Zenit confirm Arsenal “agreement in principle”

From the Offical Zenit Website

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The clubs reached agreement in principle to move the player on terms ustraivayuschih both sides and the actual market value of a football player.

According to the Offical Zenit Website the transfer fee has been agreed and now its the players personal terms that need to be agreed with Arsenal FC.

Will bring you more when we get it…Always first with the news!

The gooner forum


And We got the news before skysports news who have just updated at 22:10 Skysports

we broke the news at 21:00 on the forum, First again : )

Updated :The Sun

ARSENAL’s move for Andrei Arshavin could collapse over his “excessive” wage demands, it emerged tonight.

The Gunners today agreed a £14million deal for the striker after protracted negotiations.

But Zenit St Petersburg then accused their own star of jeopardising the move by demanding a £3.5m salary AFTER tax.

Sources at Zenit said the two clubs had agreed a transfer fee which “reflects the real market value” of the player. This is at least £4m higher than Arsenal’s original offer.

But a statement by the club tonight said: “At the moment the only obstacle to the deal is the personal demands of Andrei Arshavin.”

The hitman already earns around £100,000-a-week at Zenit.

And Arsenal have made it clear they are not prepared to match that.

They have told Arshavin he would have to take a £20,000-a-week cut to join.

The Russian club claim his salary demand – said to amount to £7m-a-year before tax – is so high “that Arsenal is not prepared to pay”.

The only way of saving the deal is if the transfer fee is reduced, Russian sources said.

Zenit will only do this if the player himself pays back £2.5m of an upfront signing on fee he obtained on joining Zenit on a four year deal in 2006.

“The move to Arsenal is on a knife-edge,” a Russian source said tonight.

“Unless someone gives way, it looks doomed.

“Arsenal and Zenit agree, so it’s now up to Arshavin to prove he wants to play for Arsenal by reducing his excessive pay demands in the middle of a financial crisis.”

25 Responses to Zenit confirm Arsenal “agreement in principle”

  1. gooner says:

    you are very selective with what you report. The statment claims that although a fee was agreed in principle, Arshavin’s personal terms have jeapordised the deal. We wont be signing him now.

  2. Abhishek says:


  3. El Tommo says:

    I hope you’re right because there will be some very upset Gooners if not

  4. RobC says:

    I sincerely hope it is true because it has become very boring reading various stories every day with no conclusion. After Sunday it is clear that we desperately need him to give the team a bit more spark and when we have the other absentees back we will hopefully get back to our best and start overhauling the stuttering teams above us.

  5. Attila says:

    At this time we would like to point out whats on the offical zenit website and whats been reported on this blog
    Reports: Arshavin agrees personal terms with Arsenal

    That was posted before the 2 teams had agreed a fee for the player and under Rule K5:Fifa’s rules state that clubs cannot enter negotiations with contracted players without informing the player’s current club in writing and agreeing a fee for the player.

    So that information cannot be true!

    So our friends at gooner talk “jumped the gun” again…. Inler mrk 2

  6. Hilmar says:

    Old news.

    And he wants 7 mills a year. OR 135.000 a week.

    Arsenal will NEVER buy him!

  7. we will c…i hoop its true.what a player.

  8. Hilmar says:

    Old news. Came early this day.

    And Arshavin wants 7 mills per year, or 135.000 a week.

    Arsenal will NEVER buy him.

  9. Arthur says:

    I understood the personal terms had been agreed a few days ago? If you are right then i starts to look as though this is goin to happen. Could still do with a DM and CH, both of whom know how to head a ball. Good news though

  10. gogo says:

    I read it in russian and it says the clubs have reached an agreement but the player salary becomes a problem now. When he signed 5 year contract at Zenith he collected 5M Euro. Now Zenith says pay back 2.5M so these can be added to the price. However, Arsh says if that is the case, Arsenal should pay him more in salary to compensate, which the club refuses. Stand by…

  11. Gurjit says:

    I think that it’s Zenit using Arshavin as the scapegoat for the deal not going through. Arshavin will continue to be imprisoned at Zenit until he can buy his contract out. Zenit’s methods have sunk to a new low. Absolutely despicable!

  12. dan says:

    attila you appear to have a reading problem, at no point is it not clear that the info on goonertalk is from an article on a russian website, hes just quoting an article.

    same as the 3 false headlines that have appeared on this site over the last 2 or 3 days eh?

  13. Attila says:


    Gooner talk told us a few days ago
    “Arshavin agrees personal terms with Arsenal”


    Get your facts right

  14. thegoonerforum says:

    And just incase you people want it in english

    The sun in now running it

  15. egi says:


    Arsenal have struck a deal with Zenit St Petersburg for Andrei Arshavin according to the Russian club, but a deal is still some way from being concluded.

    The Gunners

  16. RobC says:

    Having now read the Sky Sports report AA is now supposedly asking for ridiculous wages. if that is the case I say we tell him shove the deal where the sun doesn’t shine and continue to play his football in Championship” russia. Sadly if it is true we would have wasted almost the entire transfer window after one player and we are in need of at least two more but the entire focus has been on AA

  17. Tai Obasi says:

    Same old stuff. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Tell you what – very few Gunners’d celebrate his coming. Read enough of junk in just three weeks. Won’t shed tears if it never happens.

  18. JockyL says:

    Yes finaly ARSHAVIN A GD PLAYER HE WAS ALWAYS GUNNER SIGN 4 US BUT..I WISH WE SIGNEd HIM in THE SUMMER AS HE IS CUP TIED give him no .10 gallas dosent need dat number lol wel gd news if da deal goes thru

  19. […] « Arsenal never wanted to sign Arshavin, Its all spin from Wenger & the board! Zenit confirm Arsenal “agreement in principle” » Gooner Blog Zenit confirm Arsenal “agreement in principle”Reports in Russia […]

  20. Orpington Gooner says:

    I read on another website Dennis Lachters’ mobile number where someone had pasted a link to the FIFA agents list – which I checked and appeared to be bona fida, being cheeky I text him asking if Andrei was signing for Arsenal on Tues, not expecting a reply but within 4 mins he text back saying “God Bless” which I read into as saying Yes. If you dont believe me the FiFA website is http://www.fifa.com/aboutfifa/federation/administration/playersagents/association=isr.html

  21. dan says:

    attila still the same reading problem:

    ”Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin has agreed personal terms with Arsenal according to reliable news source Life.RU.”

    all gooner talk told us was that life.ru were reporting that he had ageed terms no different to at least 3 contradicting reports on this site overthe days and weeks leading up to this transfer.

    his headlines are sometimes misleading (no more so than at least 3 other blogs i can name an many more if you looked around) but he does not claim stuff to be solid fact, merely reports the articles and usually has links

  22. Attila says:


    He said that the source was Life.RU with no link or reference to back this up. He added that after it turned out to be crap. No doubt he will remove the article soon. Just like he did when he told up that a club insider had told him that ” Flamini had signed a new contract and was staying at Arsenal ” and how Arsenal had signed Inler ” But of course, GT never jumps the gun.

  23. Gooner Chris says:

    I never said we had signed Inler, we were on the verge of signing him and I published an article which proved that.

    As for Flamini, the news was from Clockenders site, I stupidly believed it, and added it to my site.

    Atilla, you’re the one who said we had signed some random Argentine striker, you told SSN that we had sign Jonathan Woodgate.

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