‘We’re Doomed!'(Podcast)

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16 Responses to ‘We’re Doomed!'(Podcast)

  1. William McDonald says:

    Lose tonite and it is another year of transition. You seldom heartop teams in transition for four years.
    Now Av are six ponts ahead and from the looks of it,Arsenal will have atough time getting the 4th spot.His buy young potential world class will come back to haunt him if the goods are not delivered.

  2. Tino says:

    Well say sir!!!

  3. ILOVEGAFFER96 says:

    AWESOME!!!!! YOU ROCK!!! MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!

    Great postcast Gaffer, keep up the great work

    -Your biggest fans. XX00XX

  4. RVP ROCKS!!!!!!!! says:

    Definitely keep doin this mate

  5. gooner man says:

    Quality podcast mate – spot on

  6. scott says:

    lovely, good podcast, funny and sadly true (about the contracts) at the same time

  7. scott says:

    could be worser could have adams in charge

  8. aogfc says:

    did I miss the second half of the season? it’s over then..done/dusted… yeah it’s not the glory days and 3 years (even 4) without a trophy is frustrating.. but have some perspective… before ’89 we went something like 18 years without much anything and lingered in mid table…
    not to mention United fans were saying the same thing about Fergi just a few years ago (Djemba anyone) and that got sorted.. yeah it sucks at the moment.. but it isn’t over just yet… (but to be fair.. Eboue could leave and not be too entirely missed…please….)

  9. roger says:

    lol talking about arsenal players will never be complete without eboue, alex song and bendtner…. all da same great podcast

  10. neil pearce says:

    You are definetly right, but beware if you dont agree with the arsen cock suckers you are a tratior,
    when will they wake up and smell the gravey, where is the any honesty or truth.
    Truth is would things be any different under foriegn onwership.
    God old English ownership or Honesty, dont make me laugh.
    Go on you pricks,you who dont even go to more than 2 games, tell me fuck off to chelsea.
    NO ONE

  11. cescfiberglass says:

    good podcast. enjoyed it. looking forward to more down the road.

  12. jay d says:

    i cant believe you associated alexsong in the same light as niklaus bentdner!!!

  13. geoff reid says:

    painfully obviouse a/villa sign heskey—-we sign EBOUE to a longterm contract–what does that tell you about this club–yes they are finished–I will indeed be watching city.

  14. Gooner 13 says:

    yeah love ya podcast mate good to see sum one talks sum sence about arsenal and u right the team we have now no were as good as what we had before even if we do sign the russian could help but dont know we need a cb more

  15. JK echeverri says:

    i’m a optimistic one, but i understand too the market is out of space because some clubs inflates the prices offering some ridiculous money for good players but no gods !

    We’ll see soon those people offering islands, gold bars, army, countries ! Are they nuts ?

  16. mick67 says:

    i find alot of this stuff is starting to get boring what the point
    on saying anything we cant change the transfer policies at this club
    i feel we are being treated as nomarks when we say anything surely
    if we as arsenal supporters can see the problems and where they need
    to be strengthened so why do the people who are in charge not want to
    address this?.united are short of first team players and still they
    look strong we dont have the fear factor anymore even at full strenght
    why?god know we play the same football or is this only suited to spain
    or italy?.if we lose tonite good luck to fourth spot i do not have a good
    feeling about tonite i hope i,m wrong

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