Arshavin to be unveiled on the pitch today?

What do we know for sure?

Today a source was at the Zenit pre-season training camp in Dubai and asked Zenit Manager Dick Advocaat if it would be ok to take some photos of Arshavin training, Advocaat is understood to have said “no,as he is not with the team”,and when asked about his whereabouts?  Advocaat apparently said “I don’t care,He is no longer my player”.

At the same time a SSN reporter said that today Arsenal were granted a work permit for Arshavin, this was later denied by Arsenal manager Wenger.

However a short time later Wenger said the deal would HAVE to be done before the West Ham game. Today on Wenger has given his reasons to why he wants to bring Arshavin to the club LINK
Add to that the rumor that Arshavin was on the 20:00hrs flight from Dubai to London Heathrow today in order to have a medical tomorrow morning and sign his £70,000 contract. All being well WE believe that Arshavin will be unveiled on the pitch tomorrow at Half time or just before kick off and will be given the number 23 shirt.

Maybe then we can put this marathon saga behind us and get on with football…..

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35 Responses to Arshavin to be unveiled on the pitch today?

  1. jon says:

    If that happens, free beer all round.

  2. Perrygroves says:

    if that happens i will personally wank you off!!!!

  3. CarolinaGooner says:

    Great story. Hope it’s true due to all the other stories that have been wrong.
    Good research if all of this is true!

  4. Joe says:

    This blogger clearly thought there weren’t enough rumours about Arshavin abound. He was wrong.

  5. Jullsan says:

    Very good news! 😀

  6. Chappers says:

    No wonder we had trouble signing players without a CEO to deal with this circus. Just thinking about Friar or whoever did the negotiations before Gazidis and we should be relieved that we finally have someone who has experience in player transfers. Friar would´ve been half to death having to negotiate with Zenit and if the deal goes through, it shows the difference between having a temporary solution (Friar) compared to someone who is fit to handle this kind of work.

    If it happens I´ll just be relieved that we´re getting him and that AW can leave at least one aspect of the club to someone else.

  7. alex says:

    Arshavin can’t be presented, he has to get a medical before he can sign and that takes two days, but is the deal with Wenger, whatever Zenit and the media say he denies and says somethin else

  8. azad says:

    that’s gota be a good news

  9. Mike says:

    Arshavin wasnt on the flight i sent a txt to his agent and he said NO!

  10. Rajpret 'Gooner' Gunner says:

    If Arshavin is unveiled on the pitch tomorrow, I’ll openly masturbate in my seat. Apologies in advance to those sitting around me….

  11. MR.VAN PERSIE says:



  12. Mattyboy says:

    I heard the Arshavin doesnt actually exist but is a character created by a rogue branch of pixar that broke off and went underground after the monsters inc debacle……apparently he was supposed to appear in toystory 4 as an unhappy subutio player but accidently gets posted to Russia…..his name is infact a clever play on words….Ars haven!

  13. Angelo in Aus says:

    Ive just had the weirdest thing happen.30 seconds before cchecking News Now for the millionth time I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great to see AA unveiled at the Emirates before the westham game and at the same time thought that 23 (the most famous number in sport)would be perfect for him. And then I read THIS!!!! it must be happening for sure now.

  14. mike dude says:

    i no for a fact aresnal have got work permit for arshavin, now we have to wait and see if all formalities go to plan before he signs

  15. Mattyboy says:

    oh…incase theres any Spurs supporters reading this the definition of Haven is;any place of shelter and safety; refuge; asylum.

    Probably best ask an adult if you can borrow his dictionary!

  16. afc4eva says:

    what gets me is, why is it always a merry go round when it comes to us signing new players? imho we miss David Dein when it comes to transfers. Everyone has said what a brilliant job he did during his time at Arsenal. He lived and breathed Arsenal but none of us truly know what went on for him to lose his job. Lets hope the new guy Gazidis can do some magic the same way D.D did. Personally I think arshavin is the wrong player that we need. Why haven’t we gone for Given? we were linked with him a few seaons ago so whats changed all of a sudden? At 8 million pound for a proven goalkeeper with bags of PL exp and we’ve not gone in for him? I still don’t trust almunia between the sticks. I see mad Jens is back to his old tricks haha bless him, we all miss you Jens! If anyone seen Fans Forum on Arsenal tv you’ll of seen winterburn saying “we need a centre half and centre midfielder but we can’t find them” (words to that effect). So if that is the case why is le boss courting with arshavin????? We’ve had opportunities to get rid of eboue and bendtner but to my and probably 1000’s of others annoyance – they are still here!!!!!

  17. JohnA says:

    No I think he was, Mike. I sent him an e-mail and he said everything was fine.

    ROFL. Bullshit as usual (this time, not by Gooner Chris for a change.)

    After I get back from the game tommorow, and after he isn’t unveiled tommorow, I expect to read some comments by people calling uninformed bloggers on posting rubbish.

  18. jj says:

    How many people speak to arshavin’s agent?? everyone claims to have spoken to him!! anyway, i ama very happy that we are getting arshavin, because to be honest with you the boy is as good as anyone, who claims to be the best in the world…I have seen his clips unlocking defences..he can do some thing that help used to do, if we can have him, nasri, fab, walcot, rosicky, eduardo and van the man, the sky is the limit to what this arsenal team can achieve…..In arsene we believe

  19. arsenekidz says:

    I think it is high time we talk about football. Arshavin’s transfer saga have been given too much publicity. No doubt Arshavin addition is great news to us, I would rather let this event takes its due course. Thanks anyway for updating us with this article.

  20. Gooner says:

    I’m Mike
    I pretend I’m important but i actually know sweet Fanny Adams

  21. Sue says:

    I sent a text to his mum and she says he’s safely tucked up in his bed.

  22. Sniff says:

    A medical doesn’t take two days.

  23. dubai gooner says:

    He was on the flight as i was sitting next to him drinking first class champagne
    (well i was he was not)

  24. dubai gooner says:

    AA seemed very happy to be leaving the commies at long last.
    He could not wait to get to heathrow to get a big mac as they are 2 weeks wages (even for him)in russia

  25. PV4 OF Eidsvoll says:

    F……great news!!! Good post….

  26. TheGooner says:

    He is coming. Arsene is a cunning old fox. It’s almost a planned saga this transfer in order to divert the attention of the footballing world on one player leaving in for the very end. The simple reason is that Wenegr does not like speculation on his targets but this transfer was prematurely announced in the December. Long live The Arsenal.

  27. Jenkinson says:

    happy to see your relief at the arrival of Gazidis but this negotiation has been handled by Ken Friar. And he hasn’t done too badly – getting a saving of at least £10m with possibly a further £5m or so on his salary over 3 yrs ccompared with what the raucous voice of Le Grove would have achieved.
    As for the regular lament for the loss of David Dein – good riddance: he overplayed his hand and got a well-deserved boot since when he has sold his share-holding to the disreputable Usmanov and his son has sold TH14 to Barcelona with Cesc to follow at some point. oh yes he has Arsenal in his blood alright!

  28. thanx mr wenger gud news

  29. jane green says:

    All the lies about talking to dennis lachter started on gooner talk! they got his number from uefa website and about 50 fans have been emailing him all week! see arshavin pays this bloke a lot of money so do you honestly think he will be stupid enough to text some wierdos all week with true stories . if he has then hes a crap agent .. gooner talk is a waste of timeer

    Ashavin has got a work permit

    there IS a flight landing at two at heathrow from dubai (landing twenty mins early!!!)
    It doenst take two days for a medical
    what ever way we look at it in 50 hours all this will be over!!

  30. str8goon says:

    Great news! Don’t care bout’ all the other bullspit goin on or wut negative things ppl have to say. I’m glad he’s coming, hell I’m glad someone is coming. People complain bout’ Arsene not buying in the window and when he does they complain about who he buys STFU! Wenger is infamous for not buying in the window so just be glad he did, he might even have another surprise up his french cut sleeves. Gooner4lyf

  31. True Gooner says:

    The number yo have for Andrei Arshavin’s “agent” is a whole load of bull shit. Arsene Wenger would never come out and talk about on of his targets in so much detail if it wasnt happening. Look what happened with Samir Nasri. It took the whole summer and Mr.Wenger didnt say a word. Arsene, Arshavin and Advocaat want this over with. Arshavin will sign on the dotted line for Arsenal. Arsenal fans must be patient. If it is not goin to happen, after the west ham game Wenger will come out and say that the deal wont be happening. If it is happening Wenger will keep as quite as he can, try kill off the Arshavin questions very quickly, so he can go concentrate on finalising the deal for Arshavin without any body knowing

  32. smudger says:

    Great prediction.

  33. thegoonerforum says:

    : ((

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