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8.38 Sky Sports News’ Bryan Swanson has the day’s first news of Andre Arshavin. He has been spotted in Hertfordshire close to Arsenal’s London Colney training ground, fueling speculation he is closing in on a move to the Gunners. Sky Bet are pretty sure he will be an Arsenal player by the end of the day, rating him 1/8 to move to the Emirates.

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28 Responses to [Arshavin In London Photo]

  1. gunnersaurus says:

    GOD!! I`m in wonderland!!!!! yiiihhaa..

  2. Youngy says:

    SSN Confirm that Arshavin has left and gone back to Russia as we cannot afford his wages!!!

  3. mikey says:

    they’ve just said it isn’t going to happen.

  4. Dutch Gunner says:

    What a morning Bro….that is a very nice pic right there man…let us end this Saga 2day and get this man cause we defenitly need him.

  5. thegoonerforum says:

    Arshavin going home, Arsenal not prepared to pay his wages.


  6. Top Gooner says:

    Hes on his way to London…

    Its not going to happen … Its pointless…. no fee has even been agreed…

  7. abc says:

    But isn’t it snowing in London and I just heard that all of London airports are closed. If the transfer has fallen through, surely he can easily go back tomorrow, right ? Why is he, in such a hurry ? Doesn’t sound right.

  8. tiny says:


  9. gbenga says:

    Plsssss sign him so we can focus on other things. D transfer has taken too long & its toll is telling on those of us following d episode. In advance perhaps I should say Welcome ASSASIN.

  10. ty says:

    I dont believe that he is going home surely they must have sorted out the wages with the player I can not believe he would come all this way not knowing how much we were going to offer

  11. Arron says:

    who cares …

  12. denis says:

    deal is defo off,im gutted.top side me arse,what a joke

  13. Mint AFC says:

    i’ve been going to Arsenal since the 70’s and to say i am frustrated with the lot we have at the club now is an understatement…….well, good old Arsenal…. Tight as a ducks arse. Arshavin’s off to stanstead so thats that then…..

    Can someone answer me this …. we earn more money than nearly every club in the world according to our board… Our board with billionair directors on it !… SO WHY WONT THEY SPEND MONEY !!

    we was pony on saturday and they still wont spend money on what we need. Champions league ? i have doubts about even getting to Europe next season.

  14. o2ba says:

    us fans that for out redicuously over the odds for a season ticket deserve some quality, i dont mind watching a average arsenal side, as long as im not being ripped off, take tomorrow nights game against cardiff, its going to cost £40 to watch a championship side and a under strengh arsenal, should be £20 tops, if were not going to spend big money, we should have stayed at highbury where we belong

  15. Dan says:

    If we could give a deal to Silvestre and Bishoff why are people saying we have no money.

    Accept it, Wenger’s lost the plot and he is surrounded by yes men!!!

  16. Dutch Gunner says:

    I hope not (the deal is off),but if it’s true…let me tell you all this…WE R FUCKED UP..there are some changes has to B made and this new M D is just not good enough cause he couldn’t get his first job done (arshavin transfer).

    I thinck now I know what Mr.Dein was talking about…ARSENE WENGER needs some help..and so does Arsenal.

  17. thegoonerforum says:

    What a shambles this club has become “ITS OFF”

  18. manuel says:


  19. Dutch Gunner says:

    But you know what …? we souldn’t have 2worry cause EBOUE is the Pass Master…!what a fucking joke..I’m off to the shop 2get me some ‘Licker’ and get drunk the whole day long.

  20. ty says:

    Let hope this is the same ssn source that has got the whole story wrong from day 1

  21. rocky rocastle says:

    Arshavin has been seen at London Colney attending a medical.
    Arenal to reveal new signing @3pm

  22. Leo_Gooner4Eva says:

    Man, I’ve followed this club for near 39 years through thick and thin. From the “boring, boring Arsenal days” to more recently when even the players and managers of other top clubs say they would watch Arsenal for their brilliantly beautiful game. How times have changed… We let a lot of good established players go (Pires, Flamini, Hleb etc.) Where are we now?? Injuries aplenty and no-one in midfield to make things happen. We need Arshavin and we need him him now. I’m loyal but even a spot in Europe is looking shaky, and I don’t mean the Champs League. What is wrong with all those old fogies on the Arsenal board? Do they want to see the club sink or flourish?? I’m in Oz, but I hope ALL you Gooners in London let those incompetent twats know “How you feel? AND “What you want…” Go the Mighty Arsenal.

  23. Maciek says:

    So, we are a joke Club.It’s official! Thanks PHW and Arsene.

  24. Marv Tha' gooner.. says:


  25. ali says:

    so guys is he coming its 21:02 here ar we getting him or is deal off???

  26. Andy G says:

    Erik zapsa said i’d like this place. GOONER! that’s awesome.

  27. Bacon on hot bread says:

    haha up and down like a tarts knickers you lot.

    Got our man, seemingly on our terms. Silly that it went so late but hardball has always been our game if we’re honest.

  28. Kola says:

    I just jizzed in my pants.

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