WHY cant Sagna & Clichy cross a ball?

Two of my favorite players but i have to admit both need to work on this part of their game.

When I have seen them play they seem to get into great positions and then waste it with poor crossing.

People moan about Eboue but at lest he use to cross the ball well when he played as a right back. I remember Henry scoring a few vital goals from Eboue.

Eboue >>

We have maybe the best header of the ball in the league with adee but most of the time the crosses just seem to be over hit.

Am I the only person who has noticed this?


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29 Responses to WHY cant Sagna & Clichy cross a ball?

  1. Tom says:

    Clichy is a quality crosser!! You have no idea!

  2. Passion says:

    no ur not, i too see the lack of gd crossing and to think so many valuable goals could be scored if the ball meets the target, as opposed to trying to hit a home or away fan in the stands

  3. gooner_ali says:

    At last someone realizes it. It annoys me that such great defenders struggle to deliver great crosses or simple low drives. I miss the days when sagna would overlap hleb. We dont have tht this season. Noone in the squad is good at holding the ball on the right. hopefully arshavin could provide tht

  4. Mike says:

    Sagna has put in a good cross or three.

    Eboue was one of the best distributors of the ball when he played RB. If the fans would get behind him and give him some confidence instead of slagging him off at every opportunity, he could turn into a very good player for us.

    Unfortunately, the same morons who slagged off Flamini for the first part of his career at Arsenal and then moaned when he left after 1 really good season won’t learn from their previous mistakes, and continue to do the same to other players (I guess if you’re stupid, then that’s unfortunately what you got handed, there’s no cure).

    Clichy really needs to work on his crossing, it’s abysmal to put it politely.

    I hesitate to stress it too much though, otherwise the morons who love to have a punch bag will be all over his case next too.

  5. Mike.from.around.da.block says:

    Sagna can cross. Clichy on the other hand has everything, but a final ball!! It frustrates me to see him make dashing run and gets to the final third and lets everything and everybody down with his final ball.

  6. kololej says:

    I don’t know if u go to any games passion but this article makes a good point!

    I go to every game home and away and think Clichy and Sagna are the best full backs in the league but neither of the can cross!

    The amount of times Sagna hits the first defender is unreal.

    Also, Clichy is not a ‘quality crosser’ so stop talking nonsense.

    He’s a world class full-back and helps to link plenty of attacks down the left (often used as a decoy with his running) but his crossing is pretty poor

  7. kololej says:

    I mean Tom not Passion!

  8. John says:

    Sagna looks like he has been coached by Lee (can’t get it past the first man) Dixon, and Clichy seems to think he is playing rugby and goes for the conversion each time!

  9. uncle mike says:

    great post mate. i have been thinking about this issue for a while now.
    sagna overall is better then clichy. sagna is our most consistent defender in my eyes. sagna is better at stopping crosses coming in but gael is better at delivering them.

    i think it is really hard for an arsenal lb/rb to convert into a midfielder on the wings as our wingers never cross the ball they drift inside into amc roles.

    im totally against the booeing of eboue , and or any other arsenal player that wears the red and white. i dont remember nobody moaning when he was our right back during the run up to the champions league final.

    i met arsene wenger and several other players after the westham game. i also met eboue and shaked his hand. i told him to ignore the booeing and keep his head down and keep trying. he came across as a really nice guy and was probably the only player i spoke to that day apart from rvp that didnt look bored or un-intersted.
    he sat there the whole time having photo’s taken and signing stuff.

    i read an article about how after the wigan game he stayed in his room alot and turned his phone off and he considered leaving arsenal. But adeybayor, toure and song went round his house to offer him support and help ( a nice gesture).


  10. daniel says:

    sagna has a good cross on him… its lack of bodies to aim at in the box!!

    and sing the prasises of eboue all you like… he always gets himself sent off doing something stupid!!!

  11. Goonerjosh says:

    eboue crossed to henry who was the master of making space for himself. It made things easier. Ade can only be relied upon when its on a plate. Its all about eduardo if we want to benefit from crossing attacks.

  12. Per says:

    Ade maybe the best header of the ball in the league? Don’t fool yourself. He’s got a great leap, but his heading technique is HORRIBLE. He’s not even the best in our team!

  13. dave says:

    Dee-sent our-tickle. Aye wood purr-son-ally sai dey our goud gros-hers butt Ah-day-by-orr isn’t da best hed-her ov da ball in da leek

  14. Hitman says:

    Your are right. What do they do in training. Dont they practice crossing. What do the coaches at the club doing if they cant see these problem. I’ve also been asking myslf this question for months. All arsenal players are guilty of poor crossing but Clichy and Sagna in particular.

    Arsenal players cant shoot either, have no pace to take players on (except Clichy and walcott)cant dribble, cant header (even adeybayor unless it land on his head). Mediocre and lightweight.

  15. Top Gunn says:

    Do IO know I practically beg clichy not to cross the ball when he is flying down the wing. Sagna has gradually become worse with his crossing…once a while, Sagna pulls off a good cross, once in a blue moon..clichy does. But generally..THEY ARE VERY POOR AT CROSSING THE BALL.. its obvious they don’t even practice it in training.

  16. Stone says:

    Ade is so far from being the best header of the ball in our team. Nick and Dudu are both a lot better, I think. He has improved a lot though and some of his goals with his heads have been amazing (Liverpool in the CL, Hull couple of weeks ago).

    I agree with you in this article though. I do think that Sagna is the better one. Clichy is the worst crosser in the team, sometimes it’s embarrassing to watch. He did put in a very good crossing performance against West Ham though, they were all rather decent. The funny thing is that when he closes in on the byline, the quality goes down. He often puts in good balls from further down the field and often puts in great long balls (to Eduardo against Everton last season, for example). Sagna has not been in good form attackingly this season. Last season, however, he linked up so well with Hleb and had his fair share of assists (to Ade against Villa, for example).

    As for who are the best in this aspect, I would have to say Cesc, RvP and Nasri as well as Denilson. Nasri is excellent at getting the ball into the danger zone and doesn’t mind either foot.

  17. Joel Cairo says:

    Clichy and Sagna have great skills, but not crossing — they are so uniformly ineffective. Eboue is far better. I wonder why he has not sought out such offerings this year; I think Wenger does not want him to have that role.

    And don’t mention that c*** Hleb. Talk about the most ineffective high-skilled disloyal player ever! I love how the fans are only selective in their crapping over players — Hleb and Flamini — good riddance! They are not missed. I’ll take Nasri and Denilson any day over those two.

  18. Plastic Mac says:

    No matter what the topic, why does this blog always sound like the b;eatings of a teenage tantrum??

  19. guyguyman says:

    clichy has a fantastic cross of the ball you must be kidding surely

  20. Reece says:

    i agree with everything in the last post example the part about nasri, he doesn’t cross much since he prefers to turn inside and look for a short pass

  21. barnaby says:

    Our crossing problems to me seem to be a consequence of poor team play(midfield again) and immaturity. Why would Acole get forward so much with effect and put in crosses that led to goals when clichy is faster? Acole even got into the endlines and the opponents box fairly regularly? Don’t see clichy or sagna taking those chances do we? They worried they can’t get the help they need from a covering midfield so they won’t venture forward, and yeah their crossing is below standard, we’ve got aerial advantage with ade and bendtner but if they score a header it is almost always from a corner. When you don’t have a strong midfield the problems multiply. And i agree with the notion that they should have been practicing crosses, because it dont’ look like they do, and this is not the first time this topic has been raised. Ade is a good header of the ball but he can’t be expected to put in the cross at the same time. There should’ve been more competition for places esp. in midfield for a good while now. And i don’t think i’ve seen much in crosses from nasri or eboue, yes nasri is more accomplished in his deliveries but he harldy ever gets to the endline to put in a cross, ever. Arshavin, please demonstrate how it’s to be done proper.

  22. James says:

    You’re right. Their crosses are just hit and hope, and half the time no-one’s in the area anyway. It’s obvious Wenger doesn’t do any work on that sort of thing in training.

    Sagna is better than Clichy, but then he’s twice the player all round. Clichy is the most overrated left back in Europe. He makes massive fuck ups every other week and has like zero assists this season. Arsenal should buy a left back who knows how to defend.

  23. Mike says:

    I just love intelligent comments like daniel @ February 7, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    “and sing the prasises of eboue all you like… he always gets himself sent off doing something stupid!!!”


    And how many games has he played, and how many times has he been sent off?

    It’s comments like this that make one wonder about the general intelligence levels out there.

  24. Jay says:

    And so you are right Daniel, Eboue you thick fucking cunt! Wenger show this joke of a footballer the door!

  25. Kasai3 says:

    To let such a ill spirit player out in the field is a big mistake of the management. Eboue should have no excuse for his red.

  26. I blame Wenger for this cunt being in our team.

  27. As much as i want not to think abt it and not to admit it, Henry and Vieira and Ljunberg and all the other may i call them great players who have left Arsenal were right about ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. And as much as i hate Hleb and Flamini faw leaving us last season and much as am happy to see them rot on the bench is their respective teams, i have to admit they were right…right to question this team, right to question Wenger’s motives, right to question THE AMBITION OF ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB cuz seriously guys these guys weren’t ready to feature in the UEFA cup. We can laugh at Hleb and Flamini all we want but truth of the matter is that not a single soul among the fans really understands the ambition of the club not even the players themselves. En Robin also questioning the ambitions of this club only tells you that things are getting only worse. When you sell off one of yo best players of the season and let the other go off free just cuz you wont add him a few extra quid and not replace them and slot in kids you start to question the ambition of that club. When you bring in players and they expect yours to be a top foru team and all of a sudden they are playing in the UEFA cup at a club with no Champions League background then its time to consider not that am being a hater, am being realistic really. You hear players going off to sit on benches in teams like AC Milan which by the way are in the UEFA cup but they don’t mind and they will tell you am at Milan because its a great team. What do you think made it great? Their history and most especially the History in Europe. Sometimes i wonder what would have been better, to stay at Highbury where apparently we used to win titles or be at the Emirates which has now come to be known that it was built to host UEFA cups not CL. People you tell me wat you think would have been better. If you watch thepast Arsenal teams, you might shed tears if you even compared them to the fuckas we have in our team right now.

  28. Kasai3 says:

    I agree with Mr.Linkin’s opinion. We are all suffering from the Arsenal’s private hobby of using young players. The team like Arsenal has to be a profession sports team and we all expect that. Professionalizm, this word is needed for all the players in Arsenal. I have been watching Wenger since he was in Nagoya, Japan. I totally accepted and enjoyed what he did in Japan because we had no good players. He showed us wonderful skills. But the situation in London is quite different! The next week I will watch the game again and the next, next week, too. I just want to see a good professional football team and game again. I do not mind to see the losing game as long as if they are the players we can proud of.

  29. You are so right Kasai ..in the past if Arsnal lost you would be content knowing things didn’t go right or it had been a bad football day and the team would do it the following Weekend. These days you can’t tell if these kids come to a game to either play or to just kick the ball around Its that frustrating cuz you watch them weekend after weekend and they aren’t giving their all they aren’t giving 100% and it feels like we are being ripped offf cuz how else do you expect me to feel when a donkey like Ademissabayor can be paid 80K per week with the crap he delivers on the pitch?

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