The Truth About The Arshavin “DEAL”

After AGREEING a deal in principle with Zenit late last night for Arshavin, Arsenal were shocked to find out a hidden clause in the players contract which has cast doubt over the move that seem to be finally going through.

After agreeing the club record £16.8m fee with Zenit, Arsenal then found out that the player has a clause which means that he would have to pay Zenit almost £3m in compensation for not seeing out his contract.

Arshavin expected Arsenal to pay this £3m but Arsenal who have already pushed out the boat on the fee have now got cold feet over the deal.

Arshavin who wants to come to London,has told Arsenal that if they didn’t want to pay the £3m compensation to Zenit he would pay it but in return he would want more then the £80.000 a week that was on the table to cover the cost.

And that’s how we stand at this moment in time. Arsenal and Zenit have agreed a price for the player but Arsenal have stalled and are thinking about pulling out over the players wages/compensation payment to Zenit.

I cant blame Arsenal if they pull out of this deal. Imagine you are trying to buy a car with a dealer. Its a car you really want and feel its worth £10,000, The deal has got the price set at £20,000. You offer £12,000 and the dealer says give me £18,000…But you only have a budget of £15m and you cant meet the asking price. Somehow (Usmanov) a friend has agreed to give you the extra cash that you needed to get your dream car. You dont really want to take the money off this person but you do as you feel you are never going to get a chance like this again. You agree a price and shake hands with the dealer. Then when you sit down to do all the paper work,the dealer tells you that its going to need a full service and MOT plus tax and loads of other stuff that’s going to cost you about £3,000…Money you don’t have….What do you do?

Errrrrhhhhhh…Welcome to the world of Arsenal FC, and thats why the club have not said today that they have agreed a fee for Arshavin

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50 Responses to The Truth About The Arshavin “DEAL”

  1. The arse says:

    Wenger said deal is not confirmed….wt a joke…

  2. readie says:

    fucki greedy cunts lets get some 1 else

  3. oy says:

    is this bull and are you being serious

  4. Attila says:

    Most players have a loyalty clause.

  5. oy says:

    attila arent you the guy who made up the transfer rumor that arsenal were signing that guy from boca juniours

  6. Perrygroves says:

    How do you know the facts??? And the agreed fee etc?

  7. clever and gorgeous. says:

    I can believe this story. These Russian clubs try to get every penny out of a player in some form or anoher.
    Arsenal have a lot of money on the board and in the shareholders, i.e Kroenke and Usmanov.
    These 2 should be pulling together to help Arsenal on this one, i guess it will show where there faith lies, in the club being a historic and succesful one or a club that makes a hell of a lot of money to line thier pockets with.

  8. lettherebelite says:

    Well done by Mr. Wenger. He does not want to talk transfers one day before a huge game. He’ll have 3 days after the game to seal this deal.

  9. clever and gorgeous. says:

    Surely such a clause cannot stand if the club is looking to sell the player because his contract with Zenit is then void?
    Otherwise you could say Im selling you to Arsenal for £16.8m but i still want you to play for us on some occassions.

    Zenit are pissing around here. Get out now Arsenal

  10. Daniel says:

    Interesting! This transfer is such a sham.

  11. Family Enclosure Man says:

    This sounds plausible, but what is the source? How do you know so much detail when regular media agencies apparently don’t? If it’s true, then Zenit must drop their demand for this £3m or AFC should withdraw pronto. The guy looks good, but he isn’t worth £16.8m (I’m amazed Arsenal would agree to pay so much, to be honest) and he certainly shouldn’t be paid more than the likes of Fabregas (yet), so £80k has to be the limit. Deal or no deal – this has to be the end-game for AFC.

  12. micky says:

    nah, it’s basically true. in fact a remarkable unskewed and balanced view in comparison to all the other tripe on this site over the last few days.

    the deal will still go through i’d say. don’t underestimate usmanov’s role in all this. I have even heard it suggested that in order to keep arsenal’s and zenit’s hands clean he may possibly call lachter (arshavin’s agent) and somehow ‘assist’ in arshavin paying back the 2.5m euros…

    zenit then get their money, arsenal don’t pay any more than agreed, arshavin isn’t out of pocket and usmanov gets a much needed pr boost.

    arsenal’s board are scared of the fat toad, and are reluctant to upset him for fear of being ousted in a subsequent takeover bid.

  13. goonerdave says:

    Everton game is way more important than Arshavin at the moment, if he really wants to come he can pay the 3mill and stay on his 80k a week, if he doesn’t then fine, we can concentrate on renewing Walcott and van Persie contracts, which are the true priority on the personel front this season.

  14. marcus says:

    This is actually about a nasty little game that Zenit are playing, and that extra 3m fee conveniently coincides with the agent’s 2.5m fee. Zenit want Arsenal to pay all the agent’s fees, which Arsenal quite rightly refuse to do. I believe Zenit intended to drag this out from the outset–toward ANY club that put in a bid for Arshavin, REGARDLESS of how much money was offered. Ever since Arshavin started to agitate for a move to a big European league early last year, the club has declared war on him. He’s never been an easy character to deal with anyway, so relations between player and club were never great. But his public desire to play on the big stage in club football before he gets any older, and his agent’s public machinations to make that happen, made things even worse, and drove the club’s Board into a permanent vindictive mood. It’s also been made worse because he has one of Europe’s most obnoxious, difficult agents. Their aim has always been to drag things out as long as possible, torment the player with endless negotiating games, and then finally make the bidding club cry “uncle” and just give up. They really do have it in for Arshavin. They do not need the money, they really don’t care a lot about the money. I am not convinved they genuinely went into this intending to sell even if Arsenal had put in a bid for 40m, let alone 20m. But even if they were open to selling him, they will do their level best to drag this out to the very last millisecond of February 2nd. By which time Arsenal may well have given up. This is why I don’t blame AW or Gazidis or the Board in this transfer. Barca and Spurs also tried to negotiate last summer for Arshavin and backed off in the end, Zenit’s games made it impossible for a deal to go thru. I wish AW hadn’t tried for Arshavin at all and had tried for another good creative player (if that was his priority, as it seems to be). As I said, I’m not convinced that Zenit ever went into this with a good faith effort to carry on genuine negotiations with Arsenal.

  15. owatz says:

    i love ur post. ur very sensible. it was well constructed and well digested

  16. thegoonerforum says:

    clever and gorgeous.

    If any player put in a request he waives goodbye to any transfer % that he would have got from the sale. Arshavin will not get a penny from this sale.

    Zenit put this loyalty clause into the last contract that Arshavin signed.if he would have said at Zenit and seen this contract out he would have received loads

  17. Ben says:

    Loyalty clauses don’t apply if the club is actively looking to sell. It only applies when a player forces a transfer against the wishes of the club. Arshavin has not done this. He has “encouraged” Zenit to sell by claiming he will initiate his legal right to “buy-out” the remainder of his contract this November if they do not sell him now. Zenit would want to avoid this since it would result in a huge loss.

    I don’t understand where this £3mil figure has come from, there is no way they can make Arshavin pay it if they sell him without him making a formal transfer request in writing. Even then, I cannot fathom how his agent would have permitted a clause such as that.

  18. Perrygroves says:

    If Zenit insist on AA or AFC paying back this 3m then they are either being idiots or playing a very dangerous game. If they insist on this money and the transfer doesn’t go through, then the player just waits til November buys himself out of his contract, then the greedy Russian fuckers will get piss all!!!

  19. kay says:

    wonder why its arshavin we want to sign, 15 m is too much for the bloke.but we don’t have a choice, playing eboue on that wings,man, i dont know.

  20. Chris Zych says:

    Brilliant article, not sure where you get your info from but keep it coming.

  21. thegoonerforum says:

    Arshavin has asked for a transfer,plus waives his right to a transfer %.He even threatened to strike and buy out his contract if they didn’t lower the asking price. They did lower the asking price and it was agreed.

  22. Erichero says:

    Compare this deal to what we’ve done in the past and you can see why Arsenal are nervous. R6 million for Pires, who was world class. 3/4 million for Ljungberg. And here we have Arshavin for 17 million. It’s disproportionate.

  23. alex says:

    This deal has been dead since summer when Zenit slapped a £20 mill price tag on Arshavin, who is probably not worth more than 5 – 7 mill. When a club like Zenit agrees to a price lower then they have set for the player one has to be sure that there is going to be something else that will cost, so in the end Zenit will get their 20 mill or the player never leaves. In addition, the players wage demands are ureasonable, Arsenal have better players geting payed less. So in my opinion this deal is bogus all together. Arshavin will stay unhappy in Russia until next season whn he will probably buy himself out of the contract and probably join spurs or Chelsea on a free transfer. Now why not go for David Silva who will probably only cost 12 to 15 mill and who is younger and better. Valencia is said to be in a financial crunch, so if an offer came in they would think twice before refusing. And why do we even need Arshavin? Walcott and Nasri are doing great on the wings, in abscense of Cesc Nasri should be in the middle with Denislon and put wilshere in for Walcott, give him a couple of games. Sucks that Rosicky is out, would be perfect replacement in the middle for Cesc

  24. arya says:

    if it will cost us 20m to sign him i rather sign other younger player…arteta for example..

  25. jules says:

    How pathetic . are you seriously suggeting that after a month of negotiation they have only just found out about this clause .If so then afc are more of an embarrassing joke in the maerket than we were in the summer .

  26. biscuit says:

    This transfer Saga is actually worse then the Nasri one, which didnt think was possible. I would prefere it if Zenit just kept quiet until the transfer goes through or Transfer deadline passes.

  27. micky says:

    pires was not world class when he joined us. he hadn’t played outside france. he became world class (and an arsenal legend) during his stay with us. he was no kid either (26 or 27 as i remember).

    arshavin is capable of a similar impact; it is impossible to say that he defo will, but he is supremely capable. this guy has bottle, two great feet, can pick a pass, goes past people at speed with the ball glued to his feet, and scores goals. He has something to prove and if he signs will instantly be the most gifted player in our squad. That’s not to denigrate cesc or rvp (the only two who would come close in our current mob); both have fantastic ability. but arshavin is the real deal.

    obviously there are no guarentees, but aside from a dm and a centre half what arsenal have really missed this season has been excitement, flair, and some kind of x-factor.

    it’s only my opinion but i believe Arshavin is the man for the job.

  28. Arse&Nose says:

    Lets be fair to Zenit, Arshavin and his agent are equally to blame for the stalling of this deal. If Arshavin really wanted to join he would sort out his agent and his demands for a massive fee.

  29. FUGAYZI says:


  30. oliver says:

    Arshavin was voted the 6th best player in the world.

    He is an amazing player, better than any at Arsenal with the exception of perhaps Fabregas. He is easily worth 20M. When are gunner’s fan going to wake up and realise how weak the squad is and how injuries have ravaged us this and last season. We need to qualify for the champions league and look to win the league, a statement of intent would be signing Arshavin.

  31. Merse-10 says:

    Suddenly you’re involved in all the negotitions and you know all the details of all the agreements including the players contract. Yet a day or two ago you had the “Truth” about the transfer and stated it was a lie.
    If you keep on talking you might just get one thing right.

    Tiresome, boring stories when the truth is you don’t know any more than anyone else. If he deal is to be done it will get done. If not then it wont. Then you can throw another on of your theories out there.


  32. KarlAFC says:

    Another blog that claims to be in the know. You have to excuse me if I feel no-one outside the respective clubs knows sweet fa about this saga.

    All I’m waiting for now is the window to close, so that all this can be put behind us and we can focus on the second half of our campaign, new faces in or not.

  33. ADMIN says:


    As its been said before,a number of different people with different opinions are authors on this blog.

    We have over 2000 members on our forum at and all of our members are free to post on this blog.


  34. David says:

    This saga has been going on for too long. Self imposed deadlines have also been passsed so why is AFC so intent on going for this player. I am sure there are just as better players or maybe better out there. Forget Arshavin. Let Zenit and Arshivin figure out what they want to do. Pursue other targets if there are any

  35. oliver says:


    scroll down it’s all there to read for yourself.

  36. pooner says:

    and this is why you don’t do business with Russians… first Gazprom and now this… who’d have thought ex-communists could be so greedy? haha…

  37. Stu5 says:

    you doin’t know that we got some money specifically from the fat russian one. that was just stupid paper speculation and very unlikely to be true.

    don’t talk about stuff like that which you certainly don’t know to be the case as being true because you’re simply either guessing or believing the crap the meda puts out. also you claim arsenal are thinking of pulling out. you don’t know that either. our failure to reach an agreement yet doesn’t mean we’re thinking about pulling out, the negotiations are simply ongoing for all you know.

    god damn it people who pretend to know stuff which they don’t and trelling the world pisses me off.

  38. thegoonerforum says:

    And this proves our blog is telling the truth!

    By Mitch Phillips

    LONDON, Jan 27 (Reuters) – Andrei Arshavin’s move to Arsenal is in danger of collapse because of the player’s refusal to reign in his financial demands, Zenit St Petersburg general director Maxim Mitrofanov told Reuters on Tuesday.

    Mitrofanov said the clubs had agreed a 15 million pounds ($21.17 million) transfer fee for the Russian playmaker but the deal now hinged on him making a financial compromise to settle an impasse over repayment of half his bonus from when he signed a four-year-contract in 2006.

    “I think that we are very close to a deal, we really want to sell him but I hope the player can forget about the huge sums of money he is asking for and I hope he can find a compromise,” Mitrofanov told Reuters in a telephone interview.

    “We are ready but it is his decision. “Is it his dream or is it just a question of money?”

    Earlier on Tuesday Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger denied that the clubs had agreed a deal and said that “several different voices seem to be coming out of the club (Zenit)”. (Editing by Justin Palmer)

  39. james says:

    This really is an over-inflated fee and the reported wages are ridiculous for a player with a 1 in 5 goal record in the Russian league only.

    Mikel Arteta would still be a much better option… not an identical player but a better scoring record, younger, speaks English and is settled into the English culture, several years premiership experience, mates with Cesc, can play down the right or the middle and gets a decent amount of assists.

    What now seems to be approaching £20m plus huge wages for an unproven player who will be 28 in 4 months (meaning we will only get 3 years out of him before he is sold on for a couple of million), seems risky and financially dubious to me

  40. Greenhithe Paul says:

    At last – some sense…

    FACTS – Odd though how he gets a loyalty bonus UP FRONT.. I work in Financial Services and have never seen anything like this… And I have seen plenty of clever devices to incentivise staff from Offshore Payment plans/share buybacks/deferred incentives/annual bonuses etc

    However – Love it – just love it when some no-mark starts talking about how £10m is the absolute maximum we should pay for this player etc..

    Based on what?? Your bank account?? My bank account?? Let’s face it unless you’re Alisher and have taken a liking to throwing your opinions on chat forums – you haven’t got a clue!!

    If we need him – and have the cash – then we’re gonna have to pay whatever the selling club see as fair value… Negotiate all you like but if they ain’t taking then we ain’t buying..

    Hopefully we can get this sorted and add some steel in other areas (something any true footy fan know’s is our problem)..

  41. Perrygroves says:

    What ever he costs i reckon Wenger still wants him or he would have pulled the plug ages ago surely!!!

  42. James says:

    fuck him. he’s already paid more money than the vast majority of people could even dream of. if all he’s coming for is cash then he won’t perform on the pitch.

  43. dean says:

    Bring back David Dein.

    When he was in charge of negotiations the first you heard of us signing someone was when you saw a picture of the player in the Arsenal shirt on the back of the paper!!

  44. dominic says:

    i wish he com 2 arsenal
    and arsenal will win every match

  45. tom shawn says:

    this is a bunch of bull s**t; arsenal are not going to buy anyone, by the way we do not need arshavin, he is old, will take yrs to adjust and he is asking for too much, definitely not worth it.

  46. Malay 'Gooner' Gunner says:

    I wish Arshavin in Arsenal to win many trophy. I think he has good football skill and will pass and score the ball for the arsenal. He must realise not all is money and to follow heart to get best solution. To play for arsenal in london would be dream for him as they are the best at playing. Soaar for bad english!

    Go Arsenal!

  47. geoff reid says:

    Arsenal are the problem–this player is a 20mil one and we could get him at bargain price–instead all these gunner whiners are moaning he is not worth it-[walcot cost 12mil] Arshavin is pure class – even better than the ruskie who is finally performing at spurs–no these fans only deserve youngsters worth 1-2mil–that is why the board and wegner are so tight fisted they assume thats what the fans want – just look at your comments–we have been out of contention for so long–we forgot what a classy player is–it would seem EBOUE is our level now-we just resigned him -great move fans–we will be lucky to finish in 6th spot.

  48. sameshitdifferentday says:

    I’ve never liked the russians, there history speaks volumes…murdering there last royal family, hiding hitlers remains, the cold war I could go on but this isn’t a history lesson, its just in there blood to be shady lying shitfaces, you cant take anything Zenit say seriously even if it does appear on there official website.
    Arsenal should walk away at the last minute so the deal backfires on both player and club leaving them both in limbo, whilst engineering a move for someone else behind the scenes, the kind of money that is being mentioned could be better spent elsewhere on someone who is eligible for the champions league. AA might be talented but if he doesn’t cut it at the emirates the already growing list of bitter arsenal fans wont forget the price tag or the drawn out agony of the transfer, I just hope we’ve not got a 20million pound flop on the cards I actually quite like the fact he’s on liverpools books at the mo

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