Wenger angry about ‘pessimism’ [Video]

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger launches a angry defence of his Arsenal side.He tells the BBC to judge him at the end of the season & that he is not worried about Villa…He also went on to say that Arsenal are in good shape as we spend less money then the rest and always make a profit

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4 Responses to Wenger angry about ‘pessimism’ [Video]

  1. Alan says:

    Profit, Profit, Profit. I’m sick of hearing that from Arsenal. Football shouldn’t be about profit. Yes, it’s important not to go crazy and bankrupt your club but our ambition should be to be successful on the pitch. Sometimes you need to splash out and show your ambition. It shows everybody, including your own players, that you are trying to succeed. Look at Manu, win the double last season and still go out and spend big money on players. Everyone at old trafford knows that if they don’t pull there weight they just won’t make it there and leaving an ambitious club like that will be a step down.

  2. ewan says:

    Dear Mr Wenger. The fans are not complaining because of one bad season. It has been nearly 4 seasons since a trophy was won. Worse still, the Board is now saying its ok even if Arsenal do not make CL qualifications. C’mon and give us a break. You have no right to be angry at fans who have been patiently supporting and listening to all your crap for the last 5 years. Be angry only at your own loss of vision and desire to win.

  3. Dean says:

    I cant remember the last team to celebrate end of season pre tax profits with an open top double decker bus with 100,000 fans singing and dancing in the streets?????

  4. arsenekidz says:

    Spot on, guys!

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