[PODCAST] Arshavin & Why Wenger is so valuable to the club!

Podcast # 4 [ Arshavin, Wenger and the spurs game ]


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16 Responses to [PODCAST] Arshavin & Why Wenger is so valuable to the club!

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  2. def says:

    Hopefully this will be the tonic that arsenal have needed.

    1. the fans should now be up for the end of the season and we can be that 12 man on the pitch.

    2. Why does everyone blame arsene for not buying players. It is the club, when arsene identifies a player, it is up to the board to get the financal package together and
    go get him.

    H Come on the gunners

  3. gooner 4 lyf says:

    lol u talk shit sometimes but fuck ur funny and i furally enjoy ur podcast keep em coming mate and lets fuck those yids up at the weakend im actualy going wiv ma mate who supports spurs so if u see some1 gettin beaten the shit out of cus hes celebratin and sitin in the spurs stand well u can talk bout me on ur next podcast haha peace

  4. thegoonerforum says:

    Lads, its an open podcast. If you send me a little recording of your opinion i will put it together and post it on the blog : )

    And thanks for your support g4lyf

  5. gooner 4 lyf says:

    no worries mate by the way were do i register for the forum

  6. ewan says:

    Ashavin’s signing is a victory for the fans. I doubt the board would have been willing to spend if not for the reaction of the fans to the recent poor performances.

  7. gooner 4 lyf says:

    im glad we got arshavin but i wouldve liked us to get veloso u c im Portuguese an my Portuguese team is sporting cus ma dad has instilled it in me lool but i moved to england when i woz 6 and ma uncle who lived here took me to a game and ive loved arsenal ever since been a pround gooner for 16 years and veloso just needs a top manager to take him by the ankles and tell him to train hard cus he can be 1 of the best dms in the world in like 2 years

  8. adam says:

    what a great day it is 4 the arsenal fans.im so happy that we have got arshavin.he can replace that muppet eboue

  9. what the fuck says:

    you sir, are a joker

    wah wah wah wenger’s gotta go wah wah

  10. Oz_Gooner says:

    “What a great manager we’ve got and how lucky are we to have him”

    Wow, are you sure you are the same person who wrote the previous posts..

  11. William McDonald says:

    I will believe AW can buy any target when he has signed one. Remember the oeb (old Eton Boy ) who made all kinds of noises saying you must this and that.That hasn’t stopped the red faced from shelling out huge amounts and look at where they are.
    I believe if Arsenal are to challenge the red faced they must be able to compete for players and not say we can’t bf a player is signed.

  12. Metal Gear says:

    what a funny podcast I also estatic about this signing.

  13. Matlee says:

    I’m normally grounded, patient & have a positive optamistic outlook towards the Arsenal team but on the last day of this window i became “internaly”a crazed,wide eyed foaming @the mouth lunatic-with the patience of a dog awaiting dinner &glad its over!

  14. Gooner forum ur crazy…..great piece there…you are right ..this is also ma first time in a long time i’ve really been excited about a signing. Lets see if he can save our asses against Spuds idiots …i’d sing his name fo eva if he tore those fools down.

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