[VIDEO] Andrey Arshavin [First Arsenal Interview]

You can also see this video on the BBC website LINK

You can also donwload this video LINK ( credit soccerpulse “arshavin first interview” )

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13 Responses to [VIDEO] Andrey Arshavin [First Arsenal Interview]

  1. ABZ says:

    Cringeworthy. He doesn’t understand half the questions.

    We’ll let his football do the talking for the meantime, yeah?

  2. Mark says:

    “I not friend of him (Pavleyunchenko)”
    Already a Arsenal ledge.

  3. Rajpret 'Gooner' Gunner says:

    His English is pretty good isn’t it? Better than my Russian anyway!

  4. Sue says:

    He did well – legend already in saying not a friend of the spud

  5. jakobson says:

    Never doubted he would sign 😉
    Glad it’s finally over though! Can we sign players in less time next time please Arsene? My blood pressure is dangerously high!
    So glad he’s signed as he looks like he really did want this move from what the agent said on ssn.
    Think it’ll be likely he may miss Sunday’s game due to his lack of games this season, but it’ll be worth it!

    Nasri took a while and apart from van persie, has been our best player this season so here’s to a better 2nd half of the season and even better one after.

    By the way, has anyone heard the twaddle adrian durham on talksports was coming out with earlier?!

  6. Alex (St. Petersburg,Russia) says:

    Hi, Gooners!

    Shava is really great. I tell this? not besause of my nationality. Here in Russia, we all a fans of your league and know its level. We also know this a bit selfish? but extrimly talanted man. so we can compare – he whould best soon, as he’ve done here. i wish U would love him, and he would pay U with lots of happiness..


    U didn’t check R/Pavlunchenko’ level (zero)
    Luck to U all

  7. Paul N says:

    His english is pretty good but the questions are too wordy, geez!!! I am English speaking and I had problems understanding his questions – hee hee!

  8. Jack says:

    Paevleysdunjsdfkjschenko can not speak an English word, except Thank you. Arshavin can speak and understand 80% of the questions and answered accordingly. He is already better even before playing.. lol…

  9. Norwegian gooner says:

    Finally some blog-comments who speak sence!
    some other blogs were slating his english, WTF is that all about?!?!
    he pretty mutch understood all that the interviewer said, and thats saying alot when u take into consideration that he’s from Russia…


    i think he will adapt pretty fast actually, and perhaps he will become an arsenal legend in time (fingers crossed)

    jeje..Have a great day fellow gooners, and lets hope he plays spurs ion sunday, score a hattrick, and win the ballon d’ior next year 😉

  10. Metal Gear says:

    It’s funny how he goes I like some players obviously he is’nt talking about Song, Eboue and co

  11. barnaby says:

    AlexSTPetersburg, we’ll take good care of him not to worry, and he’s not selfish, he needed a new challenge(and he’s taken a pay cut), who can argue his achievements at zenit?

    Excellent interview(no friend to spud, all we needed to know).
    our love to mother russia, game on.

  12. palestinian says:

    Whyy wont youu guys chant “zizouuu” to nasrii on the games? ::D

  13. dominic N/Ireland gooner says:

    Great we have him waited a long time for him lets hope he was worth the wait i say he will be up the gunners 4 sunday no more 4=4 draws

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