Adebayor is a 1 season wonder (Podcast #3 Plus Arshavin-Wenger)

Warning ” I swear a fcking lot”

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26 Responses to Adebayor is a 1 season wonder (Podcast #3 Plus Arshavin-Wenger)

  1. Frannyj says:

    Adebayor = Poor mans Kevin Phillips.

  2. Gooner Chris says:

    I never said Inler ‘had signed’, get your facts right.

    I said he was on the verge of signing, which was actually true.

    Other than that little mistake, good podcast. 🙂

  3. thegoonerforum says:

    Cheers Chris LOL

  4. Tommy says:

    Well since we are calling spades as they are… lets.
    Some of your points are valuable..but some are quite bluntly…SHIT

    What do you mean Arsene hasn’t spent enough.. how much should he spend…. Jo cost man city 19m weeks before the sheiks were announced….he has been crap, Is that enough to pay..or was he worth it. Were any of our players worth their cost last season.. It is predominatly the same players. Yes we lost some quality in Edwuardo..but a this point he had scored about 6, Flamini scored 1 all season (stunning though it may have been) and the bummbling Hleb was worse than a shit bug on finding his way to goal. The this team was top of the league. it therefore cant simply be the quality of the players…maybe other issues are to blame..

    like the commaradie we lost at birmingham..prior to then we knew nothing about feuds…
    now there is ade vs bendtner, gallas vs toure, nasri vs someone else, VP having an attitude etc….
    a divided team wont break a mug…much more win the cup… That ..i blame Arsene for his handling

    I say…emply David dein to replace Ken Friar, cut our losses in that repect..regain some stability ..because it isnt just on the field that we are chaotic, but Arshavin’s transfer saga hows we have lost some clout in the marketplace

  5. frankie boy says:

    i can’t believe Wenger didn’t sell him when he had the chance. Nobody will ever offer 20 mil+ again for him. I can see wenger lossing patience with him soon if he continues to waste chances like he has.

  6. Jay-gunner says:

    We better buy that bloke arse shaving or we’re fucked

  7. Matlee says:

    No top striker escapes the dreaded lean spell which is why i would be reluctant to join any witch hunt. But these times serve as a great leveller when players start to believe their own hype & clearly we dont have a team that can cover that @ the moment.

  8. gunner70 says:

    Arsenal got no money to buy players becos the club is paying 80,000 pounds each week to adebayor play rotten football.

  9. goonblogger says:

    Why blame Wenger when its the money grabbing board that decide how much he can spend?

    At the end of the day, if the board say ‘we will give you 5mil this time’, what would that get you these days?

    It wouldnt even get you Kevin DAvies let alone an arsenal class player.

    Maybe Wenger just uses the money to add to his next transfer window budget?

    I think some criticism of Wenger is wide of the mark, there is more to this club than this man and he cant shoulder all the blame.

  10. ldngooner says:

    LOL these podcasts crack me up, nice one.

  11. ldngooner says:

    Like to mention if there was actually players putting pressure on there possitions being taken like adebayor and clichy’s then i beleive they would perform better as would be more responsibilty on where they stand in the first team.

    There’s just no one there now, I mean who the fuck is putting pressure on clichy when you think about it, Gibbs? And what about ade, you got bendtner, ade must be laughing.

  12. G4L says:

    This is the biggest load of tripe I’ve heard in a while. This is the same old recycled crap that was being repeated last season over and over again before Adebayor actually scored 30 goals. His first touch, always offside blah-diblah. As soon as he scored 30 goals your ilk did shut up for a while and only recently crawled out as the whole team has hit bad form. As for the ‘one season wonder’ tag, I don’t remember Adebayor being brought as a REPLACEMENT for TITI as a 30-goal out-and-out striker? He was brought to give us another dimension (for what many of Arsenal fans MOANED for years) and he has given us exactly that. Another dimension. He was never bought to score 30 goals a season. Last year Eddy was out, RvP was out and Ade stepped up to the plate and carried the team single-handedly for a good chunk of the season. In the end he asked for a bigger contract and flirted with Barca and Milan, but the same thing happens with Cesc, happened with Vieira… they all wanted more money and got it in the end. To pick up on that I am sure you’re one of those who says we should have never sold Flamini, eh? What was he if not a one season wonder? The problem with our support is that we have forgotten about supporting (through thick and thin) and we have all become experts in transfers, football, scouting and of course management.

  13. Rogo d gooner says:

    Tommy flamini scored more than one goal last season.I can remember him equalizing against villa and scored a cracker in january against newcastle.But i agree wit goonblogger its d board who gives arsen d amount 2 spend and he tries his best but u can get quality players wit d amount they are giving.I think more crictism should be directed to the board thou

  14. johnno says:

    what a ridiculous rant! ade is still top half of all prem strikers and replace him with who villa ??? who has no strength which is what we need! ade has this and if anyone is to blame for his indifferent season look no further than our own SUPPORTERS, booing for god knows how many months at the begging of the season is it any wonder his performances has suffered . ok spot on on arshavin dragging on far too long but hey atleast its all over tomorrow and we will know one way or the other ! now moving onto the wenger rant stop right there !!! what this man has done for this club is nothing short of amazing and his press confrences are not designed to make you happy they are geared to getting the best out of a too young bunch of players ( due to injury and nothing else ) i believe too many so called gooners having a pot at wenger the club and its players is not helping atall the new stadium support seems to be getting worse and worse do fans not realise at this and any level of football confidence is a key factor so stop all this useless ranting and try to actually SUPPORT THE CLUB for once !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    rant over now i feel better !!!!!!!!!!!!111

  15. craig says:

    We need Arshavin or somebody to step up and create the same amount of chances like last season. Everybody said we created so many opportunities to score, that we lack finishing. Arsenal aren’t creating anything at all nowadays…

  16. G4L give us a break ..i don’t care if this is the same sh!t they said last week or yesterday or in the last second. The sh!t head is paid 80 Grand a week to deliver Period. Henry was a 30 goals a season machine he deserved his forget that just last season this cunt was asking for the same pay as Henry …have you forgotten that bit of info ma buddy or shd i call you a fellow gooner. You are the disillusioned Gooners i always talk about. How can you even feel comfortable in the rotten ugly state our team is in. Henry always at all times single handedly saved Arsenal’s day. I don’t remember a day that guy didn’t shine ..if he didn’t score atleast he shone in some other way…he always did something spectacular. But then this lousy dwanzie donkey called Adebayor thinks running 100 miles and breaking running records and running everywhere around the pitch will make up for goals not scored or lemme put it better missed. This ass my friend misses 20 chances till he scores one by mistake. I have never believed Ademissabayor has any kind of footballing technique or talent…i always rendered him a mechanic. The only reason he scored 30 the other season is that the players around him were that good. Can u imagine how many chances he missed to score those 30??? Those days Arse used to play champagne football and wanted to walk the ball in the net. You can’t imagine how many goals that camel missed buddy you can’t. The only thing that saved him was that at that time luck was somehow on his side en either the ball hit his head by mistake en entered “tongue in cheek” or it hit his but as he was running away from goal and the ball went in but apart from that i never saw anything spectacular well lets take out the Tottenham goal which was a one off definetly just like his one off season. I don’t blame him though i Blame that Dwanzie called Wenger how he didn’t sell this camel for 30Mil baffles me. How many strikers could he have bought with that money or better still he could have gotten a much better striker with talent. But now we are stuck with this sh!t head for life i tell you..he’s not moving anywhere till his contract is done…i mean 80K duhhh!! and for what?? This camel is supposed to be our star striker in simple terms he’s supposed to be our number one goal scoring machine check up that word goal scoring machine ..can anyone call Ademisssabayor that??? NOT EVEN IN HIS ONE HIT WONDER SEASON did i praise him or sing him songs so G4L cop that sh!t yo yapping about. Ade suxxx and will foeva no matter what he does unless he goes to a witch doctor and maybe gets some special powers that turn him into a Henry of sorts. Through thick and thin but when you got a team full of Eboues, Denilsons, Songs, under achievers like Bendtner who everyone keeps reminding me that once we sell are coming back to haunt us cuz they plan on waking up in 2050 and you tell me that am not supporting…you seriously can’t call this a thin time can you?? seriously You have such guys in your midfield and you tell me that we are going thorugh a rough patch??? Which Big team in Europe would have someone like Denilson or Song in their midfield? Huh! Nuf said…

  17. sensible gooner says:


    Message to all Wenger haters, please hear me out.

    I know you want him out,

    I know you feel he has taken us as far he can,

    I know his transfer policy leaves you frustrated,

    I also appreciate that you feel that the ‘Arsene Knows’ mob are blind to his faults and too loyal.

    The above points may be valid and I’m sure you could reply to this post with even further evidence to see him on his way.

    But let’s get real, let’s have a reality check.

    No matter what the board is telling us, it is clear that WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND! And,


    David DEIN has stated that he left because the board would not allow new investment from the Russian or other willing sources.

    I feel the board believe that they are protecting the interests of the club and that they are protecting the club we love from a foreign owner who may just want a new toy toy play with.

    Now I’m not sure if foreign investment is a good or a bad thing but I’m convinced the board promised WENGER the money from the Highbury Square Development. Obviously with the Credit crunch this money is no longer available.
    Now this may be the boards fault, it maybe the fault the greedy banks and governments of the world, but I can assure that,


    THE simple fact is WE DON’T THE MONEY and he sooner we get used to this the better. WENGER is nothing short of a miracle worker and yes he has made mistakes more then previous seasons but he his fighting to keep a club with a transfer budget, of a lower mid-table team in the mix, with Europe’s Elite clubs and quite frankly under this pressure he ‘WILL’ make mistakes.

    He has spent money in the past and would spend it if he had the funds. How many times has he said that he is working within a tight budget, what more do you want from him?

    If anyone out there believes that no off a manager who with the same budget could do a better job please let me know.

    If we push him away we will regret this madness for years to come.

    Look at Newcastle, and Spurs, they budgets are far superior and they are nowhere.

    Vent your anger at the board if you see fit but leave the boss alone he is still working miracles.

    Sensible gooner!

  18. johnno says:

    martyn it sounds you dont like any of arsenals current crop of players there manager or anything else about the club at the moment infact you sound about one step away from a spurs fan !!!!!!

  19. SHEENE7 says:

    Sensible Gooner Wenger is nothing short of a miracle worker “you twat” RVP on the bench West Ham must of laughed there bollox off hes experiment is falling around his ears and hes to fucking stubborn to admit it .Wenger has said today judge me at the end of the season well we knew at the start of the season that we had a two bob team ,that was gonna struggle to make top five ,looks a lot of people were right .Wenger your bubble has burst and your clinging onto past glories .

  20. barnaby says:

    G4L, we didn’t ‘sell’ Flam, he didn’t want to sign for us when his contract ran down, i think that says quite a lot about how he was handled by afc actually, flam is not a stupid boy. As for blaming the board for us not buying anyone? Wenger runs the club and makes all the transfer decisions, the board have repeatedly come out and said whatever funds he wants he will get. To even suggest otherwise indicates you’re not paying attention. Wenger is responsible for our transfers.

    As for Ade, I don’t like to single out players, but i will say that he’s suffering from our poor collective form. He’s a tall striker but we’ve no one who can put in a cross, he’s always missed some sitters, he’s not quite as clinical as some but overall he’s got some good qualities, he can score and i think he may just get 20 goals this campaign. That said if someone offers 30m, obviously we take it pending we can replace/upgrade straight away. The problem with villa is he’s a bit short other than that he’s great because he can create a goal while all our strikes rely on service, yeah rvp can create the odd goal but how often do you see him actually beat some one(he hasn’t the pace)?

    There are a lot of problems at afc these days, the overall squad quality is not what it was and our pretty football is a rare sight now, what’s the solution? I do rate most of our players, many played out of position, but we’ve overdone the youth project, i believe the lack of older players has actually stalled the development of our younger players. If the board are guilty of anything it is that they are not doing their jobs, which is to advise and assist the manager and when necessary curb his excesses such as with wenger’s youth program which to be fair is yielding mixed results at best. That said, this squad can do 3 or 4th in the league as easy as it can do 6 or 7, nothing is at all certain with this squad.

    Which brings me to the point as to why not buy more quality and strengthen, to me the need is obvious for so many reasons(yeah we got the dosh aplenty but to maintain and grow the fanbase and manage the brand(pretty football that can win, world class players come to us) it should be reinvested or are we that nervous about the stadium when the board have come out to say otherwise – afc have had major pr issues since dd’s left, yes he’s had issues too but i’m calling into question our management and gazidis doensn’t appear to be contributing much). If we do top four, wenger should take credit for ensure our financial position as extremely healthy, but the pretty football is nowhere to be seen. If we finish outside the top four questions need to be asked and regardless the board need to start doing their job. Had we strengthened over the summer and this jan we may have done something special this season, our competitors are not running away with it,yet. Now we always hear that buying guarantees nothing and that’s true, guarantees are few in this world but not strengthening when we CAN strengthen is a risk too, especially when the team is not doing very well and obviously lacking a bit of quality. In not spending, make no mistake, wenger is taking a risk.

  21. G4L says:

    barnaby, I never said we sold Flamini, did I? I just said that calling Adebayor a one season wonder should be applied to Flamini as well, and every time someone opens his mouth about us missing him should be aware that he is missing a one season wonder. He was offered 50K after ONE good season but no, he wanted MORE and he got that at AC Milan. And the bench, too. I agree with the rest of your points which are very well argued, especially the lack of experienced players who would help the development of the youngsters.

    Martyn, can you find a quote where Adebayor asked for the same money as Henry? No, you can’t because it doesn’t exist because on the end he never said that. In fact, it was the ever reliable shit-stirring SUN and Mirror who came up with “a source close to Adebayor says” thing. He did ask for a new contract and he got it. Period.

    For those who don’t remember, Adebayor WASN’T bought as a 30-goal a season striker, you have him mixed up with the likes of Shevchenko, Darren Bent, etc. He was brought to give us an option in attack and he is just that. The real goal-getters in our team (Eduardo, RvP) WERE injured last year and ADE stepped up. Period. Is he worth 80K? I don’t think so. But he got it and good luck to him. As long as he gives everything for the club on the pitch (he has done that even when out of form) he will have my support and so will everyone else in the red’n’white including Eboue, Bendtner, Song, Almunia and all the scapegoats targeted by the glory-hunters.

  22. G4L says:

    And Martin by saying you didn’t cheer or support Ade last year, and that all his goals bar sp*rs were lucky, you sound a like a very, very desperate and bitter man. Cheer up.

  23. GoonerGaz says:

    I was one of those that wanted to sell Adebayor last summer – after his 30 goal season.

    6 of them were against Derby ffs. He scored 18 Prem League goals not inc Derby. Whilst that might seem a fair amount of goals he isn’t a record breaker by any means.

    Don’t get me wrong, I only wanted him sold because we were being offered big money for him and I didn’t like the way he handled himself over the summer months, expecting ‘Henry type money’ when he has had 1 good season – joke.

    End of the day, all the blame doesn’t lie at Ade’s feet, he is getting nothing like the service he had the season before, but his frustration is all too clear and its annoying as a fan to see him put in so many poor performances.

    You can also tell he is losing interest by the number of times he was offside yesterday, zero!

  24. barnaby says:

    The point with flam is that the pay structure at afc is flawed and additionally i think he saw what was coming. Flam proved his quality at lb and all across midfield. The better argument to make is that if ade can have his salary demands met, so should’ve flam. Flam broke into the squad the proper way, he had to prove it with bit part roles in mutliple positions and prove himself he did. As a result his work ethic and tenacity were superior. Many of our other players on the other hand…insufficient competition. And finally, yeah, many fans are glory hunters and I’ve no problem with that at all. That’s what we’re trying to do, what on earth is the alternative? Hunt for mediocrity? Be my guest, but afc have not built it’s history on mediocrity. The goal is to win, well and often. Personally i question those fans that support for the sake of supporting with not the intellectual curiosity nor depth of feeling for the club to speak up when things are starting to drift.

  25. Johhno wake up… As for G4L if you haven’t noticed what a lazy donkey ass Adebayor is, then my friend you have a very big problem. Have you wondered why these days he doesn’t even bother to get caught in offside positions?? Take an example of the West Ham game he wasn’t even caught in one offside position. That should tell you about his desire and yea he was brought in to give us a different option in attack and i believe that must be aerial ability but is he even doing that??? Did you see his when he headed tha ball right in to Green’s hands against W H?? Or let alone what about the miss against the Cardiff game?? Adebayor had enough chances to save our skin but he didn’t do sh!t. That’s the difference between a guy like Adebayor and RVP. Why is he paid 80K if he can’t deliver …Wenger it seems he’s either getting zonked or is getting more stupidier by the day …i believe if we had sold off this Camel “Ademissabayor” for 30 Mil, paid Flamini tha 80K en bought a much better striker i believe right now we wouldn’t be in this situation. Maybe am a glory hunter so what about you G4L what are you? Cuz the only way i wanna see Arsenal is being at the top. Second place is not for me in life so if for you you feel comfortable even in fifth then sorry bruh that’s you not me. Johhno said am one step away from being a spuds fan …what do you want me to say dude? Start singing this current crop of lousy players praises?? Apart from a few players who make the grade at Arsenal most really shouldn’t be in our starting lineup.

  26. G4L says:

    Barnaby, the talk about AFC’s pay structure being flawed is debatable. Is it better to have 6-7 stars with 100+K contracts and the rest of the players on 30K? I don’t know. It’s working only for the Mancs but they are on another level imo. Chelsea’s payroll is ridiculous and so is Liverpool’s. Villa will have huge problems extending the contracts of Young, Agbonlahor, and a few others when time comes.

    I think the club were prepared to give Flam more money but in the end he decided to leave. Btw, he can’t get a game to save his life now. Hleb ditto. AW (rightly, imo) let him go, and now just as he believed in Flamini and gave him his chance, he is doing it with Denilson, Diaby and Song. That’s been his (fair) philosophy. None of them have really shone, however statistically, Denilson has shone and has been in the top 5 midfielders in the league the whole season.

    Martyn, I really don’t get some of your points. Firstly you complain that Adebayor’s always offside. Now he isn’t because he is lazy. So when he works hard and is offside is bad, when he is not offside it’s because he’s lazy. That is a bit odd, or just pure hating. As for his aerial and heading ability he scored fantastic headers: Spuds away, Liverpool home CL, Fulham away, Blackburn away, Porto home CL, Boro Away, Newcastle home, Villa away… and that’s not half of it. Focusing on individual misses every game is a very silly thing to do. There are things called facts (stats) which show that last year Adebayor’s conversion rate (shots per goals) was third amongst strikers in the EPL, behind Torres and Keane. So keep on hating.

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