Its been a funny old day to be a gooner!

My head is spinning!

  • SSN can confirm the deal is OFF and Arshavin is on his way to the airport
  • SSN understands the deal is ON and the player has had a medical!
  • SSN sources are telling us that the deal is OFF!
  • Arsenal fans start a online protest LINK
  • The deal is now back on,Arshavin is our and now we are ready to fight for 4th place
  • Nope its back off! As both clubs are refusing to pay the agents phone and text bills!
  • SSN news can tell you that its back on
  • Its back off! Arsenal now linked with Veloso and Arda Turan
  • NOPE its back ON! forget them 2…
  • SSN we can confirm that you will find out tomorrow

What a day!!….I cant wait for this transfer window to be over!!!

Apparently we have had some snow in london today? but I am waiting for SSN to confirm this?

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16 Responses to Its been a funny old day to be a gooner!

  1. Tom says:

    u fickle fan!!! one minute u want to start a protest and the next ure over the moon… have u heard of keeping the faith!?!!

  2. thegoonerforum says:


  3. alex says:

    let’s all hope we see this pic tomorrow, only Arshavin looking a little less like HLeb and without that expression on his face 😛

  4. KarlAFC says:

    haha excellent photoshopping mate 🙂

  5. NEPHEW OF ROCKY says:

    What a day indeed! I would like to think that there is an extra suprise in store for us also in the shape of Micah RIchards who is obviously available !!!!! OOOhh to be a gooner!!!

  6. GoonerVance says:

    If we have indeed gotten him for 10+2 million and 70,000 pounds a week, this is one of the greatest deals ever, and it was well worth the trouble. I was real worried we would break the bank in a panic, but it seems like Wenger’s cooler head has prevailed and we can continue to put our trust in Wenger fully.

  7. pauly herszaft says:

    our club is turning into a total joke , its an absolute disgrace , im not happy

  8. Danish Gooner says:

    It sounds like we have got him,but the club needs to take a serious look at the way they are negotiating transfers in the future,Wenger once stated that he was building the biggest club in the world there is a lot to be achieved on the transfer front.

  9. we love u arsenal sj says:

    see thats its not that Arsenal fans that wanted to do a online protest it was u, U FUCKING CUNT like i said earlier go and fucking support jewish army u fucking asshole u fucking plastic fuckin fan i fuckin wish u an people like u fucks of and not to support the mighty arsenal and be a fucking spud fan GO AND FUCK UR SELF CCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTT


  10. anderslimpar says:

    I agree with Tom, your a very fickle fan (unfortunately not the only one mind you) for not keeping any faith. And by that, I mean faith in the simplest of forms possible for a football fan to keep: NOT to treat your club like a f***ing light switch for venting your short-term angst about pedantic inconveniences such as transfers! All your blog has convinced me of is the fact that many of our fans take for granted the club as a whole since Wenger joined the club. Face it, we’ve never had it so good. Look at the last 10 years of growth through stadium development, worldwide marketing, reputation, trophies, team development, youth academy, etcetera (The list goes on!) and you will struggle to no avail to find another era in our history of such merit and opportunity. Arsenal have an embarrassment of riches more so than any Chelsea or Man City, yet you don’t see it?! Our first blip on the road of this era, and it’s all “I’m burning my ticket, I hate Arsene and the board”. With Arsenal, how long did you say you have you been ‘buying all the latest gear’*?! 30 years was it?! The board, and Arsenal have been through worse times, and Arsene’s track record cannot be knocked (yet!) so buck up your ideas. Unfortunately our growth in recent years includes supporters – supporters like you who feel like they could run the club better… don’t take your club (replica shirt for that matter) or anything else for granted… it’s not just the worst thing you could do as an Arsenal fan, but also as a human being.

    * supported Arsenal

  11. scott says:

    “over the moon”

    aint completed yet son!

    arshavin hasnt played for arsenal yet son

    wenger hasnt replaced henry , hleb , flamini , etc yet son!

  12. Adam says:

    Agree with Gooner Vance and I think that to all those who have condemned AFC’s tactics in this transfer, well it appears that Arsenal’s strategy has been vindicated. We have the player and it sounds like we paid far closer to our starting bid than to ZSP’s offers.

    There should be a few apologies floating around the web today, but I bet there isn’t because those who have constantly complained throughout this transfer window are more likely to say, “I told you he’s he player we need”. Shame on all those so called fans who were calling for Wenger’s head.

    In my view, the only people who have come out of this looking good are Arsenal & Arsene and if the reports about Andrei taking such a pay cut and paying for his own jet to take a chance on the deal getting through are to be believed then his commitment to joining our team should also be commended (and taken note of, particularly by the Adebayors of our club who threaten to leave when they are not paid twice what they are worth).

    The tactics of ZSP and Lachter are a disgrace. The only reason this deal wasn’t undertaken like Eduardo, Sagna, Silvestre, Diarra’s purchase is because the other party to the transaction was in this instance not playing to the same rule book as Arsenal. Behind closed doors those other deals may not have been so smooth as they seem to us when they were finalised, but at least the contracting parties had the decency to keep it between themselves rather than to play it out in the media, so we’ll never know.

  13. Gooner says:

    To all you ‘fans’ who doubted wenger and lambasted him when the deal was ‘off’
    Either swallow your pride and admit you were wrong or fuck off to Chelsea.

  14. arsenekidz says:

    The hype over Arshavin’s transfer is blown out of proportion. Yes, Arshavin is a quality player and may be a great addition to the squad but is he truly our saviour? I am reminded of Chelsea when they purchased Andriy Shevchenko.So much hype among their fans too and the rest is history.I am not being negative or disrespectful but just wanting us to get our perspective right. GO GUNNERS!!

  15. barnaby says:

    Given all of Wenger’s contradictions over the years and this latest transfer saga, I do not trust him, not that i ever did. Now whether he can manage the team back into the top four, well he might be trusted to do that. If I read the guardian correctly, to me it was the board that finally stepped in and put in a day’s work and ushered the deal through, yeah we may never know but i believe we coughed up something. But it does seem clear we initially offered half his current wage while zenit was trying to extract from the player what it couldn’t get in a fee from Arsenal. Tough spot for the player. Somehow we did see that light and agreed to pay a fairer wage.

    At the end of it all i’m not so sure about all this. Yeah we go the player who can help us but the football world is taking note of how we conduct transfers and we’ve not done ourselves any favours here lads. I think we are skint our football style is not what it was, big players may shun us. Now many of you 3 iq boys that frequent these blogs are just fine with that, but try to think big picture once in a while.

    Also, if wenger kicks the bucket do Arsenal football club die? Think not. In wenger i do not trust, but as a manager he’s got a record of note. NO ONE is bigger than the club.

  16. sameshitdifferentday says:

    Edit : Thanks

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