It would be nice to have him on board but without being ripped off. There’s nothing wrong with looking forward to injured players coming back…and they are like new additions because our team has suffered in the creative department. Fabregas, Rosicky, Walcott and Eduardo are all well blended into the arsenal style…who’s to say that if Arshavin came he might not gel before the end of the season. Remember when Bergkamp came? Henry even!? Buying or losing out on a player at this time of year is not of paramount concern my friend. Concentrate on how we can get clichy to focus for the full 90…how to get the best out of Bendtner…maintain RVP’s form…get diaby to think about his final ball….

    write something interesting and relevant.

  13. goonerdave says:

    You left out Zenit’s role in all this… and Arshavin’s agent.. and suggested it was Wenger who put this out there when it was Zenit all along. Living in the real world, or living in a terribly paranoid state?

  14. Czukay says:

    He talked about the Walcott deal before he’d signed – he does whenever it’s plastered all over the press so he can’t avoid talking about it.

    I don’t think Arshavin is a conspiracy although I tend to agree that it probably won’t happen, but then I’ve always been a pessimist when it comes to signings so hopefully I’m wrong.

  15. Mike says:

    The hold up is over a work permit and Arshavin flying to london to complete a medical.

  16. jan says:

    Totally agree with you comments! The club and the manager have stalled with ideas and blame the board for the situation we are in. Why don’t we sell hangers on like Eboue, Song, Gallas, Fat Head and Ade and buy players that what to play for us! We lacked passion and drive on Saturday.

    Gooner for ever.

  17. AAa says:

    Wasnt this the same site that claimed that we’d signed Arshavin o_O

  18. ubergooner says:

    Mate don’t be too pissed off, even if Wenger did lie so what at least it is better than him coming out on Jan 1st saying defo no signings that would of been depressing……personally I am glad if we don’t sign arshavin as I do not believe we need him but I do belive we need another CB and CDM and would be very happy if this is all a smoke screen for us to sign Micha Richards on the quite

  19. Rupe says:

    Of course you’ve been lied to… by the press, by the agent (these
    go without saying) and probably by the other club. But not by the
    Arsenal. All they’ve said is that we like the player but won’t pay
    over the odds for him… I can’t imagine what you think could be
    problematic about this. Stop believing what you read about transfer
    rumours, and you’ll get rid of a lot of that stress.

  20. mattuso says:

    I think Wenger would prefer not to be talking about the potential Arshavin transfer but Zenit & Lachter keep blabbing. They seem to want to buy him but only at a realistic price. Just because we want to buy someone doesnt mean it always happens (Ronaldo, Alonso, SWP, Ibrahimovic, etc) but that doesnt mean we just have to sign anyone just to keep whinging fans happy. I dont believe Wenger is consciously lying but sometimes what you want in life doesnt happen. Please grow up and realise this or go and support Man City

  21. AusGunner says:

    You talk of the weak-minded, but barely rational and ineloquent paranoia is surely a greater indication of a weak mind.

  22. Paul says:

    What a ridiculous article. Zenit have confirmed that negoitation have been on going for the last couple of weeks, do you honestly believe that we would waste manpower and money on fake transfer negotiations? And you call other people weak minded.

  23. FRANK says:

    You desperately need to learn how to spell you pessimistic little prick!!!

  24. goonerfish says:

    Great research on this!!!

    Wenger has not come out shouting about this deal, Zenit and a mouthy agent have!
    Wenger very recently said he wants to continue any deals as quietly as possible and the board have only responded to repeated accusations and comments made by the Russian team.

    This process probably goes on with most transfers and it’s only because money grabbig Zenit wanted more money that they have made it public in the hope that someone else (Man City) will come in with a stupid bid.

    For what it’s worth, I hope he does sign but if he doesn’t it won’t be for the lack of trying on Arsenal’s part.

  25. AKTOR says:


  26. Spud says:

    Who broke the news then mate ????? Zenit St Petersburg… they could push the price up for their player. Have you seen anything on ?..NO or has any Arsenal official actually stated anything ?.. NO I think you are being blinded by all the bullshit and the pathetic media circus/blogs and getting yourself a bit upset over nothing, if it happens, it happens. And so what if it doesnt, why the fcuk should we be held to ransom by the Russians.

  27. Very glad says:

    I hope your right! I never thought Arshavin was as good as what we had anyway. And Wenger is right, when we get our players back from injury we wont need to buy any more attacking players just defensive. We are better off with our £15mil and without arshavin.

  28. athlon says:

    Be relax, guys.

  29. John says:

    Yes, yes. Evil Wenger…blah blah blah.

    Crap blog son. Grow a pair.

  30. 5am says:

    Understand the frustration but It does show we can’t be considered a ‘big’ club cos everything’s so cheap skate. AW’s always been that way and it’s cost him true greatness. Won’t be surprised if some fans noww start booing all the more, or not renewing season tickets…..

  31. gunnerz kaali says:

    just piss offf…………. watever happens we trust in arsene wenger…… don b too stupid to write anything u think……… we don need big signings we wil be back on track……… cum on gunnerzzzzzzzzz

  32. weloveyouarsenal says:

    Wenger came out about the Nasri deal before it was done, so you are wrong.

    Do your research.

  33. Hugo says:

    The worst article ever written on the worst site ever to grace the internet, an impressive achievement. Honestly, how old are you? I’d be amazed if you’re older than 15. I now hope we sign Arshavin even more, just so you look an even bigger prick than you do already.

  34. Ben Mills says:

    Only the weak minded want a DM. Look at Denilson for God sake! The lad is a class act!

  35. jj says:

    you are a retard bruv..How could u say that wenger came out publically and started talking about arshivin/…you forget that zenit and the agent came out and talked about the deal just because they wanted to attract other buyers to compete with arsenal….arsene had no choice but to talk about it because the mupppets had spilled the beans.

    Stop blaming wenger and do some reserch before posting this crap or support totescum…remember they buy heaven and earth every transfer window but they go no where….muppet

  36. YasR says:

    Some of you gooners are a joke… u turn up at games and jus sit there like you waiting for a bus waiting for the team to give u something to chew upon. Ok i admit like all other gooners i wish we wld buy top class players in 30 or 40m bracket but until the stadium is paid for we will be looking for steals or players that wana paly for wenger and AFC. but to blame wenger is the worst thing you can do every year we haer the board say we have 40m to 50 m tos pend if wenger wants let me tell you somthng THE BAORD TALK COMPLETE S*** they dnt wana spend no money at all or jus bare minimum… dnt blame wenger he cnt spend wht he aint got, and he aint stup[id engh to come in public and say we have no money the sqaud wld b demoralised and we have teh real`s abd barca`s picking our players off at will. so all you idiots who wana see the back of wenger, 1. who you gna replace with 2. if he does go the guy that comes in is gna want money to buy players… which we aint got so shut it and support the team you morons!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Maciek says:

    Hi.First time here.English isn’t my first language so forgive me some of my mistakes. I like Your blog/site even though Your posts are sometimes controversial. I know that You all can feel disappointed but there is nothing we can really do. I think that Wenger has lost the plot and he is making things even worse for example by playing Eboue and Diaby ahead of Vela, Ramsey, Wilhaire.I have watched Arshavin many times and he is a special talent. He is 6th best player in the world according to France Footbal so he must be good. He is also a so called “star player”.We will sigh him-trust me.But we still do need a cdm(even 2)and Brede Hangeland or someone like him in the central of our defense. Fabianski in goal would be better than Almunia, he is just much more talented than the Spaniard.If we only buy Arshavin and Arsene don’t adress the cdm position problems, we won’t win anything this season.
    Once more-keep the good work mate, great site. And don’t be afraid to tell what You think about Wenger and our board.We are a joke club at the moment and they are letting us down.Best wishes.

  38. Phillipe Senderos says:

    so I suppose the zenit manager, the zenit board, arshavins agent and arshavin himself were all trying to help put the arsenal board? this is ridiculous! u haven’t thought this through, its a nonsensical article, you’ve dreamed up this far fetched conspiracy theory and supported it with absolutely nothing.
    congratulations on bringing down the standards of this websie.

  39. todotgooner says:

    aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

  40. Perry Grovish says:

    You are probably the worst website contributor I have ever read. You have probably never been to a game in your life, or if you have you hang around with all the other 5 minute fan morons.

    This is the worst Arsenal site ever. How many ‘good’ players have moved in this window apart from ‘Gimme more Defoe’ back to his roots!!!

    If Ashavin joins, great, if not he doesn’t, but is he really worth 15-20 mil??

    Read up on football, economics and tactics. Then write a worthwhile article.

  41. Danish Gooner says:

    At this point i couldnt give a toss if we sign him or not. I cant believe a club with such a gigantic income cant afford to pay 15 mil in three installments for a world class player i know of the credit crunch but to compare it,i wouldnt go to my local tesco and haggle over a pint of milk just because there is a credit crunch which by the havent affected the club severely (according to Peter hill wood).

  42. MARK GOONER says:


  43. LB says:

    I agree with the post. It’s a conspiracy between Wenger, the board and Saddam Hussein. But the idea was Elvis Pressley’s. Honest, it’s true.

  44. Listen Guys,
    Why say everyone with something bad to say is an idiot or arsehole ???? To be honest ‘ You are the arsehole ‘ in these situations..I completly agree with all comments. This is club is going down the pan..We are surrounded by Liars – Lazy arsed African money grabbers who are more interested in money than actually putting in the workrate… ‘ GUYS GET IT THROUGH – WE ARE NO LONGER A TOP 3 CLUB ‘

    We have not been since we sold our best players over the past 3 seasons because we have never replaced them. 1st we have mnoney to spend ??? Then we dont, what the Fuck…..

    Just so you all know, I have held a season ticket since 1996 and I will not be renewing…The clubs policy is a joke!!!! How can kids of 17-19 compete with men ???? The problem also is the fact that we are really just a club full made up of other countries……Where is the ENGLISH GRIT AND DETERMINATION ‘ Where are the likes of ‘ Adams – Bould – Parlour – Dixon – Winterburn – Wright to name a few….I know they have all finished there careers yrs ago, but other top clubs still have that strong backbone that we will never have

  45. Faceman says:

    Why would Arsenal waste all the time and resource if they had no intention of signing him? I do not think you have though your blog through very thoroughly and you are just sensationalising.

  46. Odu says:

    Zeith started all the noise. Wenger had to comment when asked after too many stories all originating from the Russians. It would have been too difficult not to comment after all the stories. You know that is not the usual Arsenal style. This is different and that is why things have gone on unusually. If the man does not sign now, he wouldnt again as Arsenal is most unlikely to go for him during the summer.

  47. Merse-10 says:

    What you have said is just pathetic. Wenger has spoken about the player ONLY becuase the player’s club has talked about the deal. Arsene said himself he doesn’t want to say too much because we do our businness in private.

    I think you need to grow up a bit. If we don’t sign Asharvin it’s because he was too much. If we’ve only got £12m to spend we can’t spend £15m. If we’ve only got £15m we can’t spend £20m.
    It’s pretty simple and i wish some fans, especially on these stupid blogs, would stop crying that we aren’t spending money the club hasn’t got or risking the clubs future by spending millions upon millions. The world we live in isn’t like that, Arsene can’t just say i’ll have him, him, him and him and we just get them.

    One Arsenal blog listed 6 players we should sign, it totalled £70m. Where the hell would we get £70m from.

    We’ve never had much money to spend, we’ve never been able to spend the same as Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle…the list is endless. This isn’t a new thing. We have got by becuase we have an astute manager who spots a talent gets them fairly cheap and turns them into top class players. We bought Van Persie for £3.5m, Man Utd paid £30m for Rooney. Their goal record is the same, goals to game ratio. We’ve sold to buy (Overmars, Petit, Anelka – Henry, Pires for example).

    The trouble is greedy fans who expect everything now. No building time, everythign has to be now, now NOW! That is what has got the country in the shit it is in now -GREED.

    Man City can have thier millions, i’m quite happy with the club i’ve got, the stability it’s got, the tradition and the ethics the board and manger work to.

    This is the real world and Arsene has worked is arse off for all the years he’s been with us, transformed the club, made us punch above our weight constantly and when things aren’t quite as they were or we’re not buying overpaid shite there’s fans out there crying about it. Yes he’s made mistakes – everyone does, despite his miracles he is actually human. Grow up.

  48. Frankie Pelucre says:

    The guy who wrote this article is out of his mind. What do you want that the Russians take Wenger to the “cleaners” and Arsenal overpays. You cannot follow the lead of Spurs overpaying for every player (except Berbatov). Remember free spending Leeds? Where are they now? Two bad losses and you want to burn Wenger?
    When asked what team does he likes to watch play, Maradonna named Arsenal and Barcelona.No mention of Chelsea or Liverpool. Please, enough with this moronic attitude.

  49. fanner says:

    Sign a 27 year old for 20m? You must be out of your mind

  50. Ahmed Pearce says:

    This is to Josh gooner’s comment……… SPOT ON MATE!!! i totally agree with you, this publisher chats Sh*t, transfers arent as easy as you think there are and if you want a player of “special class” it takes alot to get them over, hes not a ben foster or a leeroy lita!

  51. BG says:

    I remember laughing at the Spuds seasons ago when every summer they would sign this star and that great player and always ended up signing shitty players…

    we have become like that!

    That the club is blatantly lying to us (and everyone) only the braindead would not have noticed yet! (admitedly there are quite a few of them in the wide world of football fans!)

    What’s more Arsenal are fleecing us on a lot of things!

    But you don’t change clubs so we have to put up with that… 2 more years and the gallic professor who speaks 5 lingo (so do I by the way) will be gone! Good riddence qs he is slowly bringing the club down with that stupid idea that was that new stadium of ours!

    arsenal till I die…….

  52. Lickmyballsack says:

    Whoever said denilson is good is a plonker

    Bendtner is poo , Adebayor needs more chances than andy cole too score a goal , he would never of made the arsenal team 0f 98 …

    the only players who would of got into the 98 squad i think were RVP , Toure , Sagna , Fabregas , Eduardo and recently Theo and maybe Nasri .

    I love wenger but he needs to sharpen it up , we need some steel and style … cant believe we didnt grab Ballack as shortterm Denis B replacement. To lose 8 or 9 players during that 18 month period was crazy and Arsen should of seen that coming , i rate arsen but can anyone explain , stepenovs , cygan , remi garde , grimandi , senderos , bendtner , these guys are shit , total football ??? they cant even walk properly , none of them deserve to even be in the spurs side !! tell me im wrong

  53. GoonerC says:

    The reason why wenger spoke about him was because of all the leaks by zenit to encourage more clubs to bid for him. He’s hardly going to deny it when it is public knowledge already. I think you should keep looking out your window though, because you might also find a U.F.O

  54. Stuart says:

    I was watching Arsenal TV the other day and where have all Arsenals World Class players gone. The likes of Bergkamp, Henry, Overmars, Adams, Seaman, Keown,Wright, Veira, Petit, these used to put fear into the opposing team. What do we have know, Song, Denilson, Eboue, Nicolas who does that scare?

  55. gunners1 says:

    guys y u fighting 4 if is cming ten let him we wer better we can win over big clubs like man u so just let it be every 1 us is waiting 4 it pace

  56. Maxwell Okello says:

    have met idiots but this writer beats them all, gooners
    1. We don’t need a DM, denilson will be class, flamini was a headless chicken one year b4 he became a good player
    2.We will not be 5th as most p’ple have written us off, we will be in the top 3, confidence has been growing of late
    3. we should sell Gallas & Bendtner,
    4.Eboue should not be sold but should warm the benches, he is important as he brings balance to the team and he is a utility player
    5. Arshavin is signed , uncormfirmed reports from Russia say so
    6.wenger knows

  57. Goon says:

    I agree, Wenger is a lieing Cunt!!!!!!! Why do we have to suffer this incompetent fool any longer?! WENGER OUT! HE HAS LOST THE PLOT!

  58. Big Johan says:

    What a loads of bollocks!
    Please go and support another club – we dont need “supporters” like you

  59. NotAWanymore says:

    I Agree, it looks like you lost it Wenger, recently you have acted like a huge twat, lying, make up excuses and complain. You are really embarrassing us supporters and our bellowed club. Get yourself sorted out soon or we are gonna throw you out of this club.

  60. Toure5 says:

    I feel that there is some truth in this article as can any of you honestly see Wenger spending 12-15mm on a player who is 28 in May and who will have no sell on value..
    It’s all spin to keep us all interested and to hide the fact that we have no money to spend.

  61. tom says:

    yeah mate, seriously paranoid. and with terrible grammar. think about what you’re typing

  62. sam says:

    ok fine if arshavin doesnt sign you MIGHT be right but if he does sign then this site is the crappest site available and i avise no one to visit it
    these people became fans a few years ago after 49 unbeaten and like to have an argument for the sake of excitement

  63. Sharkey says:

    @ Wanker 4 life..oops I mean Gooner 4 Life.
    Why don’t you just come out and say that you want an all white all English Arsenal team, and why not throw in Fat Sam or Schteve Mclaren as an English manager. You talk about ‘English grit and determination’ like you never saw Petit or Vieira in their prime, even Grimandi showed that having a strong will to win is not the sole preserve of Englishmen, or the British …I guess you interchange the two so that Scots and Irish aren’t considered too foreign.

    All your talk of lazy Africans and lack of English grit is so fu*king transparent.

    Can anyone else help me create a list of ‘lazy arsed arsed foreigners’ who don’t put in the effort..??

    I’ll start with Vieira and Petit, then add Vidic and Tevez, then thrown in Lauren, I think Vivas was already mentioned above…anyone else???

  64. gunner4life123 says:

    i suspect you are not an arsenal fan!

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