[Time for the fans to protest] F##k you Arsenal!

Its time for gooners  to vent their fury at the way the club is being run.We have to protest and let them know this is not on anymore. We cant allow them to keep getting away with this crap and treating us like c#nts!

This summer I spent over £500 ponds on replica kits for myself and my 3 kids. Red, Yellow, White, Blue, I have Arsenal TV, I pay good money for tickets…Well no more.

Until the club start to spend some of the money I give them towards new players and improving the team I will no long spend a fooking penny on Arsenal merchandise any more.

For 30 years now I have used my spare cash to buy all the latest gear. DVD, Bath Towels you fooking name it! I would say that over the years i have spent maybe £20,000 on merchandise and tickets.And for what? We sell our best players and are told we have no money to spend.



I will support Arsenal in my heart but not with my pocket.

Until Arsenal start to spend the money, My money is staying at home.

Fook them. I cant take this shit no more.

Bunch of tight kunts!

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126 Responses to [Time for the fans to protest] F##k you Arsenal!

  1. James Jalloh says:

    Cold comfort
    So after saturday’s lack lustre performance in the frozen wastes of the Emirates how many will turn up for the Cardiff game? (weather permitting)
    The air of resignation and frustration was evident at the weekend; resignation to the fact that this season shows no signs of a trophy and frustration at
    performances and team selection. The 2008/2009 season has crystalised how far Arsenal have failed to grow since the move to Emirates. From competing in the Champions league final with players that still had FA cup medals and Premier league winning experience we now have a set of players that are not only a shadow of former wenger sides but, more importantly, are played in unfamiliar postions due to some of wenger’s unfatomable team selections.

    Mitigation from Wenger 1; Injuries. missing Fabregas, Eduardo, Rosicky, Walcott,Silvestre. Yes everyone would recognise that these players are important, however, now more than ever football is a squad game and if a squad is top heavy with average and inadequate players progress can not be made.
    Mitigation from Wenger 2; Belief in the quality of his players. what quality does Eboue show as a wide midfield player, or Bendtner at wide left, or Diaby on the wing, or Denilson as a mid field ball winner, or Song as a creative passing central mid field presence? Does Adebayor show enough quality at leading the line, is Almunia’s distribution of the highest quality? what is the quality of our central defence when Wenger does not know who his best combination is?
    Mitigation from Wenger 3;Finances.The emirates move was supposed to help the club compete in the market and bring players in. This has not happened, players have left and not been replaced and the current Arshavin buisness sums up the mis information, secrecy and general confusion as to the financial mangement at the Club. The Stadium is , technically, full every game which reflects a massive expenditure by fans, not to mention the £3.50 pints and exorbitant burgers and yet we know little about how our money is being used.If Wenger can’t afford to buy then tell us. If he does have the funds it is even more concerning! Transparency would help to alleviate the concerns of the fans who were sold a lie with the Highbury to Emirates propoganda.
    Mitigation from Wenger 4;The future. Wenger’s mantra is belief in the future of his squad. The fact that they are young and will improve and achieve. How much improvement can be made in players that cannot pass, don’t play in their natural position and do not have a passion for Arsenal football Club? Players that are not of the requisite standard to consistently challenge for the league, not just against United and Chelsea but against Hull and West Ham. the cold reality is that while we wait for this improvement we cannot fall behind and not be competing in the Champions league. To be in the Europa cup means the departure of Cesc, RVP, Theo and the failure to be a destination for any player of real quality or aspiration. The thought of Thursday 4.20 kick offs against Dinamo Red Lion broadcast on Channel 5 fills me with dread. there is a nagging feeling that we may be heading into this Spurs world!

    At the start of the year I told myself that i would be positive about the Arsenal and yes we have gone on an unbeaten run, but, this unbeaten run has it’s foundation in draws and the form of RVP (who Wenger bizzarely left on the bench on Saturday).Given the stuttering form of Liverpool and Chelsea and the consistency of Villa we have had both the opportunity and need to make up ground but this has not happened. Sitting in the miserable cold on Saturday watching us struggle against a below average West Ham side bought to mind the dark days of The Graham era. The solution to those times was major surgery! who, at Arsenal Football Club has the means and the where with all to weild the surgeons knife?

  2. Mas Khan says:

    I hear you and feel your pain. I don’t even bother reading about the latest “wonderkid” signings anymore, I’ve had enough too!

  3. ClockEndPhill says:

    Not sure that Fucking Arsenal will help anything really.

    It is frustrating though.

  4. JP says:

    I agree, they are mugging off the fans.

    Wait until they start to get 15-20,000 people less at every home game for £65 tickets.

    They sign someone today or there is going to be a massive backlash

  5. Dave says:

    It is not just time and money spent on the club but also our love and faith betrayed.

  6. vinny says:

    u are right

  7. Fransson says:

    It´s depressing how the moorons are have handled the Arshavin affair.

    I will go one step further, NO MORE ARSENAL GAMES FOR ME THIS SEASON.

    My heart´s in two pieces

  8. arsenal fan says:

    haaaaa aaaaa hhhhh heeeeee change ur pants mate

  9. pat the gooner says:

    Fair play mate. well said. we are becoming a laughing stock…bring back DD and sack the board

  10. weng says:

    boycott board bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. D* Sakwa says:

    am sick coz of this idiot..
    I have never felt so betrayed as an Arsenal fan as today. Wenger has no feeling of Arsenal fans at heart, just thinking of his pride en rules.
    Men we gonna win nothing this season..we aint qualifying for Champions League, en to worsen..Walcott might leave us while its definite that van Persie, Fabregas en any other highly rated player cud go, since they can’t miss to compete in the CL, damn!!!

  12. scott says:

    yep its gotta be done now, missing out on alonso for a sake of a few mil and mission out on arshavin for the same reason



    do you want me to say that in french so you and half of your youngsters can understand it?

    spend or otherwise get lost wenger and take the board with you

    even spurs are spending money and their yids!!

  13. gooner4ever says:

    arsenal sign no one thats of quality aint that odd

  14. buck says:

    I just started supporting Arsenal a couple years ago…F**K them.
    Im switching teams…Yes, im in Asia and spend money…Lots of us do..or did.
    Go ahead gooners..Flame me..i dont care…i want to support a team that respects its supporters.


    Me and my wife always buy the latest shirts for us and our five kids, No more am with you i got sky just to watch arsenal when we cant get to go to the game. I think my hard earn cash will stay in my pocket and i will only keep the sky tv but no more going to the games and no more spending our hard earned money on shirts.

    arsene out i say

  16. Lachter Football Agent says:

    I did not get my fair share of your money either Sir. This is really unfair…
    I should have known your Arsenal Board is too cheap yesterday night when they booked my client Andrei at the Travelodge…

  17. scott says:

    or buy arsenal gear from ebay “if you have to” it doesnt go to the club then!

    and i expect plenty of gear on ebay soon

    at about after 5pm tonight

  18. Sam says:

    Setanta says Cardiff game is off due to the bad weather today.

  19. Tino says:


  20. TheGooner says:

    I am gutted. Arsenal is in my heart and soul. I want to cry. It’s unbelievable. It’s pure betrayal to the fans. For a club of that stature £15 m is nothing on a world class player! Arshavin is not a raw talent. he is a polished player. For God Sake.

  21. manuel says:

    sack the fucking board, not wenger!

  22. we love u arsenal sj says:


  23. adam says:

    i love arsenal.but now that they have made 2 big mistakes.not bying in the transfer.wenger says we dont need any one because players will be comeing back from injury.yeah wenger in 2 months maybe.and what good will it be by then when we r sitting 7th or 8th,i cant beleave how we have changed since 2003-4.from something 2 nothing,ive been a fan all my life and this has got 2 be the worst i have ever seen.i feel sick of this gloom

  24. Muntster says:

    Fucking agree completely. Arsenal are a disgrace at the moment treating fans like cunts! Look at the spuds spending money all of the time, they dont even have champions league revenue. We will be lucky to qualify for any eruo competions this season, let alone finish top 4.

  25. Tricky says:

    a mail i sent Arsenal this morning, cut and paste and send on

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Unfortunately the opening line will be the most polite in this email that I am sending you. I am just hearing that the Arshavin deal has been called off as we won’t pay him the wages he requires, That’s good to hear as we are top of the league, scoring lots of goals and have spent lots of money on players in the last few years….Oh hang on..

    Over the years we have fallen further and further behind the top3, and clubs like Villa and Everton have caught up, Arsenal’s net spend in the last 4 years has been a pitiful 2m in comparison Aston Villa £70m, Spurs £55m, Liverpool £129m, Man u £76m, Middlesbrough £29m, Sunderland 70m… , yet the board continues to claim that Wenger has money to spend, then why are you being so stubborn to get the players we need in? we have 60000 supporters per game spending around £50 a game, we made £32m profit last season yet where is this money going. According to our accounts our wage bill is high, but yet Wenger claims it’s not as it includes Image rights where other clubs don’t. The new stadium apparently wouldn’t restrict our Transfer spending but obviously has, another instance of the club not being truthful, someone somewhere is lying, hence the swift departures of members of the board that didn’t toe the line. Not only do we have to pay the highest for tickets, take 1 hour to get home when I live 15 mins away, but also be the team that gets none of the star signings the fans deserve, and I mean the true fans, people like me that have been going to Arsenal (as much as we can afford) before the Wenger era, but all the club cares about now is the corporate, as long as they are happy in the Diamond club eating the food bringing in the cash, not caring about the club as a whole then Arsenal the business are fine, Forget the football club. How did we lose Flamini on a free, why was he not given the wages he deserved, I don’t disagree with being prudent and I don’t want Arsenal to go and spend £100m as that’s not football, but the fans deserve to have a star signing, why do we have to see other clubs get players such as Torres, Berbatov, Modric etc. 2m over 4 years must mean Wenger can afford a few players, why not tell us the truth as even if we get Veloso does that mask the fact that we only have 15m to spend thus couldn’t get both players?? Thing is even if we do sign him, we need more than him, Defender, another striker, Adebayor obviously does not want to be there.

    At the end of the day its fans like me that the club needs, as we will be there when the corporate all go onto the next thing, Are you going to spin us some more lies about the club. How we are doing well? At the end of the day we should be glad we have a manager like Wenger in charge who obv knows the truth that the club has no money and toes the line and talks the talk in an attempt to keep the fans happy, but we are not, we spend our money watching players as Eboue and Song who are decent players but not play every game first teamers.
    Anyway I could go on but wont, I am not in the minority anymore and will send a copy of this letter to any Arsenal blogs I can find, Football365 (who doubt will print it as it’s not funny and/or about Man utd, Liverpool or building snowmen) and the BBC forum and Betfair forum and will also post your reply there, doubt you are busy on transfer deadline day.


  26. Akon1 says:

    I totally agree with you! I am a lifelong fan starting to turn on Arsenal. So tired of Wenger and his stupid ideas that we should not spend at all. Just because we have Denilson, song, diaby… Crap players I think… We should stop going to Emirates in a protest so Arsenal does not make any money. 58000 empty seats, that should get that Wenger thinking!

  27. northbanklegend says:

    well spoken, we take £3m at every home game, yet we will miss out on Arshavin for £3m in wages and £3m in transfer fees. All the board are interested in is preserving their own wealth. These are desperate times for Arsenal and desperate times call for desperate measures ie SPEND THE MONEY

  28. redandwhite says:

    exacty mate i also spend a lot on the club. last 4 -5 have been bad, nothing changes there.

  29. Tony says:

    It is really getting outrageous now isn’t it. Arsenal cannot continue to charge the prices they do, and sell all our best players as they do without putting some of it back into ONE transfer. The board is inexplicably tight – none of us are privy to the financial figures but if Spurs can spend what they’re spending then I find it unfathomable that we can’t sign one player. It isn’t 30million, it is 12 plus 3 in bonuses. It is just pathetic. If we come 5th or 6th then the board have to take responsibility for it. It is about a fan’s faith in his club right now, so the next few hours are going to be extremely important.

  30. nut says:

    Agreed fuck off arsenal board and wenger you fucking lying c~nts, they had no intention of signing any body, and fuck off all you arsene know best supporters the man is going fucking crazy if he thinks this team is good enough we are shit and going to end up in 5 or 6 which will cost us millions. Time for him and the board to fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. scott says:

    yeah the recession started 5 years ago didnt it “TWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAATTTT””

  32. Kipmonster says:

    It’s time Arsenal fans vented their anger at the Club who are treating their fans like ‘Cash Cow Mugs’. I suggest a season ticketholders boycott of the Cardiff FA Cup replay.

  33. tomstoned says:

    All fellow Gooners around the World !!

    lets pull together and let the Board know that the lying stops here !!!

    lets get behind the team…….

    and get rid of the completely ridicilous Board of Directors…

    Sincer and Best Regards Tom..

  34. micheal says:

    What a hell is wrong with the guys that are responsible for running arsenal?
    Are they blind even Stevie Wonder can see that we need reinforcements in the defence where we keep conceding silly goals
    We also need a creative midfielder in the shape of Ashavin, a good striker who does not need five chances to score one goal
    Ade is not that type of striker, I would love to see a striker like yakubu who only has one thing on his mind putting the ball in the net.
    A close analysis of the current squad you find that few players are worth putting on the red and white of arsenal they don’t have the mental strength and quality to rollup their sleeves and fight when the going gets tough as it is now. The tight fisted arsenal bureaucratic board and a stubborn manager think the team is good enough.
    People pay money to come to watch arsenal week in week out so they deserve better return on their money in the form of good players.
    Compare today’s arsenal squad to the one that last took a major cup and you will see what I mean.
    Arsenal’s main starting 11 primarily consisted of
    Jens Lehmann Almunia
    Lauren, Signa
    Martin Keown johan juru
    Sol Campbell William Galas/Kolo Toure
    Ashley Cole Clichy
    Robert Pires Nasiri
    Patrick Vieira, Denilson
    Gilberto Silva Song
    Fredrik Ljungberg Diaby
    Thierry Henry Ade
    Dennis Bergkamp vanpersie

  35. scott says:

    robbie keanes going to spurs, its getting even more worser , its taking the fucking piss now

  36. kateera fred from Uganda says:

    You are very right my friend although i don’t spend much money on Arsenal am sick and tired when it comes to rumors during the transfer seasons and we end up with no except this wenger keeps telling us that i have trust in my young stars but that doesn’t win games.

  37. Fedupgooner says:

    I totally agree with you.

    If this was a normal private company, every body would be calling for the board to be sacked.
    Wenger keeps lying, raising false hopes about players that we need and never buying them. This team is not interested in winning trophies, just making profits. Why should we support them, I might as well support Shell because they are the champions of making big profits.

    We should make it clear that enough is enough. I do not want to die like in Titanic for being too polite.

  38. scott says:

    its transfer deadling day and the big news on the official site is that


    wow another 4 games to draw

  39. 1 Man says:

    What bugs me is that, we have made money from the diara sale and possibly from senderos come the summer…y cant they spend the money.?

    if we fail to be in the champ league… than what????

  40. Chappers says:

    What if we do sign Arshavin in the eleventh hour? Will that be enough for you or are you waiting in vain for the club to embark on a spending spree?

    I do agree that the club need to explain wtf is going on. Money seems to have all but evaporated since we moved to the Emirates and I urge the club to help us frustrated fans understand, because whatever they say about how we got money to spend, the reality doesn´t paint a pretty picture about our financial situation. I could lower my expectations if the club said something along the lines of “for the coming 4-5 years we´ll have to make do with a limited transfer kitty, but by the time Obama is re-eleceted, we´d be able to be compatitive again”. At least then AW could work his miracles in relative peace instead of having to take the majority of the blame for this shite that I don´t believe is entirely his fault.

  41. vivb says:

    How much have Spurs and Man City spent just to find themselves in a relegation fight!

    If Asharvin was £15 m (most transfers are in phased payments) in one hit up front and £80,000 a week salary he was probably too much. Would he have actually made that much difference and where would he play when Walcott, Rosicky and Cesc return.

  42. Joe says:

    To be honest i don’t care about Arshavin. I don’t think we need him as much as is being touted, not because we don’t need a right mid but becuase he’d probably take 6 months to settle in and by next season Theo should be back and i’d rather see an Englishman play. We certainly don’t need another support striker. My problems are three fold, once again we have spent nothing, our boss does not recognise the need for a DCM and Tottenham are buying f*cking everyone!

  43. Tino says:

    NO FUCK you SJ you are the one who will support the spurs you fool look at what our club is doing to us you fool
    open your eyes!!!

  44. Greensborogooner says:

    This was all a ploy from the get go. I was suprised how openly wenger and arsenal discussed the deal which is so unlike arsenal. They just wanted to appear as if they were going to sign him, but it was never going to happen. I feel sorry for we fans who bleed arsenal, because the club we love doesn’t give a fook how we feel. Our coach thinks he’s untouchable, with his main aim to save as much money as possible for the club so that he will be paid $4millions a yr. Wenger has stopped caring about winning titles, since the board chose money over any thing else. It’s now upto the fans to save this club, if we treat this insult with the usual Arsene knows rutine, then we are as sorry as the cunts who are fooking us.

  45. nickynicknick says:

    Good to hear you glory hunters are f**king off to leave room for some real fans. Do me a favour and dont buy any tickets, dont spread any more of your poinsonous blogs and go down to WHL and experience real depression.

  46. kay says:

    dats right mate the board and manager are taking the piss and really dnt knw who to blame for this mess

  47. Theo says:

    See you then! We’re in a new stadium and trying to compete with Chelsea & Man City when cash demands are ridiculous. I’d rather we bide our time and produce our own team of Gooners. These being kids coming through the ranks who have an affinity with the club and who we can be proud of. Let other clubs have the mercenaries. We’ve won championships in 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & 00’s by doing things the right way (Nobody, but NOBODY, can boast a record like that). We’ve never been about boom and bust! Perhaps you’d like to gamble like Leeds Utd did? No doubt the odd signing here and there would be welcome but not at the expense of the future of the club. We’ll be back soon and when we are, victory will taste so much sweeter! Be Lucky!

  48. Bobby says:

    What a disgrace we have become. We must sign Arshevin and a Def Midfielder TODAY!!

  49. Paul Fensom says:

    Can I protest against fans like you who bitch and whine when things aren’t done the way they want. You want everything without consequence. You want a new stadium without debt, you want astronomical wages paid to players and fees paid to clubs without regard for current the current economic climate. If we listened to fans like you, in 5 years we’d have no club, we’d go the way of Leeds. For a man of your age you see this like Football Manager, ‘Ah, it’s only £3m more.’ It’s not a small amount of money when it’s added to £12m already on the table. And £80,000 p/w against £100,000 p/w is a hell of a lot of money in the long term. You sound like a long term fan and not one of the stupid glory-hunters that attach to our club, but we’re 5th for fuck sake, and not many points off, compare that to two or three seasons ago, finishing 20+ points behind the leaders in 4th. Things aren’t great, but they could be worse. And if you don’t like it, you know who you can go and support in the bottom half of the table… the team that has spent £80m+ recently and it has got them nowhere!!!

  50. Matt says:

    Has anyone got the 2009 Arse Calender? Feb pictures William “the virus” Gallas… Ive taken it down.

  51. Keysey says:

    If we don’t bring in arshavin AND one of the million other players, who are better than eboe and gallas, that we’ve been persistantly linked to throughout the last year, we are not even going to finish in the top 4!
    Wenger constanly says he would like prem experience, but if this is true why the fuck is he trying to sign a russian with no premiership experience? Our squad could be complete with the addition of 2 players: Tim CAhill and Mikel Arteta! Arteta is your creative player with premiership experience and Cahill gets goals both on the deck and in the air. This is what we really lack, not Arse-shaven!

  52. Frump says:

    I am gutted if we don’t sign the Russian. He looks quaility (just check on YouTube) and could help us get 4th spot. Fed up with the likes of Eboue, Song and Diaby in midfield. To think not so long ago we had Vieria, Petit, Overmars, Pires, Hleb and Freddie. This reminds me of the days we had Selly, Hillier Morrow and Mcgoldrick!!!!!

  53. what? says:

    lol, not sack the board. Sack Wenger, he is the cheap cunt, he wants to win PL/CL with a team thats worth 40£m, because he wants to show that you dont need to use money to win, but he will never ever fucking win anything with this shit team, SONG IS FUCKING PLAYING ON A – TEAM, denilson is totaly shit……….. SIEG HEIL ARSENE FUCKING CUNT WENGER.com. This is unbelivable, we havent bought one profiled player for X YEARS (lots of years, yep.) All other teams in PL have been using 15£m this transfer window, we havent use shit. Wenger is no longer the right man, and he has betrayed us all.

  54. swede says:

    You´re right, I´m fed up with these post-game comments like ´We showed the right attitude etc´, NO WE F-G DIDN`T Arsene!!

    I´m not stupid, I can see that we have passengers in every game that are not pulling there own weight, like Eboue (we will have that lazy kid here until Arsene himself leaves the club, Adebayor f-g comments since November that we can still win the league, well not thanx to you you lazy bastard more interested in hugging the opponents in the tunnel ahead of the game, and Song what can I say, looks so f-g tired when he runs that you think he´s wearing some invisible backpack weighing 40 kilos (he´ll be at the club until Arsene leaves).
    Denilson got decent ratings on some site from the WH game because his crosses was decent, I only remember two that were 30 meters off target.

    When players like Eboue and Song are treated like future worldbeaters you know that it´s only about Arsenes own pride.

    My subscription on Arsenal.com is off.

  55. ewan says:

    I am heart broken and devastated. I did not believe Ashavin arriving would have made a significant difference to the results. But it will show that the Board still has ambition to win. With no signing at all, it shows that the Board is more concerned about making money than winning matches. The fans should protest loudly at the next match, maybe even a boycott of the next home game.

  56. Harry Barracuda says:

    Why don’t all you snivelling cunts fuck off up the road to the pub toilet and watch the scum instead. As for Buck, you’ve never been a Gooner so you can fuck off anywhere!


  57. goonalegend says:

    i agree with the prices but i rarely can afford to go to arsenal and when i do i don’t complain because at least i have seen arsenal no matter how we played. I am absolutely p*ssed off that we haven’t signed arshavin but i had a feeling as usual that arsenal would sign a youngster for a small fee and try and claim him to have “enormous potential”. Seriously the money is there wenger and u fans is bein arse raped by the fuckin board. Pay up the money u tight cunts! we paid in excess of 20 million for reyes! look what happened to him. Don’t tell me that we can’t afford that kind of deal because of the stadium i have spend some hard earned cash at the emirates £3.50 for a cup of tea! £4.00 for a small (note small) drink! fuck me 60,000 people spend that kind of money and the corporate cunts aswell yet we can’t fork out the dosh for 1 quality signing. U fuckin wankers! Tho i aint gonna follow some of u in the “fuck arsenal” group because i love this club and even though i feel ur pain and have spent my fair share over the years i still can’t bring myself to do that. P.s the blogger who said he has only supported arsenal a few years and is now had enuff is the type of fan this club attracts and need rid of. FUCK OFF TO U, U GLORY HUNTING CUNT! GO SUPPORT THE MANC SCUM. rant over.

  58. RadioRoy says:

    Come on guys, hold your horses. The fat lady hasn’t even entered the stage yet…

    12.05 We are receiving reports the deal for Andrei Arshavin is still in the balance. Arsenal and Zenit St Petersburg are trying to thrash out terms while there are conflicting stories regarding the Russian’s whereabouts. Some sources are indicating he is actually undergoing a medical at the Gunners’ London Colney headquarters.

  59. Swedish fan says:

    Ive been a supporter of Arsenal since I was 5 years old and never ever have the club been this passive telling fans whats going on. Each weekend my heart is all about Arsenal and on gamedays these days im now a wreck since I can hardly watch the fotball we are playing at the moment.

    I will stop buying shirts as well untill I see some improvement from the boar/club towards its fans….

  60. Niklas says:

    A question to you english gooners:

    How do you feel about the fact that we have no english players in Arsenal today? I know, sometimes Walcott and Wilshere are playing, but you know what I’m talking about…
    As a swede I don’t care about it too much, but I know some Gooners in London who are feeling ashamed.

  61. denis says:

    plsssssssssssssssssss you guys that live close to arsenal fc should do a demonstration and let them know that arsenal fans all over the world is not happy having heart ache

  62. Tight fisted wankers says:

    “We are receiving reports the deal for Andrei Arshavin is still in the balance. Arsenal and Zenit St Petersburg are trying to thrash out terms while there are conflicting stories regarding the Russian’s whereabouts. Some sources are indicating he is actually undergoing a medical at the Gunners’ London Colney headquarters”

  63. frustrated arsenal fan says:

    totally agree with tricky.seriously there is something that is wrong with the club,maybe tha board lack the ambition.

  64. Anders Limpar says:

    You should all fuck off and support Tottenham. They prove their ambition by spending loads of cash

  65. Sam says:

    1-Who can grantee that Cesc+Walcott+Rociky+Nasri Won’t have an injury for the rest of their career at Arsenal. if you could grantee that to me we don’t need AA.
    2- We can’t score at home against Westham and away at Cardiff.
    3-Getting AA now became a simple of Arsenals’ ability to attract players. If we cann’t sign AA ONLY ADYS AND EBOES AND SONG…. (if you got the idea) well come to Arsenal. It’s 05:30 Am US MOUNTAIN TIME and i have to go to school ^_^ shit.

  66. clockendjim says:

    I have been to several matches at The Emirates this season and cannot say I really enjoyed any of them. My next booking is Fulham and it could well be my last.
    How Wenger can keep rolling out the same old crap about believing in his brilliant young players when the evidence before our eyes tells us that Denilson, Song, Diaby, Bendtner and especially Eboue shows what complete nonsense this is. Add to that Adebayor who couldn’t care less and whose mind seems somewhere else these days, Gallas who used to be great but has lost it now and the best fullback pairing in the PL last season of Sagna & Clichy, giving their wingers the freedom of the park lately – well that doesn’t leave much to be optimistic about does it. If it wasn’t for Van Persie and Nasri, we would be down with our North London neighbours fighting against relegation.
    If they were truly serious about signing Arshavin, why weren’t all the negotiations in place by the end of December, so that he could have been signed and playing for us from early January. Has it been stage-managed to make it appear that they were trying to spend some money but the obdurate Russians killed the deal or am I being over-suspicious.
    I talk to other fans at The Emirates and the biggest frustration is that we are all being taken for fools. We are paying top prices for the worst football I have ever seen an Arsenal team produce and like the king’s magic suit of clothes, Wenger and the board of directors seem to be pretending it is not happening.
    Next season with no Champions League football, our best players possibly leaving the sinking ship and thousands of empty seats in our wonderful stadium, the penny might just drop. It will be too late then.

  67. keith says:

    it’s absolutely depressing that’s for sure. It does make me laugh though when people say it was all a big ploy and we never really wanted to sign him at all. if so, then what was the possible object of this cunning plan? to string everyone along in the most frustrating way possible for a month in order to ensure by the end of jan our entire support is steaming angry, depressed and miserable..

    now that’s genius…

  68. Norm says:

    Boycott the next home game in protest if Arsene does not sign at least 2 top class players. Arsenal treats us with contempt making us pay big money to watch useless players like Adebayor, Song, Eboue, Denilson, Bentner, Diaby, Almunia and Silvestre.

    No more should we put up with this treatment.

  69. Finsbury says:

    Dein was right bring in the Russians or the yanks!

  70. Greensborogooner says:

    Can I protest against fans like you who bitch and whine when things aren’t done the way they want. You want everything without consequence. You want a new stadium without debt, you want astronomical wages paid to players and fees paid to clubs without regard for current the current economic climate. If we listened to fans like you, in 5 years we’d have no club, we’d go the way of Leeds. For a man of your age you see this like Football Manager, ‘Ah, it’s only £3m more.’ It’s not a small amount of money when it’s added to £12m already on the table. And £80,000 p/w against £100,000 p/w is a hell of a lot of money in the long term. You sound like a long term fan and not one of the stupid glory-hunters that attach to our club, but we’re 5th for fuck sake, and not many points off, compare that to two or three seasons ago, finishing 20+ points behind the leaders in 4th. Things aren’t great, but they could be worse. And if you don’t like it, you know who you can go and support in the bottom half of the table… the team that has spent £80m+ recently and it has got them nowhere

    Stupid fans like you is the reason the board and wenger takes us for granted. We are not asking the club to go bankrupt, we are only asking for a few decent players going by how much we are charged to watch our beloved arsenal. We are not asking the asrenal to spend 25m on one player, but to buy quality at reasonable price, and flush some of the rubbish cunts we are currently parading as players.

  71. Realgooner says:

    Waaaah, Waaaaah, Waaaaaah.

    Stop chucking toys about you immature little pillocks.

    You are dragging the name of Arsenal through the dirt with your pathetic rants…

  72. Tight fisted wankers says:

    Its Obvious who needs to fuck off to a retirement home to me , mr hill-wood is the problem , I dont understand why hes got a say in anything , he only has 1% of shares , at this moment in time I would want Jabba the hut usmanov in and then have David Dein back.

    I still hold some hope, youve always gotta hope that something happens , I love my Arsenal but WENGER fucking listen , you have to do something , fuck the board …they would wipe your arse clean if you told them to, we are not good enough ,signing 12 yr olds from mozambique are not gonna win us anything !

  73. Anders Limpar says:

    Arshavin even money to be at Zenit tomorrow with Skybet. Why don’t u all put money on that and stop whining

  74. Norm says:

    Arsenal are not even good to watch anymore.

    I lost all respect for Arsene when he stated that to him injured players coming back after being out of action should be considered by the fans to be new signings.

  75. Actually Goonerblog seems you share the same stand as me and the rest of the gooners here. Your Blog is the first i’ve seen with real gooners who really care about this club and its welfare. I have been to many blogs which are full of disillusioned fans who will tell you ohhh In Arsene we trust and call you all sorts of names if you don’t agree to shut it and get on with the poor displays by the team. I have given this dumb ass donut called Wenger just today ..if he doesn’t sign Arshavin then seriously no more watching Arsenal games they can cheer themselves for all i care. I can’t stomach it watching someone like Eboue in our midfield or people like Diaby or Ademissabayor ..whenever i think abt that 80K he gets per week and his uutput on the pitch i feel like puking. I still call for Wenger’s head if we dun make it to the CL ..i wish someone could send Arsenal this link such that they check out the fans views on our club. Fuck Wenger and his kids shitty policy. Sometimes i wonder whats friggin goin on at this club…Board members are sacked day and night, Even clubs lie spuds can afford to but players but a team like Arsenal which suppossedly on paper has much more money and profits than those cunts can’t afford to pay Arshavin’s wages??? HUH? We seriously aren’t getting our money’s worth…. We are fans and at the same time we are the clients who make Adebayors 80k per week possible.

  76. thegoonerforum says:

    Thanks Martyn, Please sign up to the forum http://www.goonerforum.com/board/

  77. Tight fisted wankers says:

    Arshavin is at Highbury House right now
    News from sources at the Arsenal Supporters Trust
    By Kevin Whitcher

    Reliable sources at the Arsenal Supporters Trust have informed us that Andrei Arshavin is currently at Highbury House, the turquoise carbuncle of an office building the club use near the stadium above the North Bank bridge, the non-matchday box office and the All Arsenal Store. Significantly, it also houses the directors’ boardroom.

    Arshavin: Current location not far from here

    This is contrary to Sky Sports News current claims that he is waiting at a London airport ready to board a private jet.

    This does not mean the deal is done, but that the player is in place to negotiate terms and is not already headed back to Russia.

    There’s hope yet.

  78. what? says:

    lol, goodluck with signing two classplayers, im happy if we get AA (or Micah?)

  79. Anders Limpar says:

    ‘Lost all respect for Wenger’ ?

    My club are better off without idiots like you

  80. GoonerOlly says:

    I 100% agree wiv ya m8. In the last yr we got 7 million frm bentley deal and i think 5 or 6 from diarra nd we still sumhow cant afford 15million for arshavin hu we are in desperate need of. our only chance at the mo is nasri and rvp and we cant jus rely on them. it is a joke and im in favour of a protest in any way or form. we need 2 stick it to em cos they wudnt be anyfin wivout us lot hu pay 3grand a yr watchin em pay shit. i wud swop wins over chelsea and united for 7wins agenst shit teams anyday and im sure many of u wud agree wiv me!

  81. GOONA says:

    What I and many other fellow gooners have suspected for quite some time it that we’re no longer a club with ambition but a financial institution with the boss as the bank manager.

  82. Danish Gooner says:

    Wenger and the board is as tight as they come combine that with the credit crunch and you cant squeeze a penny out of them even to save the world.

  83. Norm says:

    It’s funny how we suddenly cannot sign any good players anymore. Have we been falsely praising Arsene for all the previous good signings.

    It now seems that the real visionery at Arsenal was David Dein. The signings with real potential
    have dried up since David left.

  84. Danish Gooner says:

    Wenger and the board is as tight as they come combine that with the credit crunch and you cant squeeze a penny out of them even to save the world…….

  85. Norway gooner says:

    dennis,you stupid swedish cunt,its about quality,not nationality!!!!!Who would u rather have Zlatan or Darren Bent!??? How old are you,fuckin idiot!!! Go find a team in the lower divisions,they have all english players!!!

  86. Dangerous says:

    Maybe your right, then again maybe you should fook off and do down to stamford bridge or the Eastlands……Petty Fucking idiot,

    Grow up and realise this is acredit crunch, we have to live within our means, we have a large managable debt because we have the best stadium in the world, get used to it…this is how its going o be for a while!


  87. Chen says:

    I have been one of the biggest supporters of keeping the club in british hands, but if we dont sign arsharvin then i will lose faith in the board. Why keep eboue and bendtner and not have enough money for arsharvin. Are they telling us that they would rather have eboue than arsharvin????????? I am sooooooooo annoyed!!!!!

  88. tomstoned says:

    come on !!!!!!!!!

    plastic fans..??? where have you been…at the moon…the lies at this club is worse than anything i ever seen (included Island,who almost killed the head of state)and mr Hill_Wood looks more and more like President >Mugabe …

    there’s only one thing to do…stay behind the players and f..k the board…NOW !!!!!!!!

  89. Norm says:

    We will have plenty of money to spend on good players if we sell the crap players like Song, Eboue, Adebayor,Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia.

    We can then buy 3 good players and use Vela, Wiltshie, Ramsay etc.

  90. Another REAL Gooner says:

    I agree with RealGooner. Its fucking idiots like this that make the situation all so much worse.

    The media attention on the Arshavin deal has lead so many fans to think its the most important thing in the world.

    If it’s a spending spree to no avail you want… then you can piss off to join the scum up the road.


  91. Dangerous says:

    Chen, your getting caught up in the hype and hysteria, as much as i’d like to see us sign some def/mid, AA is not gonna change our world..he’d need 6 months to adapt. gotta learn the lingo, and is he really that godd?? why havent barca or Real gone 4 him, or chelski or man city, something dont add up and at 27 he’s got no sell on fee in 4/5 yrs.

    If he was 22 then i’d say great, speaking of had you heard of him 2 yrs ago, strange I think!

    Keep the faith, money will be spent on better players at some point

  92. Chappers says:


    Dein didn´t buy any fantastic players 2 years ago before he left. It´s not like Dein is the reason we´ve been in the CL for the last 12 years and have won 2 doubles 3 titles and 4 odd FA cups. Wenger is the reason so please don´t undermine what AW has actually done, just because we haven´t got the dough to buy players anymore.

  93. Anders Limpar says:

    Has the fact that the money wasn’t there for 5 years before Dein left, and is the reason he’s gone, escaped your attention?

  94. Tight fisted wankers says:

    Theyre so tight they peel oranges in theyre pockets !

    as this day drags on I get more and more frustrated , The transfer window could be extended though due to weather but I dont see why !

  95. Tino says:

    ahhh Shut the fuck up Greensborogooner
    lokk like these is some kind of hope

  96. tomstoned says:

    i say it again !!!!!!!!

    and Limpar listen carefully….its not the fatc that we’re not buying…its the fact that the team has been build down for several years now…and most important for me as a Gooner is the fact that we are beeing lied to every day !!!!!!!

    why not come out and tell the truth i imagine every real Gooner would accept the facts however grim they may be ::::::::::

    if someone You love lies to You …you would forgive them once twice..but all the time…i must say that some hard headed fans really lack insight theese days and even looks like morons just like the board of milking cows…

    get real…support the team..get rid og all the liars (Board of incompetent money grabbers )

    Best regards Tom a Gooner till the day i die !!!!!!!!!!

  97. Gooner_B says:

    Guys this aint wengers fault, i too have my gripes about how wengers attempting to raise this crop. But this cheapskate problem isn’t wengers fault, i lay this squarely at the BOARDS feet wengers job is to tell Gazidis who he wants and gazidis and ken friar go and get em SIMPLE! and they answer to the BOARD! so the the board are the cheep bastards that are playing about with us…..it’s a complete lack of ambition, and they’ve been getting away with it for years,WHY? you might ask? look how long the waiting list for season tickets are they know if you boycott or give it up someone will step into your place. It’s a vicious cycle they put in place to save themselves. I WOULDN’T BE SUPRISED IF WENGER GOT DAVID DEIN TO TALK YESTERDAY, you heard him he said wengers a miracle worker, but he needs help AND he puts a brave face on everything (basically keeping everything in house when all is not well, with a smile on the outside) WENGER NEEDS ARSHAVIN! that’s why he’s in london. But arsenal BOARD aren’t ambitious enough to sign such players anymore….hence the reason why anyone we’ve had in the past with such caliber has been shipped out! i’ve been supporting arsenal since 86 i’m now 29 and i went to my 1st game in 93 (SO NO1 TELL ME WHO I SHOULD GO AND SUPPORT) GET THIS BOARD OUT! an ancient bunch of etonian bouler hat wearing fucks. i’ve stopped buying merchandise, my online arsenal tv bill wont be paid anymore, even the tickets txt alerts have been stopped because this is has to stop, the stadium is a ploy…..an excuse! tell me the time and place you wanna protest i’ll be there……..GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT!GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT! GET THE BOARD OUT!

  98. Anders Limpar says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to all you band-wagon jumping morons fucking off away from my club and the best manager in it’s history.

  99. Gooner_B says:

    like i said Anders, i aint going at wenger for the lack of signings and the decline of our beloved club…..just board mate!!

  100. Dan says:

    Most of the supporters want Arsene to stay but I understand some of them and their frustration and craziness. This is really funny if AA is not good enough for Arsenal, Who is under 15m Pounds…(Eboue). Most of the fans want to have some hope and the solution is one of 2 things. 1-Being in the top 4 comfortably and challenging for titles or seeing the club tray to do something about our bad form by signing someone (or sending death threats to our opponents Goalkeepers ^_^ #this is a joke#).

  101. BBGooner says:

    Anders Limpar, and I’m looking forward to dickheads like you supporting Real Madrid when Wenger leaves.

    You have your head so far up his arse, when he farts you make the noise.

  102. Anders Limpar says:

    BBGooner – If you think that Wenger would ever go near the Real Madrid job it just goes to show you how fucking clueless you really are.

    The reality is money is tight at the club and will be for the forseeable future because the projected cash from the Highbury project will be behind schedule. Anyone out there who thinks that someone is going to pay the going rate for Arsenal and then lavish the manager with bags of money is living in dreamland. Usmanov is in it to make money, not spend like Abramovich.

    In the tight financial situation we’re in, there’s not many managers who could do a good job for us. We’ve already got the best one here. Long term it will be us and Utd with the financial muscle

  103. Chen says:

    Dangerous, i agree that it may take time to get used to the rigours of the premier league, but with eboue and diaby struggling with fitness, rosicky, walcott, fabregas already out, we need reinforcements, and a new signing could bring a boost to the club and the fans that we so desperately need. Not qualifying for the champios league would be disasterous, and i keep trying to see the good in song and bendtner, but every week they dissapoint and technically they dont seem to be at the same standard as the others. I think we should have sold eboue as we had an offer, although i think the stick he gets is unfair. His confidence is non existant at the moment. All i am saying is that usually a couple of months before the jan transfer window or before the summer, Hill-Wood will come out in the press and say that wenger will have 30-40 million to spend, but when the window opens, the money seems to have dissapeared. I think some of the people here are over reacting, but being lied to and not knowing what is going on is starting to take its toll. I hope we can bring in AA and push forward now and get that CL spot.

  104. BBGooner says:

    The reality is Anders you think you are the only person entitled to an opinion. If someone disagrees with you then they are plastic fans and the only thing you can say is to go and support the spuds. That’s the limit to your argument.

    In reality you’re the plastic fan because you think that Wenger IS Arsenal and get defensive if anyone has a bad word to say about him. Thats how clueless you are.

  105. Anders Limpar says:

    I don’t think Wenger is Arsenal but i appreciate what he has done for the club. I know where the club was before he arrived and where it possibly could have gone.

    Wenger has never been afraid to spend money when it was available, the stick he takes from so-called fans spoiled by the success that he has generated is sickening.

  106. BunkUP says:

    If we do still manage to sign Arse Shavin then most of these rants will seem a bit like throwing toys…. Lets all just wait and see.

  107. vinny says:

    it is going 2 happen

  108. clockendjim says:

    It’s not just a matter of signing Arshavin. Before the season started everyone was in agreement that we needed a world-class goalkeeper, a dominant centre-back and a defensive midfielder to replace Flamini. What happened in these respects – nothing.
    Come the January transfer window when with all the injuries it is even more important – still no signings. When other clubs like The Spuds decide they want a player, they just sign the cheque and he arrives. We have to turn any negotiations into a soap opera and most do not have a happy ending

    Limping Anders, your attitude is just the kind of thing that has got us into the woeful situation we are in today where the club treat us fans like units to extract money from. Your kind seem happy to accept any shit that the club throws at us now. Fortunately looking at all the other comments here, you are beginning to be part of a sad minority.

    People like you keep spouting about all that Wenger has done for the club. I also appreciate what he created when he arrived, but that is beginning to be part of a dim and distant history. We are approaching 5 years without winning ANYTHING. How many other top clubs would have put up with that ?

  109. keith says:

    to be fair there’s a world of difference between sticking with wenger and blindly “having your head stuck up his arse” as you so charmingly put it… it’s called support. yes, firstly for the club, but also for a manager who seems to receive scant credit for his achievements in having been responsible for some of most glorious success and football gooners have ever witnessed.

    some seem to think that those who stick by wenger are showing “blind arsene knows” loyalty, but i think it’s more a case of not falling by the wayside in hard times. there were grumblings about fergie a couple of years back when chelski mopped up their two prems. most fans of other clubs would have been praying from a distance that they pensioned him off. i know i was.

    i wonder if there is any precedent for apologies on forums. i wouldnt have thought so but if the arshavin deal goes through i for one dont blame the club for attempting to do the very best deal they can with my ticket money. it’s not confetti you know.

    if you think throwing money at a problem solves it then check our good friends down the road.

  110. we love u arsenal sj says:

    to tino now shut the fuck up u fucking spurs fan go an fuck ur self look at spurs they have nearly spent £100mil and look at were they are u fucking cunt hope u stop supporting arsenal and relz that u r a spurs fan and fuck of supporting them all the best u cunt
    we got ARSEN WNEGER an we will be fine in arsen we trust


  111. Anders Limpar says:

    ClockEndJim, where has the Spuds transfer policy got them? Do you think if they had invested the money we have in a Stadium they would still be ‘signing checks’ so readily?

    I’ve said it before, when money is available Wenger has never had a problem spending it.

    Would you have been happy to splash 17m on Baptista 3 years ago when we were first linked with him? Or 12m on Malouda 18 months ago?

  112. keith says:

    fee ageed with zenit for aa. personal terms agreed. still have to resolve the issue of arshavin’s bonus repayment, but surely….

  113. Fedupgooner says:

    Le menteur ne sera pas ecoute meme s’il dit la verite.

  114. Dan123 says:

    To be fair, some of the young talent that comes through our ranks are quality. Though where does the money go after we sell them? And who replaces them? They also lack any real experience, especially to play in one of the best leagues in the world. Arsene has done well for us over the years but I feel that his idea of a next generation team has let us (the fans, who love the club) down. I love to see great football, but I would love to see us winning, not just against the other big clubs, but against the smaller clubs too (for example west ham at the weekend or cardiff) Fine they can prove a challenge but a championship winning team would have groundout a result, right? The money needs to be spent on more quality players, with experience and determination to win. Arsene may not be to blame, the board is for being too tight too often.

  115. S says:

    The ticket prices are expensive as fuck and we don’t get anything in re-pay. And the team is just filled with useless foreigners (except RvP, Cesc and Clichy).

  116. Tino says:

    TO my dEAR FRIEND “we love u arsenal sj”
    Me fuck spur please I rather fuck your mum
    you dick.
    I love Arsenal none like you. I will love my club to do well and that why am hurt (like a father see he beloved son done wrong) This is my club live with it!!!!

  117. tobzz says:

    Looks like the deal to sign Arshavin is done. Congratulations to the Arsenal board on managing to tip toe through Zenits defence and get a great result.

    To all those fickle supporters who have threatened to retract their support and take it else where over this saga. I sincerely hope you still do, really who the hell needs you!

    Even if this had fallen through, some of the comments on here have been sickening.

    All the best to the rest of you.


  118. […] Arsenal fans start a online protest LINK […]

  119. hhdh says:

    you all suck!!!!! Have faith and loyality!!

  120. anderslimpar says:

    To fickle fans:

    Your embarrassing for not keeping any faith. And by that, I mean faith in the simplest of forms possible for a football fan to keep: NOT to treat your club like a f***ing light switch for venting your short-term angst about pedantic inconveniences such as transfers! All your blog has convinced me of is the fact that many of our fans take for granted the club as a whole since Wenger joined the club. Face it, we’ve never had it so good. Look at the last 10 years of growth through stadium development, worldwide marketing, reputation, trophies, team development, youth academy, etcetera (The list goes on!) and you will struggle to no avail to find another era in our history of such merit and opportunity. Arsenal have an embarrassment of riches more so than any Chelsea or Man City, yet you don’t see it?! Our first blip on the road of this era, and it’s all “I’m burning my ticket, I hate Arsene and the board”.

    To the Admin:

    With Arsenal, how long did you say you have you been ‘buying all the latest gear’*?! 30 years was it?! The board, and Arsenal have been through worse times, and Arsene’s track record cannot be knocked (yet!) so buck up your ideas. Unfortunately our growth in recent years includes supporters – supporters like you who feel like they could run the club better… don’t take your club (replica shirt for that matter) or anything else for granted… it’s not just the worst thing you could do as an Arsenal fan, but also as a human being. Money may make the world go round and get you your Arsenal bath mats, but it wont make you happy: faith in a club you love might however…

    * supporting Arsenal

  121. Sulzeer says:

    This is why you shut ur mouth until the window is actually closed… nice job being loyal to your club..

  122. arsenekidz says:

    Everyone has his/her own ways of expressing their faith and loyalty. Some criticism are uncalled for while others are constructive too. I believe that whatever the criticism is, it is done out of frustration in wanting the club do well. Peace Gunners!

  123. People like this Tobbz baffle me….now you think because we signed Arshavin i will stop crticising Ademissabayor?? Or you think all of a sudden Arsenal is going to become one helluva a team and will bang in 5 every game? Who said we was taking our support anywhere else??? This is our team we aren’t going anywhere get used to thatmaybe disillusioned fans like you should start being realistic..truth of the matter is Ade sucks and he shoudln’t be our star striker you might say he aint one and he wasn’t brought in to score 30 goals a season but of the strikers we have he’s the most paid even Arsh is going to be paid 70K a week so that should tell you why he’s being paid 80K…its to deliver above anyone else if it wasn’t the case he would be on 50K and RVP on 80K so dun start bullcrapping me again like someone has been doing lately here. Even though Arshavin has come i still expect Adebayor to prove why he gets 80K per week…not put in less interested, boring, perfomances. Maybe goonerblog is over the moon i am too cuz all i wanted was to see some new hot prospect in this boring current rotten crop we have at Arsenal that make me go to sleep every time i watch them so Tobbz before you start yapping here remember that every one has a right to an opinion and most peeeps here are season Ticket holders..it’s their money they pay and they gat a right to speak their mind on how it is used…you forget as much as we are fans we are also clients and this is a business.

  124. tobzz says:

    Martyn, you are right everyone does have an opinion and my opinion is that your opinion was borne out of panic. Now you are trying deflect your crap opinion by attempting to pull rank with the ‘season ticket’ card. Once again you have jumped the gun, this time making it personal, you don’t even know me. Pathetic!

    The title of this piece that you sanction says it all. I don’t care how many season tickets you have got, that is no way to support The Arsenal!

    I can’t belive i have just wasted ten minuets of my life on this crap!

  125. Jay says:

    Well I am sick of every negative comment I have read over the past day or two about Arsenal the board and the manager. You call yourselves fans you should all hang your heads in shame and go fuck off and support somebody else. Arsenal do not need silly, stupid, childish fans so fuck off.

    Well done to the board and Wenger for securing the services of Andrei Arshavin! WE LOVE YOU ARSENAL!

  126. Anders Limpar says:

    Pity the game was postponed. The protest is gonna have to wait a couple of weeks

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