[BREAKING NEWS] Arshavin on a private jet on his way to London

From Russia with love

From Russia with love

(22:07 GMT, Sunday, 1st feb 2009 ) SKY SPORTS claiming Andrei Arshavin is flying to London tonight on a private jet from russia!!

According to Skysports, he asked to come to London, incase Arsenal agree a deal with Zenit tomorrow. So he can have a quick medical and get the deal done.

Brain Swanson, the Sky reporter, said it’s important to stress that nothings been agreed!

Lets hope that in the morning we will wake to the news that this is all over and that the players has signed for Arsenal FC.

And coz its snowing….Enjoy this classic from the 80s

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31 Responses to [BREAKING NEWS] Arshavin on a private jet on his way to London

  1. Aaron Gill says:

    1st!! And Yup Hopefully We Need The Star Quality

  2. GoonerGaz says:

    Just seen it flash up on SSN too. I think this is defo going to happen now.

  3. Brad says:

    i hope they arnt bullshitting this time!

  4. simplesimon says:

    we’ll see eh? its just been gettin more stupid every day. can’t wait til this fuckin stupid wndow is over. just hope it happens cos our midfield & frontline needs a major lift.

  5. gunners1 says:

    i know we wel signed him is just wenger didnt want us 2 kn lol

  6. Gerry Gooner says:

    They stressed that information is that the deal is no closer. He’s flying over in case the clubs reach agreement which is as far away as ever. The whole saga is a joke. we’re reduced to arguing over 3 million after spending 400 million on a stadium to allow us to compete in the transfer market. compete my arse. still penny pinching. a few million more would have got us alonso in the summer. we’ll probably miss out again and wenger will tell us the injured players will be like new signings. laughable.

  7. Bob says:

    So after a whole month of optimism, only for Wenger to come out and quash it, this frustrating saga could finally be over. My fingers and toes will be crossed tonight that a deal can be sealed.

  8. Im the best says:

    They said the same on Saturday, they fall into the same trap as fans do by believing people who know jack

  9. Steve says:

    Zenit signed an attacking midfielder from Hanover today so maybe that was significant

  10. Nasei says:

    It’s true that andrei arshavin is travelling to London, but reports suggest Arsenal are yet to agree a fee, Arsenal’s offer of £12m + £3m in bonuses is still on the table. Arshavin travelling to London just Case we agree the fee and it will be easier and quicker for him to do the medical if he’s in London. I hope we just pay the money the 15m and seal the deal it’s been long enough and I’m confident by 5pm Monday the Russian wizzkid will be a gooner!!!! ARSHAVIN!!!

  11. Frannyj says:

    He’s flying to London to sign with Tottingham Hotscum.

  12. omar says:

    honestly if we don’t buy arshavin then i don’t think were showing enough ambition to get into the top 4 this season. as much as i love walcott,fabregas,eduardo and rosicky, it would be impossible for them to be at their best when theyre back coz theyve all been out for a while. remmber when vanpersie came back last few months last season? he was not as half as good as he is now and thats normal. so if we think as soon as those 4 players come back were just gonna win all our matches and overtake villa then im afraid were wrong

  13. Im the best says:

    Steve a Hungarian named Szabolcs Huszti, plays in Arshavin’s position too.

  14. Greg Goon says:

    After that performance against west ham we need a lift for the players aswell as the fans… I HAVE NO DOUBT IN MY MIND—-> that arshavin is better than EBOUE, DENILSON, DIABY.

    So that leaves nasri at this point in time who looks a decent player for us in that position, area of the field.

    Its a no brainer – wenger we need him because he is much much better than the crap we have on show now!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone get my car keys i will drive that lanky useless adebayor to milan and snap off the 30 million – fuck it give me 10 million i wont keep a penny for helping out just get that waste of space striker out of our club…. THIS IDIOT thinks he is as good as henry,… “i am replacing henry i should get his money” FOOK OFF!!!!!!!!

    We all know how good wenger is as a manager he is one of the best that is why madrid want him and every other club out there! – but i am starting to think he might be having a deluded period because i know for a fact he had henry, vieira, pires, petit, overmars, bergkamp, cashley, keown, adams, TO NAME A FEW! turn up for training every day and PLEASE PLEASE tell me where he see’s the same quality that we had once upon a time?

    I do not see anything close to the players that used to turn out for us.

    Teams “was” scared of arsenal and now they just know we are TOOTHLESS and can hit our VERY VERY WEAK defence on a counter and its one nil to whoever!


    Fantastic watching us a big team!


  15. Raz says:

    Each season we have injuries and each season we’re told that players coming back are new signings. The greedy board charging such high prices for season tickets are laughing as they suck the club dry by weakening the team year in year out…Sickening.

  16. jakobson says:

    im sure arsenal are going to use the weather as an excuse if or when we dont sign arshavin. 3 million quid for heavens sake! They made that on the half time drinks since they opened emirates easy! Gerry gooner is spot on, we are becoming a joke and im fed up with wenger laughing at questions about it. He gets paid to watch eboue and adebayor etc, maybe if he was paying to watch the games, there might be a tad more urgency and seriousness. Is peter hillwd joking about not being a disaster being in cl?! What will transfers be like then?

  17. Daz says:

    This is ridiculous. HURRY UP ALREADY. Watch how he gets stuck in London because of the snow and doesn’t sign!

  18. billy says:

    How many scores this usmanovs’ pal can make a whole season is in england is what am wondering. Am not so sure he is going to be liked by either fabreagas nor rvp. Lets’ chack it out, as wenger said we shall still have to judge the team at the end of the season.

  19. jakobson says:

    what a joke. If we dont sign him, it will be the snow to blame. If arsene had to pay to watch the bile that the supporter does he might not laugh at questions abt transfers! Half time drinks and food cd pay for aa! Also peter hw must be joking if playing in europa league isnt a disaster. Who wd we sign then?!

  20. Jason says:

    If you read the information Sky Sports has carefully, it would appear Arshavin is here only for ‘logistical reasons’, i.e. he doesn’t want to miss out on joining to the Arsenal if, and only if, a deal can be agreed. Still a long way to go on this one.

  21. goonalegend says:

    he also bought a ferrari f50 just in case aswell… Fuckin load of bullocks! i have had enough of this transfer. normally any new signing we make there is alot of excitement for myself now im just absolutely just pissed off. Can’t wait till the transfer wimdow is closed we have only signed a promising forward for next year. Not bein negative just pissed off with all this bullocks we have had 31 days to sort it out with money grabbing zenit and we haven’t fuckin stupid

  22. jakobson says:

    arshavin must be feeling really wanted by arsenal i dont think. Is 15m really beyond them?!

  23. jakobson says:

    If we got rid of adebayor, it would ease some of the frustration. His apathy when he earns close to what thierry did is an insult to all. I’m fed up with his attitude which even when he was scoring was irritating. Eduardo may be begging to start games and hopefully wenger will in time, but it will take a while to get back in the swing of games and vela is only getting five or ten mins here (with the exception over rvp on sat) and there so he can’t be expected to get any kind of form. In addition, – now don’t laugh, adebayor has in my mind affected bendtner’s confidence. I know he has a big ego, but ever since that tottenham game last season, he has undermined bendtners ability and thus affected his ‘teammate’s’ form. We should have sold him to milan when we got the chance. Would we have missed him at all? And more sweetly, the money we received could be put towards aa.

  24. Sniff says:

    No offence to this site or its author whose dedication I admire, but….the bottom line is an agreement still hasn’t been reached. This is why I don’t think Arshavin will sign for Arsenal in time. I would like to be proved wrong…

  25. Danish Gooner says:

    Dont stay up all night you will all be in for a big let down.

  26. jason says:

    the plane bringing him in will probably not be able to land because of the snow in london. Can’t believe how thick it is out there. Also, can’t believe the window’s been open a month now, and of course, typical arsenal, we leave things till the last minute. Just don’t know what to believe anymore regarding our dozy transfer dealings!!

  27. Sniff says:

    Apparently Arshavin is not in London – but Paris. Latest news from Russia suggest that the deal is NOT going to happen.

    These same sources have been described, in a much more detailed and professional fashion, at Gunnerblog.

  28. Pistol Pete says:

    Im with the Gerry dude, What a joke we have become. Brand new stadium, as quoted by Wenger to compete with the big boys , and we can’t even afford 15 mill , what a joke.

    Why dose it take one whole month to purchase someone. If you are not going to pay the asking price them piss off and let all the arsenal fans know wenger, instead of dragging it out all month and saying that you are sick of answering questions about Arshavin.

    Let me tell you this – we will not get in the top four this season or next season as long as we have Eboue, Song, Denilsen, Diaby in the team.

  29. amanu says:

    it makes me so crowd so much let me see that arshavin is ours

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