The way Arsenal do business is a shambles!

What happened to that famous saying “The Arsenal Way”?

Well if I’m completely honest the way we do business is nothing short of a shambles. Look at how long it takes us to tie up a deal to sign a player,Arsenal seem to be as affective in the transfer market as a 3 legged race horse.

How its works at Arsenal! THE ARSENAL WAY!

Arsenal – Hello, is your player for sale?
Zenit – He is our star player and we dont want to lose him, But if you did want to sign him you would have to pay us £20
Arsenal – Take £11m and a pack of cheese and onion Monster Munch.
Zenit – No thank you, Your offer was way to low. But we are willing to come down a little bit.
Arsenal – Ok how about £12m in payments over 75 years?
Zenit – Hmmm..£15m and you have a deal
Arsenal – Ok £15m is it. £10m now and then rest when we win the champions league.
Zenit – Nope £15m all in 1 go please.
Arsenal – Dont take the piss, Fck off. We dont want nothing more to do with you!!
Zenit – OK! OK! £15m payed over a lengthy period.
Arsenal – DEAL!
Zenit – OK deal, But now you have to agree personal terms with him, He was on £100,000 aweek with us!

Arsenal – Hello comrade, We are happy to tell you that we have after 3 weeks of trying ,agreed a fee with Zenit. But we have only got 5 days to get this done, so lets not beat around the bush! We offer you £60.000 and a 2 year contact.
Arshavin – THANK GOD! About time you agreed a price for me. I was starting to think you didn’t really want me. Ermmmh I would like £90.000 a week and a 4 year contract!!
Arsenal – 4 years!! Are you taking the piss son? Your almost 28! We give players a ways for nothing when they reach 30 ya no. Tell you what….Coz we need to get this deal sorted out before the end of the window, Will give ya £70.000 3 years deal and a bonus if you dont shoot from outside the box.
Arshavin – But Adebayor is on £80.000k and I’m much better then him, I want the same as Adebayor! I want to come to Arsenal. I was on £100.oook at Zenit and have come down on my wages to come to you. Give me the same as Ade and I will sign!
Arsenal – NO FUCK OFF! We don’t want ya, We can sign 30 kids with that money.

Arsenal at transfer deadline – We have 4 new players coming back from injury and they are our new signings. We are invincible.

Arsenal fans who have a small knowledge about football -cry!

Arsenal fans who don’t have a clue – In wenger we trust, The future is bright!

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45 Responses to The way Arsenal do business is a shambles!

  1. Tommy says:

    Dont take the piss, you fucking piece of shit. You clearly have very little intellect, and absolutely no idea how a deal is constructed

  2. marcus says:

    You’re quite an idiot, aren’t you?

    It doesn’t occur to you that it’s ZENIT that has been causing all the delay? Barca and Spurs tried for the player in the summer (offering more money than we are) and they both backed off because they saw that negotiating with Zenit is impossible. They keep moving the goalposts, keep playing games and want to make it as difficult as possible for their star player to leave. Plus Arshavin has an agent who is demanding huge fees and adding to a very complicated deal. Arshavin would be breaking his contract by coming to us so Zenit want to make it very difficult for the deal to go thru.

    Zenit will give a major runaround to ANY club who tries for Arshavin, even if they offer 40m let alone 20m. They know that if he tries to buy out his own contract he’ll have to fork up around 8m himself, something he won’t want to do.

    Idiots like you who love to whine blame every transfer glitch on Arsenal and AW — the other party are always innocent. It’s ALWAYS completely Arsenal’s fault.

  3. i agree. well said. why does our club function like a political party???

  4. nzekwe Asugha says:

    Wenger will surely regret the game he is playing with the fans. Five days to go and nothing is happening. Look at villa, they have opened a six point gap, after loosing tonight to Everton, he will see the need to beef up the team. I was saddened to read his admission that he is one of the few managers who make money for their club, that is why he is on a good contract. That is a despicable thing to say. The truth is coming out, he is in a secret accord with the board, he has to sell good players, make money for them and share some, then punish the fans who pay the most expensive ticket in the world to watch a second rate set of players. Wenger, wake up and put your interest below that of the club. We are tired of your antics

  5. gunnersmate says:

    The Club is out of touch with what’s going on. The Club is in such need of a big lift, because make no bones about, on the pitch this is the quality is an at all time low.

    Arsene said last March, this team is nearly there, just at key moments lack of maturity/experience cost us. We have gone 3 steps backwards since then.

    Seeing the likes of Song, Eboue in this side & money they are earning…..why have we come to this….but Arsene is SO stubborn, god forbid we dare question these players.

    Bring Dien back to the Club PLEASE

  6. CescGod says:

    Hahahaha, what a piss take of a ‘blog’ Adebayor really on 80,000K? Whats that, like 8 million a week? Wow. Also, you dont get cheese and onion flavoured Monster Munch, tit! 😛

  7. Me says:

    Hahahahahah! That was quality. I was thinking of writing something up almost exactly the same!

  8. LB says:

    I suppose that this pathetic rant suggests that YOU have a clue. Honestly, you need help. That this club has managed to catapult itself into the top 5 richest clubs in the world against all odds, while still qualifying for the CL every year is a shambles for you? The fact that even after building a 350m stadium it’s still the least financially risky club in the EPL is a shambles. The fact that it is an extremely stable club with high standards of conduct is a shambles for you? What’s not a shambles? Spurs, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham, Portsmouth, Newcastle, who? Who do you want to trade your support for since clearly you must be comparing Arsenal to someone in making this statement? Utterly bizarre comments.

  9. Evelyn says:

    So, people who still trust Wenger have no knowledge of football…?

  10. Rash says:

    I agree too, Wenger is shit and full with excuses. Fuck off with the history, we live in modern days and success is all we want. I really hope that we finish in 5th spot so that will open the fucked up board and mr wenger’s eyes. Assholes i am really pissed!

  11. Chets says:

    i am not going to lie, that was actually f$%king hirlarious!!lol

  12. Fuck it says:

    What about the Alonso deal then? Answer that one. Arsenal try to get every penny out of any deal. Just cough upp the fucking money tosspots, we are paying for the cunt in season ticket prices so fuck off

  13. Joe says:

    Har har, funny. Not really. Quite bolloxy actually.

  14. nut says:

    Totally agree, we are a fucking joke with a lying manager plus full of shit board who keep telling us aw can have £30 mill to spend on 1 player if he wants. Total bolloxs they are happy for us to finish in 4th season after season with no ambition. Would like to know how many people are not going to renew there season tickets as they are fed up of watching shit like eboue, diarby, song, bendtner. Like you say getting fucked of with aw saying when the 4 long terms are back they will be like new signings fucking shit it will be to late, and we will see how many of our better players will leave and frankly i don’t blame them.

  15. Tyrone says:


    This is the first time that I’ve posted on this forum. And after reading that (no matter how frustrated I was with the lack of positive transfer news) all I could do was laugh.

    I’d love to see that on a stand up script.

    I 120% agree on the “If Adebayor is getting paid 80 g’s a week…and I’m better than him…then what gives?”

  16. stan says:

    You should get a job with Man City.
    Arsenal are trying to get a world class player for a price that will not financially stretch them.
    Worth the hassle.

  17. CescGod says:

    Guys, get a grip. So what if we dont sign Arshavin, we will still finish strongly. Having said that, I believe we will sign him. ALl you naysayers grow a pair and support the team. This proves how shit of a support Arsenal have. Signing Arshavin isnt crucial to our future aspirations!

  18. CHIKA says:

    i just love this

  19. Mickey the Norht Bank Gooner says:

    Ivan Gazidis ????? WTF is HE doing? It doesn’t matter if you think we need AA or not. AW made a move for him and can’t make the deal. So why did we bring in Ivan Gazidis, what part is he playing in our signing absolutely no-one ??????? Looks like he will be another Eboue …. AN EFFIN WASTE OF SPACE. What is happening to my beloved gooners? Oh to be singing on the Norht Bank “We are invincible” !!

  20. arsenal man says:

    you fucking cunt that was funny as hell, but the cruel thing is, I have seen grannies walking with zimmer-frames faster than we make deals.

  21. marcus says:

    Actually after thinking about your post for a while ive had a change of heart. I think I have to concur that Arsene Wenger is totally responsible for fucking up Arsenal and therefore his boney skinny ass should be kicked out of the emirates asap as the cunt hasnt a clue is good for nothing anymore except bullshitting and telling lies

  22. ddj says:

    Haha, good humour here. I don`t understand why these sites always turn into arguements amongst ourselves. We are on the same team remember!

    I`ll still trust Wenger, but I do agree a bit more transfer activity would be nice. Not so much all the time, but when we need numbers and a morale boost it should be a priority if you ask me.

    I think what people forget is that signing a big player like Arshavin won`t necessarily make any of our problems go away. In my opinion, we need 3 or 4 players to get back to the top, but making those signings isn`t worth risking the clubs future. Perhaps come season close, some youngsters will have stepped up. We have Djorou for centre back, Ramsey for mid, and vela for striker. If no one comes in now, so be it, but I won`t be worried unless the voids aren`t filled come next season, be it new signings, or the youth already with us. A penny saved is a penny earned, and with the way things are going financially, you never know when it will be needed.

  23. Dave says:

    Absolutely spot on. Take no notice of the fuckwit retards who see no wrong in Wenger and haven’t a brain capable of thinking for themselves. The clubs a shambles.

  24. ron burgundy says:

    you are a complete idiot, please do us all a favour and go support manchester city, better yet you seem to live in a complete fantasy world you should clearly be a tottenham fan !

  25. I'm not blind says:

    Wenger knows wenger knows….
    Blah blah blah

    We have Song, Diaby and Eboue. Three guys that wouldn’t see a minute for any other top club.

    Arsenal: Where mediocre African players go to make a living.

  26. nut says:

    Ron burgundy we haven’t heard that before, surely your not happy with direction the club is going inn????? Meaning 5th in league no silverware “again” it will happen. The team is not good enough.

  27. WC says:

    I’m not sure if this is supposed to be satirical or a serious representation of your thoughts. All of those who are angry at Wenger and Arsenal for not bending over to Zenit clearly have little to no idea how to run a business. If you prefer to spend beyond your projections for something then you will certain be filing for bankruptcy if ever you are put in charge of a business. If any of you own a brand new home or car I can be sure most, if not all of you, paid them in installments because putting all the money up front would have been a ridiculous prospect. This is the same concept because if Arsenal pay every penny up front and Arshavin flops and they sell him, then they’re out 15M. Paying over a period of time ensures that in the event Arshavin is sold, Arsenal is not stuck paying back the 15M and his new club banks some of the installments.

    We could be like Man City, pay 14M for De Jong and be the laughing stock of football or they could have waited 4 months, pay 2.3M and actually appear like they have some common sense. Why do we even presume we need someone or pay big bucks for them? Any 2 players on the Spuds squad right now were probably bought for more money than the entire Arsenal team and where are they on the table? This deal is clearly all about money for Arshavin, not football and I wouldn’t want someone like that at the club, otherwise you end up with a Robinho who whisks himself away to Tenerife for his own personal holiday while disrupting the team at the same time.

    Those who expressed negativity towards Wenger and Arsenal’s way of business (being the 5th most valuable sports team in the world according to Forbes) need to switch support to either Shiek Citeh or Tottenham We-sell-players-cheap-and-buy-them-back-for-triple-what-we-sold-them-for Spuds.

  28. redbearer says:

    Let’s see Arsenal put their money where their mouth is… 15 million and then you sign a player who could bring us Champions League honours!!

    The question is how ambitious is Arsenal FC?

    For ONCE.. Show them the money and man up!

  29. Ben says:

    I am sick and tired of reading posts by so called Arsenal fans calling for the heads of the manager and board. All your opinions are based on what the Sun newspaper or unsubstaniated blogs tell you and not based on any form of fact. You sound like Chelsea scum slagging off the results one week and then praising the vision of the manager when it comes to Carling Cups and development. If you bothered to gain an understanding you would recall the manager stating that when the Emirates project was undertaken the club decided to instigate a policy of buying youth potential and developing them through the ranks. Any fan who knows anything about the club has lived and breathed era’s of shite Arsenal football on more than one occasion and would understand that when you stand back the current situation is not that bad. Yes we could do with at least one signing most probably a defensive midfielder but what is the use of spending 20mil on a player who then stunts the development of players we have invested millions in training ie. Denilison, Ramsey, Vela. Look around the league, if you want to support a team that has no long term plan try Chelski or Tottenham or Manchester Bankrupt. When the banks ask questions and Abramovich gets bored I know which club I will be singing for. Dont like it… give up your season tickets there are plenty of people to fill your void.

  30. Fuck Wenger en Fuck Arsenal directors does one give Ademissabayor 80K a week but won’t allow to give someone like Arsh the same?? The dude is clearly in another league compared to this 10 chances scored one by mistake error prone work my ass off and make it all up mechanic of a striker we presumably have for a star striker. Arsenal and especially Wenger should style up before they start having half empty stadiums. Wenger i’ve had enough of yo kids crap just leave if we dun make it to the Champions League. You can take yo kids with you. I dun think i will have much interest in Arsenal games if we dun sign this dude. Did anyone wakeup during tha Cardiff game?? Cuz guyz i was clearly snoring.

  31. noel reynolds says:

    what exactly is gazidis’ role in all of this? fucking joke. everton just gone 1 up. we are a fucking joke.

  32. Yorpie says:

    Everton – Arsenal 1 : 0
    so far …

  33. uk bubbler says:

    Some of you have really brought into this notion that if we spend some money on players we will go bust. Doesn’t the same apply if we fall further behind the big three, ie (no CL, half empty stadium, loss of tv money)

    Not sure with some of you, to my mind the average arsenal support, isn’t asking the board to spend 100 mill, not even demanding trophies (well am not) all I ask is that we act like we have some kind of ambition, seriously does anyone think we’re getting better?

  34. Marco says:

    Hi guys

    I am not one of the Anti-Wenger brigade, as I do believe he is the best thing that has happened to The Arsenal, but I am beginning to question his, or the clubs direction.

    My first problem is – One surely doesn’t buy a toddler a proper racing bicycle and tell all who will listen that you believe he has the ability to ride it, and then when he shows he can’t quite do it, you say ‘Yes, not at the moment, but he is still young and will eventually come right’. Then proclaim your belief in his ability to ride it very soon and when he again doesn’t make it, you fall back on the ‘he is still young rhetoric’. Then, one day, he finally rides it and you sell the bike, claiming he is too old and it was the right time to sell it.
    Well that’s what we have been doing at Arsenal FC. We are sitting with a young team who, sure does show talent, but they are not there yet, and some never will be in my opinion.

    Furthermore, the claim of Arsene Wenger being a good businessman in the transfer market is rubbish! He has never made an incredible “deal” correct me if I am wrong.
    I mean, he sold a 3 or 4 time Golden boot player, a sure 25 goal a season striker rated as one of the top three in the world at least, for £15mill (T.Henry)
    That happened at the same time a guy like Darren Bent went for more, and sums of £30 – 40mill were being thrown at lesser players. I have nothing against that sale, but demand something in return to make the deal go through. Last year a good deal would have been taking Yaya as part swap for Hleb. Never happened and today AFC struggles without a defensive midfielder.
    A good deal? – Taking the 30million offered for Adebayor by AC milan last season would have been good business. He isn’t worth half that and never again will be.
    This transfer market he was offered money for E Eboue. At any sum that would have been good business!
    At the moment the Arshavin deal still hangs in the balance. I for one hope it doesn’t go through, I think he is very overrated, and at the sums mentioned we could definitely get a better player to serve our needs. ( M Veloso, Y Toure)
    If AFC do close that deal, it will scare me. I think it will mean some creative midfielder might be leaving us in the next transfer window, and Wenger wants Arshavin to take the next six mths to get accustomed to life in the premier league.
    I feel AFC is staring a dark couple of years in the face. . .

  35. redbearer says:

    1-0 down to Everton at the mo… complete inability to create / score goals.. Vieira, Pires, Henry etc have never really been replaced! The millions were made and now the millions will be lost when we fail to qualify for the Champions League unless Arsenal act quickly now.. bring in a World Class player who can make a difference… Zenit won the UEFA cup with a player who has the ability to fill in the gaps which have been missing.. and now David Dein’s absence is also noted.

    How much longer do the fans want to put up with second best? Will we do any better against West Ham on Saturday? Probably not… Unofficially the club is in crisis!

  36. Garry Sullivan says:

    Come on guys, lets get behind the team huh?! We might not be in the best shape ever but you support your Team through thick and thin. I agree that they just arent good enough at the moment and that the soul of the club has been ruined by the move to Ashburton Superbowl but I for one am not going to stop watching and supporting The Arsenal

  37. Danish Gooner says:

    couldnt agree more.

  38. Danish Gooner says:

    We have got 15 games to save the season,fuck the fa cup.Now is all about getting that fourth spot otherwise 3 or 4 off the current squad will off loaded in the summer and dont expect it to be Eboue or Song.

  39. dan says:

    This is fucking hillirious but it’s all true, Wenger likes a player but won’t stump up the asking price….doesn’t he realise that you have to break transfer fees and wages in order to grow as a club and be successful.
    I get excited (moist actually) about great players we’re linked with and then wenger denies it all and tries to insult the fans by convincing us that Fabregas, walcott, rosicky, eduardo (who I actually think is dead) are like new signings….er wtf!!! He knew that the latter of those were out before the season started and he didn’t bother to address this…oh wait he bought Bischoff…….has he actually kicked a ball for us?
    I will be checking on ssn come Monday in anticipation for some signings………..and then discover we sign some french guy called Michel Hogzart from some village french side in the third division.
    My faith and hope in Arsenal is waning……..Go on Arsene prove me wrong….

  40. Danish Gooner says:

    Tonight we hardly created a chance against a workman like Everton,wenger who prides himself on attacking play must surely realise that neither Song or Djourou are PL standard and that goes for eboue too.WHEN WILL WENGER WAKE UP THIS IS HIS MESS ??????

  41. dan says:

    I meant rosicky is dead

  42. Kyle says:

    Hah, very good. About the only time I’ve been able to laugh about all this.

    To the person above who blindly said: “All you naysayers grow a pair and support the team” – So, if we’re on a ship and it starts sinking, we should just trust that it’ll sail us home simply because it did before it had pieces missing? Don’t worry, the Captain is a genius, he says the parts made in an african barn are just as sea worthy as those made by specialised European industry. Also, you see the rusty parts holding the bowel together, in the middle there, where all the water’s getting in? Well, they’re kind of like new parts so there really isn’t much point spending money on state-of-the-art fittings that will stop us from sinking any further. So why don’t you just grow a pair, the water’s not that cold.


  43. Arsenal is just a laughing stock. A team with no ambition, these kids lack tha drive, it’s as if at times they are just doing their job that is to just play faw tha sake. Last night put everything into place ….i was snoring during tha Cardiff game but last night i was in slumberland not forgetting that Arsenal had to equalise in tha last minute. It could have been worse but you still got someone like Wenger telling you “Ohh i got 4 guys coming in who will be just like new signings” Do you think a guy like Alex Fergie would be this disillusioned? You wouldn’t hear Fergie saying such crap. The guy buys…yall don’t think Man U is at tha top by mistake. With Arsene it’s just crap everytime…who hasn’t heard of this talk “I nearly signed Ronaldo but the asking price, the terms, I nearly signed Robinho, I nearly signed …..blah blah” Wenger is disgusting. The list goes on… last transfer season t was Alonso and now its going to be Arsh ..You can imagine what could have happened if we had Ronaldo in our side. Look at Manure..they bought their way to the top. They just didn’t get to the top by some luck or something. But everyone keeps yapping how Arsenal made it to the Forbes list of most valued sports teams or businesses. To watch a guy like Song playing in our midfield is a joke. Can u imagine such a guy playing in any midfield of a top European team? But at Arsenal he can play…and you still wanna win the champions league..let alone qualify or win the EPL..Its a friggin joke. Wenger i dun hate but its time to wake up. If u can’t then leave afterall you will have to one day the sooner the better. I wonder the last time any Arsenal fan had some sorta excitement about the league. Every season its if we can make the fourth place. We are a joke.

  44. Merse-10 says:

    If we don’t have the funds we don’t have the funds Simle as that. Asharvin’s club are trying to squeeze as much out of this as possible and Arsenal are rightly not being dictated to.
    Chelsea are able to waste money (£20m on SWP for example) and so are Man City (Bridge!) but we haven’t got money to burn.

    Sensible fans know the score. We have a stadium to pay for andwe have a housing development that is trying to be sold in the middle of a housing slump. They are the facts but sadly you don’t ever seem to want to deal with facts, rather just sensationalise everything.

    And before you start caling for Arsene’s head, name me ONE manager who could have transformed the club as Arsene has in the constraints he has had to deal with? Also name me ONE manager who would be happy to manage a club, trying to keep them at the top with hardly a penny to spend.

    The stadium, the training ground, the youth team – everything Arsene has done is to benefit the club LONG TERM. He is building, actually he has built a legacy that will last for years rather than the likes of Chelsea having a couple of years of success on borrowed money but long term that is not healthy nor does it work.

    Too many “fans” are greedy and inpatient. A quick check of our history shows that we have gone for larege periods without a trophy not just a few years. Most of our fans are new so wont understand but it was 7 years without a League Championship before Arsene arrived and EIGHTEEN YEARS between 71 double and Anfield 89.

    Arsene has taken us to a Champions League final – something we had never achieved before, not even close. The Champions League is the norm under Arsene but it never was before and too many people have taken his achievements for granted, have been spolit and think we have devine right to be in the Champions League.

    I wish some people would grow up and open their eyes to the bigger picture instead of moaning and slagging off Arsene, the players and the club in general without any real reason to do so.

  45. gooner says:

    well said..very very well said…yeah we take long long time for transfers..but finally we get the players at just the right price..not a penny more of worth the player is..and united and chelsea who complete deals in a day pay double the keane ,berbatov..
    So ,as long as we are getting the players like arshavin at just 15 mil , i dont mind if arsenal takes 1 month or even 1 year to negotiate…’
    gooner till death

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