If Only We Had Fans Like West Ham

They might all talk like Frank Butcher and eat pie and mash but for me them east London gypsies are the best fans in the land.

They are proper football fans, VERY vocal and passionate and live and die football. What I like about the bubble blowers is that most of the fans are local people, Working class people who have history and know it.

The problem with today’s football fan is that they support the glory teams, In the 90s it was Man Utd,then it was CSKA Fulham…But them irons have stuck by the club through years of shite,getting relegated and selling there best players & winning sod all since 1980.

Got nothing but respect for West Ham fans, I remember when i was a kid West Ham reached the semi finals of the FA Cup and played N’Forest, An amazing atmosphere. West Ham lost the game 4-0 but didn’t stop singing throw the 90mins and supported there team like they won the champions league. “billy bonds claret and blue army”

On the other hand there is the modern day gooner! who wants to cut themselves coz we have gone a few years without winning anything. Turns up to the game late and leaves early, Hardly makes a sound at the game apart from when they boooo our player.

I think the problem with the modern Arsenal fans is that most of them are like spoiled kids and have had it too good.

In life you need to taste the bad times to enjoy the good….

Recently we had a West Ham fan join the forum and he knew he stuff about the game. He made some good points about Wenger and his lack of English signings..Please see this thread LINK

Up the Arsenal…And join the forum for more banter  www.goonerforum.com

30 Responses to If Only We Had Fans Like West Ham

  1. Terry says:

    east London gypsies

    Are you taking the michael you soppy c$$t

    Hope we give you a good pasting at that souless stadium of your’s tomorrow.

  2. Andy says:

    Bring back Alf Garnet. They don’t make comedies like that anymore do they?

  3. thegoonerforum says:


    Terry…Sorry i should have said “pikey’s” LOL

    it should be a great game..Your playing well at the mo. Carlton the goal machine Cole has found his shooting boots and will be a handful for our mickey mouse defence

  4. years of ups and downs, sales, dodgy boardroom dealings, crap players, good players has borne its toll. West Ha m care about football, youth policy and a sound well being. Nothing more nothing less. Roll on saturday and our new kid savio to pip it in the 89th.

  5. Calm Down Terry says:

    Terry did you read the rest of the article?

  6. IronMick says:

    A good point well made, however even our support has had a bit of a downturn in current years. I personally blame the cost of going to a game, some ppl can no longer afford to get to a game while richer corporate fans take their place.
    For what it’s worth I like as a club, the way you buy players with great potential and play good footbal. Bit like us hammers at the mo.
    Good luck tomorrow – your not going to know whats hit ya 😉

  7. cliffie says:

    most generous spirited of you. i was at the 4-0 you mention with daughter and friend and the vocal support has been mentioned often in the press as impressive and it was. even more impressive for me was that my then 12 yo daughter lost her ticket and the stewards at Villa Park let us in without it – something i find hard to imagine i could swing in the modern era. looking forward to tomorrow cheers

  8. Eastender says:

    I fink that geezer is ‘aving a roman, but he ‘as a good point as Hammers fans are the best. That semi final v Notts Forest was the best ever and you had to be there to appreciate the singing.

    The shame of it was that prat of a ref, who sent off Tony Gale so early and ruined a potentially good game, but no matter what the support was terrific.

    looking forward hopefully we will give the gooners something else to talk about tomorrow by beating them again at the Emirates!!

  9. kall says:

    some hammers boo our own it dont help but they are the thick ones

  10. thegoonerforum says:


    Didnt Lee Champan get a hard time at upson park?

  11. dangerous says:

    Stopping licking the Gipsy ass, your making me cringe, they’ve always had sod all thats why they are ‘appy’..

    Hope we spank the mugs on & off the pitch.


  12. harryo says:

    real supporters cant get tickets because of the dicks in the stadium now . were did these arseholes come from because they were,nt at highbury

  13. Sam H says:

    Great post – thank you!

    It’s nice to see a bit of decency in today’s game – let’s hope it doesn’t put you off us if we beat you tomorrow!!

  14. Roy says:

    Regardless what we think about each other, we both hate the Spuds. Do both sets of fans a favour and stuff ’em big time next week.

  15. thegoonerforum says:

    Thats right Roy.

    Was great to see your Chairman come out and slate the scum a few days ago : ))

  16. Goatygav says:

    Nice one Goonerforum.

    Whatever the scoreline tomorrow I reckon, so long as we play as we have been doing in recent matches, Arsenal will know they’ve been in a game.

    The 4-0 at Villa Park was a bitter-sweet day. Tony Gale sent off stupidly and, as a result, the match completely spoiled. I remember the commentators paying tribute to the Claret & Blue Army that day though. I also remember Cloughie having several discussions with West Ham fans as he walked down the side of the pitch to the dugout. Even shook hands with one I recall.

    I hope it’s a goodun tomorrow lads and we have a spectacle to behold. You never know – we may even avoid the graveyard shift on M-O-T-D. It’s usually where West Ham games end up.

    My money’s on one each.


  17. gary says:

    Come on guys who cares as long as totscumm get relegated!!

  18. barry the hammer says:

    harryo: arsenal aint got no firm so you aint gonna spank us off the pitch get real, what you going to do throw your prawn sanies at us ?? and on the pitch i think it’ll be us irons doing the spanking. IRONS IRONS IRONS !!!!

  19. Old Rag Man Reg says:

    this article has warmed my heart…

    just when i thought ‘Defoe Breaks Foot’ and ‘Faubert to Real Madrid’ were the best articles of the day.

    nice one, good luck tomorrow

  20. happyhappyhammer says:

    We are a loyal bunch (I’m in the old Chicken Run), but I think that the faction who boo Luis Boa Morte before he’s touched the ball are scum – why boo someone who’s about to play for your team? They’re idiots – some people in front of me have been booing Di Michele – until last game. Fickle people with short memories.

  21. thegoonerforum says:

    Hammers fans, If you cant get a ticket for the game and need a live stream, Join the forum, Your welcome to watch it with us..Just as long as you can take the banter : ) You will need to be a member to view our shoutbox and get the link to the game.


    Cheers and good luck

  22. Superb post, i am sick to death of all these cheap “neuvo gooner” blogs talking out of their spoilt backsides.

    If only they could see how incredibily lucky we are to have had wenger has boss and how the future of the club is rock solid due to his unselfishness.

    He is taking the flack, but the money he is saving will help reduce debts quicker, the managers of this club from 7 years onwards will have money to burn on players and it will ALWAYS be FOREVER the legacy of one man.

  23. irontc says:

    My gooner mates told me that when we were giving the spuds a torrid time at upton park in their nappies chasing a Champions league spot (Lasagne-gate) when the news filtered through to you guys you started singing ‘Bubbles’ ? that would have been great to hear!

  24. S says:

    barry the hammer//

    For your information Arsenal actuaally has a firm called The Herd.

    Yes I agree we should have better fans and a Stadium with a soul, I’m so fuckin’ upset with how the club is running right now. There’s no history at Emirates(a.k.a the Spaceship), no soul, nothing just bunch of arrogANT pricks walking out of the stadium when there’s still 20 minutes remaining. WANKERS.

    Just foreigners in the team, mooooore british players please.

  25. djroniet@hotmail.co.uk says:

    to irontc im a hammers fan and went down highbury with my gunners mate to a pub that day and they where all singing bubbles that day was very strange to hear lol but was good

    hopefully a good game tomoz im feeling gd about it but wont b disapointed if we lose as we r playing a good footballing team

  26. Eddie says:

    “What I like about the bubble blowers is that most of the fans are local people, Working class people …”

    That might have been accurate if it were written 30 years ago. Have you visited the East End recently/ever?

    “They are proper football fans, VERY vocal and passionate and live and die football.”

    Sadly the Boleyn Ground has been as adversely affected by the Taylor report as any other. Well, most others, your former dwelling wasn’t known as ‘Highbury the library’ for nothing!

    Talking of firms – as one or two of you were – can anyone explain why the term ‘Gooners’ is universally acceptable to describe the entire Arsenal fanbase these days?

  27. hammer says:

    he’s right you know…
    we do have the best fans in the world…
    fair play to a gooner to mention it. Shame the rest of you london boys aint like us.
    Highbury – Libary…

    you have a great team yeah a great ground. Only thing about gooners your fans aint worthy of the team or the ground. its about time you lot got behind em…

    but still sat is here now and you will see the real londers back at the emerites…..
    some fans that are worthy of such a class ground…

    dont forget your know well be singing…

    were the last team to win at Highbury
    were the 1st team to win at Emerites…

    this has all the making of a great game…. 2 wins at emerites????

  28. Joe says:

    good post and very true, most West Ham fans go back generations as i am sure a lot of Arsenal fans do.
    A real fan will hold his club in his heart and kinda sad really to love a club more than your wife, but that is reality for a West Ham fan.

    COYI<— Aresnal 1-2 West Ham United

  29. VisitingHammer says:

    The author is wrong – we (West Ham) do not have the best fans. Like most teams, we have a good vocal away support and I think that is because the most loyal fans usually go to away games. Similarly, like most clubs, we are largely silent at home, boo some of our own players and have lost the vocal support that all football clubs had pre-Sky.

    One of the problems, eg at Arsenal, is that those who wanted to be vocal would head towards the old North bank where they could move around and group together. These days, you have an allocated seat, cannot move and those who want to be vocal are scattered all over the place.

  30. paulv says:

    We thank the author for his well intentioned comments about the west ham fans. We have excellent away fans, like Sheff. Weds, who have a wonderful sense of self deprecating irony which set them apart from most others.
    The strength of Arsenal are its Board of Directors, supported by Wenger, who have shrewdly protected their club from foreign ownership and Fitszman has delivered a wonderful stadium built to last a century. A great achievement for english football and hopefully other clubs will follow this lead.
    I think Arsenal will benefit from investing in young working class supporters being encouraged by the offer of cheap tickets, but their is no solution to changing the atmosphere at matches, other than a larger allocation for away support generally or the safe return of terracing.

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