Ade cant score! Ars 0-0 WHU [Ratings]

Missed again

Missed again


Ars 0-0 WHU

Arsenal missed the chance to close the gap on A’Villa today as they missed a host of chances to score  to draw 0-0 at home to WHU!

Adebayor missed a couple of sitters from 5 yards as WHU defended well with Upson putting in a MOTM performance.

I cant understand why Wenger dropped RVP today? He is the man in form, He is our top scorer and he is the only player who looks like scoring…So why drop him?

Arsenal remain 5 pts adrift of Villa for the vital 4th place champions league stop.

Almunia 6
Sagna 6
Clichy 6
Gallas 7
Toure 6.5
Nasri 6.5
Diaby 7 (Song)
Denilson 7
Eboue 6.5 (Vela 6.5)
Bendner 6.5 (RVP 6)
Adebayor 4

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28 Responses to Ade cant score! Ars 0-0 WHU [Ratings]

  1. manuel says:

    we just aren’t very good really.

  2. bergy says:

    adebyor should have a rating of ZERO

    he is for sure a one seasonwonder

    should have sold the rubbish when we had the chance

    eboue 6.5? come on-hope his out for the season..cant stand him

  3. 1979gooner says:

    I’d give Bendtner a 3. At least Adebayor got into the positions to score, even if he missed them. The midfield were outstanding today, especially second half.

  4. Lachter Football Agent says:

    You guys need my client

  5. ole says:

    so this is your ratings. I guess 20 is maximum then.

    play this midfield again, and we’re bound to not win. Its hopeless. the current crop of midfielders (Song, Diaby, Denilson and Eboue) is the worst since the pre-Rioch era. If Wenger doesnt see – we’re finished. I dont even bother to watch more games.


  6. manuel says:

    wenger has got to show imagination.

    he needs to change the way we play because every single team has worked us out and at the moment we are not good enough to break through.

  7. Nasei says:

    Just got back from the game. Adebayor makes me sick! He’s heart is clearly not In it, poor finishing and lazy attitude! One season wonder and the worst thing is that we paid him the £80k after the mayhem he caused. Can’t wait for eduardo to come back, he Is needed!

  8. Chris Cross says:

    Can’t believe it….Ade is shit, can’t score….why are the fans backing him up, do you not remember when he said he wants the same wage as what HENRY was earning. how can he compare himself to the master. Ade is a joke and WTF was RVP on the bench….AW is a muppet does he not realise our team are not good enough to challenge for top honours anymore. What if Aston Villa had won today, we would have definitely struggled to try and get into the top 4…… It feels like a loss today i’m seriously F**ked off.

  9. Alan says:

    Wenger was just on SSN spouting the usual shite. When queried about Adebayor ‘pulling up at the end’ in reference to him being injured Wenger said ‘Well he did fight very hard and I believe he needs to keep that spirit and he will score’.


    He also spoke about the team being tired after 3 games in 6 days. I wonder will Ferguson say the same after the Everton game. Probably not as the man has built a proper squad and I’m sure he’ll be reflecting on 3 wins in a week anyway.

    Atrocious performance from an attacking point of view.

  10. Ralph Mangion says:

    I sincerely cannot understand how a fully intelligent qualified manager like Arsene Wenger does not realise that it is all a waste of time in playing the likes of players like Alex Song, who hasn’t got an eye for goal and doesn’ know where he is for most of the time, the club could get a moderate price out of his sale, Diaby is constantly tripping in his legs and in the process tripping opposing players, short passes never reaching his fellow players making it easier for the opposing team getting free passes, again his sale would get a moderate price for the club, Denilson can be sent packing back to Brasil, surely never hitting the mark in the team and is surely no match in replacing Cesc Fabregas until his return, unfortunately he’s a unique amongst his fellow Brasilians in not making the big stage. What else, Oh!! Emmanuel Eboue is another waste of time, years pass by and he is losing his touch, I remember the guy making fast runs and hitting goals as right wing, but that is all gone now, again I would think the club would get a good price out of this one.

    I don’t think it is fair on players like Adebayor who is also out of form at the moment , Van Persie, Bendtner, Vela, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasrie, Eduardo, Rosicky, Sagna, Toure, Gallas and Theo Wallcott to have players like such amongst them, it’s not fair having players splitting their guts out when you have others having a stroll in the park. This brings with it reluctancy with the rest of the players in remaining with the club.

    I know this sounds very harsh, but deep down we all know it is the truth, I have been a maltese ARSENAL fan since the playing days of Frank McLintock and Pat Rice, so I’ve seen ARSENAL changing along the way, again thanks to those managers along those years, again Arsenal thanks to Arsene were nearing the potential of the likes of Man Utd recently, but again like last year we are no match to Man Utd’s constant superiority, even though we won against them, but what’s the use winning against them and dropping points against inferior teams when Man Utd keep on grabbing points.

    Arsenal need players with the playing skills of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Pires and Hleb, we cannot keep losing or selling good players and remain with the likes of the four I mentioned in para. 1, the team is not gelled up, how long is it going to take for the gaffer to realise this and the need to get in very experienced players all with their own price tag.

    All the teams in the Premier League have spent money in buying good players, with the exception of a few who because of this situation find themselves in the relegation zone, lucky for Arsenal we are fighting for fourth place instead of the Premiereship, poor fans who spend money on those hefty season tickets, things should suit them better, I’m just one of many who never spends a dime in watching Arsenal play, as I see them play from my living room sofa, but still am adevoted fan who wishes the best for the GUNNERS.

    Please please let’s not let ARSENAL lose ground from the top four!!!!

    I’m sure Arsene would enjoy reading this while, maybe………………relieving himself?

  11. DW says:

    Another frustrating attacking display and this was an important game for us to win for the CL spot. There was a lack of creativity as usual and this is why we are all hoping for the imminent arrival of Arshavin. Without him coming it could be a very dry run to the end as nobody seems to be really stepping up to the plate.

  12. Raisonar says:

    you guys are absolutely right,atleast now wenger should understand their fans feeling.i m tired of watching this pathetic display of football by a team like arsenal.ade is missing a good chance every match,i doubt even if he can score a good goal now.Hope they sign arshavin asap,or its no use watching arsenal matches any more.

  13. arsenekidz says:

    Simply put it ” We are not good enough!” Kiss goodbye to Champion League Football next season.(Cardiff 0-0,Everton 1-1 and West Ham 0-0) Wenger, please wake up!

  14. john says:

    Hi gooners support the team. If arsenal get relegated will u lot still support arsenal? I WILL. Stop moaning and get behind the lads. BENDTNER WAS BRILLIANT TODAY

  15. Victor O. says:

    Adebayor, like someone else mentioned, is a one season wonder and will definately not scare as much as he did last season. The thing that gets me is that he got his pay bumped up dramatically and didn’t EARN it by putting in consistent displays throughout several seasons (A waste of money in my opinion). Bendtner is not that much better so I didn’t understand AW’s decision to rest him.

    Just wait until Eduardo returns and he’ll show Ade-barn door what a true striker can do.

    P.S. When will Eboue and Song be SOLD, they have reached their potential, IMHO.

  16. Kasai3 says:

    Nothing more and nothing less. I believe Arsenal did everything they could. There is nothing left for them. That how I felt. They showed us what they were and we cannot ask nothing more or nothing less. When a luck with us we win and if not… We have to go with this team till the end of the season. I am a big fan but decided to take easy.

    I saw a mosquito sitting on the ball and that is their problem of their attacking. Passing speed in the defencing, mid fielding and attacking the same. Check the other teams! For the moment of throwin, always Aresenal has a problem, that no one is not sure where to throw, because deffence is already there. Other side, it looks easy, because Aresenal do not defence at throwin. This is a discipline issue.

  17. Jgun says:

    I think for once bendtner did well as he should have stayed on instead of ade who is having a shocker this season (should’ve sold him in the summer for 30million). Wenger has finally lost the plot if he thinks we gave everything and the side is good enough. SORT IT OUT get arshavin and a big CB (Richards would be perfect) and or a DM!! About RVP not starting i heard it was because he was one yellow card away from a ban for the tottenham game so i can understand the decision because our 11 today should have been good enough for the job!!

  18. gunners88 says:

    i think he didnt play rvp cause he was on 4 yellows? And he is so desperately needed next week for a visit to the spuds. I’m not so sure though

    anyways, ade should have gotten a 2, not once have i ever liked him even last season.

    we are drawing in the final minutes and he brings out Song! Since when can song ever change a fcuking game!

    arsene is being far too stubborn with his favourites. Song, diaby, and the all mighthy eboue.
    he shld really have a good look at himself and start picking out the better players.Not trying to prove us wrong and say, ‘i told you they were are great players’. Wilshere, albeit young is better than eboue surely. bendner have to go the right to support sagna as eboue is playing the free role. who gives him permission to do that!
    the younger guns have to learn their trades from jokers around them.
    and any team with a right midfielder(eboue) that score 1 goal all season(offside against bolton) is a joke.
    think abt it. the manc have c.ronaldo and we have eboue!

    And lets not start on his post match interview! We didnt defend well arsene! Face it arsene, the players you described as ‘quality’ and have belief in are not good enough.

    I know we didnt play particularly bad but it really feels like a lost. we shld have closed the gap to 3 on villa!

  19. useroz says:

    I can count proper passes Diaby and Denilson made together on both hands and that includes 2, 3 yard passes. These two guys are truly waste of time and money (ours unfortunately). Seriously, reflect for a moment what they contributed in this (and many other) game? there’s hardly any ‘purpose’ of their play… in some instances, i probably could pass better!

    frankly, eboue’s runs looked more threatening in the 1st half than any of diaby’s forays and basically mugging around… had the thought of aim and shoot even occured to diaby once? at least eboue tried 2 or 3 shots and if only he improves on his final pass (and yes, it’s quite pathetic at times at the moment)…

    with two tall guys upfront, why the hell didn’t we cross more? isn’t this common sense? those 1, 2 yard passes clichy and nasri did on the left were pointless unless you’re looking at ways to either cross or cut inside and cross/ shoot but they did neither most of hte time, and ended up losing the ball half the time

    our MF at the moment is toothless as a unit, going foward or in defence. I think it’s for all to us how crippled we have been attacking with our MF… who would even shoot other than nasri? denilson tried once and he usually misses anyway. Defence duty was a joke… i thought the reason for sticking with sub-standard players like song and denilson is to booster our defence but they couldn’t close down, tackle or even track back properly… so pls enlighten me what these guys do playing for arsenal, though am sure they’d fit nicely in wigan and derby, or perhaps portsmouth

    the way we are playing, why would people think we might miss CL football next year… we might not even in uefa with everton only 3 pts away technically…

  20. Stu says:

    A 4 is very generous for Ade. And Wenger taking Bendtner off and not taking Ade off is totally ridiculous. Ade could still be plaing now and still wouldnt have scored.

    Gibbs should have come on because at least he can cross a decent ball, unlike anyone that actually played.

  21. Hk says:

    With ade in the pitch no need to change the score.Draw is our win losing wd deserve.There were no good defence for west ham bt our unqualified ade make them seem to be.Wake up wenger we dont hav man infront no stricker.I think wenger s also sick the man kept in bench do you think we wil win?Never!And we hav to 4get about title if we wil stil going on with this rubbish

  22. swede says:

    How the f-k can you give Eboue 6.5?

    A couple of shitty shots, he´ll never score, and a couple of shitty passes and some of his old playacting. I´m 100% sure that he is up and running tonight despite that serious injury…..

    He is lazy and so is Adebayor, sell them both ffs!

  23. I said it yesterday Adebayor is crap. Not only crap but bullsh!t. I said it way back that these kids wouldn’t take us anywhere in the league or champions league. I just love this forum is fast becoming ma fav site ot come and vent and am loving all the gooners here because they just do it for me. Not like the unrealistic gooners you find everywhere else who live in denial and keep yapping how in Arsene they trust…i hear “In Arsene they trust” Fuck Wenger en i hope this dude leaves our team soon. Cuz him and his kids are fast ruining our team ….let the fucka just leave……..Did anyone see Adebayor??? The lazy dwanzie ass is supposed to be our top striker seriously guys ..a fellow gooner told me today while we was watching the match that that dude is a well paid actor…he told me how the fucka won’t get off the ground till he notices that the cameras are on him. What a lazy ass donkey. Did anyone see wengers face so clueless on the bench? Is wenger stupid or what? How do you rest your one player who happens to be saving yo ass right now and who happens to be the only one who knows which direction the goal posts are in and replace him with a guy like Bendtner who supposedly the “livin in denial” gooners want me to believe we shd give him time he is going to deliver in 2050. Seriously guys if you cant deliver now then leave g..go away. To know to which extent Wenger is becoming a dwanzie, you only have to look at what he did. He sold his best players last season …never replaced them, and still he wants to win the EPL and win titles and he’s telling us that we should give him time. Four years without the title and he’s jazzing us we wait?? Arsenal is not an academy for other teams to pluck from. What happens is that Wenger tells us to give his kids time when they are their prime he then sells them…. but some gooners want us to jump on that stupid bandwagon i hear “In Arsene we trust” fuck that sh!t!! Arsene if we finish out of the top 5 which i suspect we will just leave our club with your kids definetly… People like Eboue who bribed you to play him, Bendtner, Diaby that lazy camel, Song that talentless zonk, Adebayor that loazy ass mechanic of a dwanzie striker…Enuf said Arsenal suxxxxxxx our midfield sux everything about arsenal sux right now.

  24. Chris Cross says:

    DW – it is too late in trying to repair the damage on this season….if Arshavin does come how is he going to change the game, he will need a settling period. AW is taking us fans for a ride, he had no intention of wining any trophies this season. He is there to balance the books….he doesn’t care about the fans.

  25. arsenekidz says:

    I strongly believe that all of us are on this forum because we love the club. There are varieties of comments being posted here. Some comments are meant to encourage those who are frustrated while some are harsh because they feel the pain for their beloved team. Whatever it is, we are all united within our hearts to want to see this present team bring glory to Arsenal Football Club. Most of all, lets learn to respect each other even though we may not agree with some of the comments. Everyone who loves Arsenal has the right to compliment or criticize.Each of us express our love and concern differently. I am equally disappointed with today’s result because its our good chance to catch Aston Villa. Adebayor was presented with a couple of sitters but couldn’t convert it. He left his scoring boots at home. Frankly, i enjoy reading each and every comment posted here. Some are encouraging, harsh and even funny. I like this forum very much because I get to read balance views. Go Gunners!!

  26. DW says:

    Hey Chris,
    As president Barack Obama talks about “HOPE” with the American economy sinking deeper; we need some hope with our team. We watch their every move and can see lots of weakness. But the arrival of Arshavin will give evryone some hope that goals will become more frequent and a change will result catapulting us back up the table…..there is still some time left.

    As for a settling in period maybe his talent will make up for everything, I’m Hopeful!!

  27. Danish Gooner says:

    The rot sat in at the cup final in 2005 when we very luckily beat Manure in the final.As fans we all braced ourself and thanked some higher entity for our win except for Wenger as blind as a bat said that the team deserved the win and that he would build on extraordinary performance and talented squad,since that day we have been listless,spineless and replaced every top star with a Alex Song replacement.

  28. sensible gooner says:


    Message to all Wenger haters, please hear me out.

    I know you want him out,

    I know you feel he has taken us as far he can,

    I know his transfer policy leaves you frustrated,

    I also appreciate that you feel that the ‘Arsene Knows’ mob are blind to his faults and too loyal.

    The above points may be valid and I’m sure you could reply to this post with even further evidence to see him on his way.

    But let’s get real, let’s have a reality check.

    No matter what the board is telling us, it is clear that WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND! And,


    David DEIN has stated that he left because the board would not allow new investment from the Russian or other willing sources.

    I feel the board believe that they are protecting the interests of the club and that they are protecting the club we love from a foreign owner who may just want a new toy toy play with.

    Now I’m not sure if foreign investment is a good or a bad thing but I’m convinced the board promised WENGER the money from the Highbury Square Development. Obviously with the Credit crunch this money is no longer available.
    Now this may be the boards fault, it maybe the fault the greedy banks and governments of the world, but I can assure that,


    THE simple fact is WE DON’T THE MONEY and he sooner we get used to this the better. WENGER is nothing short of a miracle worker and yes he has made mistakes more then previous seasons but he his fighting to keep a club with a transfer budget, of a lower mid-table team in the mix, with Europe’s Elite clubs and quite frankly under this pressure he ‘WILL’ make mistakes.

    He has spent money in the past and would spend it if he had the funds. How many times has he said that he is working within a tight budget, what more do you want from him?

    If anyone out there believes that no off a manager who with the same budget could do a better job please let me know.

    If we push him away we will regret this madness for years to come.

    Look at Newcastle, and Spurs, they budgets are far superior and they are nowhere.

    Vent your anger at the board if you see fit but leave the boss alone he is still working miracles.

    Sensible gooner!

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