Wenger has got 5 days to save his job (Podcast)

I mean it…He has to sign some new blood…After watching that shit tonight, I decided to let rip and have a little rant…Warning “I swear a lot”

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87 Responses to Wenger has got 5 days to save his job (Podcast)

  1. plasticspam says:

    ffs…..we have woltshire, ramsey and vela…..why not fucking use them

  2. Goonerboy says:

    there is a reason why african players are so cheap, its because they are so shit.

    Wenger is a cunt – he has taken away our history, he has taken away from our roots.

    Fucking fed up with this shit, and I pay this club to watch these fucking wankers and to listen to that arrogant, wanker spew his bullshit each day.

    I think a protest is in order – flock down to Highbury House and demand action – fuck Wenger, time for him to fuck off

  3. Minty says:

    If we get rid os wenger, who are we gonna get? Juande Ramos?
    Shut up you mug as the season aint over! Buying and replacing aint gonna help no-one when it is done mid-season. Lets wait till the season is over, THEN we can see who needs to go and who needs to come in.

    I agree we are playing shit at the moment

    BUT gettin rid of wenger will only make things worse… i thought that would be obvious!

  4. Andy Wilkinson says:

    I agree with everything you have said i posted my opinions and i got bashed by the arsenal fans i agree with everything you have said.

  5. Andy Wilkinson says:

    Agree with everything you have said 100%

  6. Osse says:

    I feel your pain mate. I’ve really tried to be positive but after this game i’ve lost it!

    I don’t want to see Diaby, Song and Denilson together anymore. It’s the weak midfield that’s put us in this position. On the other hand it doesn’t help that Adebayor’s first touch is the worst of any premier league striker or that Almunia has forgotten that he plays for Arsenal and just kicks the ball upfield constantly instead of throwing it out.

    I’m hoping for Arshavin and a decent midfield player with alot of experience under his belt.

    Come on Wenger.. please put your ego to the side on this one

  7. Alan says:

    I’m fucking sick of the lack of ambition our club is showing. I couldn’t believe we didn’t strenghten in August. We could all see this coming. Surely Arsene could to.

  8. Andy Wilkinson says:

    Minty you are deluded iv been waiting for a blog like this for ages now.Why is it wenger always defends his players? unlike ferguson who lays into his team when they play bad. Arsenal cant be called a top 4 club.When is the last time we won a trophy? 2005!! ffs. Wenger is a great man but im losing my patience with him he seriously needs to wake up and see the problems we have. If he doesnt buy in these last days of the window i will protest and never go watch arsenal again.

  9. Osse says:

    A broken car won’t work any better if you ignore the broken or missing parts the only way to fix it is to replace or buy the parts needed. The same goes for Arsenal and I wish Wenger could just realize that and stop being so stubborn. He didn’t really have to break the bank to sign the quality that is Sagna and Eduardo… What is the problem now?

  10. andy says:

    mate at last someone who speaks sense i 110% agree with u

  11. Ben says:

    Another plastic fan, 5 days to save his job !! are you insane. Just who would replace him ??? Every footballer playing has knowledge and respect for Wenger. Most of our side are only playing for Arsenal due to his record and influence.

  12. Andy Wilkinson says:

    Wenger says no Signings in his interview 😦


  13. jan says:

    lemonde french newspaper have an article that says: Its 90 % finished (the deal). quote from wenger. I will try to come back soon with a link.

  14. William McDonald says:

    As I write,the writing had been on the wall since 2004.Since then AW has gone on a different tack buying raw diamonds. You compare 2000 when he bought Pires,Wiltford and a host of others. Result :the double in 2002.
    I’m afraid that Arsenal may not secure the last cl spot. You can forget about the title. If Arsenal can win it I will be king of England.
    Yes i know key players have been injured and shd be fit in at the most two months time.
    The board shd tell him in no uncertaion terms that failure to clinch a cl spot will lead to a pay cut of 50%.Thta shd shake him up for all his undying faith in young raw diamonds.

  15. Greensborogooner says:

    Wenger doesn’t value or respect Arsenal fans, because with all this uproar and displeasure with the team, he sits and tells everyone to believe in the team. How do you believe in a team that does not believe in itself? This team is suffering from a case of identity crises, and the manager is going through a phase of denial. How can any sane human, honestly say that this arsenal team does not need immidiate reinforcements? The person must be blind and delusional. I really won’t go as far as demanding wenger to be sacked, which this arsenal board of no ambition will never contemplate, but no one is bigger than Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

  16. TINY says:

    listen its about time we fucking made it clear we aint happy with the lack of ambition from the board…..im not for sacking wenger just giving him some money is what i want
    lets stop moaning and make our thoughts and disapointment heard….someone out there must be able to organise something….cause this is bollocks

  17. Osse says:

    Well Ben I think that might be the problem. They should be playing for Arsenal cuz we are a great football club with a rich history and a bright future. Not because of a manager..

    I get agitated when I watch United and I see Scholes and Giggs cuz I always think Vieira, Henry and Pires. What harm would it have done to keep these guys around?

  18. NEPHEW OF ROCKY says:

    I feel your pain! That shit was absolutely unbelievable, i refuse to believe that Arsene will continue to allow the team to produce this bullshit time after time and if he does due to his ridiculous stubborness then he should be given next season only or at least the threat of the sack for a failure to produce. We are in this game to win and we are not doing that BOTTOM LINE and it only takes 2-3 signings of real “now” capabilities, experience and quality to save this season from the genuine DISASTER that it is very quickly becoming…FACT Is 6th place acceptable to any real GOONERS? Didnt think so… Sort it out Arsene NOW

  19. LukeB says:

    I’m not going to defend tonights performance or what we’ve been playing for the last couple of weeks. Yeah, we’re at a low point. It’s crappy. But we’ll get through it. If Wenger fucks up then he’ll leave in the summer anyway. So lets try and pull through and see what happens. And stop bitching around like little girls.

  20. thegoonerforum says:

    Andy Wilkinson

    I knew wenger would say that about the players coming back from injuries being like new signings.

    See this mate

  21. Andy Wilkinson says:

    Jan what do you mean 90% finished? 90% of completing the signing or 90% the deal is off?

  22. Marcus says:

    I agree with your podcast. Wenger and the players are just too comfortable. We have 3 completely mediocre midfield players with guaranteed starting births. Eboue, Song, Denilson and Diaby wouldn’t start for most Prem teams so why are they in our first 11.

    Our best team is pretty awesome but the backups are a joke. We got a few quality youngster warming the bench like Vela and Wilshere but Eboue always seems to get the nod. Lets be honest he’s complete sh*te, he’s 25 and not gonna get any better so why waste place on the team when better players are waiting in the wings.

    We need some more quality in our squad that will create some competition and will force the average players to improve if they want to play.

    We should of started Bendtner today as Ade looked like he couldn’t be bothered. Why is he starting when his form hasn’t been anygood ?. Bendtner at least looks like he’s up for it.

  23. George says:

    Getting rid of Wenger isn’t gonna make the problem better. The only way we get out of this is if Wenger wakes up and smells the roses. Otherwise we get rid of Wenger and bleed out in a brand new stadium, a laughing stock.

  24. Maximus says:

    Three cheers!

    Well said, and said with undeniable passion.

    All these fuckwits who write for other blogs and support Whinger until the cows come home have no place being Arsenal supporters as far as I’m concerned. They’re nothing but sycophants who live in the past, play with themselves when we play shit, cannot see how fucked up this team truly is, shout from the rooftops when we nick a win, they are the true plastic fans.

    No passion, no pride, no feelings of anguish when we play like dogs.

    But let’s not worry. NO! We have three ALMOST new signings returning from their sick beds: Fabregas, Walcott, and Rosicky.

    What the FUCK. Is this cunt having a laugh or WHAT?

    This is gonna be like the last days of Rome: burning while Whinger plays with himself.

  25. Andy Wilkinson says:

    can you please trasnlate that article. What does it say?

  26. Osse says:

    “It’s done 90%, I do not know if it happened today (wednesday). In this business the 10% are sometimes more important than the 90% because people change their minds quickly”

    rough translation.. my french isn’t very good

  27. jan says:

    It looks like 90 % completed. http://www.lemonde.fr/web/depeches/0,14-0,39-38290885@7-91,0.html
    try and get a good translation. my translation was bad.

  28. mick67 says:

    forget this season it’s over we will continue to wait till next season or the next one and so on
    well west ham must be scared and totscum will play the cup final against us as usual there only game all season assholes.anyway saw wenger interview after game same old same old were sound dont
    need anymore players news flash we do and not just 2 or 3 but 4 or 5 and 2 of those need to be defenders and a goal keeper but what would i know i’m just a supporter.everton played with spirit
    as do villa and that what we need to find very soon or it’s no champ league for our so called great players who will jump ship.

  29. aogfc says:

    Big signings.. like Jeffers… Wiltord, Reyes… yeah.. those worked out quite well… you threat AW like you have a say in what he does…. are you on the board? 5 days or what? you’ll whinge more? yeah this is a rough season we all see that.. injuries have not helped, but are not the only cause.. Wenger has learned from his mistakes.. that just because a lot of fans what a “big” signing it won’t necessarily be a “good” signing…

  30. handsome says:

    I quite agree on the fact that Arsenal as a club is loosing focus, common I watched their against cadiff city and 2nite with everton and i say we are finishing either 7th or 8th this season, and yet the board is so stingy to buy arshavin.

    Arsenal has lost its glory and rythm and its only change that can see us back as a top club, but for now we are nothing, I ma really ashamed to call players like adebayor, bendtner, diaby denilson nd some other fools arsenal players, adebayor is not fit to be a striker. the whole team is messed up xcept for van persie (not just bcos of 2nites game), he has always shown that figthing spirit.

    I hope something is done very soon, becos I see wenger and the board are only interested in bringing up young player and later sell them to make money rather thinking of how to win trophies, if he fails this season then he should accept and leave d club.


  31. Mr Fucking Angry says:

    Wenger lost the plot 5 years ago when we needed a good central defender he goes out and buys the shortest bloke he could find, how come all the shit teams have good central defenders and we have shit in both midfield and defence.
    Sack them all I say, if I didn’t do my job I would be sacked so how come these prats can get there £50,000+ every week for not doing their job.

  32. Nando says:

    you all are retards. Wenger is worth millions to the board and to arsenal. He builds a top 4 team without having to buy one. Think top 4. Is a birthright? It’s not. Liverpool have been out of top 4. As have Chelsea. Spuds have never been in it! Nor villa.

    This was a hard game in wet cold conditions away from home. And we drew. Without playing great at a top six side.


  33. RedandDread says:

    You sounded bad mate! Cheer up, it could be worse. However, we are being fed a diet of tripe this season and if he doesn’t shape this team up then I cannot see HOW we shall win the league or anything in the forseeable future. TOO much dross not enough true class! A good team but by no way the great team which we have been used to for a while.

    The real question Wenger has to answer is HOW can you go from UNBEATEN in the league to falling out of the Top 4 within 5 years (and not winning it in betwen)-There’s a question that needs some answering-He’s FUCKED UP and will not admit it! Fuck the KIDZ and buy some proven CLASS mate!!

  34. Osse says:

    Wiltord was better than what we have now… so was Reyes. Reyes was a great player who unfortunately clashed with our big superstar mr Henry. I would take both Reyes and Wiltord (as they are today) over Song, Diaby or Denilson

  35. Goodplaya says:

    […] don’t doubt I’ve seen the game in a more positive light than some other people (these people seriously need to get a grip), but it is worth asking how many teams would have won at Everton […]

  36. Scooter says:

    I aree that yes it is time to panic and massive change is necessary however i think it’s Wenger that need to make these changes…I dont wan’t another manager, i just want this one to wake up and see what he’s done to our wonderful club over the past 2/3 years!!

  37. Kyle says:

    I can’t see how anyone could disagree with you on this; especially not after that performance.

    Surprise, surprise, we “showed great character” – what, to draw with Everton? Of course Wenger is a genius, and we are all so lucky to have him as a manager, this goes without saying, but as with a relative, to watch someone you respect and love turn senile isn’t the easiest thing to accept. A bold assertion I know, perhaps unfounded, but if Wenger doesn’t bring anyone in in January, and if we finish below 4th – if he refuses to learn from experience – then I’m not sure what else he can do for us.

    Thanks for the podcast, let’s hope we’re wrong come the summer!

  38. Raz says:

    Minty, you’re a knob. Wenger has had plenty of time to strengthen. How many more fucking years does he need?

  39. handsome says:

    I feel u Mr. angry

  40. gooner_ari says:

    Has anyone actually noticed that we have an abundance of forwards and lacking in midfield players.. Ade, RVP, Bentnder, Vela, Eduardo coming back soon..

    Injuries have killed us… all gooners out there.. we have had rotten luck..just fucking rotten !!!!

    Who could of predicted rosicky, fabregas, walcott and (eduardo) all out with long term injuries as well..

    We have missed all those three in the middle and thats why the spark has gone..

    Not even that fuck ferguson could’nt off pulled last years trophy if he had that many injuries and i dont care how much depth people said we lacked last season at arsenal..

    No team in the world is equipped to deal with that many injuries !!!!!!!!

    So lets give arsene a break !!!!

    Arshavin is coming…We wont win this season but theres still the champions league and FA cup

  41. T Gooner says:

    Feel your pain. I was so angry during that game. Eboue for fuck sake. Why the hell is he coming on after 70 minutes. 30 seconds before he gave the ball away. Right now i don’t feel like watching arsenal when a muppet like that who can’t make 1 pass is getting on the team. Diaby and Denilson are shit. Wenger and anyone else saying denilson is great and underated are fucking blind. he is shit. Adebayor is dreadful too. If only we’d taken the money. And then Wenger comes out with that bullshit about character and desire and we don’t need signings. All wrong. But i still believe the poison that is spoiling the club is those muppets on the board. Hill-wood and friar OUT! They dont’ mind taking millions and millions from the club for themselves but then they haggle over pennies when it comes to transfers. Fans money! Look at all the money Edelman gave himself in bonuses for the stadium. Sickening
    We need new players, its not rocket science so why don’t they sign them. Whoever it is that is stopping it happening has to go

  42. Osse says:

    I’m sorry but when we play we don’t look like a team. Aston Villa although having half ass players in defense, midfield and attack have a team spirit and they fight for each other… that’s what we need

  43. Sam says:

    To all Wenger haters, you lot are an utter disgrace, there is no manager in the world as good as Arsene Wenger, the best thing which happened to the Arsenal FC, he has made Arsenal from nothing, with such tight budget, he has been the envy of one supposedly big clubs in the world, Real Madrid. What is so annoying is this lot are trying to invite Real Madrid come knocking as if they needed any invitations. Yes the result and the performances have not what we would like to see, however considering everything we are not doing too badly. Solution is not just go out and buy a few players at any price, and once our injured players are back, keeping every one happy, like that twit Diarra. I trust Arsene Wenger, he knows what he is doing and if he could make things better I know he would, he has Arsenal best interest at heart.

  44. handsome says:

    nando i think u should not attach sentiments to this cos u r affected as well fuck head!!! change is the only constant thing in life need i remind u

  45. noel reynolds says:

    never thought id admit but im growing tired of aw. we will not be bringing anybody in and the board and wenger have to take responsibility. tired of hearing the same crap after every bad performance. “i believe in this team. we have strength and character”. we don’t. man utd have strength and character that’s why they will win the premiership at a canter. when i read today that our first offer to zenit was on 27th december i was livid that on the 28th jan we are still wrangling over who should pay the 3m quid. 3m quid is small potatoes compared to the 40m we could lose by playing uefa cup football next season. incredibly, the board can’t see that. gazidis was meant to be some kind of no nonsense hard talking cunt of a businessman and yet here we are on 28th january with nobody coming in. ill be watching sky sports news up to the deadline more in hope than expectation and when you see the likes of megson talking about veloso then you have to feel that both aw and the board are culpable. i hope im wrong.

  46. Andy Wilkinson says:

    is the arshavin move to arsenal 90% completed?

  47. thegoonerforum says:


    Wenger said this after the game

    Wenger On Andrei Ashavin…
    “There is nothing new, because today I have been focussed on the game, and I did not pick up any phone calls so nothing has happened. It was 90 per cent that I will be able to give you more in the next two days. Remember in this job the other 10 per cent can be more important than the other 90 because people can change their mind quickly”
    http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archiv … r-reaction

  48. handsome says:

    gooner_ari com on mate wu says arshavi is comin wen the board nd wenger r stingy to buy him? he has lost his rythm simple, these crop of players are the worst ever assembled by wenger

  49. Andy Wilkinson says:

    i Dont get what wengers trying to say there what do you think?

  50. thegoonerforum says:

    The man talks more bollocks then a politician. He talks in code mate.

    1 min we need a CB as we are week in the air. The next he feels we are strong at the back!

    Half the time he comes out with total bollocks, I’m sick of his lies and woolfy

  51. handsome says:

    keep on dreaming SAm u will for the next 10 years if he does not effect a change, football game and policy is not static after a number years you have to adapt to the changes in football and apply them to your policy

  52. Hugo says:

    Haha, and you’re gonna sack him are you? It’s not down to you is it mate.
    1. If Glazer turned round to Ferguson in May and said “I need you to replace every single player in this title winning squad over the next 4 years, and by the way, we’re taking on a massiv debt so you’ve got about 50 million to do it with. Good luck.” What would happen? Would United carry on winning the league? No, of course not. I doubt there’ another manager out there who could take on a challenge like that and still keep his side in the Champions League year on year. And before anyone says ‘well why did he have to replace the 04 side?’, if he hadn’t we’d be stuck now in a far worse postion stuck with a bunch of old men with no future and probably no present.
    2. Something to think about: why would it be so unbelievably bad if Wenger didn’t manage to finish us in the top 4? Obviously I know why it would be bad for us, but what I mean is why should we finish there? Villa have a rich billionaire owner willing to spend, we have £350 million debt. Villa have an experienced side, we have young players nowhere near their peak. Villa have spent far more on their side than we have. And yes “we’re Arsenal”, “we’re a big club” etc etc, but Villa have won a European cup, we haven’t. We have no divine right to make the top 4, and on paper we really shouldn’t. And the reason we’ve got kids and don’t go out spending loads on big signings? WE’VE GOT NO FUCKING MONEY!

  53. FishAndChipsGooner says:

    Let’s face it – not every signing will be perfect… Even Old Purple Nose knows that… Hence he buys 2/3 players a season
    A) For a shake up to the existing squad and
    B) To Inject new ideas/formations and strengthen areas of weakness..
    Wenger’s insistence on running a tight ship is admirable and we all respect him for that..
    However the boards insistence on charging us the most expensive seats in the league make us sit up and say – “Fuck U” – NOT HAPPY to fund your vastly over inflated retirement funds…
    And on top of those tight f*cks in the leather chairs – why is Wenger sanctioning the 2nd most expensive wage bill in the league..
    Perhaps some performance related pay for the whole shower of shit that is the fringe players (all of them except RVP/Sagna and FAB4 – would have liked to include Clichy and Ade but their record of concentrating for the full 90 minutes could easily be described as non-existent of late)
    And before you remind me of the promise of Theo/Jack/Samir/Lucas/Rambo – when they achieve something – that’s when the reward should come.. Not on the back of potential and tremendous character??
    In fact who are our characters?? Who is showing what?? We need less players who can do a job and more players who are the only ones capable of doing the job they do.. Who is irreplaceable in our team??
    THINK – WHO???
    Scary – I know!!

  54. goonaaaa says:

    two simple choices

    stop supporting arsenal, or fucking shut up and get behind your team, you’re like a whiny little girl, the day arsenal are back on top whether it’s next year or in 10 years, you’ll be back on the bandwagon

    you’re an embaressment to real football fans, if arsenal were a conference team we’d still love them, well i would, you clearly wouldn’t, go support barcelona you fucking glory hunter

  55. jan says:

    it must be written wrong on the arsenal site. it must be: it was 90% and I will be able to give you more in the next 2 days. That is also more like the french site says when you translates.

  56. Greensborogooner says:

    He is trying to say that Arshavin may or may not come. He is setting us all up for the disappointment of not signing anyone, by pointing out that we tried, but will not pay silly money.

  57. Alex says:

    time for action…

    wenger do something, or leave at the end of the season.

  58. sameshitdifferentday says:

    Goodison is one of the toughest grounds in the prem to take all three points from, no team goes there and has an easy game and some of the shit so called arsenal fans post on here is nothing short of moronic. March on highbury house, time for wenger to go, 5 days to save his job…after drawing with everton!? Are the lot of you insane? I admit i’m disappointed we didn’t win but get a grip lads your childish rants are idiotic at best so I guess its back to the drawing board until you can come up with some intellectual input…

    Goonerboy dont forget your helmet and crayons

  59. FishAndChipsGooner says:

    Gooner Ari
    Ferguson could not have coped with the injury crisis that is Rosicky and Eduardo out…
    From last fucking season…
    What was the prognosis for eddie – lucky to be back this season at all.. I am just so fookin happy for the lad but you can’t say AW is unlucky to not have his services this year!!
    Rosick-Note has been trouble ever since he came… Great when playing for important goals but reliable as an ever present… Mmmm – a tad concerned that Nasri is showing the same tendencies!!
    Get down the Emirates and tell me how many games you see the No 7 of the true Rocky7 being worn in the last 3/4 years.. An embarassment to a true legend…

  60. james t says:


    African Players – Desailly, Zidane, Vieira, Makalele (yeah they played for france), Abedi Pele, Yeboah, Essien, Eto’o, Toure, Toure, Drogba, Muntari, Kanu, Zaki….just blurting…my mind sometimes goes blank on such an easy question…

    Its like saying that all English players are like Joey Barton.


    Ade was rubbish, and perhaps on his way out, but maybe he needed Cesc (trying to look on the bright(?) side).

    Abou may grow into the role of defence splitter…the guy is quick, and just needs to learn when to let go of the ball…

    A couple of them held on too long today…Denilson a couple of times…he really is turning into a DM…not blistering on the wings, not a creative enough passer, not a great dribbler, but non stop, and good in the tackle…

    Ade was really crap though….I think its worth reiterating…he is waiting for his chances on a silver platter…a bit like Thierry’s final season…


  61. Armourist says:

    Get over yourself mate and get a grip!!

  62. gooner_ari says:

    Gooners get a grip !!!!!!

    I love arsenal but therea also life outide of football too.. try to find it if your really that pissed off..

  63. georgesydaust says:

    And who do you suppose we replace Wenger with? Mourinho, Benitez, Scolari? They’re not an itch on Wengers balls if you ask me.
    We should have won the league last year, because we had Flamini, 30 goal Ade, Fab was scoring. The firepower was there, but they choked. It happens..
    Can you understand we will not win the league for another year at least. They’re not going to spend money cause they dont have it, yet they need to pay the good players we have keep them here.
    I’m happy to go trophyless for another year or 2 even.
    We need stability more than anything, and if Wenger goes, so does Fab, Theo, and RVP. And whoever the new Manager will be, will have to start again with not alot of money….
    Our team played shit last night….. it happens, we haven’t lost in 9, there’s 10-11 points in it with 4 full months of football to play and you want to sack Wenger……
    Did your forefathers burn witches as well?

  64. jay says:

    go and support some other team u plastic so called fans

  65. matty says:

    I’ll be honest, my original comment was going to be this:

    ‘yeah you may be a realist but then surely you must realise that you are obviously a tottenham fan’

    But then i continued to listen and i realised that you were actually making a bit of sense (between the swearing!)and i actually realised that i have be deluding myself for far too long.

    I wouldnt go as far saying that wenger needs to go (not yet) BUT we need signings. Wenger doesnt seem to get that if you by a player then yes you are cutting out younger players from the first team but thats what needs to happen. What other teams do is have them in reserve matches until they are 18/19 and then send them out on loan for a few years AND THEN introduce them gradually into the first team. How else did we get all these great players around the world? They came through the system thats how.

    SO, back to the point. Where do we need to focus? I think that 1 top quality defender is needed. Micah Richards would be fantastic i think we all agree. NEXT, a CDM. Who remembers when we nearly signed Xabi Alonso? Well why didnt we? We need him right now! I also think that Miles Addison From Derby would be a good signing (he is not the star you are looking for but he is strong). And why didnt we sign Bullard? He was a steal for 5 million and he does wonders for team spirit.

    Now we get to Arshavin. Personally i would really like to see him at Arsenal as i think he is the creative spark that is needed right now mainly for his abiltiy to stretch a team and then deliver a killer pass. He also does great in cold temperatures. I have seen him play in temperatures of -12.5. The reason i think this is important is because it is in these colder temperatures that our players seem to shrink in quality.

    That is only 3 players but with them we would have our complete team that will win us something!

    What do you think?

  66. Goonerboy says:

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig!!!

    Jay, Ben, go fuck yourself you wanker – looking at Arsenal through rose tinted glasses. I have been going to Arsenal for over 35 years, been a season ticket holder for 25 years – I support ARSENAL, not Arsene, so stop calling people plastic supporters, you prawn sandwich eating, glory seeking ex-yids. I havent felt so much despair and pessimism about Arsenal then i have now. As GF says, Wenger inherited the core of his success, Adams, Bergkamp, Platt, Bould, Dixon, Winterburn, Seaman, Parlour, Wright – the players who sweat blood for the club. He tweaked it to include Vieira, Henry, Pires. The current crop of shite shouldnt be in this country let alone wearing the Arsenal shirt – Eboooooooooooooue, Almunia, Sagna, Clicy, Diaby, Denilson, Adepaymemore, Bendtner, Gallas, Djourou, Nasri, Toure, shall I go on? These players dont even break out in a sweat, let alone sweat blood for the club. We need to get back to our core values, being British and sorry to say it, but you pay shit money, you get shit players. Get rid of Wenger and Rice, put Rikjaard and Bergkamp or Van Basten and Bergkamp at the helm. Rebuild the team around Walcott, Van Persie, Cesc.

  67. gooner_ari says:


    Next season we will have fabregas, rosicky, walcott, eduardo all back from injuries and firing with lots of pre season training and matches under their belt by the season start..

    Add Arshavin to this list and i reckon “WERE LOOKIN FUCKIN GOOD”

    So stop moaning and groaning gooners !!!!@@@###???!!!

  68. FishAndChipsGooner says:

    Ar$enal… Our Board’s New Motto…
    Who needs trophy’s when you can be a business leader – and tell Alan Sugar what great profits u made?
    Why not – take advantage of your customers ability to part with their hard earned ca$h… The morons still keep turning up and even if the hardcore get the hump there is a whole new load of NEW GOONS waiting in the wings..?
    The new MOTTO is Profit is better than Honours!
    Those Evil evil – honours… fu*k ManU/Chelski/Scallypool
    We don’t do it the traditional way of gaining fans and giving them the best entertainment for their money – oh no – we give them the least we can get away with…
    Cheers AW – you were our saviour – ur becoming part of the Diamond encrusted curse that Danny ‘Pound of Flesh’ Fiszman wants for his investment in “OUR CLUB”…
    Danny – u r a cnt…

  69. FUGAYZI says:


  70. cescfiberglass says:

    you have an excellent point…

    look at fergueson..he spends money where he thinks his team needs to strength, and cost is not an issue. if everyone on the board is saying that costs is not an issue, and we can get who we need, why is wenger not doing anything? he thinks there is no one out there that is good enough to fit our squad and improve them..well if there are 4 teams ahead of us, they all have players that our squad can use. if he thinks that we can bring from within, he is wrong, you cant build players from within unless they play with mature players who know how to play. you have no experience at all in the team. gallas doesnt count as he has been stripped of his captaincy.. aside from that oyu have cesc (injured), toure (who cant hold the spot), van persie (who is doing his thing). we need players, major signings and we need them now. atlest2. maybe 3.. arshavin is a great start.. a new def mid and a new defender, and we got another invincibles team when we are all fit.

    wenger is too money concious and is afraid of admitting he is wrong and fucked up!
    sports are for now, not for the future.


  71. fran says:

    Nothing will change until you turn off the telies and stop going to games, because you can’t do that, don’t expect much to change.

  72. GoonerSV says:

    what a load of tosh…mate, I believe you started following The Arsenal form the mid 90’s. You have now got used to the CL spot and think it is our divine right to be there. But I am sorry mate, there was a time we were a mid table team, playing the dull football and all. It is just because of the genius of Le Boss we have had so much success. I still belive we will win some silverware this season and also the CL spot will be safe.

  73. goonerforlife says:

    u f*********k n fools

    so many of the people in this forum have no brain for accusing wenger because u r nothing to know about football

    wenger is mace he know what to do with the squad he is le prof the man for the club

    i agree with him whatever he say

    u need instant success u fools go and buy a team and buy players of your choice after that day u fell what a shit ahole i m to accuse wenger just like that yu think u bastards yu dont have the right to be a gooner
    gooners need iron heart it will accept anything

    hail gooneres and wenger for life

  74. arsenekidz says:

    LOL…………has Wenger become God among some Arsenal supporters that he is now faultless1!

  75. matty says:

    Buy Arshavin, buy Richards (swap deal for Toure?) and buy a CDM (Alonso, Veloso, Barry, Addison, Appiah). Appiah is a free agent for gods sake!!!

  76. sameshitdifferentday says:

    goonerboy your one of them mugs that cry about the invincibles every time we lose or draw and so are the mugs at the goonerforum…You do talk shit though and from the sounds of it you’ve been talking shit along time. Is your day job with the BNP by any chance…all the players you’ve mentioned in your last pathetic post are internationals playing for there respected countries which says to me they have talent…Wenger see’s it and so does the majority of the Arsenal fan base, theres just a few ignorant so called supporters who make themselves look like facist bigots like yourself. The next crop of youngsters on the fringe are british…Walcott, Simpson,Wiltshere,Randall,Ramsey,Gibbs,Hoyte,Lansbury if you didn’t know…Were in good shape for the upcoming years Goonerboy and if you cant see the talent we have in the squad and the management then its time you stopped touching yourself because its affecting your eyesight you blind old fool.

  77. Merse-10 says:

    If we don’t have the funds we don’t have the funds Simle as that. Asharvin’s club are trying to squeeze as much out of this as possible and Arsenal are rightly not being dictated to.
    Chelsea are able to waste money (£20m on SWP for example) and so are Man City (Bridge!) but we haven’t got money to burn.

    Sensible fans know the score. We have a stadium to pay for andwe have a housing development that is trying to be sold in the middle of a housing slump. They are the facts but sadly you don’t ever seem to want to deal with facts, rather just sensationalise everything.

    And before you start caling for Arsene’s head, name me ONE manager who could have transformed the club as Arsene has in the constraints he has had to deal with? Also name me ONE manager who would be happy to manage a club, trying to keep them at the top with hardly a penny to spend.

    The stadium, the training ground, the youth team – everything Arsene has done is to benefit the club LONG TERM. He is building, actually he has built a legacy that will last for years rather than the likes of Chelsea having a couple of years of success on borrowed money but long term that is not healthy nor does it work.

    Too many “fans” are greedy and inpatient. A quick check of our history shows that we have gone for larege periods without a trophy not just a few years. Most of our fans are new so wont understand but it was 7 years without a League Championship before Arsene arrived and EIGHTEEN YEARS between 71 double and Anfield 89.

    Arsene has taken us to a Champions League final – something we had never achieved before, not even close. The Champions League is the norm under Arsene but it never was before and too many people have taken his achievements for granted, have been spolit and think we have devine right to be in the Champions League.

    I wish some people would grow up and open their eyes to the bigger picture instead of moaning and slagging off Arsene, the players and the club in general without any real reason to do so.

  78. arsenekidz says:

    I believe the reason all of us are on this forum is because we all love the club. Everyone has his/her own thoughts and opinions. It is everyone rights to complement or criticize the team. We may agree or disagree but calling names and cursing each other is uncalled for. Let us learn to respect each other. Go Gunners!!

  79. T Gooner says:

    The people who come on here and slag off anyone who questions Wenger or the board are the real problem. Saying stuff like we’re spoiled fans and we’re lucky that Wenger is there or we’d be nowhere. I love what Wenger has done but thats bullshit. The club is like a dicatorship right now. Wenger has no-one to answer to and the board have no-one to answer to. They should answer to the fans. We are the ones disappointed when it was blatantly obvious last summer that we needed new players and they didn’t sign them. Why shouldn’t we be pissed off
    We want the team and the club to progress but a number of things are stopping that. Wenger needs to shut up and coach the team and stop worrying about the club finances. The board needs to wake up and realise we need to invest in players or we’re going to have no champions league money next year. And that is the begninning of a decline.
    Ask yourself why United are up there every single year. Because they invest every single year even when they are the best. When have we ever invested in players after a successful season. never. thats why we never retain the league. We are going backwards right now and the fans need to demand a change in approach on all levels at the club. I personally would like to see the whole board out.

  80. S says:

    Away with that foreign shit now. We can still have some foreign players but it has to be players that brings the extra flair like RvP and not like the greedy, wanky prick playing next to him. Arsenal should be like Arsenal used to be with mainly homegrown players.

    Encourage the ones like Jay Thomas, Lansbury, Murphy, Simpson and so on. And maybe then we could have team that’s funny to watch again.

  81. arsenekidz says:

    I think we may need to instill the spirit of the British Bulldog who used to dominate the World Wrestling Federation many years ago. They were well respected and spoken of because of their flair,courage,grit, determination and fearlessness until one of the wrestler had to retire early because of injury.

  82. scott says:

    last two games against everton and todays “Fantastic” perfomance against west ham have been really rubbish, Adebayor should of been rested instead of van persie

    im with the podcaster in the “in wenger we trust” outbursts, get rid of him and replace him with Gus Hiddink or Zenits manager.

    Like Collymoore on talksport said “if wenger doesnt make the top four questions must be asked”

    cut your loses now, if liverpool can get into the top 3 then theres hope yet

    “in wenger we trust”

    “in wenger his lost it”

    get a reality check, failure to replace the class of 2004 is a big mistake which we are now paying for

  83. scott says:

    wengers lack of ambition and vision in the transfer market is worring as well,

    stubborness and pride comes before a fall

    and we will fall with his stubborness to get players in

  84. hussy says:

    gaffer, spot on……………..

    5 days is a bit harsh, you know like most people that i want wenger out, but for the good of arsenal we cant lose our manager half way through a season, he should be given till the end of the season (to win something the f.a. cup or champions league)

    if then he has to go, no if’s no but’s………………….

    and ive had enough of people who think there would be no arsenal without wenger………. what aloud of shit!!!!!! arsenal were a sucessful club b4 this man came to the helm,

    id just like to say thanks to wenger because im not denying that he has done well 4 the club, bit his time has now come to a stop and he has to go……….. not signing the players we need, tactaically incorrect, dosnt know how to manage big name players…… really he is no longer the top manager who can take arsenal any further, or even take arsenal to where they were when he was playing some decent football.

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